17 Best Currency Converter Apps In 2024

I’ll share with you the top Currency Converter apps for the newest iOS in this article for the iPhone and iPad. Are you looking for the top iPhone apps that can change your currency into those of other countries? You’re in luck today since there are more apps in the App Store, but you can still download the most recent list of the top iPhone currency converter apps. Get access to the top free and paid currency converter iPhone apps right here. This greatest Currency Conversion apps for iPhone will be most helpful to you if you’re going on a foreign nation tour and want to buy things there.

17 Best Currency Converter Apps In 2024

In this article, you can know about currency converter apps here are the details below;

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Additionally, you can use it for trading purposes since almost all products based on import and export (such as those used by auto exporters, resource venture companies, lumber exporters, and stockbrokers USA) require a live exchange conversion rate. Using these excellent digital tools, you can obtain an instant exchange rate. Look under the best exchange rate calculators for the present, the past, and the future.

Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus, iPhone 5S, and all iPad devices are compatible with iOS.

1. XE Currency: One of the Most Popular Currency Converter Apps for iOS and Android

XE Currency

Are you concerned about currency conversion rates when visiting a new continent or country with a totally different currency? The greatest ways to obtain all the data pertaining to currency conversion and exchange rates for all the various countries are through currency converter apps. When you visit their country, these tools make it simple for you and the local merchants and vendors to comprehend better the price of a specific item in their currency. Also check best cryptocurrency apps

This selection of outstanding currency converter apps has been put together after many hours of thorough examination and analysis. They will make your life lot simpler while visiting a foreign country. Now that you don’t have to worry about currency conversion, you can enjoy taking in the area’s architectural wonders and natural beauties.

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Which is the Best Currency Conversion App? For iPad and iPhone

One of the most well-liked currency converter apps for iOS and Android is XE Currency.

For iPhone and Apple Watch, there is a free exchange rate app called XE. The daily use of an app and international travel are its two main uses. It has a great iMessage API and supports Apple Watch. Obtain precise historical charts in real time on a single screen. It’s amazing to receive timely notifications on the exchange rate of your preferred currency.

2. Currency


The Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad versions of the Currency app were among the first 500 to be released in the App Store. This app’s straightforward yet effective currency converter offers the most recent exchange rates for more than 160 different nations and currencies. Since it has ranked as the best currency converter app every year since 2008, you may be sure of its efficiency.

This app has a variety of functions; you can use it while shopping to better comprehend an item’s price or give it to the store to inform them of the exchange rates in your local currency. When you no longer require a country’s information, you can swiftly and easily delete a currency from your exchange list. To make it simple to assess and see what you need as and when necessary, you may even move each country up and down on the list.

Therefore, download the Currency app right away to enjoy your vacation in a foreign location without worrying about currency exchange rates. This is another currency converter apps.

3. My Currency Converter & Rates

My Currency Converter & Rates

Consider that you are seeking for a straightforward, user-friendly, and simple-to-use currency converter that can accommodate more than 150 different currencies from across the world. The My Currency Converter & Rates app is what you need in that situation. The Colombian Peso, Indian Rupee, US Dollar, and other currencies are all supported by this software in addition to Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. This programme functions flawlessly even without an internet connection and enables you to quickly calculate the value of your currency. By saving your regularly used currencies, this currency converter software makes it simpler to choose all of your most recent searches at once. Also check best cryptocurrency exchanges

Because the app only translates one field of a number to the other, users must enter just one amount at a time and then add all the conversion amounts separately in the app. Based on the time of the latest rate chart update, the My Currency Converter & Rates programme never fails to display the current exchange rates for the currencies. Additionally, the user can easily switch between different currencies as needed.

Therefore, to handle all currency conversion and exchange rates, download the My Currency Converter & Rates app right away.

4. Currency Foreign Exchange Rate (Offline Use)

Currency Foreign Exchange Rate

The amazing Currency Foreign Exchange Rate app puts global foreign exchange rates at your fingertips, whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure. It is a very simple, strong, and attractive programme that enables you to swiftly and covertly convert your money. This application’s accuracy and dependability come from the hourly exchange rate changes.

The Currency Foreign Exchange Rate software is extremely amazing because it supports every single one of the 170 currencies used across the world, in addition to Silver, Gold, and Bitcoin. Users can save money by using the Offline Access function to prevent paying any roaming costs. Even the banking costs and conversion rates can be changed, and one can choose to use only their preferred currencies. This is another currency converter apps.

An fantastic tool for travelling and learning more about conversions is Currency Foreign Exchange Rate. Therefore, get the Currency Foreign Exchange Rate right away.

5. Currency Converter – Supported Offline use

Currency Converter

Currency Converter is a practical currency converter with an approachable and simple user interface. More than 170 different national currencies are supported by this currency converter app. The users of this programme can also perform simple mathematical computations. The programme has the capacity to operate offline, so you can use it even without an internet connection.

The users are given a streamlined and practical search option for looking for the currency they want to convert thanks to a huge entry area for a rapid search. The Currency Convertor is accurate since the exchange rates are updated each time the application is launched. Additionally, it has a subscription option that disables all adverts and offers comprehensive details on the charts showing historical exchange rates between two currencies.

To handle all your currency conversion jobs effectively, download the Currency Convertor app right away.

6. My Currency Converter

My Currency Converter

The My Currency Converter app is another free currency converter that supports more than 180 currencies, exchange rates, charts, and calculators. Live exchange rates for 180+ different currencies, including well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, are available in this app. You may even put up your own own currency list so that you can quickly see all of the most important and common currencies.

One of the most useful apps to have when you need to match or compare the foreign currencies of other countries is My Currency Converter. To have access to all world currencies, download and install the My Currency Converter app right away.

7. Currency Converter – xCurrency’s


An innovative, user-friendly, and efficient tool called xCurrency aids in the resolution of problems with cross-border currency conversion and exchange rates. This programme is an excellent currency converter with a sophisticated built-in calculator and facilities for international money transfers. You now have an improved guide instructional, sharing invitation feature, exchange rate details design, and quotation pages with the new version, making it simpler for new users to get started and invite friends more smoothly.

This is another currency converter apps. A unique feature of this software allows you to establish the capability to endure the maximum and lower limitations of the task, along with the ability to view the real estate policy in real-time. Therefore, to begin your currency conversion trip, download the xCurrency app from the App Store.

8. Currency Converter Calculator – Offline Mode

Currency Converter Calculator

For Apple products including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, “Currency converter calculator!” is a fantastic currency converter application. Users can easily perform the conversion in locations without a network thanks to the app’s Offline mode, which is available. “Currency converter calculator!” is one of the greatest currency converters for Apple devices, offering over 150 international currencies, cryptocurrencies, current exchange rates, and smart currency search.

The calculator for currency converter! It has a special function that lets users put a practical widget on their home screen for quick access. This programme may be customised to dark mode and functions flawlessly with the clipboard.

Download the simple and reliable currency converter calculator now! the programme right now to keep track of every spending when travelling to a new nation.

9. Exchange Currency Converter

Exchange Currency Converter

The Exchange Currency Converter changes the currencies of over 160 nations so that you can keep track of all the expenses, which is a major assistance for people who enjoy travelling and have a propensity to spend mindlessly. The startup’s currency rates are automatically updated by this effective and simple-to-use technology.

This programme is really convenient to use because you don’t need to manually update the rates thanks to its Auto rates updating feature. One can, however, choose to manually update exchange rates if they so choose. The Exchange Currency Converter app separates out from its rivals thanks to additional crucial functions like the Calculator, Search, and an intuitively appealing layout.

Therefore, install the Exchange Currency Converter programme right away and you may relax about the challenging currency conversion portion of your trip. Also check Cryptocurrency companies 

10. Currency Converter Plus Live

Currency Converter Plus Live

The Currency Converter Plus Live app is one of the easiest and most understandable ways to find conversion rates for all of your international transactions. The users can compile prices anytime and anyplace while travelling to a foreign nation thanks to the multiple currency fields, rate charts of all the historical data, and a simple calculator for usage when necessary. All conversions in this application are based on data from AccuRateTM’s current currency exchange rates, which offer excellent and accurate rates available globally so you can be confident you’re getting the best bargain at the time of conversion. This is another currency converter apps.

Additionally, when the conversion cost data is not available, this application can operate in the offline mode for use while travelling and making purchases in locations without cellular reception. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others are supported by Currency Converter Plus Live as well. Additionally, you can enable fast currency conversion for custom fields. Historical graphs, rate charts, and other pertinent data that provide in-depth information about prior conversion rates and enable users to convert many currencies at once are additional crucial aspects.

Therefore, download the Currency Converter Plus Live app right away to stay up to date on the most recent currency rates.

11. Currency Converter Rates

Currency Converter Rates

With the Currency Converter • Rates app, which offers precise and comprehensive information about the currency conversion rates of more than 160 different foreign currencies, you can now protect yourself from frauds and save a lot of money. Customers can create a list of their favourite currencies for easy access to conversions with the help of this user-friendly and straightforward currency converter app.

You can always be sure you’re getting the best foreign exchange rates with the Currency Converter • Rates app because the bank updates the currency data every day. This fantastic currency converter app allows users to view six months’ worth of historical exchange rate data that updates live to the converted amount, which lets users make decisions from the trend line to determine the optimum moment to convert money.

To prevent being charged more than necessary, download the Currency Converter • Rates app right away.

12. Currency Converter: Exchange

Currency Converter: Exchange

This is another currency converter apps. The Currency Converter: Exchange app is the best choice if you’re searching for a currency converter that offers real-time exchange rates when visiting a foreign nation or continent. This clever tool accurately estimates the pricing of various things, making currency conversion a quick and simple operation. It is among the most accurate and cost-effective currency converters on offer in the App store.

Therefore, download the Currency Converter: Exchange app right away to be one step ahead of those looking to con you out of more money.

13. My Currency

My Currency

A free currency app for iOS devices is called My Currency. It is free to download. You can get the exchange rate on an even bigger iPhone, which is a huge advantage. The app supports more than 150 different currencies. The app’s Switch button for inverting the currency is a crucial component. This is another currency converter apps.

14. Banca Currency Converter

Banca Currency Converter

Your iPhone receives solid support from it. You can quickly manage your preferred currencies and receive automatic rate updates. You can utilise customization for a variety of tasks, including work offline and online. iOS 9.3 and later are compatible with the Banca app.

This app cannot be downloaded for free.

15. Currency: Currency Converter for iPhone iPad, and Apple Watch


This is another currency converter apps. The Free Currency app offers a converter that supports more than 160 different currencies. Because the app doesn’t require internet access, it can operate well offline. Simple gesture controls and an updated app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch make the app simple to use. With the help of the Currency Conversion app, obtain a live historical chart. It works flawlessly on iOS 10 and later-running devices and is great for iPhones that support 3D touch. Additionally, the brand-new iPad Pro supports it.

16. Rates


The Rates app combines a regular unit converter with a currency converter. Swipe left and right to open the menu, add and remove currencies, and access more options. Over 150 countries were funded by rates. On the App Store, the rates application is free.

17. Convertium: Currency & Units


Convertium: Currency & Units for iPhone and iPad is our first pick for the finest iPhone currency app for travelers and entrepreneurs. Users may easily convert between over 160 different currencies with only a few taps with this software.  Furthermore, Convertium supports over three hundred different physical units, allowing users to convert measurements of volume, area, velocity, temperature, weight, energy, currency, pressure, time, length, power, information, density, frequency, Illuminance, acceleration, plain angle, network velocity, fuel consumption, electrical current, radioactivity, and cooking to the metric or imperial systems.

The best part about using Convertium is that you can get up-to-the-minute exchange rates. Even if you lose internet connection, you can still convert between your preferred currencies because the prices are updated every half hour. In order to keep your most often used conversions close at hand, the app provides a “Favorites” list.

Among the many useful functions offered by Convertium: Currency & Units are:

* Real time conversions

* Offline currency conversions

* Support for over 160 currencies

* Ability to convert 350 physical units

* User-friendly design

Convertium: Currency & Units is available at no cost in the App Store.

Available with subscription:

* No Commercial Interruptions

* Any Number of Favorites

* All-Time Unlimited History of Conversions

* Chart of Currency Exchange Rates

* All-Time Unlimited Comparison

* More Vivid Themes

* More Options in Settings

* iCloud Sync on All Your Devices

* Conversion Equation

* Custom Conversion Rate

* Supplemental Input Keyboard

Convertium, along with other great apps, is now available as part of the InVooDoo One family of services, which allows you to upgrade your entire family’s mobile experience with a single, affordable subscription. Join InVooDoo One and spend less on app subscriptions.

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