Full Details of Ameno Song and Lyrics Revealed

If you are a fan of old pop music, then you probably have heard about the Ameno. This is considered one of the most famous New age pop songs. However, the song is in French, and most of you have may have not understood the lyrics of that song.

However, music has no language. So, you can enjoy the music no matter you understand the lyrics or not. You may have listened to so many songs that are not in your native language but you still like them just because of the music composition.

So, Ameno is one such song that has inspired music fans all over the world. Therefore, so many fans are curious to know the meaning of the lyrics that have been used in the song. Although it was released in 1996, however, it is going viral after someone remixed it with modern music.

If you are interested to know more about the song in-depth, then you must visit Ameno Amapiano Lyrics English. However, in this article, I will also give you full details of Ameno Songs and Lyrics. So, you will be able to understand what that song is all about and why it went viral.

What Ameno Song and Lyrics Means?

In order to understand the theme of Ameno, you need to go through the lyrics. Once you will understand the lyrics, you will be able to find out what it is about and what he is trying to say. Although there are so many websites where they claim that the words are in Pseudo Latin.

As per Wikipedia, it is written by an artist Eric Levi who was French and he released this song originally in 1996. But no one exactly knows about the meaning of the words or lyrics of the son. The words sound like Latin but there is no meaning for any of the words.

Image of Ameno Song and Lyrics

Some experts believe that he deliberately twisted some Latin words and made this song. But these are just claims and no one actually knows the meaning. Further, there are multiple translations are available for the same song and none of them match with each other.

Even some people believe it is a prayer and take it into a religious context. But still, there is no proof of that. However, the music is quite attractive and worthy to listen to. That is one of the reasons for which it has gone viral and people are talking about it.

So, the actual message of the song is yet unclear. However, you must give them a credit for composing and releasing such amazing music. There are multiple names for making this song including Guy Protheroe and Harriet Jay.

Meanwhile, Eric Levi played Piano or Keyboard and composed the song. Philippe Manca put his contribution as a guitarist. So, they all made this possible to create amazing content for their fans. You can also find some amazing remixes of the song.

Why it Went Viral?

There is a huge boost in Social media because everyone has internet access. So, electronic gadgets have made this possible for everyone to access the internet. There are so many services that you cannot run without access to the internet and social media is one of them.

There are multiple social networking sites that are quite famous all over the world. Among these networks, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and now TikTok is leading. Even TikTok has inspired people more than many other leading networks.

It is a platform that is responsible for creating trends and making content viral. So, when famous TikTokers make videos on something it becomes a trend. Then everyone starts making content on these trends. Because it helps them to get popular as well.

TikTok brings the content of such users to the list of For You. Once you get featured in the For You then you become popular and every single user on the same platform watches your video. So, its algorithm works in that way.

Ameno is a song on which some famous TikTokers started to create dance videos. Since then it went viral and everyone is now talking about the song and its lyrics. Even there are so many such things that have gone viral just because of TikTok and its users.

Is Ameno a Song?

Let’s come to the main topic where you will come to know whether Ameno is a song or not. As I have mentioned some people take it from a religious perspective. So, according to them, it is either a prayer or something else in the religious context.

Meanwhile, there is a group of people who thinks that the lyrics are based on magic words. However, there is no such proof. No one is able to find the exact meaning of the Ameno Song and Lyrics. So, it is quite difficult to say something about it.

But I am fully sure that this is a song as there is a piece of music, and lyrics both. So, one can consider it a song but not sure what kind of music or song it is.


Ameno Song and Lyrics is a mystery and it is quite impossible to reveal. The composer and lyricist can only tell us what is the meaning of the lyrics.

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