Top 10 Best AI Dungeon Alternatives And Similar Games

Best AI Dungeon Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Have you ever played AI Dungeon? This game asks you to type while you play and has intriguing experiences. These AI Dungeon alternatives, however, will be more your style if you have already played this game and need other references.

Typically, role-playing games like AI Dungeon require you to type your actions. Many of the games in this genre were developed in the 1970s, so they have been around for a while. You can still have fun with some of those games, though.

The AI Dungeon that is currently widely available in app stores is the most recent version. The original game existed in a vintage form with pixelated graphics, but it appears impossible to locate trustworthy sources that still offer it.

What Happened to Al Dungeon?

However, the current version of AI Dungeon is still under development. There were some rumors concerning potential privacy issues and explicit sexual material involving children. As a result, the developers constantly fix and tweak the code.

Is AI Dungeon secure then? You could say that the game is adequate and enjoyable, but children shouldn’t have played it. Additionally, it has a 17+ rating on app stores.

Best AL Dungeon Alternativeswith More Adventures

After all, one’s perspective determines whether something is good or harmful. Additionally, the list of AI Dungeon alternatives is below if you’re looking for fun text-based interactive fiction games.

1. Magium


Every player of the timeless AI Dungeon game enjoys it. It’s challenging to surpass that level of adventure. However, you can use Magium and take part in various adventures without giving up the enjoyable aspects. You cannot choose your character in this game. You can nevertheless appreciate whatever it is that gets in your way.

This game is available on the App Store and Play Store. It should be possible to access the desktop version as well, however nowadays it’s challenging to locate a trustworthy source.

2. The Infinite Story

The Infinite Story

You should give the free AI Dungeon substitute The Infinite Story a shot. Everything in the scene is strikingly similar to AI Dungeon. You can design each player’s journey besides that. It implies that you have control over the future as well. Also check Roll20 Alternatives

You can type your own “behind the scenes” story on this site, which is interesting, right? Previously, you could play The Infinite Story on the Play Store and the App Store, but now you can only do so by clicking the link below.

3. Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress

If you’re seeking for apps that are comparable to AI Dungeon, Dwarf Fortress ought to be on your list. Similar images and learning curves are included.

There is no particular objective to achieve in this game; it is more about how the tale develops. You will widen a lot of doors and opportunities by doing that. Dwarf Fortress can be more fun than AI Dungeon since it has pictures.

4. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead


Apocalypse may or may not be present in mobile games like AI Dungeon. However, it has a timeless interface and is among the best survival games.

All you have to do in the post-apocalyptic adventure is hang on as long as you can. You will undoubtedly encounter monsters and other fantastical creatures. Your playing style and trajectory will determine how the progress advances.

The pixelated map in this game is among its most captivating features. There is no doubt that it evokes nostalgia.

5. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

One of the Dungeon AI options that provides a fantastic adventure voyage might be The Hobbit. Additionally, it will be quite enjoyable, particularly if you have already seen or read The Hobbit.

This game will take you to a location where you can find treasures and go on occasional enjoyable adventures. All you have to accomplish is peek around, assess your circumstances, and make advantage of what is offered. Try it out, and have fun traveling.

6. For A change

For A change

With this game, you can play a game while simultaneously reading poetry. Additionally, there are many wonderful things about those poems.

A text-based adventure game called For A Change has a surrealistic setting. To stay in the game, you must have powerful vocabulary resources. However, you need to use your imagination to investigate what’s happening.

7. Whom the Telling Changed

Whom the Telling Changed

You should also check out the intriguing game Whom the Telling Changed. It takes business in an ancient Mesopotamian village. In the Gilgamesh epic, you will also pass through a lot of different things.

You are given an intriguing duty in this game. The correct questions must be raised, and the villagers’ opinions must be manipulated. You are ultimately responsible for choosing whether the populace should fight or flee.

Feel free to experiment with various solutions indefinitely. You will undoubtedly experience a variety of outcomes.

8. Photopia


Even after Infocom, this iconic game continues to grow in popularity. Users concur that Photopia has a significant impact and motivates other creators to expand.

You will find yourself waking up in a car after a night of partying when the game first begins. Then, all of a sudden, you’re the first girl human on the red planet. Undoubtedly, you must move around and learn what is happening.

Although there will be a lot of controversy surrounding this game, it is an intriguing experience overall. Make sure to look around to find out the specifics. The rest of the time, this game is not simple.

9. No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

Building a planet is the ultimate adventure for some people. That sort of emotion can be experienced while playing No Man’s Sky.

You play as an astronaut who travels to different places in this game. The map will grow whenever you find a new planet. It also offers thrilling experiences and fascinating survival ideas. It has the impression of being AI Dungeon updated.

10. Minecraft


For the past few years, this game has conceivably had one of the highest sales rates. Although it doesn’t look anything like AI Dungeon, Minecraft has a similar sense of adventure. All you have to do is travel the world, play with your pals, create things, and defend your property. In the first place, the game is not text-based. But you’ll be delighted to play.

Final Words

Text-based games are still widely used today. Many of them have straightforward interface designs, but that doesn’t mean the adventures aren’t worthwhile.

In addition, numerous text games provide that kind of experience if you enjoy challenges that make you think. Even though AI Dungeon has been around for a long, fans continue to exist everywhere.

If you enjoy the adventure but don’t like text-based input, any of the other games on the list above are worth playing.

Have you tried any of the aforementioned AI Dungeon alternatives? Switching between contemporary and text-based action games is more enjoyable than anything else.

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