Choosing the Right Personal Alarm: Factors to Consider for Elderly Loved Ones

Personal alarms for the elderly come in the shapes of pendants or watches. They let the elderly call for help if they fall, get lost, get stuck, or have any other emergency. Personal alarms for the elderly usually have a big button that is easy to see and can be pressed at any time of day or night.

When the button is pressed, it can sound an alarm to let other people in the house know something is wrong. It can also instantly connect with the next of kin or family members via Bluetooth to let them know something is wrong.

Different Kinds Of Personal Alarms For The Elderly

Basic Ones

These just have a button on them. Pressing the button makes a loud noise, letting everyone nearby know you need help. Even though the system is simple, it gives the elderly the confidence to move around their home independently, knowing they can call for help if needed.

Pendant Alarms

This category of personal alarms for the elderly is designed as a pendant they can wear. They can wear it around their neck and call for help or emergency services when in need. This is a great personal alarm for those forgetting where they put things. You can get a simple base model or something more complex and helpful.

Fall Detecting Alarms

As people get older, they are more likely to fall and more likely to get hurt when they do. A fall alarm might help you feel better if you’re afraid of falling and need help immediately. The biggest difference between fall and wearable alarms is that they work independently.

It has a built-in motion sensor that will warn a central monitoring station or a loved one if the person falls. Some types have a two-way speaker in the handset or central hub, which lets you directly talk to the service center.

Installation costs and a monthly fee are needed for fall monitors to work. Many companies have made combination devices that work as both a pendant alarm and a fall alarm.

SOS alerts

These personal alarm systems work by sending messages to the emergency services. They work in a broader range and can help bring emergency services. They work as an SOS machines in cases of emergencies. When an elderly think they need help, it will send an alert to the family or emergency services immediately.

GPS Alarms

These are great for those elderly people who tend to wander off. The GPS gives you a live location on your mobile device. It is also connected to a central system that monitors it. You can always know where your grandparents are and how to reach them. These work 24×7 and have a good battery life. They can also use this to call for help, and the emergency services will know where to go.

Buying Guide For Personal Alarms For The Elderly

What are the charges?

If you want a personal alarm tied to a monitoring service, you can expect to pay an installation fee and a monthly subscription fee. This cost could be worked out yearly or monthly, and extras like a fall monitor could be added. You can compare the prices to see which suits your needs. You will also learn what features are provided by what price point.


The range is something very important. Your alarm device must have a good range to alert you when the elderly need you from any distance. Check the range to know whether or not it is what you are looking for.


You do not want your alarm for your elderly parent dying at an important time. This is why battery life is very important on these devices. Check the instructions to see how long the battery life is, and keep changing them regularly.

Who will they alert?

Personal alarms can alert two groups: your family and emergency services. Now what kind you buy determines who gets alerted. A simple one will only alert your family with an alarm. If you get a complex one, it will work on a sim card to alert emergency services.

Is it waterproof?

Always get one that is waterproof so that even if your elderly parent drops it in water, it will still work. This is vital for a personal alarm. If they are not waterproof, their longevity is questioned.


Personal alarms for the elderly are vital in today’s fast-paced world. We do not have the time to monitor their movements constantly. They also need their freedom. These alarms make them feel independent and allow them to move around freely. Find out which is the best for you can get yours today.

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