10 Best Farm Management Software & Agriculture Planning Apps

10 Best Farm Management Software & Agriculture Planning Apps. Whether you have a small property farm, or a large-scale agro-enterprise, leveraging the power of agriculture software solutions is always a smart move.

10 Best Farm Management Software & Agriculture Planning Apps

In this article, you can know about Farm Management Software here are the details below;

This article breaks down the best farm management software, compares prices, and explains some of the key features of these agtech platforms. So let’s saddle up and get moseying on.

Management software for farmers comparison chart (top 10 highest rated farm management solutions)

Let’s take a sneak peak at the leading farm management apps on the below table. Here you’ll see where the pricing starts at, and what each one of these agricultural management software solutions is best used for.

What are the distinct styles of software for farming and agriculture?

  • Crop management software
  • Livestock management software
  • Yield forecasting systems
  • Field activity tracking
  • Farming operations data management
  • Farm record keeping
  • Inventory and supply chain systems
  • Waste and water usage management
  • Agribusiness profit and loss software
  • Small farm management system
  • Large-scale farming operation ERP

What is the best farm management software? Here’s our top 10 list:

From a fruits and vegetable farm to a cattle and sheep ranch, these top agricultural management systems are sure to have the right tools for every different agribusiness, ranch, and farm operations jobs. From yield forecasting to agronomic accounting, this 10 best farm management software has everything you need.

1. Farmbrite (Best farm management software overall)


Starting at the top, Farmbrite is our number one best overall farm management software solution. This tool handles all the basics, like crop planning and tracking, livestock record keeping, farm operations resources and inventory management, making it one of the best agriculture technology service providers.


For all areas of the business of agronomy, Farmbrite is the agriculture software to streamline end-to-end farm business management.

Use Farmbrite to manage your farm hands and other farming employees, allocating work and assigning task priorities.

Livestock record keeping lets you track livestock management, do farm mapping, manage grazing, breeding and the health of your animals.

Get a better handle on your crops with Farmbrite to help with things like a harvest planning module, future income, real-time yield performance management, and crop compliance reporting with perfectly accurate records.

Finally, Farmbrite is user-friendly on mobile devices and tablets as well. It also works when you are offline.


As our leading agribusiness management tool, there are few criticisms we’d level against Farmbrite. Perhaps, if your farm activities are very minimal, then this might be too elaborate and expensive.


  • Grower plan is $39 per month
  • Rancher plan is $49 per month
  • Plus plan is $75 per month
  • Complete plan is $95 per month

2. Agrivi (Top supply chain software for agronomists)


The number two best software for running your agricultural operations is Agrivi. Agrivi makes several farm management software products, and among them is one of the best farm data management, particularly farming tools for supply chains.


Agrivi makes a solid digital platform for all things agricultural supply chains. It is ideally suited to food producers, and includes features like crop contract farming and outgrower management.

You get real-time yield forecasting which is necessary for decision making when planning future crop management, as well as web-based data storage.

Agrivi also makes a farm data collection and analysis tool called Farm Insights. The benefits when it comes to making informed decisions about agronomic planning are very strong.

As for other areas of farm record keeping, Agrivi makes it simple to store and analyze all sorts of farm accounting data regarding things like wages, spraying, fertilizing and other production efficiency metrics.


While some may enjoy the fact that Agrivi splits up its farm management system into different modules and products, others would have preferred a single unified farm software platform. Also, no clear pricing on their website.


  • You can request a demo and pricing details directory from Agrivi

3. Farmlogs (Great agriculture software products for small farms)


Coming in for the bronze win for farm management tools is Farmlogs. Farmlogs has several packages, with Farmlogs Lite and Farmlogs Essentials being some of the best small farm business solutions.


Right away in the most affordable Farmlogs package you get the advantage of such tools as field mapping, recent rainfall monitoring, and historical data about rain and heat patterns.

Farmlogs software helps with things like providing an aerial view of all your fields, as well as for sending you notifications about upcoming weather changes.

You get thorough digital farm data record keeping, making it easy to log tasks like fertilizing, spraying, irrigating, harvesting and more, which works well on desktops as it does on iOS and Android phones.

Finally, there is a local price comparison module to help with bids and buying across multiple farms and counties.


While Farmlogs do offer several packages for farms of all sizes, this one doesn’t seem to be the best suited farming software solution for enterprise-level farm operations which might prefer an ERP.


  • Farmlogs Lite costs $19 per month
  • Farmlogs Essentials costs $69 per month
  • Farmlogs Business costs $149 per month
  • Add-ons are extra

4. Granular (Good farm management system for advisors)


Granular is now owned by Corteva Agriscience. They continue to market the software called Granular Insights, which makes great farm management tools for advisors. There used to also be a product called Granular Business but that is now rebranded as Traction AG.


Granular Insights is great for farm management advisors to help with higher-level functionality like farm accounting and budgeting.

You can leverage close to a century’s worth of historical farming data for better forecasting and seed investment planning.

Maintain high levels of crop health by deploying Granular’s Directed Scouting tool, which also helps with threat observations and yield potential estimates.

There are also many more tools for growers like planting and harvesting data analytics as well as a yield-to-profit calculator.


Now that the original Granular software solution is part of a larger family of farm business management tools, it can seem hard to satisfy the software needs of everyone from simple growers to larger operation managers all within one system.


  • For Granular pricing, contact Corteva

5. Conservis (Top agriculture software products for data management)


The number five software for agriculture in our review today is Conservis. Conservis is an Australia-based company. It’s one of the best farm software providers for data collection and data management.


Like many competitors here, Conservis is a fully cloud-based farm management system, though there are options to use it offline as well.

Conservis is very handy for farming tasks like crop planning, work order management, field activity tracking and inventory management.

There are separate modules based on farming business type, for example, for row farming sustainability versus permanent crop data management.

Advanced farm accounting features are also available, like operational budgeting, real-time purchase order inputs, and ROI dashboards.


There are several Conservis plans, although the price lists are not visible online. Tools like input management and multi-farm centralized views are only part of the business pro and enterprise plans.


  • Visit Conservis’s website for more information about costs

6. Agworld (Good farm manager app for retailers)


Agworld is operational in the States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, and most recently, Canada. For advisors and retailers, Agworld is a leading app for farm management, providing transparency and traceability to clients.


If you are an agribusiness advisor, stakeholder or retailer, Agowlrd provides a range of sophisticated tools. These include grower engagement features like client communication and collaboration.

For precision agronomy, Agworld leverages data for more efficient  territory scouting and real-time field health attention which can spot things like vegetative disease issues.

There are pre-season planning tools like crop production management as well as financial planning.

Finally, Agworld offers in-season execution management for better decision making based on real-time data at both the aggregate level and for individuals field status.


If you want to perform things like automate data collection from your farming equipment, you will need an integration. However, it’s not too much of a hassle to integrate this with John Deere or Kingman Ag.


  • Basic plan is $1,995 per year
  • Plus plan is $2,995 per year
  • Pro plan is $4,495 per year
  • Call Agowlord for enterprise pricing

7. Croptracker (Best crop management software for record keeping)


Croptracker is relatively new on the agribusiness software scene, having been developed in 2006. It has many great products, including some of the best crop management systems for keeping records.


For staying on top of compliance issues, Croptracker is a great agronomy system that will help fulfill all your reporting requirements. This includes data on spraying, harvesting, irrigation and employee farmhands.

There are more advanced features for managing work crews, with better internal communication tools to assign tasks, monitor work and track employee activity in real time.

You can use Croptracker as a shipping traceability system as well, merging the tools of inventory management, labels, receipts and a dashboard for queued and loaded shipping orders.


As a farm management app, there are no glaring criticisms of Croptracker aside from the design of the interface which can be a speck dull on the eye.


  • Pricing is based on product
  • Production Practice costs $450 per user per year
  • Harvest costs $450 per user per year
  • Spray costs $450 per user per year
  • Cloud-based file storage costs $1,800 per user per year
  • For more product pricing, visit Croptracker

8. Trimble Agriculture (Great agricultural software for harvest and water management)

Trimble Agriculture

Trimble is a software solution brand that makes management tools for a range of industries, with the farming and agricultural industries being chief among their services. These tools are great agriculture softwares for land preparation, harvest and water management.


With Trimble you can use workflows to automate a lot of your harvesting management tasks, as well as helping you with field mapping, precision crop positioning, and real-time data collection and reporting.

When it comes to water management features, you can use Trimble to maximize water efficiency, reduce runoff, prevent erosion and other simple surveying needs.

There is a Trimble product called Field-IQ, and this is very beneficial for making better decisions about crop inputs and automated field section control.


There are many products, modules and layers to the Trimble software package, and it can bring some time to understand about all of them to reason out which ones you will need.


  • You’ll need to visit Trimble’s site to request pricing information

9. FarmLogic (Good farm record-keeping software for operators)


Coming out of the excellent state of Kentucky is FarmLogic, one of the best web-based record-keeping farm software on the market today.


FarmLogic is split into two modules. There is the Web Headquarters, a web-based dashboard for reports, field boundaries, work order management, budgeting and expenses, and satellite imagery.

There is also the FarmPAD for smartphones and tablets. You can use this in both online and offline modes. It syncs data to the Web Headquarters, and you can use it to tackle photos and record notes of your operations.

FarmLogic has many other products you can add on, like a soil test tool, a farm scouting tool, a spray management system and calculators for dry grains and tank mixes.


It is hard to find too many negative things to say about FarmLogic, except that the cost can creep up there if you have to add additional mobile activations to your subscription. Still, it’s one of the best farm accounting software options.


  • FarmLogic GAP costs $1,499
  • FarmLogic costs $1,999
  • FarmLogicSP costs $3,499
  • Additional mobile activations cost between $250 and $400

10. Harvest Profit (Top agribusiness software for profit and loss management)

Harvest Profit

The final system in our review of the top ten farming and agribusiness apps is Harvest Profit. This is a leading software solution for managing costs, profits, losses and other issues related to farming ROI.


Use Harvest Profit for advanced field-by-field profit analysis for better planning and forecasting.

You can automate your CBOT pricing data updates with Harvest Profit, as well as run your contracts and hedge tracking.

Other balance sheet features give you a year by-year revenue analysis comparison, and what’s more, there is even a handy marketing planning feature.


Like some other alternatives here, Harvest Profit is not the most user friendly platform, although they do offer onboarding services at a cost.


  • Harvest Profit costs $1,600 per year
  • Hands-on Onboarding costs $5,000

Which of these farmer’s software solutions is best for me? Our conclusion

We’ve sowed the seeds for the reviews of the best agtech softwares, now you get to reap the rewards by being so knowledgeable.

We’ve sowed the seeds for the reviews of the best agtech softwares, now you get to reap the rewards by being so knowledgeable.

In this article, we’ve covered the best farming and agribusiness software to help farmers maximize their operations. From managing land preparation, harvest and water management with Trimble Agriculture, to analyzing profits and losses with Harvest Profit – there are many options available for farmers looking to get a leg up in today’s market.

Ultimately, the multiple suitable choice for you really depends on what your needs are & the features that most appeal to you. We’ve included pricing information where possible, so make sure to factor that into your conclusion as well. Good luck!

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