EaseUS MobiMover Review – Best Data Transfer Software For iOS In 2022

This article explains EaseUS MobiMover Review.  We can also do almost anything with our phones, from attending conferences to editing documents and snapping pictures; it has simplified our lives. When it comes to moving cell phones, though, transferring all of the data to a new handset becomes a tiresome procedure.

It’s simple to migrate data and files from one iOS device to another with EaseUS MobiMover software; you may do so with just one click. This iOS data transfer programme is capable of far more than just data transfer between iOS devices.

EaseUS MobiMover Review – Best Data Transfer Software For iOS In 2022

In this article, you can know about Data Transfer Software here are the details below;

We have covered all of the features, advantages and cons, as well as the pricing element, in this EaseUS MobiMover review, and it should help you make a decision about whether or not to use this software.
Review of EaseUs MobiMoverThe review is separated into sections that will allow you to look at MobiMover from many perspectives.

Installation and Download

EaseUS MobiMover is a simple application to download and install. All you have to do is double-click the most recent version of software for your operating system, and the installation will begin in the background.

You may need to click on one or two buttons to begin the installation process, but everything else is straightforward, and anyone can do it without the assistance of guides or instructions.

User Interface and Design

Data Transfer Software


For the display, there are two themes to choose from. In comparison to the dark theme, we preferred the light theme. Some user interface settings are difficult to read due to the dark tone. Aside from the reading options’ intricacy, the rest of the UI appears to be straightforward.The parts are organised by feature, making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. When you hover your mouse over icons in the top-right corner of the software window, no tooltip describing what they do appears; you must click on each one individually to learn about their functions. Also check data recovery software

Features of EaseUS MobiMover

Data Transfer Software


EaseUS MobiMover seeks to replace iTunes by allowing you to backup and restore your iPhone in a single click, among other things.

YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and other similar platforms allow you to download music and videos. We’ll take a look at some of its key features below.

When using the app for the first time after connecting it to the PC, make sure your iPhone is unlocked. If your iPhone is locked and you don’t know or remember the password, EaseUS’ MobiUnlock software can help. It may be able to assist you in unlocking your phone.

Management of Content

Using the EaseUS MobiMover application on your PC, you can manage all of your files and applications. This functionality makes deleting, moving, and copying content from your iPhone a breeze.

Transferring from one phone to another

With EaseUS MobiMover, you can quickly move all of the contents from one iPhone/iPad to another. All you need is a Windows or Mac computer with both devices connected, and you can begin the transfer with a single click.

Transferring data from a phone to a computer

Data Transfer Software


You can also easily select what kind of file you desire to transfer using EaseUS MobiMover. It could be voicemail, messages, images, videos, or other types of data. This allows you to transfer only the files you require.

The new folder is created in the specified location; you have the option of using the default location or customising it. Even if you’re logged in with another account, the administrator account folder is selected by default.

Transferring from a PC to a Phone

When transferring files from a PC to an iPhone, you can select the quantity of files you wish to transfer from the PC and then click the Transfer button. Transferring is a straightforward technique that does not require any instruction.

iPhone Backup and Restore

Data Transfer Software


EaseUs You can backup and restore data on your iPhone with MobiMover. If you’ve already encrypted an iPhone backup, you’ll need the same password to begin the backup procedure. Without entering the password, the backup process will not begin.

Again, the backup is simple to perform; you can choose which files to back up. During our testing, we were able to restore the previously made backup with just one click. As a result, the total backup and restoration procedure is simple. Also check ibeesoft data recovery

Manager of WhatsApp

Data Transfer Software


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps on the market. Some of the most important conversations are held via WhatsApp and must be backed up. MobiMover software allows you to backup and recover communications.

You may also use this programme to move WhatsApp messages from one iOS device to another. Because WhatsApp has an integrated feature that backs up and restores chats and media to other devices, this can only be useful if the inbuilt feature is turned off.

Downloader of Videos

Data Transfer Software


EaseUS MobiMover can also help you download videos from popular platforms like as YouTube, Instagram, and the BBC. All you have to do now is copy the link and click the Download button. Make sure the downloaded video location is correct, as the admin folder is the default.

Detailed Technical Information

Android smartphones and Linux/Unix OS are not supported by EaseUS MobiMover. As long as it fits the conditions in following, you can use it on Windows and Mac for your iOS devices.

System Prerequisites

Windows 7 and up are supported.
Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later.

Devices that are supported

iPhone 4s and up; iPad mini 2 and up, iPad Air, and iPad Pro; iPhone 4s and up; iPhone 4s and up; iPhone 4s and up; iPhone 4s and up;

Plans and Pricing

EaseUS MobiMover is available in both a free and a premium version. The free version has several restrictions. You can only transmit 20 files per day in the free version, and you won’t be able to recover an iPhone using the backup you saved.

The free version does not allow for the transfer or backup of Whatsapp chats. The EaseUS MobiMover Pro version is required if you require all of the capabilities as well as 24/7 technical assistance.

Monthly, annual, and lifetime plans are available in the Pro edition.

Data Transfer Software


A one-month plan costs USD 23.95, a one-year plan costs USD 29.95, and a lifetime upgrade costs USD 69.95. If you don’t like the software or have any problems, you can get your money back within 30 days. Given the cost structure, we believe it makes sense to go with the lifetime option so you can have it in your toolkit and utilise it whenever you need it.


Help As previously stated, when you choose a paid plan, you will receive 24/7 support. You can easily contact the support via email, live chat, or phone call; you can use any of these methods to contact them with your questions. Also check data backup recovery

Advantages and disadvantages

Each product has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In our EaseUS MobiMover review, we discovered a variety of benefits and drawbacks.

EaseUs MobiMover has the following advantages:

1. It is simple to install and operate.

2. No setting is required for fast data transfer.

3. Except for backup restoration, the free version includes the most of the functions.

4. A simple user interface.

5. Comes with a lifetime licence that includes all future updates.

6. It is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

EaseUS MobiMover has a few drawbacks.

1. It only works with iOS devices and does not support Android devices.

2. When using a dark theme, several settings are difficult to read.

3. Even if logged in with another account, the Administrator account is the default file storage location.

4. For the free version, there is no opportunity to recover any backups, even on a limited basis.

The Final Word

We put the software’s features to the test in this EaseUS MobiMover review by putting them to the test in real-world scenarios. We discovered that several of its capabilities are really handy and can greatly simplify your transfer process. To free up space, you can transfer photographs and movies from your iPhone/iPad to your PC on a regular basis. If you don’t want to pay for extra iCloud storage, this is a decent choice. Overall, EaseUS MobiMover is a user-friendly iOS data transfer and management tool.

We were underwhelmed by the WhatsApp manager function, as the app’s built-in ability to handle backup and restoration is far superior. You don’t need an extra pricey programme to download videos from popular platforms because the video downloader is also accessible in a free edition. Support is available via live chat, phone calls, and email, allowing all users to contact the team with questions.

Overall, the programme is a good choice for file transfers, backups, and backups. Give EaseUS MobiMover a try if you’re seeking for software that supports these functionalities on your iOS smartphone.

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