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How To Get IPTV On A Firestick For Free In 2024

How To Get IPTV On A Firestick For Free will be described in this article. If you have recently purchased Amazon Firestick or FireTV and are looking to get free IPTV on it then we will cover the methods you need to achieve this.

How To Get IPTV On A Firestick For Free In 2024

In this article, you can know about How To Get IPTV On A Firestick here are the details below;

Amazon Firestick or FireTV and are looking to get free IPTV

Is Free IPTV Good On A Firestick

Using free IPTV on a Firestick or FireTV is not the best idea as many of the free apps and platforms which deliver the IPTV streams are not good quality and there can be a lot of buffering and freezing with free streams.

You will also find that not all free IPTV apps and free M3U Playlists you find have the channels that you want and also can cut off when watching them so we would advise paying a small amount and joining a premium paid IPTV provider such as Strong IPTV or any other leading IPTV provider.

How To Get Free IPTV On A Firestick

The easiest way is to load on apps that have free IPTV channels or platforms such as Kodi where you can watch free IPTV on your Firestick. We will cover 4 methods below to watch IPTV for free.

1. Install A Free IPTV Streams App

This is the quickest and easiest way when it comes to watching free IPTV you will need to download an app called APKTime which allows you to download and install many free iptv apps as well as movie and TV show apps for free.

You can follow our guide on How To Install APKTime On Your Firestick which you can then install free IPTV apps using this app on your Firestick.

2. Get A Free IPTV Trial With An IPTV Provider

This is a good method but most IPTV providers will only allow 24/48 hours free trial or may have longer trials such as 3 – 7 days trial that is paid.

If you looking to get some quick free IPTV for viewing an event or need it just for the day then signing up for a free trial with an IPTV supplier will get you free IPTV.

Some IPTV providers may not allow you to sign up for a free trial when sporting events are on or on weekends so make sure you check with them beforehand.

3. Use A Platform Such As Kodi On your Firestick

If you have used Kodi in the past you may know it’s easy to install and then set up or install custom builds within Kodi which will give you a Live TV section where you can watch free IPTV streams.

We recommend you follow our How to Install Kodi On A Firestick With Just Your Remote which will allow download and install Kodi.

Use A Platform Such As Kodi On your Firestick

Once you have Kodi installed you can search for free IPTV streaming apps or follow Troypoints – Best Kodi Builds as this will allow you to install whichever is the best builds of the current month we are in so it’s always best to bookmark their page for future reference. Also check How To Watch Crackle On Firestick

4. Use Free M3U Playlists You Find Online

We would say this is the worst method to watch free IPTV on a Firestick due to the fact you have to search for IPTV M3U playlists and then manually enter them in your IPTV app which can become tedious and you never know which channels they come with and if they will even work.

We have put together a list of places where you can find free IPTV playlists for your Firestick.

  • Github IPTV
  • M3U IPTV
  • Tous
  • TheIPFire

You can use any of the above websites to find free M3U playlists but been warned the free IPTV will most likely not be very good and you may need to go through a few different M3U playlists until you find any channels you want if they are even working to begin with.

Use Free M3U Playlists You Find Online

What Are The Best Free IPTV Apps For The Firestick

You can use some of the best free IPTV apps below which will help you with the above methods.

  • IPTV Smarters
  • Televizo

Each one of the above free IPTV apps will allow you to add to the M3U playlists you have found.


As mentioned previously using free IPTV apps and platforms is not a smart idea due to the poor quality of the IPTV streams you find for free. Also check How To Install Sling TV On Firestick

We strongly recommend always paying the cost of a Starbucks cappuccino a month and going with a paid IPTV provider which you won’t get any issues with and has support.

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