7 designing tips to make your office stand out

Office design has an important role in a company’s success due to its effect on employee productivity.

Believe it or not, a bad design will only cause problems and frustrations because they won’t feel good working there. A well-designed office also leaves a good impression on partners and customers who visit the office.

So, if you are designing a new office or refurbishing your old one, keep in mind the comfort of your employees. It is where they spend a good chunk of their day; it is more than a collection of equipment and people.

Check out these design tips to make your office stand out.

  1. Open spaces

Open spaces are a breath of fresh air, literally. Irrespective of the size of the place, you can optimize it by focusing on a more open-centered layout.

Knock off office partitions and cubicle spaces, and rethink the desk layout. It makes the space appear bigger and gives room for collaboration. Also, it does not make people sitting there feel like the walls are closing in on them.

  1. Focus on the lighting

Lights can make or break the deal with office spaces. Natural light makes employees more cheerful and happier, so consider ditching blinds and drapes.

According to a survey, there was a 23% rise in productivity with better lighting. Ensure adequate lighting is around work desks for employees who might need to burn the midnight oil.

  1. Pay attention to the reception

The reception is the first place people notice while entering. It is a good opportunity to leave an impression.

Big tables with a couple of employees look cold and distant. So, look for smaller desks that look welcoming and approachable. You must also consider the employee requirements before getting a reception desk.

Decorate your reception in a way that reflects the brand’s identity. Nothing can be more powerful than leaving people in awe of your reception.

  1. Say goodbye to clutter

Since organized spaces also improve productivity, make your office a clutter-free zone. Employees require storage space for their belongings, desk items, and files. So, make sure the office is kept tidy with only the necessary furniture, devices, and equipment.

Don’t delve too much into interior designing in the main office space, especially if your business is not in the artistic industry. Otherwise, this fills the place up with décor that leaves no space to breathe. Remember, minimalist rocks!

  1. Create break-out spaces

Employees need their time off from the computers and files. Create fun break-out spaces for your employees to have lunch and let their creative juices flow.

A lot of modern workplaces introduce gaming rooms, bean bags, vending machines, funky frames, and seating arrangements to break the monotony of the office.

Use quirky stuff, like our favorite custom neon lights, to put in motivational quotes or demarcate the break room. Design one depending on the work you do and the break everyone would appreciate.

  1. Choose colors wisely

Mismatching colors always make people restless and even frustrated. So, while choosing the paint, go for choose colors depending on your company and its image.

If you are into entertainment and creative services, maybe go for bright colors that complement each other with fun designs.

If you are a no-nonsense business or law firm, go for dark colors that ooze business and class. This reflects on the mood and the vibe of your office.

  1. Think glass partitions

In people’s minds, the most attractive office designs include something with glass windows that overlooks the city and inspires them day in and day out.

Well, you can incorporate this same theme to help your employees from getting bored and burnt out. Glass windows are the easiest to amp up your office and give an instant modern touch to the office.

In line with getting more natural light, consider glass partitions for the office because they feel less cluttered and enhance the beauty of the place.

Wrapping Up…

These are the top unique ways to make your office stand out. Now, if you go one step further, you can seek an interior designer.

However, you must always consider the needs of the employees and get their suggestions as well when designing an office space. Find your balance and transform the office!

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