What is Digital Decluttering ? How To Do It In 2023

This post will explain To make your home appear more presentable, you must be familiar with decluttering. In addition to helping you maximise the use of your entire home or room, decluttering ensures that no unwanted visitors are residing in that pile of clutter. Your digital workspace fits into this description as well. It’s 2023, and decluttering your digital workspace is more crucial than ever.

What is Digital Decluttering ? How To Do It In 2023

In this article, you can know about What is Digital Decluttering ? How To Do It In 2023 here are the details below;

Because you must arrange the tens of thousands of files you handle each day so that you can quickly locate them, work on them in the future, and minimise any problems along the way. Additionally, it is completely normal and you are not alone if you are a “digital slob” with mountains of files piled up all around you in your workspace. This article will provide answers to the questions of how to clean a workspace, what constitutes cleanliness, and what must be “Cleaned”.

Digital clutter: What is it?


When you begin your digital decluttering process and try to identify the items that you want to clean, it can be quite confusing.

This is due to the fact that every file has some use and that getting rid of them can be difficult, especially if you believe that they may come in handy again in the future.

However, that is not how it operates.

You must overcome your propensity for digital hoarding and create minimalist, efficient workspaces.

Let’s examine the factors that are adding to the mountain of digital clutter in the workplace.

Computer Desktop

Download the images and screenshots folder.

Desktop folders for browsers

Internet-based storage

Logins & Passwords


Applications for Jobs


Channels & messages on Slack

Different documents

tool for project management



Drive by Google

Logins & Passwords

Mobile tablet

Images and screenshots

texts and voicemails


screens in homes


music collections

Notes app

One of the best things that will happen is that the next time you declutter your digital workspace, it will take you less and less time. If you’re like most of us and are initially overwhelmed by the clutter, you should focus on this good news.

Let’s now look at some decluttering initiatives you can take on to ensure that you won’t be bothered by them for a very long time.

You Can Perform These 5 Decluttering Tasks:

1. Organize Your Google Drive

The majority of us use Google Drive on a daily basis to share and store data.

If you are not a video editor who is storing their 4K videos, or in other words, a “power saver,” the company offers users 15 GB of cloud storage where you can store all of your professional files.

Therefore, when you have so much storage space for your files, you usually have a tendency to store the same file in the storage more than once.

This results in your drive being overflowing with duplicate copies of documents that weren’t always useful to begin with.

Additionally, if you store a lot of files in Google Drive, it may be difficult for you to locate a particular file in the future without using the search bar.

Therefore, you can change your default home page from My Drive to Priority in the settings panel to make your dashboard more open and tailored to your work.

As a result of this setting, the page will be personalised for you based on your needs and requirements, which will make it easier for you to manage when viewing the variety of items in your Google Drive dashboard.

2. Empty Email Inboxes

It’s safe to assume that you have access to about 5 email accounts if you’re a professional or a human in 2023.

We never use all of our email accounts at once, despite the fact that you created them all at some point to fulfil a specific purpose.

However, if you are someone who regularly checks multiple email accounts, you should clear out your inboxes.


While I’m not advocating that you go through and read every message in your inbox, you should pick your messages carefully to ensure that you don’t miss anything crucial.

Instead of starting with the accounts you made to create a dozen finsta, start with your work or personal accounts first.

Here are a few options to watch out for when you have the email in your sights:

You can keep an eye out for emails sitting in your email inbox that are older than 90 days and delete them as necessary.

If you don’t want to see emails from a particular person or business, you can easily ignore them by searching the emails by their name.

To free up a lot of room in your storage, you can search for large files larger than 90 MB that are taking up space in your limited cloud email storage and delete them.

You can mark social and promotional emails from your inboxes so that whenever they are delivered to your inbox, they go directly to the spam folder and are automatically deleted after 30 days.

3. Cleanse Social Feeds

One of the most significant digital decluttering procedures we’ll discuss in this article is probably this one.

Decluttering up social media.

Everybody uses social media.

Without a doubt.

However, how we use social media will be the deciding factor in whether or not it improves my life’s productivity and efficiency.

You should think about deactivating your accounts for a few weeks if you’re REALLY serious about decluttering up your social media or at the very least purging your life of some toxicity.

But if you’re dependent on social media, like we are, then here are a few things you CAN do to improve your life.

When you like and follow people who inspire you to complete your work and live your life more meaningfully, the app’s algorithm will show you more of their work, if you will, and this will start to form a chain of positivity.

Unfollow everyone you know isn’t good for you or adding anything worthwhile to your life, including accounts, people, and brands.

Because they were a part of your past life and you want to move on to better and more fulfilling things, you should think about leaving or deleting all of the pointless groups and accounts that you have had from your previous college campuses or previous neighbourhood communities.

4. Optimize Your Project management Tool

You should make sure that a project management solution, such as nTask, is properly optimised to meet your goals and expectations.

You must configure the user interface so that it looks the way you want it to, regardless of whether you are a working professional or a student utilising the application.

Fortunately for you, the application has a wide range of useful features that can aid you in your job or study sessions. It also has the ability to totally alter its interface in accordance with your demands and specifications.

The following are some of the gifts that this outstanding project management tool offers to offer its customers worldwide.

Project management

Project administration

Management of meetings

Management of risk

Administration of timesheets

Gantt diagrams

Boarding using kanban

tracking bugs

5. Clear the Downloads Folder

The Downloads folder is one of the locations where digital clutter is most frequently found in offices.

If you don’t have the download folder set up somewhere else, this folder contains all of the various files and extensions that you have downloaded to your computer.

This folder can contain duplicate screenshots or PDF downloads of the numerous tasks you might have completed for your work.

Therefore, the best decluttering technique you can do is to group together all of the various files and folders by kind, data, or any other choice you may have on your system. This will ensure that there are no stray items in the folder.

This will assist you in eliminating duplication and even in finding and deleting any files that you don’t want to maintain at your place of business.


This was our primer on digital decluttering and how to apply several techniques to truly make your workspace tidy.

If you feel that there is something else that should have been included in the post, please let us know and we will consider your suggestion as soon as possible.

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