Top 15 Best Selling Items On eBay For 2023

Best Selling Items On eBay will be described in this article. For decades, eBay has been regarded as an online marketplace where regular people may list their used goods for sale or auction. It now serves as a full-fledged e-commerce site for both new and secondhand goods. Anyone can select a product to sell, register as an eBay seller, and begin doing business there. We’ve compiled the top selling items on the eBay marketplace in this post. Let’s get started.

Top 15 Best Selling Items On eBay For 2023

In this article, you can know about Top 15 Best Selling Items On eBay For 2023 here are the details below;

Best selling items on eBay: the data

Best selling items on eBay

The information mentioned below for each product includes:

Sell-through rate (STR): A gauge of how quickly merchandise is moving off the shelves. Our discovery engine, Zik Analytics, offers the following example: “a STR of 500% means that, on average, each listing has gained 5 sales.” The number of listings that are returned when you search for a particular item on eBay. Successful listings: This statistic shows how many listings have generated at least one sale. The percentage is displayed here. The average selling price of each item is the average price.

The list below is organized from highest to lowest STR since STR is a measure that shows how quickly each product is sold. However, we also stipulated that each item must have at least a 70% success rate for listings. This is due to the particular that some products had high STRs but low success rates for listings. This indicates that numerous listings failed to sell even one item, despite the fact that these goods sell quickly when they do.

1. Cables


  • cords on eBay
  • 38,680% Sell-Through Rate
  • listing count: 2.1 million
  • 96% of listings were successful.
  • Price on average: $6.55
  • Over 2.1 million postings on eBay show how popular cables are.

They also have excellent sales. Their STR is considerably over 30,000%, which indicates that the typical listing generates at least 300 online sales in a 30-day period (this is the most recent statistics available from Zik Analytics).

With an average price of $6.55, each cable listing in your online store has a daily sales potential of almost $1,900. Additionally, the vast majority of cable listings on eBay are profitable. eBay’s Top Selling Items: 01 Cables Listings for type-C USB cables, especially charging cords for smartphones, predominate on the first page of search results. Car cables, musical instruments, numerous consumer gadgets, and bicycles are some of the other categories. Unfortunately, this market would not be worthwhile to enter given the over 2 million listings in competition and the $6.55 average listing price. Because of the intense competition, your return on investment (ROI) can be modest.

2. Men’s Clothing

Men’s Clothing

  • 17,700% Sell-Through Rate
  • 13 million listings total.
  • 89% of listings were successful.
  • Cost on average: $13.19

With over 13 million listings, men’s clothing products make up a sizable share of the best-selling items on eBay. The majority of their postings sell at least one item, and they have an excellent STR. Top Selling Men’s Clothing Items on eBay in 2002 By far, t-shirts are the most widely used product in this group. Men’s t-shirt listings can be seen all throughout the first page of search results. While some are basic, others are graphic t-shirts. Activewear, jackets and coats, and jeans are additional popular product categories. Men’s apparel may be a far too crowded specialty to target, with over 13 million items, since even its smaller categories are crowded on eBay.

3. Fragrances

  • 16,213% Sell-Through Rate
  • 810,000 listings are available.
  • 93% of listings are successful
  • Cost on average: $28.12
  • Surprisingly, one of the most popular products on eBay is fragrances. They are a popular item in the beauty sector.
  • The majority of listings on the marketplace are profitable, and their STR is over 15,000%.
  • eBay’s Top 3 Selling Items: Fragrances

Although there are many scents for males on the first page of search results, fragrances for ladies are as widely used. Many of them are for well-known companies like Calvin Klein, Armani, and Versace. Unisex fragrances and scents targeted towards younger consumers have smaller markets. Fragrances are less competitive than the top two products on this list, with approximately 800,000 listings, but the market is still fairly saturated. However, with a $28 average product price, it would be worthwhile to break in. Also check xfinity wifi not showing up

4. Computers

  • eBay computers
  • 14,525% sell-through rate
  • 43,000 listings total
  • 83% of listings were successful.
  • Cost on average: $328.19

Even if they are not among the most sought-after goods on eBay, computers do pretty well in the sales department. They only have roughly 50,000 listings on the market while having a STR well over 14,000%.

eBay Computers for Sale The majority of entries for this item on the first results page are desktop PCs from well-known manufacturers like Dell and HP. Macs, though, are also popular. Computers can be an excellent niche to target because there aren’t as many listings for them on the market. Given that a listing costs $300 on average, this is particularly true.

5. Car Phone Holder

  • 12,757% Sell-Through Rate
  • listing count: 83,000
  • 94% of listings were successful.
  • Cost on average: $7.80
  • Car phone holders are among the top-selling things on eBay, making them one of the top five products on this list.
  • The majority of listings sell at least one item, and their STR is over 12,000%.
  • On eBay, I’m selling a car phone holder

On the first search results page, there are numerous phone holders for cars that attach to the dashboard or rearview mirror. Others fasten to the window of an automobile. Some only work with certain brands, while others are cross-brand compatible. Many rotate 360 degrees. Similar to computers, there is less competition for car phone holders on eBay than there would be on other online stores. Furthermore, they have excellent sales.

6. Wireless Charger

  • eBay wireless charger
  • 9,597% Sell-Through Rate
  • listing count: 120,000
  • 90% of listings are successful
  • Price on average: $12.23
  • In addition to being popular tech items overall, wireless chargers are hot sellers on eBay.
  • Although they don’t have the greatest STR on this list and only return about 120,000 listings, a STR of over 9,000% is still incredibly good.
  • On eBay, selling wireless chargers

On the first results page, there are a lot of magnetic 3-in-1 chargers. This indicates that they can simultaneously charge the user’s smartwatch, smartphone, and wireless earbuds. While some chargers are worldwide, some are only compatible with a few brands of smartphones. Wireless chargers can be a nice product to target on eBay because there are only 120,000 listings for them there. Additionally, their average product cost is $12, nearly twice as expensive as the average cost of car phone holders.

7. Necklaces

  • eBay necklaces
  • 8,655% sell-through rate
  • 790,000 listings total.
  • 97% of listings are successful
  • Cost on average: $9.58
  • Fortunately, the ecommerce boom hasn’t diminished the popularity of necklaces, which have long been a popular item to sell.
  • It makes sense that they would be among the best-selling items on eBay.
  • eBay Necklaces for Sale

On the first results page, there are a lot of necklaces with crosses, stones, or crystals attached to them. Chains are among them. Others have pendants or have distinctive designs. On eBay, necklaces are a little competitive with over 790,000 items. This means that if you want to succeed in this sector, you will need to conduct some study.

8. Supplements

  • 8,562% Sell-Through Rate
  • 100,000 listings total
  • 89% of listings were successful.
  • Cost on average: $18.81
  • Another unexpected entry on this list is nutritional supplements.
  • Despite having a STR of over 8,000%, there are only about 100,000 ads for supplements on eBay.
  • Supplements for Sale on eBay

Numerous supplements included on the first results page address certain health issues like anxiety, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and sexual wellness. Others, like those who sell minerals and herbs, promote particular ingredients or collections of ingredients. Some of the most popular supplement product categories include those for dietary supplements and weight management. There are only about 100,000 ads for supplements overall on eBay, with an average selling price of about $18. They are therefore excellent choices for your eBay store.

9. Vitamins

  • 8,439% sell-through rate
  • listing count: 120,000
  • 86% of listings were successful.
  • Price on average: $12.89

Supplements are under the category of vitamins, which are also among the most popular commodities on eBay. They have a few thousand extra listings and roughly the same STR as supplements.

On eBay, selling vitamins

On the first page of search results, a lot of things promote particular vitamins and minerals. Others are advertised as vitamins that address certain health issues, such as “vitamins for hair, skin, and nails,” while some are marketed as “multivitamins.” Vitamins are still among the least competitive products on this list even with the additional 20,000 listings, making them a good target market item.

10. Socks

  • 7,639% sell-through rate
  • 740,000 listings are available.
  • 84% of listings were successful.
  • Cost on average: $9.22

Socks are among the best-selling items to sell online on any platform, and they’re particularly popular on eBay. On the platform, there are more than 700,000 listings for socks, and they have a strong STR.

eBay Socks for Sale

On the first page of results, the bulk of the socks are plain and come in different colors. Others are designed for physical exercise. The majority of the socks on this page are marketed at men, suggesting that there may be a market opportunity for women’s socks.

This is beneficial because eBay has over 700,000 listings for socks, which means the market is rather saturated. Additionally, their typical selling price is on the lower end, so to compete in this market, you’ll need to identify more specific niches.

11. Fans

  • 6,671% Sell-Through Rate
  • listing count: 76,000
  • 96% of listings were successful.
  • Cost on average: 78.75

Since their creation, fans have been a constant in our lives. They eliminate steam and unpleasant smells from poorly ventilated places while keeping us and our electronics cool.

Because of this, fan technology is constantly evolving while our interest in them does not.Fans for sale on eBay This is why it is not surprising that they are popular on the eBay marketplace. However, there are so many different search results on the first page for this item that it is difficult to identify any trends. Fans come in many shapes and sizes. Some can be transported. Some are powerful. Some even lack blades. Some of them are unbranded, while others are from top-selling companies like Honeywell and Lasko. Fans are still a strong eBay contender despite this unpredictability. They have fewer listings but higher rates of sell-through and successful listings.

12. Women’s Clothing

  • eBay women’s apparel
  • 6,473% Sell-Through Rate
  • 13 million listings total.
  • 82% of listings were successful.
  • Cost on average: $8.75
  • On the same list, we can compare these two items once more.

On eBay, women’s apparel is one of the best-selling categories. However, the STR for apparel for males is about three times higher. Women’s Clothing for Sale on eBayFor men’s clothing, both the average price and the percentage of successful listings are greater. Also check reinstall xbox controller drivers.

It is also more difficult to identify trends in women’s fashion.Yes, the bulk of results for this item are tops, although there is a wide range in the tops on the first page.Blouses, dresses, tank tops, t-shirts, and everything in between are available.If you decide to try to break into this market, make sure you do a lot of research because it is one of the most competitive goods on this list.

13. Bracelets

  • eBay bracelets
  • 6,311% Sell-Through Rate
  • listing count: 1.4 million
  • 92% of listings were successful.
  • Cost on average: $5.40
  • Another kind of jewelry that does well on eBay is bracelets.
  • On eBay, selling bracelets

The vast majority of bracelets on the first page of searches are non-gender specific. Nevertheless, there are a few obvious tendencies.Most listings are for bracelets made of leather or beads. Others are for bracelets made of simple metal or with jewels. Overall, because it’s a very competitive market with a low ROI, this is not a strong candidate for novice eBay sellers.

14. Action Figures

  • eBay for action figures
  • 6,180% Sell-Through Rate
  • 1.5 million listings total.
  • 75% of listings are successful
  • Price on average: $12.89

This shouldn’t arrive as a surprise to anyone who reads this list. Action figures have always been a well-liked item that collectors may benefit from. They should naturally rank among the best-selling things on eBay.eBay Auctions for Action Figures

Apart from the obvious—every action figure on the first page of results features a fictional character—there aren’t many other tendencies to notice.However, one pattern surprises me. On the first page, the majority of the action figures are in brand-new condition, and the vintage ones don’t cost more than $15.

In fact, from a general perspective, this is a solid argument against entering this sector. There are a lot of things to compete with in the 1.5 million listings.Additionally, with a $12 average price, your chance of making a profit is slim.

15. Smartwatches


  • eBay smartwatch
  • 5,139% Sell-Through Rate
  • 210,000 listings total.
  • 89% of listings were successful.
  • Cost on average: 86.69

The popular gadget item known as the smartwatch took some time to gain traction. They are currently among the best-selling things on eBay. The majority of postings have at least one sold item, and they have a respectable STR rate.

Buying and selling watches on eBay On the first page of search results, Apple and Samsung make the majority of the smartwatches. Others lack branding or come from less well-known companies. These watches come in a expansive range of conditions, with a good balance of listings for new and used watches. When it comes down to it, smartwatches make a respectable eBay product.They have fewer listings but a fantastic STR. Additionally, even though the average price of $86 for this kind of goods looks fairly low, you’ll still have a respectable ROI when compared to comparable products.

Final thoughts on the best selling products on eBay

Okay, you already know what sells well on eBay. You must now be aware of what to do with this information. We provided tips on how to use each product individually here and there, but let’s first discuss how to evaluate this data before continuing.

It is insufficient to select the item with the highest STR, buy inventory for it, and then promote it right away on eBay. A key element is also how many listings a product has. Actually, it’s most likely a more important component than sell-through rate.

This is due to the particular that a product’s listing count is a significant predictor of how competitive it is. It’s simply math: on a particular e-commerce platform, you’ll need to separate your product from more products the more listings a product has. Instead, go for products with fewer listings. Better if it’s lower.

When you’ve found a product, conduct some study to locate particular variations that aren’t promoted as much as others. This is a simple task. Simply keep track of every variation of that product you come across and use eBay’s search feature to determine which variation has the fewest listings.

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