Top 7 Best Apps like GoodNotes To Take Notes

Best Apps like GoodNotes To Take Notes will be discussed in this article. Thanks to its remarkable capabilities that let users save notes digitally on their Apple devices, GoodNotes has recently become a hot topic on the internet. But are you one of the customers who is unable to use the GoodNotes app due to the fact that it is only compatible with Apple devices or due to the pricey subscription plans?

You no longer need to worry about any of the aforementioned scenarios because we have gathered some excellent apps like GoodNotes in the list provided below. Only for iPad owners, GoodNotes is regarded as the best note-taking app. It features good handwriting recognition and convergence and is a tool tailored for the Apple Pencil. Additionally, it serves as a crucial tool for your occasional digital note-taking.

Top 7 Best Apps like GoodNotes To Take Notes

In this article, you can know about Apps like GoodNotes here are the details below;

1. Notability


  • Highlights
  • Available for: iPadOS and
  • Similar to GoodNotes for iPad and iPhone
  • Yes, the free version
  • N/A Free trial for full version

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Reason to buy

  1. Secure iCloud support and connection with iOS.
  2. Has a remarkable capacity for handwriting recognition.
  3. The Apple Pencil can be used to optimize it exactly.
  4. Notability’s free version has a lot of useful features.
  5. By using the name they are saved with, you can quickly search through documents and media assets.

Reason to avoid

  1. The cost of its subscription plans is high.
  2. Since the software does not request an account or login information, you cannot backup files.

Users of the popular note-taking app for Apple devices, Notability, may annotate PDF files and take notes on them. The Notability app’s best feature is its good selection of brushes and pens, which allow you to create diagrams and artwork if you’re an artist or student in addition to simply writing down your text. Another plus is that numerous colours and effects may be created by combining the pen and highlighter tools.

Additionally, Notability enables you to download notes from other users as well as share your notes with the public and other members. It also features an in-app capability that allows you to record and playback audio notes. Additionally, the audio sync feature is seamless, and your screen notes will be immediately recorded.

2. Apple Notes

Apple Notes


  • Apple Notes for iOS
  • Accessible on iPhone and iPad
  • Yes, the free version
  • No free trial available for premium versions

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Reason to Get

  1. It features some incredible handwriting and scribbling recognition.
  2. You can systematically type and scribble in one note.
  3. It is linked through iCloud.
  4. The app is quite easy to use and comprehend.

Reason to Avoid

  1. Printing: It can look strange.

One of the best note-taking apps is Apple Note, which is similar to GoodNotes, a favorite of many users who don’t prefer to pay for note-taking software. It can be used for quick text notes, such as to-do lists, jotting down details, or setting reminders, or for longer notes, such as case studies, assignments, routine college or school chatter, etc. Also check Twitter Alternatives

As Apple Notes provides a good selection of colors with a pen, pencil, highlighter, and a few more, you can alter the color of your pencil. You can also include media assets like pictures, movies, and audio. Not only that, but you can also use the program to record phone numbers, upload files and links, and perform a ton of other tasks.

3. Samsung Notes

Samsung Notes


  • Samsung Notes for Android available on Android
  • Yes, the free version
  • N/A Free trial for full version

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Reason to Get

  1. A password can be used to lock specific notes. The notes will only open in this fashion if you enter the right password.
  2. To change the text’s style, utilize the rich text toolbar.
  3. Any pencil can be used with the Samsung Notes app.

Reason to avoid

  1. However, Samsung Notes only provide a few storage options.

The note-taking tool Samsung Notes includes footnotes, voice memos, music, text, and image attachments. The app’s primary objective is to offer a smooth digital surface where you may sketch, write, and perform any other actions with your pencil or finger. This makes the Samsung Notes app resemble GoodNotes, a promising software.

It offers a good selection of brushes and color combinations. You can therefore create stunning drawings like a master painter, in addition to writing notes. Additionally, those who own paintings can post them publicly on PENUP.

For people who enjoy writing but don’t like to write in actual books, Samsung Notes is a terrific platform. Users can also quickly share their notes on SNS. Additionally, you may import your previously created notes from any message app into the Samsung Notes app.

4. Noteshelf



  • Noteshelf iOS Android
  • Available on iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Android devices.
  • No free version
  • No free trial available for premium versions

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Reason to Buy

  1. With the use of the Noteshelf app’s in-app record audio capability, you can record audio, and the file will be promptly uploaded.
  2. PDFs can be marked up using Noteshelf’s functionality.
  3. The app offers a good selection of note-taking themes and covers.
  4. Noteshelf has a planner with a table that is already set up.

Reason to avoid

  1. Because you must first purchase the app from the Google Play Store before using it, you won’t be able to preview its features.

Users of the Noteshelf software can make handwritten notes, record audio, doodle all of their thoughts and creativity, and properly organize their notes. Users can add geometric shapes, alter templates, personalize the notes page further to their preferences, add photographs, and more to make their notes look more appealing in addition to taking notes. Additionally, users may all in one location edit documents, provide input, and annotate plans for various designs. The Noteshelf app is among the top GoodNotes alternatives due to its simplicity of use. Also check Alternatives

In addition, the Noteshelf app can assist you in quickly recording crucial conversations and details. After then, you can play them whenever you want, even as you type notes on the screen. Are you interested in keeping a journal as well? With Noteshelf’s extra features, you can add stickers, sounds, photographs, and more to your notebook to make it look more interesting than just digital scribbling. The Digital Diary in-app feature of the Noteshelf app also has you covered for journaling and other related activities.

5. Evernote



  • Evernote iOS Android Windows
  • Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS are all supported.
  • Yes, the free version
  • 14-day free trial of the premium version

Best Deal of the Day

Reason to Buy

  1. Keeping track of meetings is possible.
  2. Provides some incredible tools for collaborative cooperation.
  3. It has a strong, cutting-edge organizational structure that serves many purposes.
  4. Ability to access your notes on your iPad from other devices via sync.

Reason to avoid

  1. Has features of poor research quality.
  2. It doesn’t provide a wide enough variety of features.
  3. The cost of the premium subscription plan is high.
  4. The monthly storage cap for the free account is 60 MB.

The well-known note-taking and task-management tool Evernote is available on all the main platforms. It is one of the programs that is highly recommended, especially if you need to take a lot of notes every day. It mostly functions for writing notes, but you can also add other media objects, such as audio files and photographs, as well as stored site content that you can put in notes. Evernote is your ultimate tool for staying organized and working methodically if you are an entrepreneur, manager, or simply a creative person who loves to collect and arrange the thoughts and details of significant things. Although there is a free version, you can upgrade your account and choose the paid version with a SaaS license if you do not want to work with the feature restrictions.

6. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote


  • Microsoft OneNote for iOS and Android
  • iPhone, iPad, macOS, web, Android, and Windows are all supported.
  • Yes, the free version
  • Office 365 subscription plans only offer a one-month free trial of the premium version.

Best Deal of the Day

Reason to Buy

  1. There are many useful features and functions in Microsoft OneNote.
  2. It is possible to optimize the app for MS software.
  3. There is a strong free version of it.
  4. With the help of tabs, Microsoft OneNote organizes notes in a manner similar to a typical notebook binder.
  5. Even without OneNote, you can share notes with coworkers and friends using the copy and link tool.

Reason to avoid

  1. Extra storage will require a paid subscription if you want it.
  2. The tables are difficult and confusing to create and modify.

A well-liked notes tool for multi-user collaboration and data collection is Microsoft OneNote. The program is useful for collecting your drawings, screen captures, audio annotations, and notes.

The Microsoft OneNote app’s key selling point is how simple it is to share your notes with other users online. Even if they do not have access to OneNote, you may still share your knowledge with other people thanks to its copy and link page functions.

7. Google Keep

Google Keep


  • Available for Apple iOS, Android, Chrome OS, and Windows. Google Keep iOS Android Web
  • Yes, the free version
  • Free 15 GB storage for the commercial version’s trial period.

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Reason to Buy

  1. Amazing connectivity exists between Google Keep and all other Google products.
  2. It is simple to use and comprehend.
  3. It provides a wide range of tools for visual planning.
  4. It provides some incredible features for collaborative project collaboration.

Reason to avoid

  1. For its free edition, Google Keep imposes some severe restrictions.

Similar to GoodNotes, Google Keep is a useful note-taking tool that is offered as a free add-on to the Google Docs editor suite. You can connect everything with Google Keep and get quick access to additional services like Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Drawings.

While it can be used to take notes, Google Keep will serve as your go-to tool for managing your documents if they are dispersed throughout other Google apps. Linking up with your notes from other devices will be simpler with a few minor clicks here and there. For instance, if you are working on a large project, Google Keep and other Google products can help you jot down your ideas and share them with your peers, on relevant platforms, etc.

Final Words

GoodNotes is a straightforward software with a ton of useful tools and features. It can be helpful in managing your work, studies, and daily activities. However, if you still want to choose its substitute, the apps like GoodNotes suggested in the aforementioned article can work wonders.


Which free apps are suitable alternatives to GoodNotes?

Some excellent free alternatives to GoodNotes are Notability, Apple Notes, and Google Keep. A number of them also have paid subscription options, but if you don’t want to spend money on note organization, their free versions may accomplish practically everything for you.

Which Android apps are comparable to GoodNotes?

A few Android apps like GoodNotes are Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, and Evernote. They’ve all been well appreciated by users and offer enough capabilities to let you get creative with any notes activity.

Is GoodNotes a solely Apple product?

Yes, Apple devices are the only ones that support the GoodNotes app. It works with iOS, macOS, and iPad but not with Android or any other company-owned devices.

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