Top 16 Best Roll20 Alternatives In 2023

Best Roll20 Alternatives  will be discussed in this article. Using other players, Roll20 makes it simple to play free RPGs (Role Play Games) like board games using pen and paper. You can use your favourite browser to execute it because it is fully web-based. Voice and video chat, character sheets, background music, a sizable art library, and many other features are all supported by this website. Roll20’s compatibility with a wide range of platforms, including Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, and online or web-based platforms, is one of its strongest features. It wouldn’t be appropriate, though, if I claimed that Roll20 was the only thing that ever existed. The Roll20 website lacks some of the capabilities and resources you may require to play the tabletop games you want to play. That said, it still holds the same value. However, to keep things straightforward, I’ve put together a list of 20 Roll20 substitutes so you can pursue the websites you want to play your favorite board games with friends and other players.

Top 16 Best Roll20 Alternatives In 2023

Top 16 Best Roll20 Alternatives are explained here.

1. D&D Beyond

D&D Beyond

The first-best Roll20 substitute for cooperative tabletop gaming is D&D Beyond. This digital toolbox contains everything you need or want to play Dungeons and Dragons. D&D is at the top of this list for a number of other reasons besides that. This is another roll20 alternatives.

The first benefit of using this tool is that it enhances your game experience. It’s because the tool has access to a sizable internet database of official characters, spells, and many other things. Furthermore, this website is freely accessible online!

2. Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds

The Fantasy Grounds app is now available. It is yet another fantastic Roll20 substitute that works on the Windows operating system. The tool is simple to download. Along with everything else you might require to play your favorite role-playing games with your friends, Fantasy Grounds provides a virtual board. This is another roll20 alternatives.

The application offers a number of helpful features, including the ability to roll dice, share graphics and pamphlets with other tabletop gamers, and move your virtual character along a map. These are a few of the factors that make Fantasy Grounds a highly sought-after tabletop game.

3. MapTool


Another virtual board game with a great dashboard is called MapTool. With this tool, you may access a wide range of features and play a variety of online role-playing games (RPGs) with your friends on this fantastic tabletop platform. To begin with, you can play board games online with your friends who are located all over the world. Next, many players can simultaneously play a game on this platform. This benefit is the best: The use of the platform for gaming on MapTool is free.

4. Rolisteam


No matter what operating system your computer supports, downloading Rolisteam software is simple. The Rolisteam program works with any of the three operating systems: Mac, Windows, or Linux. It also works well as a substitute for Roll20 for Mac users.

This desktop application includes a wide range of functionalities. While the game is still in progress, you can talk to the other players and share photographs and maps with them. Dice rolling, sketching instruments, character sheets, and other tools are simply a few of the many helpful resources available on this platform.

5. Mipui


You can play your preferred board games on Mipui however you like. This online map is beautiful and practical at the same time because it is very simple to use.   This map editor toolkit can be used without having to download it. It only takes a occasional clicks to launch our custom map editor in your preferred web browser. This is another roll20 alternatives.

You can collaborate with other players in your game using this platform because they can see the real-time map updates.  Well, many of you might discover that Mipui only has a few tools. Even so, they function well enough for users to create fantastic gaming experiences.

6. Beyond Tabletop

Beyond Tabletop

You can choose from a selection of tools in the Beyond Tabletop web app to instantly improve your board game experience. To play the games, you don’t need to download the app. This desktop application runs straight in your web browser and makes it easy for you to play.

Additionally, this web application offers a number of features like the ability to play games on any screen-touch device, the ability to customize character sheets, and the ability to invite friends to join you in playing that game.

7. Battlegrounds RPG Edition

Battlegrounds RPG Edition

A fantastic virtual game platform for playing a variety of tabletop games is called Battlegrounds RPG Edition. You can play games with your pals who live abroad or who are in the same room as you using this RPG software. Battlegrounds’ support for conversion of every type of digital game is one of its strongest features. This is another roll20 alternatives.

8. Epictable


As its name implies, Epictable is one of the many online board games that are epic in nature. You must download the application to your PC in order to use it. However, Windows users are typically the target audience for this software. You may explore all the amazing features that this virtual tabletop platform has to offer after you download the Epictable app. You will get access to all the necessary components, such as maps, miniatures, character sheets, and leaflets, to enjoy a satisfying gaming experience.

9. Standard Action

Standard Action

The ideal illustration of a customisable and user-friendly virtual tabletop program is Standard Action. There are numerous things you may do with this web application. One intriguing thing you may do in the game is text other players or roll the dice. One of the top Roll20 alternatives on the list due to its simplicity and user-friendliness. This is another roll20 alternatives.

10. GM Forge

GM Forge

You can also use GM Forge’s virtual tabletop to help you with your gaming needs if you prefer not to use Roll20. Despite being a premium app, it is still reasonably priced when compared to the Roll20 toolkit. This stand-alone tabletop offers a number of competitive characteristics. For instance, if you buy GM Forge, your friends can join you in your game through their browsers without having to buy a copy as well.

The program also has Offline/Online and Local Network support, Combat Tracker, Customizable Dude, and much more. To utilize this virtual tabletop on your Windows OS device, GM Forge will require a minimum purchase value of $30 because it is a premium program.

11. Astral Tabletop

Astral Tabletop

Astral Tabletop is a platform for both hosting and playing online role-playing games. By employing robust map and combat management tools that provide you access to visual effects for the gaming environment, you can both develop games and play them with others while interacting live over audio-video chats. This is another roll20 alternatives.

RPG games can be played for free online with friends on Astral. Additionally, Astral is constantly working to broaden the applicability of its potent suite of online features, making playing online RPGs even simpler!

12. Power Virtual TableTop

Power Virtual TableTop

Online fantasy role-playing games can be created and played using Power Virtual TableTop. This RPG Map designer includes everything you could possibly need to quickly create RPG meetings. This 200 object Roll20 substitute comes with capabilities like add/edit text, undo/redo, altering RPG maps, searching, exporting PNG/JPEG, and more!

13. PlanarAlly


Since PlanarAlly is still in its early stages of development, numerous structural changes or mistakes may occur. This website tool offers numerous additions to your D&D toolkit, including simulated battle maps.

14. Dungeon Sketch

Dungeon Sketch

A low-integrity tactical fighting map for tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons is called Dungeon Sketch. This app’s main purpose is to take the place of the graph paper or board that is typically seen beside the playing table. The software provides a collection of photos and a vector drawing tool that may be used as chips to depict game participants, demons, and other game elements. This is another roll20 alternatives.

15. D20PRO


Play tabletop RPGs with people from all over the world using D20PRO, a multiplayer virtual tabletop. The fact that this software works on various platforms is the best aspect. Using D20PRO, you can learn the basics of role-playing games, including how to speed up combat, use large game maps, and bring superiority sheets to life. The sky is the limit with D20PRO since you can play whatever RPG you choose. Additionally, you can use a number of features of this amazing app, such as the fantastic gaming maps, dice, and fantastic fights. This is another roll20 alternatives.

16. VTable


VTable is a Java-based virtual tabletop that was once known as Game Table. This platform enables you to immediately draw or upload images that can be controlled and seen by all people that are connected to it. You can use this virtual table to play any type of conventional role-playing game that would typically be performed face-to-face on a board. The game can be started by the gamer and the GM by audio-visual connection to the VTableTop.

The most recent VTT gaming experience was so superior that it is now a practical choice for players who don’t have access to local teams, remote players, and even traditional games. Finding the ideal VTableTop for your organization or yourself might be challenging, though, given the number of options available.

1. What is the most effective Roll20 substitute?

D&D Beyond is the greatest free alternative to Roll20 if you like. If you would rather have a premium virtual table app, GM Forge is the finest option for a fair price.

2. Why is my browser unable to use Roll20?

The firewall or anti-malware software (such as Norton, McAfee, Comodo, etc.) installed on your computer may not be turned off, which is interfering with your activities like image loading, other general loading issues, or blocking the website from loading, if Roll20 is not working in your browser.

3. How can I get to Roll20?

Direct online access is available. Not need to download. Simply create a free account on Roll20’s official website. Log in to your new Roll20 account. The welcome screen will be displayed, where you may begin developing and hosting new RPGs. The welcome page will list every game you participated in with friends and those you hosted when you join in the following time.


Without a doubt, Roll20 is an engaging web-based virtual tabletop system where you may play your favorite role-playing games. However, many of you might find its features to be constrained in comparison to those of its rivals. Otherwise, Roll20 is a good option if you’re looking for a free platform to play role-playing games. In contrast, I believe the list of options above will be helpful if you’re looking for premium services or endless tools and capabilities.

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