Top 23 Best Live Streaming Platforms In 2023

Best and official Live Streaming Platforms will be described in this article. Instead than capturing an event and posting it later, a live streaming platform enables you to upload and broadcast video footage in real time. You can watch Q&As, conferences, gaming events, and seminars live on their website.

After you’ve produced a fantastic piece of content, what could be better than engaging with your audience? Live streaming involve interacting with your audience in real time.

Top 23 Best Live Streaming Platforms for 2023

Top 23 Best Live Streaming Platforms for 2023 are explained here.

1. Uscreen


Here at Uscreen, we’re an all-in-one tape monetization platform so content producers and broadcasters can increase their content ownership and establish a stable income.

We also have all the resources you require to launch and monetize your work, in addition to video-on-demand and subscription capabilities.

Key Features

Uscreen is designed to provide you with all the resources you require to start, run, and grow your video and content business.

Our main live streaming features include the following:

  • You can communicate with your audience directly by using live chat during live streams.
  • Countdowns leading up to your live stream to create excitement.
  • Automatic recording enables replay for those who missed it.
  • With infinite bandwidth and an unlimited number of potential subscribers, powered by top worldwide Content Delivery Networks (CDN).
  • A CSV file of all the participants is available for download, making it simple to send a follow-up email.
  • Utilize a pay-per-view paywall to monetize your live feeds.
  • Use any device to broadcast your live feeds.
  • Notify your members via email and in-app notifications that you are going live.

We offer helpful marketing options like discounts, coupons, and free trials to help promote your live streams. You can also easily integrate our platform with your email marketing solutions.

Additionally, you’ll have the ability to let your fans watch your previously recorded live streams via your own applications and website with your company’s logo.

Simply said, we provide you with a platform to host and broadcast your content as well as everything you need to monetize it, all on a website and app that you can personalise to reflect your brand.


Depending on the functionality you require, we provide 3 levels of access, each with a different price.

Only our Plus subscription, which also grants you access to OTT apps, offers live streaming.

Build your own website, host movies, and select the platform pricing are the essentials.

You’ll get access to analytics and marketing tools.

One admin user, 50 hours of video storage, a one-on-one onboarding session, and email support are all included in the package.

Basic: Add eCommerce components, such as affiliate marketing, and integrate your own technologies.

The package comes with 10 admin users, 3 one-on-one onboarding sessions, and chat and email support in addition to 150 hours of video storage.

Growth: With Uscreen Plus, you may conduct live streaming and live chat on your website without any Uscreen branding.

White label branding, API support, and dedicated account management are all included.

For further information about pricing, please contact us.

Want to learn how a video streaming platform may help you grow and develop your company?

Ask to see a demo with us, and we’ll show you exactly what we can accomplish together.

Uscreen Plus: Utilizing Uscreen’s all-in-one platform, more than 25,000 company owners, brands, and content producers have built profitable video enterprises and made money off of their online content.

For Uscreen’s year-end promotional campaign for OTT apps for TV and mobile, graphic design was used.

Get a free TV app for a year when you launch two mobile apps!

2. Brightcove


Brightcove is a business-level solution that collaborates with international companies like the BBC and Adobe.

They deliver live spreads to audiences across the world and cover solutions for marketers, broadcasters, entertainment, and internal communications.

If your business employs many software engineers, they will be delighted to learn that Brightcove offers an API as well.

What feature set is offered in its entirety?

Key Features

Using Brightcove, you can live brook events and turn them into customised video experiences that support your company’s objectives.

When using Brightcove for live streaming, you can:

  • Options for scalable, high-quality streaming.
  • You can commercialise your content via server-side ad insertion (SSAI).
  • Options for integrating your stream with your social media platforms.
  • The capacity to geo-restrict material and get around ad blockers.
  • Security to stop piracy on your broadcast.
  • But let’s get to it, this comes at a price.


  • The price of Brightcove is not yet listed on their website.
  • To come up with a plan or request a free trial, get in touch with their sales team.
  • On to the next website on our list for live streaming.

3. Kaltura


Organizations all across the world can access live and on-demand video solutions from Kaltura.

With their cutting-edge technology, it is possible to link teams for any size and type of meeting, from executive communications to online training.

They allow you to produce and share meeting records, video-on-demand (VOD) content, and of course live events through their video centre.

As you can see, Kaltura excels in its live events function.

On their platform, they give you the ability to develop, manage, and measure insights for all of your events.

Let’s review a few of their characteristics.

Key Features

You can stream live events to any screen with Kaltura, and you can manage and access them afterwards using their administration console.

Their variable bitrate streaming offers a decent user experience for a range of connection speeds and diverse video capabilities.

With its customizable settings, Kaltura’s live streaming platform makes live streaming easier.

This is what you’ll receive:

  • No installation is required on this fully SaaS platform.
  • With instant provisioning, there are no delays in your stream.
  • Recordings made live for immediate VOD access.
  • Options for authentication and encryption to improve security.
  • The templates can be altered so that every event matches your brand.
  • Despite having such a wide range of features and capabilities, Kaltura can be too complex for less experienced users or content producers.

However, if you want everything in one location, this is a terrific live streaming site.


Kaltura offers a variety of price tiers, free trials, and the option to combine multiple programmes.

Unfortunately, you must get a quote from their sales staff because they don’t publicly reveal the cost of their virtual events platform.

Next, what?

4. Panopto


A screenshot of the home page for Panopto.

One of the functions Panopto offers is live streaming.

As a video tool for organisations and educational institutions, this service positions itself.

A secure library is included in the package that allows you to manage the video footage that you have recorded.

Panopto aims to securely transmit material like meetings, lectures, or conferences rather than using open live streaming.

What happens once you start using Panopto?

Key Features

Panopto has a variety of applications, but because we’re concentrating on live streaming platforms in this article, we’ll concentrate on the live streaming capabilities.

  • Being able to go live to your team, staff, or audience with only one click makes using Panopto simple.
  • Additionally, you’ll be able to
  • Make a recording of your live feeds so that you may watch them afterwards.
  • Make your streams login-only so that only authorised viewers can watch.
  • Broadcast to as many people as you like.
  • Stream content from various cameras while sharing data from presenting tools.
  • Stream with live captions enabled.
  • Live chat features can increase viewer engagement.
  • Real-time analytics monitoring
  • Here is the cost for this one because it is expensive.


A picture of the Panopto pricing page.

You can choose from 3 pricing categories with Panopto, one of which is free.

Create and securely share on-demand videos with Panopto Basic, which offers 5 hours of video storage & 100 hours of spraying monthly.

This free programme is ideal for those who are just getting started.

Panopto Pro: This package includes all the features of the Basic plan as well as online and email assistance, 50 hours of video storage, and limitless streaming.

$14.99 per month, please

Panopto Enterprise: With Panopto Enterprise, businesses with more than 100 employees can produce, manage, and share videos for on-demand and live streaming.

Both video storage space and streaming duration are unlimited.

For details on pricing and a free trial, get in touch with the Panopto sales team.

5. IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud

A screenshot of the platform for IBM Cloud.

The fact that well-known companies like Sony, Airbnb, and Mazda use the IBM Cloud’s video streaming platform says a lot about it.

Their cloud streaming technology enables you to host videos, convert them, and share them across other platforms.

IBM Cloud is a regarded as an end-to-end solution for both live and on-demand content that enables users to connect in a variety of settings, including academic virtual conferences and workplace communications.

We’ll demonstrate their capabilities for you and your audience.

Key Features

You can streamline video communication with IBM Cloud and safely transmit live and recorded events to any device.

With these live stream features, they assist you in increasing employee engagement and converting video viewers into customers:

  • HD live streaming.
  • records of broadcasts.
  • Mobile-friendliness.
  • channel page that is customizable.
  • Live conversations and Q&A.
  • On their site, you can also create live playlists that loop and plan videos to play at certain times.
  • You can also access several content delivery networks through IBM Cloud to expand your reach and scale.
  • But what are they charging?


A screenshot of the pricing for IBM Cloud.

Although IBM’s price is split into three categories, you may also ask for a custom plan to find the one that best fits your budget.

Let’s examine their price ranges:

Silver: With its 100 viewer hours, 5 channels, HD transcoding, video embed control, and 1 TB of video storage, the Silver package is ideal for small enterprises.

Gold: With the gold plan, your video storage will increase to 2TB and your viewer hours to 2,000.

Aside from the additional 10 channels, the Silver plan’s other features are also included.

Platinum: If you frequently live stream, the Platinum subscription offers 5,000 viewer hours, 20 channels, and an incredible 5 TB of video storage.

One of the most expensive live streaming platforms on our list, IBM’s requires extra fees to stream at resolutions higher than 720p.

The storage and functionality you receive are sufficient for running your live streaming business, aside from that.

Are you prepared for more live streaming website choices?

6. JW Player

JW Player

An image of the platform used by JW Player.

Award-winning live streaming tool JW Player is built for scale and can help you connect more deeply with viewers around the world.

JW Player has been in operation for over ten years and offers media professionals the technology they need to deliver video, expand their audience, and make money.

Although live streaming occupies a significant portion of their platform, they also offer a full range of video services to all users.

The platform combines analytics, OTT apps, and monetization tools in one location.

But let’s talk about the features of live streaming, shall we?

Key Features

In less than 30 seconds, you can go live with JW Player’s instant live capabilities, and you can still repurpose live videos onto their platform to extend the life of your content.

Let’s get more specific about what the platform offers you:

  • 12-hour support for the event stream.
  • Live-stream events to OTT apps, social media platforms, and web players.
  • To support monetization with ads.
  • Rewind and pause live streams.
  • Events can be archived for immediate live-to-VOD content.
  • AccuWeather, Vice, and FOX are just a few of the reputable media outlets that use the JW Player platform.


A screenshot of the pricing for JW Player.

JW Player provides two pricing tiers in addition to their 30-day free trial:

A video gallery, adaptive streaming, password-protected sharing, engagement analytics, and an HTML5 video player are included as a starter.

$10 per month is the cost.

Everything from the Starter plan is included in Enterprise, along with real-time video analytics, a video recommendation engine, live event streaming, and advertising features.

7. Muvi


A picture of the Muvi platform

Another live streaming service that prioritises OTT content is Muvi.

They assist you in establishing your own white-label audio and video streaming platform, which you can then customise to fit your brand.

With no coding required, they provide broadcasting, audio and music streaming, on-demand video, monetization tools, and live streaming.

But what distinguishes their live streaming service?

Let’s review a few of their characteristics.

Key Features

With Muvi, you not only get your own white-label website with a custom domain but also TV and mobile apps, integrated SEO tools, and a variety of payment gateways.

What is available in terms of live streaming services is as follows:

  • Low latency live streaming is used.
  • library of post-event content.
  • Streaming at various bitrates.
  • DVR live control.
  • interactive lectures.
  • Mobile live streaming
  • You can create events for members-only audiences using Muvi and charge non-members for a place in your stream.
  • How much does all of this cost, you ask?
  • Let’s talk about their prices.


An image showing Muvi’s prices.

Muvi offers 4 price tiers, each of which includes a free trial period.

Their OTT platform and live stream platform have different prices.

We’ll talk about the costs associated with their live video platform.

Standard: Get up to 5 concurrent streams with an unlimited number of concurrent viewers and live events.

Additionally, you receive one admin account, unlimited recording, and email support from their staff.

Professional: you will receive all the benefits of the Standard plan in addition to up to 50 concurrent streams, 10 admin accounts, additional streaming hours, and storage.

Enterprise: Get everything included in the Professional plan plus unlimited concurrent streams, more streaming hours & storage, & unlimited admin accounts with the Enterprise plan.

Additionally, a dedicated account manager and weekly meetings are available to you.

$1,499 is the monthly cost.

Black: this plan includes everything in the Enterprise plan as well as reduced streaming hour fees, bandwidth and storage costs, and a dedicated support team.

For pricing, get in touch with their sales team.

Keep in mind that Muvi also levies additional infrastructure fees for storage, bandwidth, and streaming hours.

Their pricing page contains more information about their costs.

8. Resi


Wonderful for shaky network connections

This is a screenshot of Resi’s website.

Resi is a reputable media management and live streaming platform.

Without having to worry about a poor network connection, you can stream from anywhere.

Additionally, they enable you to stream to a variety of platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and OTT apps.

Let’s discuss what else they offer since their platform was developed with automation in mind.

Key Features

When there are network outages, Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP) completely shields you from losing audio and video quality.

Interesting, huh?

  • Let’s review the services available on their live streaming platform.
  • Recurring events can be scheduled to stream automatically.
  • View streams with full DVR playback on any device.
  • Cloud transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming.
  • Transliterated audio streams are available.
  • proactive support for monitoring.
  • Pre-produced videos are streamed using hardware, software, and encoders.


Resi advertises itself as a cost-effective live streaming platform, but they prefer to speak with you directly to discuss pricing so they can best meet your needs.

Looking for a more specialised choice?

9. Bambuser


A picture of the platform used by Bambuser.

A stylish live streaming platform called Bambuser offers live video shopping capabilities, allowing content producers to essentially host a virtual fashion show and nudge viewers to add items to their carts right away.

The entire experience is provided by them, including the streaming technology, the hosting application, the data, and any other applications required for going live.

By doing this, Bambuser hopes to revolutionise online shopping.

Their live streaming platform has a 24% chat engagement rate and an average add-to-cart rate of 31%.

Several well-known companies are streaming on Bambuser, including Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, and Samsung.

Interested in the platform’s operation?

We’ll discuss that right now.

Key Features

The developers of Bambuser live taking online orders for apparel, accessories, sports gear, cosmetics, and even electronics.

Businesses can stream one-to-many and one-to-one on their platform as well.

Bambuser will enable you to:

  • Totally white-label platform customization.
  • any e-commerce platform integration.
  • Utilize picture-in-picture to view the stream.
  • provides RTMP.
  • Your live stream can be captured, downloaded, edited, and used again.
  • Drop by or arrange one-on-one meetings.
  • Your website should have a branded pop-up call button.


A picture of the platform used by Bambuser.

Although Bambuser offers three different pricing tiers, you must speak with their sales team to learn how much each one costs.

What each package includes is as follows:

Lite: You can upload pre-recorded videos and get simple front-end integration, online support, 5 users, a custom player design, and dual hosting.

Standard: includes all the features of the Lite plan plus an editing tool, support for external cameras, live show monitoring, and subtitles.

Enterprise: in addition to having full theming, a dedicated client manager, show monitoring, and unlimited users, you’ll receive everything from the Standard plan. This is another live streaming platforms. Also check Sports Streaming Sites

Like streaming music?

Take a look at this one.

10. Mixcloud


If you’re a live streame who’s ever had copyright matters & takedown requests, Mixcloud may be the venue for you.

The forum actually pays stateliness for the music utilized on the site — it’s a video & audio streaming platform geared towards DJs, singers, & podcasters especially.

After downloading, they can then decide to financially help creators on the forum with subscriptions to get exclusive content and ad-free streaming.

What do creators get from Mixcloud?

Key Features

Mixcloud is presumably the most niche live streaming forum on this list.

More than 1 million developers use the site, including some internationally famous characters, such as Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, & Jazzy Jeff.

With a potential audience of better than 20 million listeners, Mixcloud offers:

  • Streaming straight from your desktop or the option to use streaming software to broadcast live.
  • Customization for your channel.
  • Access to your live stream’s engagement statistics.
  • Live chat will improve interactivity on your stream.
  • Fans can subscribe for a fee to increase your income.
  • Let’s discuss price.


For creators, Mixcloud offers a free plan and a pro plan. As previously mentioned, you can even charge your fans a subscription fee.

Free: place mixes and shows online; embed shows.

Additionally, you’ll have the ability to inform your fans about fresh concerts and streams.

Pro: In addition to what the free project provides, Mixcloud Select allows you to schedule show releases, broadcast music live, stream privately, communicate your followers, and earn money.

However, only a portion of that money is yours to keep: 5% is used for transaction fees, 65% is used to pay music creators royalties, and the remaining 30% is split 60/40 between you and Mixcloud in your favour as the creator.

11. Cincopa


Screenshot of the homepage for Cincopa. This is another live streaming platforms.

Cincopa is a platform for hosting videos and other media for companies that also has broadcasting features.

Through the use of high-quality video feeds delivered by video streaming programmes like OBS, Wirecast, and Zoom studios, their platform is capable of live streaming videos and webinars.

The live streaming service provided by Cincopa is useful for:

Internal and corporate communications.

event planners

Chatter and gateways for Salesforce.

Key Features

Cincopa strives to provide the best possible live video streaming hosting service.

Any camera that supports RTMP or your smartphone can be used to broadcast in 4K almost instantly.

Their live streaming platform also provides the following:

  • A live player that enables viewers to return to the live stream’s commencement.
  • Plug-and-play RTMP link for app integration
  • Possibilities for transcoding and passing across streams.
  • Your stream is saved automatically and is kept in Cincopa’s library.
  • ability to distribute or embed saved videos on social media or your website.
  • You can stream by yourself or manage a studio with several speakers or co-hosts using Cincopa’s live streaming technology.


A picture of Cincopa’s price list

The good news is that all of their price levels include free streaming as part of the package.

Cincopa has three price ranges:

Plus: Additionally, you may manage, embed, and manage podcasts on your websites.

You can use the tool as your primary video channel or connect WordPress with it.

Corporate: You will receive all the benefits of the Plus package in addition to marketing automation and SEO tools.

You can also integrate Zoom with your platform and secure your material with access limitations.

Enterprise: has all the features of the Corporate package as well as unlimited traffic and storage, real-time media performance analysis, and a personal account manager.

Onto the next platform now.

12. Wowza


A picture of the homepage for Wowza. This is another live streaming platforms.

Wowza is a specialised live streaming application that can broadcast your material using live encoders or the cloud.

Wowza not only gives you the choice to stream your live events, but it also provides live streaming for your security requirements. Also check CricHD Alternatives

Your content will be sent to a variety of devices, & they provide developer devices like a software development kit (SDK), permitting you to become deeply involved in the specifications if you so choose.

Here is a list of Wowza’s features in more depth.

Key Features

Wowza hosts your live streams, and you may embed them wherever you want, such as your own website or social media, as opposed to having a website where your users go to see your live stream material.

  • Stream from anywhere to any device.
  • For later use, capture your live feed.
  • Your live stream should have captions.
  • Add adverts to make your content more profitable.
  • Streaming service on the cloud with a simple setup.
  • Create a platform that suits your preferences.
  • The second subject is the cost you will incur.


One of the top OTT platforms, Wowza, pricing page as seen in a screenshot.

Depending on whether you want to engage your software engineers with the Wowza Streaming Engine or reach huge audiences, there are two major options for pricing Wowza.

Wowza Streaming Cloud: lets you construct streaming applications or create live streaming events with a straightforward user interface.

Cost: $25 monthly.

Wowza Streaming Engine: With fully customised software, produce your live stream on platforms or in the cloud.

Cost: $175 monthly.

13. Dailymotion


A picture of the Dailymotion home page

Similar to YouTube, Dailymotion is a video-sharing website where content producers can upload videos and stream live.

You may find content on Dailymotion from all around the world, and your video feed is tailored to show you films that you’ll enjoy.

With the help of their capable video player, they also let you manage and make money off of your videos on their site. This is another live streaming platforms.

However, Dailymotion’s live streaming facilities are not as sophisticated because it is primarily a video-sharing website.

Let’s discuss the features now.

Key Features

Since Dailymotion has 350 million active users and 2 billion monthly views, using it as your live streaming platform could help you expand your audience.

If you go with Dailymotion, you can accomplish the following:

  • For use with live streaming, download a free video player.
  • Share live feeds on social network or embed them into your website.
  • Deliver content to all platforms.
  • Create a player that reflects your brand.
  • Make use of the features that recommend content.
  • Utilize a revenue share programme to monetize your movies and live streams.
  • Keep track of the attendees and ad revenue from live events.


Everyone can use Dailymotion for free; all you need to do is sign up and become a partner.

For additional information on their advanced partner option, you’ll need to get in touch with their staff.

Although Dailymotion is free to operate, there are limitations on the amount of content you may upload.

Their uploading restrictions are listed here.

14. YouNow


A screenshot of the YouNow website. This is another live streaming platforms.

On the live streaming service YouNow, users can broadcast video straight from their phone or camera.

Users can connect with friends and watch live streams from across the world on this dynamic platform.

With a variety of features, such as audio-only streaming, allowing viewers to join your live, and allowing you to reward your audience with Props to improve their platform’s benefits, they make it simple to interact and promote content.

Want to learn more about their features?

Key Features

You’ll find a page with live streams available as soon as you log into YouNow, making it simple to start viewing.

  • This assists YouNow streamers in gaining new viewers for their streams.
  • You can only access some of YouNow’s features if you reach a particular degree of platform status.
  • What you can do is:
  • Allow subscribers to join and charge for it.
  • Save recordings of your streams.
  • Make 25-second videos of previous streams and distribute them to your audience.
  • Create online contests between streams to draw viewers in.
  • Host bar giveaways so that viewers can use the prizes to make purchases.
  • During live streaming, share your screen.
  • Remember that live stream replays are only kept for a 30-day period.
  • After that, becoming a subscriber is the only way for viewers to watch your stream again.


Although YouNow is free to use, certain of the live stream benefits are only given out after you reach a certain level on the service.

The following one you might be familiar with.

15. Vimeo


A picture of Vimeo’s home page

Did you know that Vimeo, a popular website for uploading videos, also provides live streaming?

They provide a variety of options for various approaches and size requirements to achieve what you need with video.

Both creators and organisations have the option of selecting a more basic package that still meets their demands or obtaining advanced capabilities with all the bells and whistles.

Are you curious about their characteristics?

Key Features

You may stream HD content without ads on Vimeo to provide your audience the greatest experience possible even with meagre bandwidth.

Their features allow you to:

  • SSO can be used to watch and backup streams.
  • Simulcast via RTMP, applications, or social media.
  • Create a stream that reflects your brand.
  • From any device, stream.
  • Before going live, give your broadcast a preview.
  • Add passwords and permissions and stream privately.
  • Get immediate feedback on the effectiveness of your stream.
  • They seem to provide a lot.
  • But how much do they cost?


A screenshot of the pricing on Vimeo

Only the Premium and Enterprise plans of Vimeo, although having several distinct cost tiers, provide live streaming.

Premium: Get unrestricted access to live events and webinars on the Vimeo player, with events having a 12-hour time limit. You also get unlimited viewers and basic viewer metrics.

Up to three concurrent streams and 1080p streaming are available.

Cost: $75 monthly.

Enterprise: A subscription for medium to big enterprises called Enterprise includes all the features of the Premium plan as well as user-level analytics, customised embedding, dedicated account management, and numerous concurrent streams. Also check Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

For pricing details, contact Vimeo.

16. Zoom


A picture of the Zoom platform. This is another live streaming platforms.

During the pandemic, Zoom has evolved from being simply another technology used by some enterprises to becoming synonymous with video meetings.

Zoom’s founder intended to create a platform that people would like using, and as of February 2022, Zoom had approximately 191,000 business customers. Zoom was also one of the fastest-growing apps during the pandemic.

Although it appears like most people should be familiar with Zoom’s operation, we’ll examine its features nevertheless.

Key Features

In essence, Zoom is a platform that permits video conversations with one or more people to facilitate communication, meetings, and online learning.

Zoom differs from many of the platforms we’ve examined in that it doesn’t provide video-on-demand, necessitating the upload of your recorded sessions to an alternative video hosting service.

Instead of using any of Zoom’s other tools, you can use live streaming to:

  • Run your live events in HD resolution with up to 1,000 viewers simultaneously.
  • Host live webinars that can accommodate up to 50,000 people.
  • Bring your live broadcast to life by utilising studio effects and augmented reality.
  • Organize a live conversation with moderators during your stream.
  • Allow participants to “raise their hands.”
  • Invite others to participate in your hosting.
  • Your conferences and meetings should include breakout areas.
  • Give viewers the option to watch your live broadcast on a desktop, an iOS or an Android smartphone.
  • Additionally, they recently introduced OnZoom, a marketplace for live streamers to sell and earn money from their courses in coding, yoga, and other subjects.


A screenshot of the pricing for Zoom.

Zoom Events and Webinars have two categories of pricing, and the cost changes according on the maximum number of guests.

Zoom Webinar: offers limitless webinar sessions lasting up to 30 hours each, the ability to export participant and registration lists and integrate them with CRM and marketing software, as well as the ability to live stream your webinar to other platforms.

Price: $690 annually for each licence.

Zoom Events: Offers all the features of Zoom Webinar together with an all-inclusive event management system, event hubs, hosting for multiple sessions, and event analytics.

The following one, we believe, is known by all.

17. YouTube Live


A picture of the YouTube Live home page.

The 2 billion users that visit YouTube daily view 1 billion hours of video.

Whether it’s original TV series like Cobra Kai, amateur ASMR films to help you fall asleep, or incredibly useful how-to videos from businesses you follow, YouTube is the place to be for video content.

And yes, you can earn money from your YouTube content. In fact, there are unique tools that let you earn money directly from your live streams. This is another live streaming platforms.

However, the topic at hand is live streaming services.

In this situation, YouTube Live is useful.

Key Features

You can accomplish a lot with YouTube live streaming.

Simply hitting the “Go Live” button on your mobile app will ping your subscribers and let them know you are online and ready to start streaming live content.

Additional significant details regarding YouTube Live include:

  • Live stream directly from the mobile app, an encoder, or a webcam.
  • Obtain real-time analytics to determine user engagement.
  • Allow viewers and fans to make payments via live chat.
  • Activate DVR so that viewers can rewind and pause.
  • Add a live stream widget to your website or social networking pages.
  • Highlights from your live stream can be posted to your channel.
  • To earn more money, enable ads on your live stream.
  • You can restrict access to your live chat to subscribers or members exclusively using YouTube Live.


YouTube streaming is cost-free, but you will need to make some concessions, like:

You can never write them an email because you don’t receive your user info.

Your video clip will always include YouTube branding.

Only a portion of the money made from in-video advertisements, which varies depending on who you ask.

You are constantly in danger of being demonetized, which would mean losing your ability to make money from your films.

18. Twitch


A picture of the Twitch platform. This is another live streaming platforms.

Twitch is the site to go to if you want to stream video games.

But Twitch also provides channels for music, art, and lifestyle if you want to venture beyond the realm of games.

The benefits of using this website for live streaming are listed below.

Key Features

Twitch has had plenty of time since its founding in 2007 to enhance its live streaming service and provide viewers with what they want.

When you stream on Twitch, you can:

  • Feedback on your streams in live time.
  • Interacting followers for your profile.
  • Emote slots to boost viewer engagement.
  • Cheermotes that can increase your income
  • Badges for your admirers who have subscribed.
  • Events that are planned for your streams.
  • You can stream using encoding software, hardware, or your gaming console.
  • If you satisfy the criteria, you can also earn money as a creator by placing adverts throughout your Twitch streams.


There is no charge to use Twitch as a viewer or streamer because it is a free live streaming network.

Video game players have the option to purchase extras like Cheermotes, which they may use to give money to the streamers they are following.

Social Media Live Streaming Platforms

Nowadays, the prevalence of social networking media allow live streaming.

Some of these, nevertheless, won’t have all the features offered by the other platforms mentioned.

Good news, too, if you’re concerned about costs: all of these live streaming services are free to use.

Let’s look at them now.

19. Facebook Live

Facebook Live

Excellent for streaming to your relatives and friends

An image of the Facebook Live interface.

Even though Facebook is the largest social network on the planet, did you realise that you may incorporate in-stream advertisements into your Facebook Live live streams?

Although Facebook content monetization may not be simple, there are useful live streaming tools.

Key Features

You can pretty much count on finding your audience on Facebook given how widely used it is.

One method to achieve it is by live streaming. Depending on the kind of content you want to share, you can broadcast live from your personal profile, company page, or a Facebook group.

Other beneficial characteristics include:

Live stream recordings and publishing are done automatically.

Comments and responses to your stream in real time.

Live event planning is possible up to one week before the major event.

Depending on their choices, followers may receive notifications before the event.

20. LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live

Excellent for establishing a network connection

A representation of the platform for LinkedIn Live. This is another live streaming platforms.

The firm boasts that live video on their forum receives 7 times as many likes & 24 times as many comments as natively broadcast video, demonstrating how popular LinkedIn Live has grown.

You must first satisfy their requirements if you want to start live streaming on LinkedIn.

But what else do you receive from their platform after that?

Key Features

When using LinkedIn Live, you can stream from either your personal account or your business page, depending on which has been approved, and create live events.

Regarding events, you can:

  • Set up a chat so that guests can talk about your subject in advance.
  • Before you go live, allow your attendees to submit questions.
  • Host a live chat that is accessible during recording of the event.
  • View the typical LinkedIn responses in real time on your stream.
  • The audience you have access to—a youthful, affluent market—is one of LinkedIn Live’s and LinkedIn’s most notable characteristics.
  • Prior to the event, you can also promote the live stream material, but it’s important to note that LinkedIn has the highest cost-per-click (CPC) of any social media network.
  • The following in the list of top platforms for live streaming is…

21. Instagram Live

Instagram Live

An image of the Instagram Live interface. This is another live streaming platforms.

Instagram now offers more than just square images.

On July 1, 2021, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri made the announcement about the platform’s shift toward video, noting that TikTok and YouTube were now Instagram’s main rivals.

Instagram Live is here.

Are you curious about Instagram Live?

See what they have to offer.

Key Features

Users trying to make money on Instagram may then see this as a new possibility.

Your profile photo will be prominently displayed for your followers so they can easily access your live feed whenever they wish.

Instagram live streamers may find the following features to be helpful:

  • The choice to send out an invitation to your live feed after it has begun.
  • The capacity to invite guests to a live session in order to interact with other content producers.
  • Filters and overlays for your video that you can use to give your live stream, for instance, a VHS look, stars, or humorous expressions.
  • Your fans can purchase badges to help them stand out in the comments area.
  • Livestream only to your paying subscribers to increase interaction.
  • Everything is really easy to use and accessible.
  • You can be guilty of spending too much time on the next one.

22. TikTok Live

TikTok Live

A representation of the platform for LinkedIn Live.

With the ability to truly go live on TikTok and manage your live video stream for what seems like an infinite amount of time, TikTok and TikTok Live are swiftly taking over the social media landscape.

The features that you can use are listed below.

Key Features

TikTok is still continuously enhancing its products as a relatively new player in the social media game with frequent changes to the features it provides.

TikTok gives live streams the following features:

Picture-in-picture streaming helps streamers retain viewers longer.

Go LIVE Together allows for the presence of multiple people in a live.

Users can ask you questions during Q&A sessions.

A “Top LIVEs” category to make it simpler for people to find your live material.

The choice to include assistance or a moderator in your live stream.

Keyword filters to aid in comment moderation and a reminder for commentators to think again before using harsh language.

By accepting presents with a monetary value from your viewers, you can monetize your live streams.

To receive TikTok monetization features, there are requirements.

23. Reddit Live


A screenshot of the Reddit website. The Reddit Public Access Network (RPAN) is the place to be if you’re seeking for strange, fantastic, wholesome, and random live streams. This is another live streaming platforms.

Reddit is a community-focused social network that aids users in making connections with like-minded individuals via forums set up according to a particular topic where users can submit material and receive comments, upvotes, and downvotes.

Moving on, let’s examine the characteristics and how their live streaming functions.

Key Features

  • Compared to the other streaming platforms we’ve looked at so far, RPAN has a completely unique architecture.
  • You must use the subreddit r/pan to go live, which only permits live broadcasts from one a.m. to five p.m.
  • PST every Wednesday, with a finite number of places.
  • Look at these qualities about them:
  • Allows you to store the live broadcast so that anyone can access it once more.
  • Stream more than 3 hours including rewards from the crowd.
  • Broadcast on mobile and desktop.
  • Go live as often as you wish.

You can also broadcast to 17 additional subreddits affiliated with the RPAN network, even outside on-air hours with a complete range of themes.

However, you will require to earn your comment karma by getting upvotes on your statements before being capable to live stream.

That’s it, we’re all done & it’s finally time to wrap this journey via your live streaming media options up

Wrapping It Up

As you know by now, there are bunch of live streaming platforms to pick from relying on what you need.

Want to get your possibilities out there to the world?

You probably like YouTube Live.

Looking to entertain your social media audience?

On the hunt for a home to show the planet your gaming skills?

Searching for a DIY streaming resolution with technical details?

Aiming to monetize your live creeks & give your audience a complete branded experience?

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Live Streaming Platforms FAQ

Still have questions regarding live streaming media?

We have the answers.

How Long Can I Live Stream?

Depending on the platform you choose for your broadcast, the length of your live stream will vary.

With our Enterprise subscription at Uscreen, for instance, you can live stream for more than 50 hours per month.

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