Top 22 Best Directory Listings for Any Business

Best Directory Listings for Any Business will be described in this article. If you haven’t been living beneath a rock for the past thirty years or more, you have probably noticed an amazing progression in how we use technology in our daily lives. Landlines have clearly given way to wireless devices, printing out MapQuest directions has given way to using a GPS, and leafing through a phone book has given way to performing a quick search.

Top 22 Best Directory Listings for Any Business

In this article, you can know about Top 22 Best Directory Listings for Any Business here are the details below;

It’s no longer a secret that your company needs to be easily found online, and directory listings are one of the greatest ways to do this. What are listings in directories? We’re so happy you inquired! In this article, we’ll go over:

  • Why directory listings are crucial for online visibility.
  • Here are some temporary tips to help your directory listings stand out.
  • Let’s get started; put your phone book away and unplug your landline.

What are directory listings?

What are directory listings

Directories are like online Yellow Pages for businesses since they provide even more information so that customers looking for goods and services can quickly find what they need and choose the best supplier.

Platform-specific directory listings can include any of the following information about businesses:

  • Name, Address, and Phone
  • Website images Reviews by visitors
  • Posts Amenities specific
  • Menus
  • Reservation and booking possibilities

Google, Facebook, Waze, Foursquare, Apple Maps, and more are a few examples of business directories. We’ll go over a complete list of the finest directories later in this piece.

Why your business needs directory listings

Your consumers are probably among the 5.61 billion internet users. To be found when customers search for your brand, your company needs online directory listings. While it might seem obvious, there are a few additional factors that make directory listings crucial for companies:

88% of local Google searches aim to phone or visit a business within the next 24 hours, accounting for 46% of all searches. Your company can benefit from this by having your directory listings appear in these kinds of searches. If a company has at least five online reviews, its chances of a customer making a purchase improve by 270%. Your business will receive more online reviews if it is listed in directories.

Information provided in company directory listings influences 93% of people. If they discovered inaccurate information in internet directories, 68% of customers said they would cease doing business with a local company. Directory listings have been shown to raise brand awareness, which will eventually result in more website visitors and a more effective SEO approach.

The best business directory listings

You may already be familiar with a few directory entries, such as Yelp or Google Business Profile. However, there are a ton of additional, more focused directories available that will aid in your niche market’s discovery. Here are some of the best business directories to look into:

1. Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile

Since Google Business Profile listings are frequently what up first when consumers search for terms connected to your business across Google Search and Maps, the name alone on this one can speak for itself. Prior to creating any further listings, you should claim and validate your Google Business Profile. After that, be sure to optimize it for local SEO purposes and to increase your position on Google Maps. Your company’s Google Business Profile serves as a potent local citation. Find out here how to increase your local citations.

2. Yelp

Most businesses and customers have heard of (and used) Yelp, another popularity queen when it comes to directory listings. In fact, Yelp has over 244 million reviews total throughout its listings, and nearly all of the site’s users have bought something from a company that is featured on the site.

It goes without saying that you won’t want to pass up the chance to have your business listed on Yelp. To learn more about how to claim your business on Yelp, see our guide to reputation management.

3. Facebook


Facebook has become into a one-stop shop where consumers can locate company pages chock full of important data and feedback. For local business reviews, over half of all internet users in the United States have visited Facebook, and (calling all B2B marketers) 50% of B2B decision-makers use Facebook as a source of information when choosing a vendor. Find out here how to establish the ideal Facebook business page.

4. Instagram


Many people are unaware that Instagram may be utilized as an online directory just as effectively as Facebook. A growing number of users are using this well-known social media site to tag and search for nearby companies thanks to the location-based search and tag tools, as well as the option to connect your Facebook Business Page to Instagram.

5. Better Business Bureau

When it comes to directory listings for every business out there, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a standard. To convince your customers that your brand is as legitimate as they come, you can either list your business for free or try to become recognized.

6. Apple Business Connect

Apple offers alternatives for companies of all sizes to distribute information across apps like Apple Maps and others through a hub.

7. Yellow Pages

Earlier, I discussed our beloved, outdated phone books. Phone directories are still around—online, that is! The same brand of phone books that many people have come to know and love over the years is now available digitally as Yellow Pages.

8. MapQuest


MapQuest has developed into a business directory, much like Yellow Pages. You can add your company so that it appears as a point of interest along routes or only appear when customers look up directions to your locations. Also check Onsite seo offsite seo

9. Dun & Bradstreet

The huge database on the Dun & Bradstreet directory listing site includes companies of all sizes in the public and commercial sectors.

10. Foursquare

If you want to reach a large audience, Foursquare has over 50 million users who frequently search for companies on its platform.

11. Chamber of Commerce

Since over 25 million people visit each year looking for reliable companies exactly like yours, having a directory listing there can help your company grow.

12. EZ Local

This directory listing service makes adding businesses (and locating businesses) simple, as one may infer from the name.

13. Judy’s Book

The social evidence of other local consumers is the foundation upon which Judy’s Book is built, so that your directory listing will appear to be a recommendation from a friend.

The best diversity, equity, and inclusion directory listings

Try these directory listings if marketing that emphasizes diversity, equity, and inclusion is a priority for your company:

14. We Are Women Owned

We Are Women Owned serves as both an internet directory listing option and a resource hub for women-owned businesses to keep their enterprises flourishing.

15. Support Black owned

There are other directories of Black-owned businesses, but Support Black Owned (SBO) takes pleasure in its always expanding list of Black-owned companies of all types and sizes. P.S. Take a look at our own collection of motivating black-owned companies!

16. United States Hispanic Chamber of commerce

Both Hispanic- and minority-owned businesses are supported nationwide by the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) directory. Here are some materials on inclusion, equity, and diversity.

The best small business

The best small business

Looking for a listing choice in a directory that is specialized to your special services? Here are a few possibilities:

17. HubSpot Solutions Directory

The HubSpot Solutions Directory offers to put agencies, start-ups, and other companies in the marketing, sales, and technology sectors in touch with clients who are looking for your solution offerings. Also check Online Activities

18. Thumbtack

Thumbtack provides a local twist to its directory listings for service-based businesses of all kinds since it will automatically change to the location of your business and its users to make a match made in heaven.

19. Angi

Formerly known as Angie’s List, Angi is a trusted online directory listing service that caters mostly to the home and healthcare industries.

20. Nextdoor

The goal of Nextdoor is to aid neighborhood businesses. The main goal of Nextdoor is to link your small company with your neighbors and local clients.

21. Merchant Circle

Customers can use the variety of industry focuses offered by Merchant Circle to identify your company when they’re looking for retailers, professional services, or everything in between.

22. US Small Business Directory

This directory listing website is designed for small businesses in America. Local businesses wishing to list online have a ton of possibilities in the US Small Business Directory. There is a section, for instance, dedicated to companies who offer trade, barter, and other alternatives.

3 quick tips to optimize your directory listings

Want to update the listings in your directories? Try these three crucial suggestions:

Regularly assess your directory listings

The web listings for 50% of business owners contain inaccurate information. In addition, unless a local business’s web listing information is accurate, 73% of consumers won’t trust it.

Make time to routinely examine your directory listings if you don’t want to become a victim of these alarming figures. Keep track of the directory listings you currently have so that you can swiftly update each one as necessary when important information about your company changes.

Always use high-quality photos when possible

The degree to which your content corresponds to the user’s search is one of the key factors directories consider when deciding whether to display your listing. To make sure you appear to the proper audience, use essential SEO keywords throughout your directory entries.

If you’re unsure of which keywords to use in your article, check out the directory listings of your rivals or use free keyword tools to come up with a list of a few. Best keyword research instruments: the free keyword tool from Wordstream You can find words to put in your directory listings by using WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool.

Directory listings are your business’s new secret weapon

We looked through a lot of directory listings today, and many of them let you add images to the page of your company. This might make you stand out from the competition and attract the attention of your audience.

According to the proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words,” photographs on your directory listing can explain ideas that text content alone cannot. For instance, high-quality photos can assist your customers in recognizing the appearance of your storefront so they can quickly locate you in person.

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