100% Fixed Xfinity Wifi Not Showing Up In Windows

This post will explain xfinity wifi not showing up. Here, you will be guided with simple & recommended solution to repair Xfinity WiFi not working in Windows 10 Likewise, you can read about in fact what this concern is, why Xfinity WiFi hotspot is disappointing up in Windows 10, why you can’t connect to Xfinity WiFi on your PC/laptop, and then you can go with our instructions to solve the concern.

100% Fixed Xfinity Wifi Not Showing Up In Windows

In this article, you can know about xfinity wifi not showing up here are the details below;

What is ‘Xfinity WiFi not working’ concern in Windows 10?

It prevails issue categorized as network problem happens potentially due to Xfinity gadget limitation, hidden network, bad network connection, wrong WiFi password, place services are disabled, contrasting WiFi network, automated WiFi connection is disabled and problematic Network Adapter motorists.

If you are not mindful, Xfinity business is subsidiary of Comcast Corporation that offers service including cable television, internet, telephone and wireless services. Comcast operates a network of public WiFi-hotspots for Xfinity internet customers called ‘Xfinity WiFi’. Xfinity WiFi consists of mix of hotspots in public areas. Also check error e-82000180.

In basic words, Xfinity provides fast, hassle-free WiFi that is totally free to Xfinity Mobile customers. Nevertheless, you are also allowed to utilize Xfinity WiFi in your PC/laptop based upon Windows 10 OS. To do so, you require to move with your laptop computer to Xfinity WiFi-hotspot or place Xfinity WiFi router near your PC/laptop if possible. Now, switch on WiFi choice on your computer system and on WiFi router, and follow some required steps to connect to the WiFi that is practically similar steps related to other WiFi network connection.

xfinity wifi not showing up

However, if you are receiving bad network connection from Xfinity WiFi in Windows 10, then you can examine if the distance between your Xfinity WiFi and computer is 1m to 10m or variety that WiFi network support. If not, then you should try place your WiFi router near your computer system to fix network downturn issue. Also check how to recover deleted messages on messenger.

If Xfinity WiFi not working in Windows 10, then there could be several factors behind this concern consisting of WiFi motorist (Software) for Xfinity WiFi-hotspot is not correctly installed in your Windows 10 computer, WiFi device (hardware) is not appropriately connected, you have recently altered your WiFi password and attempting to get in touch with old password, network settings issue, WiFi connection limitation, problematic IP setup and bothersome software installed in your computer system.

Reasons behind Xfinity WiFi disappointing up/working in Windows 10.

– Xfinity WiFi device limit: There is alternative to set in your gadget that the number of gadgets can connect to the very same WiFi. You are likewise allowed to block particular gadget from accessing Xfinity WiFi. So if you are Windows 10 PC/laptop is among them which is obstructed to gain access to WiFi or not enabled to gain access to WiFi since Xfinity WiFi gadget limit is full.
– Xfinity WiFi is hidden: If this WiFI is hidden for some reason, then you may face ‘Xfinity WiFi disappointing up/working’ issue in your Windows 10.
– Automatic WiFi connection is handicapped: Sometimes, this concern occurs due to WiFi connection is disabled instantly, and even after allowing automated connection to Xfinity WiFi.
– Poor connection: If the WiFi router is placed close-by your PC/laptop, then you will get fast connection otherwise, you might face Xfinity WiFi disappointing up problem in your computer.
– Xfinity WiFi password has actually changed: Like other WiFi, Xfinity WiFi can be safeguarded by password and you can alter the password at time. However if you are attempting to accessing Xfinity WiFi with old password, then it might possible to get Xfinity WiFi not working or no web problem in your gadget.
– Place services are handicapped: Some users reported that Xfinity WiFi connection just works when location services are made it possible for. So if it is true, then you need to enable locate services in your computer.
– Conflicting WiFi networks: If you have more than one WiFi hotspot allowed on your computer, be ready for connection conflicts from time to time. This problem can occur when 2 or more hotspots are collectively offered and the System tries to instantly link more than one simultaneously.
– Problematic Xfinity WiFi Motorist: If Xfinity WiFi driver is missing, corrupted or outdated, or is not suitable in your Windows 10 comptuer, then it can trigger Xfinity WiFi not showing/working issue. So, Xfinity WiFi motorist upgrade to newest & compatible variation is essential.

How to repair Xfinity WiFi not operating in Windows 10?

Method 1: Instantly connect with ‘Xfinity WiFi Secure Profile’ Tool

Xfinity WiFi Secure Profile is software deals to automatically discover and link to any hotspot hosted by Xfinity that is close to you. This tool decreases perpetuity spend trying to find Xfinity WiFi-hotspots in your existing location.

Step 1: At first, you need to sign into an Xfinity hotspot. To do so, you can follow the directions below.
– Place Xfinity router/hotspot near your computer system, select ‘Xfinity WiFi’ that is visible in your network connection selection window, and then link to it.
– Now, open your internet browser, you will be immediately taken to Xfinity WiFi Sign-in page
– At this point, enter your Xfinity username & password, or develop a new account if you don’t have
Step 2: As soon as login to your Xfinity account, you will be triggered to set up ‘Xfinity WiFi Secure Profile’. Click on appropriate download link to start downloading and after that install it in your gadget.
Step 3: As soon as done, then there is no requirement to repair Xfinity WiFi concern manually. This tool will take control of and instantly link to you to the one with greatest signal. Thus, Xfinity WiFi not showing, Xfinity WiFi connection downturn issue or comparable will be fixed.

Method 2: Move closer to Xfinity WiFi hotspot

If Wifi router is positioned close to your PC/laptop, then you will get quick network connection and distance between computer and Xfinity WiFi hotspot can affect the strength of the connection. So, you must appreciate this otherwise, you can face Xfinity WiFi not showing up, Xfinity WiFi sluggish connection or similar problem. If you have no idea where the closest one is, you can find it on Xfinity website, and follow some needed guidelines provided by Xfinity website to adjust your area to get quick network connection. Also check reinstall xbox controller drivers.

Method 3: Sign-Out of Xfinity WiFi Hotspot Application and Sign-In again

If you have just recently changed your WiFi password and trying to connect with old password, then it is apparent that you can’t access to the WiFi. In such case, you can re-enter your appropriate WiFi password and then attempt accessing WiFi.

xfinity wifi not showing up

This problem also might take place due WiFi infection attack as reported by some users. In such case, you require to sign out of Xfinity WiFi application and sign in back using your brand-new login details that you have actually altered for some reasons. And check if it works.

Method 4: Modification Network Connection Settings for Xfinity WiFi in Windows 10

Misconfiguration in Network Settings can trigger WiFi not working problem. If the network is set up to be switched on when you are connected to public network, this may have a port to play issue you are dealing with. So, you can repair this concern by altering network connection settings in Windows 10

xfinity wifi not showing up
Step 1: Press ‘Windows + I’ keys together from keyboard to open ‘Settings’ App in Windows 10.
Step 2: In the opened ‘Settings’ App, browse to ‘Network & Internet’ and select ‘WiFi’ network
Step 3: Locate and pick ‘Xfinity Wifi’ in left pane, choose ‘Change Advanced Sharing Settings’ option
Step 4: In the opened ‘Advanced Sharing Settings’ window, click on your existing profile to expand
Step 5: Check if ‘Turn on Network discovery’ is not made it possible for, allow it and tick ‘Turn on automated setup of network linked gadgets’ checkboxes, and if ‘Switch on network discovery’ is allowed, enable the ‘Turn OFF network discovery’ alternative
Step 6: Finally, click ‘Save Changes’ and confirm the User Account Control Dialog if one pops-up
Step 7: Once done, please check if the difficulty is solved.

Method 5: Reduce the variety of linked devices to Xfinity WiFi-hotspots

Xfinity WiFi provides a maximum variety of connected devices per user. Different users have various connection limitation. If you are trying to link another gadget than permitted, then you must try to inspect in the beginning whether WiFi connection is limit or not. If this connection limit uses to connect 5 gadgets and if you are 6th one, then it is obvious that you can’t access to Xfinity WiFi to connection limit. So, you can fix this problem by minimizing the variety of linked devices to the network.

xfinity wifi not showing up

Clear the Media Gain Access To Control Address of your device from your Xfinity account:
Step 1: Open your web browser and see ‘Xfinity Authorities page’
Step 2: Log into your Xfinity Account and after that navigate to ‘Gadget Management’ to see the list of your connected device
Step 3: Presuming that the maximum variety of devices have been connected, it is advised to get rid of one device and your current gadget. This creates area for brand-new gadget for connection
Step 4: When you have actually located a device to remove, click ‘Get rid of Link’ at right of your device name and click on ‘Eliminate’ button in verification dialog box
Step 5: Now, you can try to connect your device to Xfinity WiFi-hotspot once again and inspect if it works.

Method 6: Reset your IP Setup

Resetting IP Configuration can deal with network concerns like Xfinity WiFi not showing up in Windows 10. You can perform Reset IP Configuration Operation using Command Trigger.

xfinity wifi not showing up

Step 1: Press ‘Windows + X’ keys together from keyboard and select ‘Command Prompt as Administrator’
Step 2: In the opened ‘Command Trigger’, type the follow command one-by-one and struck ‘Enter’ key after each to perform.
ipconfig/ release.
ipconfig/ renew.
Step 3: Wait to complete the procedure. Already done, investigate if the problem is fixed.

Method 7: Use Third-Party MAC Address Tool to link.

These MAC Address Changer tool can fix network related mistakes. You can utilize Third-Party MAC Address Tool to connect to Xfinity WiFi-hotspot. Some Third-Party MAC Address Tool exists in web world are:.
– Smart MAC Address Changer.
– MadMAC Address Changer.
– Technitium MAC Address Changer.
– Win7 MAC Address Changer.
– Smac MAC Address Changer.
– NoVirusThanks MAC Address Changer.
– WirelessMon MAC Address Changer.

Method 8: Update your Network Adapter driver.

As discussed, out-of-date network driver in windows 10 can set off several network problems like Xfinity WiFi disappointing up/working or comparable. If you are not mindful, network driver is necessary software to interact your network/WiFi gadget with Os set up in your computer system. So, you should make sure that Network Adapter Driver is current.
Update Network Chauffeur utilizing ‘Gadget Supervisor’:.

xfinity wifi not showing up

Step 1: Press ‘Windows + X’ secrets together from keyboard and select ‘Gadget Manager’.
Step 2: In the opened ‘Gadget Supervisor’, find and expand ‘Network Adapters’ classification.
Step 3: Right-press on your network adapter & choose ‘Update Motorist’ or ‘Update Motorist Software …’.
Step 4: Select ‘Search automatically for upgraded driver software application’ and follow on-screen guidelines to end up setup.
Step 5: Once done, reboot your computer to see the modifications and inspect if WiFi/network device is working.

Reinstall or Update Network Driver through producer website:.

You can download the most recent network/WiFi driver for your network gadget from producer website like Intel or others and after that:.

Step 1: Open ‘Device Supervisor’ and broaden ‘Network Adapters’.
Step 2: Right-click on your network adapter and select ‘Uninstall’.
Step 3: Follow on-screen guidelines to end up uninstall process. Once done, reboot your computer system.
Step 4: Now, double-click on ‘Driver Setup file’ you downloaded from producer website and follow on-screen directions to finish.
Step 5: After that, reboot your computer system to see the modifications and inspect if the problem is dealt with.

How to Update Xfinity WiFi Driver [Instantly] If you are unable to repair Xfinity WiFi not working/showing up in Windows 10 with any of the approaches mentioned above, then malware or infections attack can be one possible reason behind this problem. If you are not conscious, some malware is designed to infect your computer system and make several modifications in System’s settings. This infection can likewise change your network settings and block your network connection too.

In such case, you can utilize ‘PC Repair work Tool’– a fast tool offers you fix any kinds of concern with simply couple of clicks. This tool offers to tidy System computer registry, tidy scrap files, remove unnecessary files or applications, fix DLL mistakes, BSoD errors, malware or viruses concern and other System issues. This is automated method implies you can fix System problems with few clicks.


I make sure this post assisted you on How to fix Xfinity WiFi not working/showing up in Windows 10 with numerous easy techniques. Here, you are offered with 8 easy manual techniques to repair this. Nevertheless, you can also fix this problem with PC Repair work Tool and you can get download link for this tool in the post. That’s all. For any ideas or inquiries, please compose on remark box listed below.

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