15 Best Apps Like Brainly for Android and iOS

15 Best Apps Like Brainly for Android and iOS. Brainly has become one of the most popular sites and apps that provide explanations and other studying materials for everyone – especially students. But do you know that you have lots of options when it comes to apps like Brainly?

Well, in this article, you will find a series of alternatives apps and sites to Brainly. The apps mentioned below will allow you to enjoy lots of new things to learn through your smartphone.

What is Brainly App?

Before jumping to the alternatives available out there, you need to know what this app is. Brainly is simply the biggest online community when it comes to homework and learning new things.

Other than connecting students, teachers, and parents, users go to this app to look for answers. The community provides lots of help for everyone who looks for answers and explanations.

Brainly is generally a web-based service but now you can access all features and functions on iOS and Android phones. This app is available both on the Play Store and App Store.

While you can use this app for free, this app offers upgrades for more features – the subscription starts from USD 2 per month.

If you use Brainly a lot, what features do you like best about the apps Brainly? You surely will have more things to enjoy by giving the alternative apps a try.

15 Best Apps Like Brainly for Android and iOS

In this article, you can know about Apps Like Brainly here are the details below;

If you are looking for a decent app that helps you with homework and school things, here are several apps you should take a look at.

1. Socratic


Is there any app like Brainly? Yes, there is – Socratic is one of the most well-known alternatives to Brainly, after all. This one is generally an education tech company that comes up with an app for students.

By utilizing AI technology, the app can provide help and assistance for homework. You will find lots of resources, such as videos, links, definitions, Q&A, and so on.

All you need to do is to take a picture of your homework and the system will take care of the rest. This is possible because Socratic incorporates the OCR technology.

This app is an excellent place to look for various subjects, especially science and math. As lengthy as you have a Google account, you are good to go with Socratic.

2. Chegg Study

Chegg Study

Chegg Study is simply a Brainly similar app that helps you with homework. It covers more than 80 subjects and tons of courses. All you need to do is to scan your homework with the camera and submit it to the system.

It takes less than 30 minutes to get the job done and Chegg Study will show you the explanation. This app also allows you to learn new things by accessing the library collections. It comes with more than 60 million questions along with detailed explanations.

More than anything, Chegg Study is a perfect study buddy for every student in the world.

3. Photomath


For those who look for apps like Brainly for students then Photomath is one of those things you should take a look at. As its name suggests, this app is really good with math stuff.

Thus, if you need to check your kid’s math homework or you are a student who needs help with math things then this app will be your service. The most interesting thing about Photomath is its ability to provide step-by-step explanations for mathematical equations.

It seems like you will most likely find what you need in this app. This app covers various aspects of math, such as the basics of algebra, calculus, geometry, statistics, and trigonometry.

Photomath allows you to enter the question manually or scan math equations with your phone’s camera. While it gets updated regularly, this app doesn’t support text-written problems. Still, you get a lot of help with math by using this app.

4. Answers


Are you looking for some apps like Brainly but free? Well, Answers will be your service. It is similar to Brainly in many ways but some better options also come along.

You can use Answers to help with homework related to math, history, chemistry, and biology – other subjects may include too. So, other than being a perfect study companion, this app will also help you study various topics.

What if you find math hard to break down? Answers will provide thorough step-by-step explanations, for sure. Just grab this app on the Play Store and App Store now – you don’t know what you have until you give it a try!

5. Quizlet


Among other similar platforms, Quizlet is one of the most popular Brainly alternatives. You can download this app both on the Play Store and App Store.

Other than being an app that shows you how to do things, Quizlet is more about a study buddy that helps you study in the first place. You can play games, digital flashcards, and many more. It is even possible to create your own flashcards, in case you have to face exams tomorrow.

One of those things that make this app popular is that it supports various languages. All in all, Quizlet will be your best friend to study, practice, and master things you love.

6. Mathway


Today, you may find quite a lot of homework help apps. Mathway happens to be one of the best names on the market. This app is simply another app you should take a look at if you need an alternative to Brainly that specifically helps you with math issues.

This app has a calculator that comes with symbols and other tools to take care of the problems. Other than that, you can get rid of hard chemistry and math stuff with this app.

The free version of Mathway allows you to access the calculator. However, you have to upgrade for USD 19.99 per month or USD 79.99 annually to unlock all advanced features. Still, you should give the free version a try.

7. MSW Pocket Prep

MSW Pocket Prep

Studying for exams can be a bit daunting and obviously tiring. However, you can tone down those things by studying with MSW Pocket Prep. As one of the other apps like Brainly that help you to study, Pocket Prep provides lots of materials for various subjects.

By that, you don’t need to sit all the time at home and juggle so many books at once. More than anything, studying slowly but regularly will give you a huge benefit. It allows you to absorb all information you’ve learned way better. Also check ThinkGeek Alternatives 

MSW Pocket Prep comes with both paid and free versions. You can give the free version a try before committing to the paid plan. However, the free app won’t give you as many options as the paid ones.

8. Edpuzzle


Most apps just like Brainly only offer a platform where students can ask questions and get answers. However, if you want something more about the organization, management, and a tool that connects teachers and parents, you should consider Edpuzzle.

Parents can create videos and other content for educational purposes and distribute them effortlessly through this app. Edpuzzle is simply a virtual classroom but interactions with parents are also possible.

Thus, if you are looking for an app to connect with your students and their parents, you should consider this app in the first place. Edpuzzle will be an amazing app to create a healthy virtual classroom.

9. Quora


Quora is not specifically an app that works like Brainly but you will find answers for anything you ask. It is like a forum where you can post questions.

Other users, later, will give you answers. It is safe to say that you will get information that you won’t find on Google search. This is why many users love this app more than anything else.

On Quora, the subjects are not limited to specific issues only. As long as you have a Google version, you can access this app freely. Download this app on the Play Store and App Store for free!

10. PowerSchool Mobile

PowerSchool Mobile

Have you heard of PowerSchool Mobile? This app is one of the best alternative apps to Brainly that focuses more on connecting parents and students without too much to do.

Students will receive real-time notifications about assignments, schedules of exams, and many more. According to other users, using this app provides better yet more effective communication between parents and students.

Once the notification comes, everything will sync to the family calendar. You will find things way easier and more seamless with PowerSchool Mobile.

11. Wyzant


While most sites like Brainly come up with free services, Wyzant might be a bit different. This app is especially designed for those who are willing to pay for studying.

Generally, this app is a platform where you can connect to tutors online. Thus, if you need a real person to tutor you, Wyzant will be a perfect place to find what you want.

Parents can also use this app to manage everything in one place. All in all, Wyzant can be an enjoyable place to study.

12. Easy Join

Easy Join

For disclaimer, this app is not something that offers answers to your questions. However, you can sync various plans, files, documents, and anything from one device to another.

It also means that you can share your school schedule with parents and teachers seamlessly. Since Easy Join is free, you can use all the features and functions for free. As long as your appliance is connected to Wi-Fi then you are good to go.

Easy Join has been used by hundreds of users. So, why accomplish you give it a try too?

13. School Planner

School Planner

School Planner, however, might not be part of the most accurate apps similar to Brainly. This app is more about planning and organizing. By that, you can manage your study sessions, assignments, daily tasks, and so on.

This app also helps you to always be prepared for exams since it comes with a built-in reminder and calendar. More than anything, School Planner is a perfect app for those who don’t want to miss anything at school.

14. SnapSolve


SnapSolve, on the other hand, is an excellent app that will help you to solve any doubt. This app is quite popular among students as well since many of them post questions on this platform to get answers,

Other than interacting with other users through questions and answers, SnapSolve also provides a place where you can pay for live classes. There you will get solutions and thorough explanations for any issue in the first place.

In case you want to study, SnapSolve has a wide collection of papers, explanation videos, and much useful content in its library. So, why accomplish you give it a try?

15. Doubtnut


Doubtnut is also another app worth considering. This app is quite impressive to help you with homework as well as preparing for exams in the first place. Also check Figma Alternatives 

Other than that, this app covers various subjects, which is very convenient for every student to use Doubtnut. One of the most interesting things around this app is the access to various materials and prep books, such as IIT JEE, UP board, NEET, and NCERT.

In case you need help with writing essays and papers or you need help with homework, Doubtnut can be a perfect place to head to. Since this app is free to use and download, there is no need to make an installment.

Also, this app comes with exciting games and quizzes that will help you to study. All in all, Doubtnut is a worth considering app in many ways that students should give it a try.

Final Thoughts

Is Brainly a good app? Of course, it is – Brainly has provided an excellent space for everyone to study and find explanations. However, this platform is based on contributions from users.

Many of the answers you will get are reliable but you may not find the original sources, especially if you are writing essays or papers that require references in the first place.

Meanwhile, the alternatives mentioned above give you more options. Some of them allow you to manage your schoolwork while others come up with other features.

Keep in mind that your choice should meet your needs in the first place. So, have you tried all the apps like Brainly above? Which one is your favorite?

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