Top 17 Fun Online Activities to Do with Teams

Best Fun Online Activities to Do with Teams will be explained in this article. Teams can have fun while interacting and engaging in online activities. Online Graphics Contests, TED Lectures, and Virtual Cook-Offs are a few examples. These activities encourage learning and help coworkers have a good time at work. These activities are comparable to online team events, virtual team bonding exercises, and virtual team building exercises.

This list consists of:

  • Zoom offers online activities.
  • engaging students in online activities
  • Online activities for team meetings and virtual team building exercises
  • Let’s get started!
  • A list of team-friendly online activities
  • Here is our list of online activities to explore with your team, including virtual meditations, virtual art classes, and virtual campfire stories.

Top 17 Fun Online Activities to Do with Teams

Top 17 Fun Online Activities to Do with Teams are explained here.

1. Virtual sports Nights

Virtual sports Nights

Virtual Sports Nights are exciting get-togethers for sports fans to celebrate or cheer on their preferred teams.

To plan this event:

  • Use any video conferencing tool to meet.
  • Employees can watch any popular game of their choice.
  • For staff with various sports interests, you can assign several breakout areas.
  • Colleagues who favour basketball, for instance, would congregate in one breakout room to watch a game, while those who prefer football might congregate in another breakout room.
  • Urge coworkers to wear the colours of their preferred team.
  • Teammates may get drinks and socialise after the game.
  • The practised and the final results of the competition.

2. Weekend in a Word

Weekend in a Word

At the conclusion of the game, the winning voters may then join forces to celebrate.  Teammates can use Weekend in a Word, an interactive activity, to catch up at the beginning of a new week. Colleagues are prompted by this game to quickly describe their weekends.

To plan this event:

  • Meet via video call.
  • Colleagues will take turns using a single word to describe their weekends.
  • For instance, coworkers can describe their weekend as exciting, dull, or boring.
  • Afterwards, coworkers might present questions that could help these responses become even more precise.
  • For instance, how did your weekend’s social activities go?
  • Then, coworkers will respond with more detailed comments.
  • This strategy can help coworkers connect and get to know one another better.

3. Online Yoga Sessions

Online Yoga Sessions

To plan this event:

  • Use any video conferencing tool to meet.
  • Invite a certified yoga instructor or a coworker to facilitate the session.
  • The teammates must put up their yoga mats in full front of the camera.
  • Participants can follow the instructor’s instructions for positions and guiding.
  • Colleagues can get together after the exercise to talk about how they felt.
  • To encourage both physical and mental health, employees can plan this activity on a weekly or biweekly basis.

4. Virtual Cook-Offs

Virtual Cook-Offs

Teams compete in fascinating online cook-offs where they can demonstrate their culinary prowess. These contests encourage creativity and help staff develop their cooking abilities.

To plan this event:

  • the a the the a’s
  • Use a platform for video conferencing to meet.
  • Set a one-hour timer.
  • Before the timer expires, the teammates must prepare a dinner using the allocated supplies.
  • A extra point is awarded to the employee who plates and shares their food before the timer expires.
  • The visual appeal and presentation of the participants’ meals will be evaluated by the host.
  • Making meals that look appealing might earn the chefs extra points, just like in five-star hotels.
  • Colleagues can enjoy their meals, converse, and exchange ideas after the competition.
  • Check out online cooking classes for comparable activities.

5. Virtual Campfire

Virtual Campfire

Because they let team members exchange spooky stories, enjoy folklore, and toast marshmallows together, virtual campfires are among the best online activities to perform with your group.

To plan this event:

  • Deliver miniature camp setups to the staff.
  • Meet via video call.
  • Each employee will share a spooky camp story.
  • And the present, especially the days when it, especially the days when it, especially the s just the day, especially the s and the days when it, especially the s and the news of the day, especially the s and the last in the air.
  • As they converse, team members can poke a toothpick into the marshmallow and toast it over a candle.
  • Colleagues can plan this activity at night and conclude it with a stargazing session to make it even more interesting.
  • Here are some more suggestions for a virtual campfire.

6. Virtual Art Sessions

Virtual Art Sessions

One of the best online activities to undertake with kids is a virtual art session since it gives pupils a chance to showcase their artistic abilities. Together, the kids can paint, sculpt, or draw.

To plan this event:

  • Deliver students art supplies.
  • Use any video conferencing programme to meet.
  • The children will use the materials provided to create individual crafts.
  • The participants will present their artwork at the session’s conclusion.
  • The contestants’ crafts will be evaluated by the presenter based on their quality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Invite an art instructor to lead attendees to make this activity simple for those who are not aesthetically inclined.
  • Students who successfully recreate the piece will be eligible for prizes. The instructor will provide step-by-step tutorials for constructing an artistic piece.
  • Check out this directory of online painting classes.

7. Online Graphics Contest

Online Graphics Contest

One of the most imaginative online activities for big groups is a contest for online graphics. Coworkers will demonstrate their graphic design prowess in this exercise by creating e-flyers, logos, or banners the business may use in online advertising.

To plan this event:

  • Use any video conferencing tool to meet.
  • Decide on a theme for the occasion.
  • For instance, your artwork might support Pride Month or Black History Month promotions.
  • Participants will log into Canva and select a graphic template.
  • Coworkers must produce e-flyers, logos, or banners that represent the selected topic before the timer expires.
  • The competition is won by the finest graphic design.
  • Teams can generate and collect ideas for forthcoming events or programmes with this creative workshop.
  • Colleagues can provide recommendations, and the team may choose to utilise the winning design for their campaign at the end of the session.

8. Watch TED Talks

Watch TED Talks

A tens of thousands of dollars worth of dollars worth of worth of the tassings of the tassings in the swag Professionals share their experiences and encourage viewers on themes that promote personal and mental growth.

To plan this event:

  • Use any video conferencing tool to meet.
  • Go to YouTube.
  • Discover TED presentations on subjects that interest your team.
  • With the platform’s share screen feature, watch the video with your teammates.
  • Colleagues will discuss what they discovered and how they plan to use these lessons in their daily lives at the conclusion of the video.
  • This event is a fantastic method to increase staff knowledge on a variety of subjects and promote creative thinking.
  • Also, these discussions encourage and stimulate staff to create concepts that might advance their careers.
  • Find out the finest TED lectures on team building.

9. Online Tours

Online Tours

Employees might participate in enjoyable virtual activities called online tours. Colleagues can explore the globe while visiting historical landmarks and relics from the comfort of their homes. These virtual tours are much more affordable than traditional tours and excursions.

To plan this event:

  • Use any video conferencing programme to meet.
  • Choose a place to visit.
  • Colleagues can go to national parks, museums, and some of the most famous sites in the world, like the Eiffel Tower and the Pyramid of Giza.
  • Get detailed views of the attractions at each location using Google Earth.
  • Inform participants about the past, present, and inhabitants of these places.
  • Ask tour guides questions on the locations they saw at the end.
  • Teammates can learn a lot about various cultures and historical periods through these visits.
  • Employees can also network, unwind after work, and reduce stress.
  • Here is a list of fantastic online tours for groups.

10. Online Lunch Party

Online Lunch Party

Employees can eat and enjoy their preferred meals at fun virtual gatherings called “online lunch parties.”

To plan this event:

  • Send out lunch packets that include snacks, desserts, and beverages to the staff.
  • Meet via video call.
  • While eating together, employees will talk and exchange ideas.
  • Following a meal, coworkers can engage in activities or create a playlist of current music for the group to listen to.
  • Employees get the ideal opportunity to form friendships and get to know one another better at these parties.
  • Check out this tutorial on hosting an online lunch.

11. Online Themed Party

Online Themed Party

Themed Parties are entertaining gatherings where coworkers participate in themed activities while dressing in costumes that correspond to the theme.

To plan this event:

  • Decide on a theme for the occasion.
  • You could host a pirate party, a Halloween party, or a costume party, for instance.
  • Teammates must dress in accordance with the theme.
  • Meet utilising a Zoom-like video conferencing tool.
  • Modify the backdrop picture to go with the selected theme.
  • Set up a variety of themed contests and activities for your team to participate in.
  • Scavenger hunts, bingo, and themed trivia are a few examples of these activities.
  • Choose a winner and present awards.
  • Online meetings can be spiced up and made even more memorable by hosting themed events.
  • These events provide workers a chance to unwind and have fun away from the office.
  • Here are some more suggestions for team celebrations that can be done online.

12. Virtual Trivia

Virtual Trivia

Virtual Trivia is one of the best online activities for team meetings because it broadens employees’ knowledge on a wide range of topics. Participants will respond to amusing questions about sports, health, entertainment, and science.

To plan this event:

  • Create trivia questions about various subjects.
  • For each correct response, the players receive one point.
  • The team with the most points at the game’s conclusion wins.
  • Trivia is a great way to encourage learning and foster friendly competition among coworkers.
  • On special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Women’s History Month, or Christmas, you can also host themed quiz contests.
  • Here is a guide to online trivia.

13. Team Emblem

Team Emblem

Employees in this game must use their design and creative talents to produce an emblem that accurately represents the mission of their team.

To plan this event:

  • Use any video conferencing tool to meet.
  • Divide the players into four to six groups.
  • Using graphic design software like Canva, each team will work together to develop an emblem that captures their mission.
  • When a worker with graphic design expertise recreates the logo digitally, the team may choose one of its members to sketch it by hand.
  • The teams will describe the symbols on their insignia and what they stand for at the conclusion of the session.
  • This activity contributes to the development of a solid and cohesive workforce.
  • Workers will also come to value one another’s efforts and contributions to the team.

14. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Virtual scavenger hunts are entertaining activities in which staff members must locate a list of provided things within a set amount of time.

To plan this event:

  • Use any video conferencing programme to meet.
  • Make a list of everything.
  • Items might include, for instance, a red baseball cap, a green marker, and a water bottle.
  • Set a 60-second timer.
  • Gamers must hustle to grab the objects and position them in view of the camera before the timer runs out.
  • The game is won by the foremost player to gather every item on the list.
  • For particular occasions and holidays, such as Halloween or Christmas, you can also plan a themed virtual hunt.
  • During themed events, participants must collect Christmas- or Halloween-related things within a specified time.
  • This interesting exercise is a terrific way to amuse teammates and make online activities enjoyable.

15. Virtual Show and Tell

Virtual Show and Tell

Virtual Show & Tell presentations are interactive meetings where employees get to show off pets and significant items.

These gatherings provide workers a chance to get to know one another better and discuss potential common interests.

To plan this event:

  • Meet via video call.
  • Workers will take turns displaying their pets or any other sentimental objects.
  • Colleagues might exchange their favourite books, plants, or family photos.
  • Participants will share interesting facts with their coworkers about the sentimental artefacts they are displaying.
  • Participants might divulge information about their pet’s name, age, and any amusing traits it may have.
  • This activity is a fun approach for workers to casually discuss aspects of their personal lives with coworkers, which makes fostering positive working connections simpler.

16. Water Drinking Challenge

Water Drinking Challenge

On Zoom, the Water Drinking Challenge is one of the top online activities. This competitive exercise encourages workers’ physical and emotional wellbeing.

To plan this event:

  • Deliver participants big, branded water bottles.
  • Meet via video call.
  • Specify a deadline and a water intake target for this activity.
  • For example, you may create a seven-day deadline for teammates to reach their hydration goal.
  • To receive hydration reminders, use a tracking device or app like Hydro Coach.
  • Meet to discuss progress at the conclusion of the timetable provided.
  • This activity is a terrific method to encourage employees to reach their health goals.
  • Also, this activity boosts staff interaction and wellness.
  • Find out more about Hydro Coach.

17. Shark Tank

Shark Tank

Employees of Shark Tank create marketing plans and work on projects to entice “investors” to support them.

To plan this event:

  • Decide on a theme for the event, such as Digital Innovations for Marketing.
  • Use any video conferencing tool to meet.
  • Teams of four to six players should be formed.
  • Each team is required to create a distinct concept that embodies the event’s theme.
  • The groups will then alternate using slide shows, graphic presentations, and other digital tools to communicate their ideas.
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  • You can even apply the winning idea in your actual marketing campaigns, and your theme can even mirror the goods or services your business actually offers.
  • This practise is a fantastic approach to encourage inventive thinking among staff members and aid in the development of problem-solving abilities.
  • Also, this activity inspires coworkers to cooperate to accomplish a shared objective.


Colleagues can participate in enjoyable games and events while in virtual gatherings through online activities for teams. These gatherings are intended to amuse coworkers and keep online meetings entertaining and active. Colleagues can watch sports together, participate in virtual challenges, and even plan tours online. These ideas support the development of a capable workforce and foster a positive workplace culture. Check out our listings of virtual field excursions, virtual meetings, and virtual Zoom games after that. We also have a list of the top online team games for work.

FAQ: Team-building online activities

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding team-based online activities.

What kind of team-building online activities exist?

Engaging team-building exercises can be done electronically between teammates through online activities. These events include games, challenges, online tours, and art workshops.

What are the finest online activities for teams to engage in?

Virtual Treasure Hunts, Virtual Sports Night, and Team Emblem are some of the best online activities for teams.

Why should you participate in online activities in groups?

Teams should engage in online activities because they improve morale and motivation. Also, these activities assist staff in reducing stress and inspire them to form enduring relationships.

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