Top 20 Animecartoon Alternatives In 2024

Best animecartoon Alternatives will be described in this article. Saying that cartoons experience existential anguish in the modern era would be foolish. But rest assured—those gloomy times haven’t yet arrived. Cartoons are love, literally, and that much is commonly understood. Obviously, you can’t dispute how enthrallingly stimulating they are! They taught us that being “different” is a part of who we are and that it makes us unique. Although we frequently missed the lessons, we are all aware that being different is a herculean endeavour.

Describe animecartoon .

You may watch your favourite cartoons online on one of the many websites that offer free anime streaming. There are numerous options and high-definition versions are available. The site, which is run by the Kiss Anime network, is simple to use. The website offers a huge selection of American animated films, cartoons, and animes.

How did animecartoon fare?

To the shock of the users, Kisscartoon was shut down. In 2017, the website abruptly went down. The website was taken down because of copyright difficulties. It was taken care of by DMCA. Although it had excellent audio and video quality, it was ultimately shelved, to to the dismay of the fans.

Top 20 Best animecartoon Alternatives And Mirrors in 2024

Top 20 Best animecartoon Alternatives And Mirrors are explained here.

1. 4Anime


You can enjoy free anime on 4Anime without having to deal with any unwanted hassles. You may watch anime with excellent video and audio quality, both dubbed and subbed in English. This is another animecartoon alternatives. Also check Animesaturn Alternatives


  • By using a keyword or other pertinent term, you can quickly find your favourite anime.
  • The content can be filtered based on the genre and a few pre-defined criteria, such as recently added or upcoming.

2. KissAnime


Another free website where you may watch anime, movies, and TV shows is KissAnime. You can get all the most recent episodes of the hottest series on the homepage.


  • To filter the information on the platform, there are a number of pre-defined tags, like most viewed, top IMDB, and alphabetic series.
  • The search bar makes it simple to find a particular title.

3. CartoonExtra

Cartoon Extra

CartoonExtra is a great website where you can easily watch cartoons online. The platform is uncluttered and spotless.


  • Through the daily episodes page, you may quickly view the most recent episodes of your favourite shows.
  • Through the search bar, you may look up any title.
  • The website’s interface is easy to use for navigating.

4. AnimeToon


You may watch the episodes of all the well-known anime series, including Pokemon, One Piece, Naruto, Blech, and more, on AnimeToon. This is another animecartoon alternatives.


  • To find a specific anime series or cartoon, choose from one of numerous categories.
  • The portal offers English subtitled and dubbed material.

5. KimCartoon


You may find the most recent episodes of well-known cartoons on KimCartoon. The information can be filtered by day, week, and month.


  • You receive a cartoon list that allows you to swiftly browse the entire platform’s pool.
  • You can use the platform to read your preferred comic.
  • If a cartoon you like isn’t available on the platform, you can even request it.

6. Gogoanime


This is another animecartoon alternatives. Are you looking for free Chinese or Dubbed anime? Not to worry. Gogoanime is on hand to help. You have full access to the platform’s enormous collection of dubbed anime material.


  • Daily releases are easily accessible on the right corner.
  • You receive completely up-to-date details on the most recent and upcoming anime entertainment.
  • The portal offers a number of genres via which you can quickly filter the material.

7. 9Anime


You can find a wide selection of anime films and TV shows on 9Anime. On this platform, you can watch your preferred content without charge in HD resolution.


  • The website’s material can be sorted and narrowed down by particular filters like year, status, and kind.
  • A daily release schedule for episodes on the platform is provided to you.
  • The recently added material has a separate section where you may easily access it.

8. Chia-Anime


Another excellent website with a large selection of anime films and television shows is Chia-Anime. On this platform, you can locate relevant content regardless of the genre. Also check animeworld Alternatives


  • The most recent episodes of the ongoing series are fully disclosed.
  • You can set up a bookmark for your preferred television programme and pick up where you left off when you return.
  • You may view the anime content schedule for forthcoming days and never miss the release of a new episode of your favourite anime.

9. CartoonsOn


Looking for a place to watch cartoons for free? Stop searching everywhere and join CartoonOn to watch your favourite cartoons conveniently. This is another animecartoon alternatives.


  • By studio and character, you can browse the website’s material.
  • The website is totally responsive and functions correctly across all platforms.
  • You can utilize the search bar to find anything specific you’re looking for.

10. AniWatch


Another top-notch option to Kisscartoon is AniWatch. On the platform, you may watch any anime series for free.


  • You can join a discord channel and participate in discussions about your favourite anime shows there.
  • Any title can be quickly found by conducting a search.

11. WatchCartoonOnline


With WatchCartoonOnline, anyone with a smart device and a reliable internet connection may watch their favourite cartoon whenever and wherever they want. This is another animecartoon alternatives.


  • To view the cartoons on the platform, there is no requirement to register.
  • To rapidly sort through the content, you receive an alphabetical list of cartoons.
  • On every episode of a cartoon, click the announcement tab to see the most recent announcement.

12. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll has everything you need to satisfy your craving for anime entertainment, from manga to dubbed videos.


  • To use the premium features, you must register with the platform.
  • The platform offers free access to your favourite anime’s manga.
  • The website provides videos of well-known anime programmes in both subtitled and dubbed versions.

13. Anilinkz


Your children’s favourite cartoons are available at Anilinkz for free viewing. The site offers animated films and television shows. This is another animecartoon alternatives. Also check Cityanime Alternatives


  • There is an option to easily search for a particular title using the search bar.
  • You receive comprehensive details about the ongoing animated series.
  • So that you don’t miss the most recent episode, the homepage lists the most recent titles of the cartoons.

14. CartoonCrazy


A simple, user-friendly website where you may watch free anime is CartoonCrazy. There are no intrusive adverts on the homepage.


  • To browse the titles on the platform, you receive the entire catalogue of anime content.
  • Through the contact tab on the platform, you may report any problem.

15. B98.TV


One of the top Kisscartoon alternatives that gives you immediate access to cartoons is B98.TV.


  • You can even locate content using the Studios category, which separates content according to studio.
  • To find your favourite cartoons, use the Search category.
  • There are no pop-ups interfering with your viewing experience, and the video quality is excellent.

16. AnimeLab

Anime Lab

AnimeLab is renowned as the best platform for delivering top-notch Japanese shows because of its sizable following. This is another animecartoon alternatives.


  • The animation originates in Japan, where it all began.
  • The audience is always captivated by the outstanding video quality.

17. DubbedAnime


A top-notch platform, DubbedAnime, provides a wealth of anime content on demand. The world over, it is very popular. This is another animecartoon alternatives.


  • To view the anime movies and series of your choice, simply log in to the website.
  • The Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Most Rated, and even Random Content categories are available to you.
  • A series or episode can also be added to your watchlist for quick access.

18. ToonGet


This is another animecartoon alternatives. With its user-friendly UI and free anime and cartoon content, ToonGet is a great Kisscartoon substitute.


  • You can quickly locate your favourite shows using the search feature.
  • You can quickly receive an excellent suggestion thanks to the surprise feature.
  • The greatest option to watch movies, daily episodes of major television shows, and animated series is online.

19. AnimePlanet


Your one-stop shop for all anime and manga stuff is AnimePlanet. It is a distinctive platform because of its legal and industry-supported content. This is another animecartoon alternatives.


  • To gain instant access to all content, you must register and log into your Account.
  • According to your choices, you can create your own anime list.
  • You can read the forum, the discord chat, and other evaluations and challenges thanks to its sizable community.

20. WatchAnimeDub


Use WatchAnimeDub to access the world of endlessly popular and ongoing series. This website is a fantastic substitute for Kisscartoon.


  • Quickly browse through various Recently Released, dubbed, subtitled, and animated movies.
  • Use its excellent video player to access the Last 50 releases.
  • You can easily search for anime and episodes because the UI is easy to use.


These are the best alternatives to visit instead of Each choice on the aforementioned lists has its own unique set of qualities. We have listed all of the alternatives’ best qualities and provided active links. Browse the list to select the one that best suits your requirements.


animecartoon is it legal?

KissCartoon is not regarded as a legitimate website. Since the content they offer is pirated, their website has no right to publish it.

Which VPN offers the greatest anime viewing experience on animecartoon ?

Any top VPN, such as NordVPN, Express VPN, Norton Secure VPN, etc. can be used to easily access Kisscartoon’s greatest anime streaming.

Safe to use animecartoon ?

No, the Kisscartoon website is not secure since it has several pop-up adverts and links to other websites that infect your devices with malware.

What rivals animecartoon the best?

Some of the best Kisscartoon alternatives with great features include 4Anime and KissAnime. The public adores them and they are safe to use.

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