Top Best 23 Hollywood life Alternatives In 2022

Best Hollywood life Alternatives will be described in this article. The best source for up-to-date information on politics, pop culture, fashion, fitness, and women’s issues is Hollywood Life. It frequently breaks breaking news stories that have the power to alter people’s lives. HollywoodLife is committed to providing millennial women with a thorough examination of the news that concerns them.

It features interviews with well-known actors, directors of motion pictures and television shows, athletes, politicians, social activists, law enforcement officers, specialised lawyers, medical professionals, psychologists, and more. The website also features exclusive sneak previews of forthcoming episodes of hit TV shows and movie trailers in addition to its original news videos. Weekly news updates and in-depth interviews with today’s biggest stars are among the standard features.


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Top Best 23 Hollywood life Alternatives In 2022

Top Best 23 Hollywood life Alternatives are explained here.

1. MTV


Since MTV is the most well-known name in youth entertainment, it is the greatest location to learn about the network’s original series, the hottest new music videos, and the most recent celebrity news.

The name of a cable television network called MTV, which stands for “Music Television,” was first broadcast in the United States on August 1, 1981.

The station was first run by a “video jockey,” or V.J., a type of television celebrity.

2. ShowNieuws


Famous guests from the Dutch and international film, television, and music industries appear on the Dutch discussion show ShowNiews, which airs on SBS6.

You may be informed about what’s going on in the worlds of entertainment, politics, crime, film, and television if you subscribe to Shownieuws.

Every day, new stories on your favourite stars are posted on

You may watch the newest videos whenever you want.

You can constantly be aware of what’s…

3. Deadline


Look no further than for the latest breaking news in the media, Hollywood, and entertainment sectors for an uncensored, no-holds-barred perspective on the globe.

Nikki Finke has written a print column called “Deadline Hollywood” for L.A. Weekly for a very long time.

The initial online edition of the article, which was then simply titled “Deadline Hollywood,” debuted in March 2006.

The website updates multiple times per day and features entertainment news.

4. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

American magazine Rolling Stone discusses topics like rock and roll, politics, and pop culture. It is published once a month.

On its covers, famous personalities in the worlds of music, politics, sports, and acting frequently strike contentious positions.

Although the journal is available online and in other nations, there is a physical edition in the US.

There are countless articles, R.S.-only playlists, and reviews of films, TV shows, and music.

5. VH1


American cable network VH1 is owned by Paramount Global and based in New York City.

Cast comments, deleted scenes, and fresh content are also available to subscribers.

The day after they air for the first time, you may view whole episodes of your favourite shows.

You can access additional episodes and other features by logging in with the credentials provided by your cable or television provider.

You won’t miss a thing because your location will be saved.

6. ComingSoon


ComingSoon is a great resource for finding out about forthcoming video games and motion pictures.

You can find the most recent movie trailers, television news, video game reviews, anime reviews, and more. This is another Hollywood life Alternatives. Also check WatchOP Alternatives

It keeps users informed about everything, including the newest episodes of their favourite TV series, the arrival of Blu-ray and DVD copies of their favourite movies, and the most recent video game news and trailers.

7. Comic Book Movie

Comic Book Movie

An internet forum called ComicBookMovie discusses how comic book characters and stories have been adapted for the big screen.

The website features unique content created by comic book lovers as well as news from industry insiders.

Hollywood pondered producing motion pictures based on comic books and graphic novels when they first debuted online in 2003.

Since then, it has had a meteoric rise in popularity and has emerged as the internet centre for the genre.

8., based in New York City, serves as a global hub for the most recent and significant news and information.

The website is well-known for its “5 Fast Facts” articles, which provide details about famous people and currently trending topics.

It is generally acknowledged that in terms of speed, inventiveness, and usability, it is far superior to conventional news websites.

It is the best source for the most recent information about sports, including the NFL, NBA, UFC, and other leagues.

9. MovieWeb


MovieWeb is a social entertainment hub that enables moviegoers to discover the films they want to see from any location, whether they are at home using a computer, at a friend’s house using a smart TV, or on the move using their mobile devices.

There is no better place online to go if you enjoy watching movies and want to know the most recent casting and production news. This is another Hollywood life Alternatives.

Finding, following, and interacting with friends and other fans is made simple, which is a lot of fun.

10. CinemaBlend


One of the multiple popular websites on the internet for amusement is CinemaBlend.

People may discuss the top streaming TV shows and movies there and get recommendations for new ones to watch. Also check radio broadcasting software

As a result, there is now a forum where individuals with diverse viewpoints can discuss the greatest television to watch, the best streaming services to subscribe to, and the best recommendations to give to friends and family.

11. Bloody Disgusting

Bloody Disgusting

The American media firm Bloody Disgusting began as a website that covered horror in all of its media, including films, television programmes, video games, comic books, and music.

The business presently publishes a number of horror-themed works in a variety of forms.

As the business expanded, it entered new media fields like management consulting, advertising, filmmaking, television production, internet video distribution, podcast hosting, and others.

An online publication called Bloody Disgusting focuses solely on the horror subgenre.

The most recent can be read.

12. TVGuide


To assist its users in choosing what to watch, TVGuide compiles reviews, ratings, and other critical information about each TV programme and streaming service.

The website is a great resource for learning more about movies and on-demand TV series.

On TVGuide, you can find episode guides, cast interviews, and other editorial details about television programmes, motion pictures, and streaming services that are airing or about to air.

13. Soap Dirt

Soap Dirt

Soap operas, reality shows, and other television programmes are discussed in Soap Dirt, an online magazine.

A group of elite writers and managers who had previously worked for some of the most well-known online entertainment websites founded Soap Dirt in 2018. This is another Hollywood life Alternatives.

Most significant news outlets have recognised and used its content, particularly breaking news, as a key source.

Spoilers and breaking news, both of which are intriguing in their own ways, are available to visitors.

14. RTL Boulevard

RTL Boulevard

Dutch television programme RTL Boulevard airs every day on RTL 4.

It included a lot of superficial content, such as celebrity news, fashion trends, and crime stories, because its aim was to bring the excitement of a tabloid to television.

The programme is renowned for having a tone that is frequently harsh and derogatory.

Additionally, you may view the newest performances, clips, and films from RTL Boulevard.

15. Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly

An American publication with a concentration on the entertainment industry is called Entertainment Weekly.

The corporate headquarters were situated in New York City.

It updates you every day on the latest in literature, music, and movies.

The magazine’s main objective is to cover and examine developments in the entertainment sector.

There are photographs of well-known people on the cover.

There are in-depth analyses of the industry and prices for plays, movies, and concerts inside.

Since the first problem, plenty of labour… Also check Live Streaming Platforms



A collection of websites known as PopSugar provide the most recent information on fashion, parenting, fitness, and shopping.

It features the most up-to-date entertainment news, trendiest clothing, top exercises, delicious recipes, expert beauty tips, and inventive films.

In the contemporary world, no aspect of popular culture is omitted.

There will be film that has never been seen before and interviews with notable people.

You can view several photo galleries, the most recent styles, and…

17. Radio Times

Radio Times

Weekly British publication The Radio Times provides a schedule of radio and television programming.

It also includes articles about leading a happy life as well as interviews and reviews of movies.

It features radio listings, movie reviews, and listings for the top terrestrial, satellite, and on-demand television providers. This is another Hollywood life Alternatives.

The top stars in television, film, and radio are also featured in interviews and features.

The website is a go-to source for everyone interested in television and entertainment worldwide.

18. U.S. Weekly

U.S. Weekly

You can find news about celebrities and the entertainment industry in U.S. Weekly.

Its main office is in New York City.

It discusses celebrity personal lives as well as the most recent news and trends in the entertainment world.

There are amusing activities, exclusive celebrity interviews you won’t find anywhere else, and the most recent information on emerging trends.

Its original format, which was in use from 1977 to 2000 and differs greatly from how it appears today.

19. Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

An American news organisation called The Hollywood Reporter publishes both a print magazine and an online news service.

This business is mostly focused on the entertainment sector, which includes the Hollywood film and television industries.

The most recent news from Hollywood and the other listed industries will be available for your viewing.

You can read the most recent articles that professionals have selected.

The items on the website are free to read for anyone who wants to.

The building has a beautiful design.

20. E!News


E! News is a section of the E! cable network in the US, which provides news about the arts and entertainment.

It discussed the most recent entertainment news and provided previews of future motion pictures and television shows.

This is another Hollywood life Alternatives. Additionally, it included specific parts on these three subjects and the entertainment sector.

People frequently discuss well-known figures from the film, music, television, and other entertainment news industries.

It provides visitors with the most recent information on popular subjects, lifestyle advice,…

21. TMZ


The Fox Corporation is the owner of the website TMZ, which features rumours and stories about well-known celebrities.

You can get in-depth information on a contentious legal dispute, startling images, or a gripping movie.

You can only discover this information there.

On your phone, you can receive alerts whenever something significant occurs.

You can see exclusive interviews with your favourite musicians and stars that were made exclusively for this website.

22. CBC


CBC is the name of the English-language internet service provided by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

In 1996, it was initially made available to the general public. This is another Hollywood life Alternatives.

When its previous names still knew it, the CBC launched its first internet service in 1993.

The website of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation consistently ranks among the most visited sites in Canada.

Currently, it contains more than a million pages of data.


Weekly American publication features news about well-known people as well as other interesting human interest stories.

IAC-owned Dotdash Meredith publishes the magazine.

Adults aged 18 and older read the publication.

It implies that more people read it than any other American magazine.

The advertising division of the business has made about $1 billion since 2011.

In the history of American magazines, this magazine earned the most money ever.

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