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How To Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

This article will show detail regarding discord update failed loop. No need to fret as the foundation of this issue is the Discord installer/update as there’s a bug in the upgrade which triggers this problem. You may have been stuck on this screen where the Discord Icon keeps spinning, and reports for a stopped working update.

How To Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

In this article, you can know about discord update failed loop here are the details below;

Discord is one of the most used VOIP for video gaming worldwide. It also helps you to interact through voice and video chat with good friends.

How do I repair discord, not updating?

  • – Restart Router: The most convenient repair is to restart your router or change your connection.
  • – Restart PC: You must also try restarting your PC/Laptop.

If this does not, Upcoming are three different ways discussed in detail that actually work.

Why does my discord keep stopping working from updating?

There are multiples reasons that can trigger this.

  1. The most reported factor is that it does not have administrator-level benefits to take some actions and install the updates appropriately.
  2. Secondly, a network glitch can trigger incomplete downloaded updates that discord attempts to set up, and discord upgrade fails to lead to a discord update failed loop.

Simply follow these options if you are questioning. How do I Fix Discord not updating?

How do I fix the discord update that stopped working?

We have actually put together a video to repair the Discord Update Failed Loop 2020 Issue.

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  1. Try restarting your Computer/laptop/Mac to fix the Discord Update Loop Failed Error. Window’s OS or macOS tend to have some problems often with the software that can be sorted with a reboot.
  2. Additionally, reboot your Wifi or link to a much better network.

Solution 1: Reinstall Discord by erasing AppData contents too

A lot of users reported this method has actually fixed in fixing discord update failed loop.

Sometimes the service depends on the app as numerous features upgrade routinely, so why not uninstall Discord and upgrade it by downloading a brand-new version. Merely follow these actions:

  1. Go to the Task Managers and End all jobs associated with Discord
  2. Press Window’s+ R, and a Run command box will appear
  3. Type “appwiz.cpl” in the commands box and press Enter
  4. An app manager will appear and look for Discord in it
  5. After discovering it, Right-click on Discord and select uninstall
  6. Hold Windows Key + R.
  7. Type “% appdata% “and press Enter that will reveal you all the app folder that contains their Contents such as cache.
  8. Find the Discord folders and delete it. If you cannot find a discord folder, it can be perhaps hidden. Select View from the top bar and inspect the Hidden Items alternative.
  9. Now install the current variation of Discord and reboot your PC once again.
  10. Release Discord.

Solution 2: Run Discord As Administrator to Fix Discord Stuck in Updates Loop.

For some users, this technique worked completely for them as permitting the app to run as Administrator. It likewise assists when you encounter JavaScript Error.

So here’s how you can do it.

  1. Go to the Task Managers and End all jobs connected to Discord.
  2. Go to your Desktop and search for the Discord shortcut.
  3. Right-click on the Discords icon, and you will see “Run as administrator.”
  4. Click Run as Administrator and after giving the approval.
  5. Discord will launch, and the upgrade will begin without any discord upgrade loop concern.

Solution 3: Reinstall Discord to repair Discord Not Updating.

This is an alternate to Solutions 1 as simply downloading a fresh installer might resolve to fix discord, not updating/stuck in the update loop issue.

So here are some brief steps.

  1. Go to the Discord site to download the installer.
  2. Run Discord installers and follow the given on-screen directions.

Solution 4: Disable Windows Defender to fix Discord Updates Failed.

So if you are a Window’s 10 user, then disabling Windows protector will repair your discord, not updating.

As its function is to keep your PC infection free due to which it can replace files that are a danger.

Let’s disable then.

  1. Press the Window’s key and type Settings, and run it.
  2. Go to Update and Security.
  3. Now click Window’s Security > Virus & Threat protection > Manage Settings.
  4. Toggle off Real-time defense.
  5. Save and Exit.
  6. Set up, Discord once again.

Solution 5: Contact Discord Supports to fix the Discord Update Failed Loop.

The above-mentioned fixes have actually been reported to fix the majority of the user’s problem, but if you are still unable to upgrade discord, and if none of the above option didn’t work, then contact Discord assistance.

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