5 Reasons to Choose React Native for Mobile App Development

Ever since its introduction in 2015, Reach Native has been developers’ favourite for mobile apps. Lots of globally acknowledged mobile applications we use and love were created using React Native, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Uber Eats, and Shopify. 

You will find plenty of React Native app development services in USA offered by software development companies, and a never-ending flow of IT specialists looking to master this technology. 

What is Reach Native? 

React Native is an open-source, cross-platform framework for mobile app development introduced by Facebook. It is JavaScript-based and allows us to create mobile apps for iOS and Android. The beauty of the framework is that you can use the same code for all mobile platforms which makes the app development process faster and more efficient. 

Why choose React Native for your mobile app 

React Native has many advantages, but today we will look at the key five reasons to choose this framework over the competition. 

#1 Simple cross-platform app development 

Back in the day, if you were launching a mobile app that supported Android and iOS, you had to build both apps in different languages. Swift or Objective-C for iOS, and Java or Kotlin for Android. 

Although not the end of the world, maintaining an app in two different languages added a lot of overhead to the company. Your team had to include coders proficient in both languages, there was twice as much work in product updates and bug fixes, and it was a project on its own to maintain a consistent customer experience through the app design, logo, and functionality. 

But not anymore! 

React Native was created with this user’s pain in mind. The legend has it that Facebook developers were tired of having to build and upkeep application duplicates, so they’ve come up with a framework that would make their lives easier without compromising the mobile apps’ quality. 

#2 Reduced time to market

Having a platform that offers seamless cross-platform development does not only make the process easier. It makes it faster. Whether you outsource React Native app development services or build the app in-house, with just one code to write, you can move significantly faster than with alternative technology. 

Besides the native process optimisation, the framework allows developers to release mobile apps quicker through access to the ever-growing online community that offers:

  • Component libraries 
  • Ready-made solutions 
  • Forums with helpful tips 
  • Tools for the simpler development process
  • Personal meetups for networking and learning

When there is such huge support for the platform, you can easily find the answer to your question on the internet or reach out to a knowledgeable peer who’d be eager to help. And as you resolve your issues quicker, you experience less downtime, and the end product is finished on deadline if not sooner. 

Lastly, having one code for both Android and iOS means fewer bugs to identify and remove. QA and testing are not the types of activities you want to rush through, no matter how much in a hurry you are. So being able to optimise this project stage through a single code is one of the few sustainable ways to cut the development time. 

#3 Quick updates without re-uploading the mobile app 

Let’s say you’ve worked on the mobile app long and hard, finished it, uploaded it to app stores, and started seeing the first traction. But then you spot an error or simply have a change of heart about something within the app. 

Normally, in that case you’d need to reupload the app once again and go through the entire approval process from scratch. Nobody wants to do that! Luckily, with React Native you get to simply update the app using Code Push. 

No matter how diligent and talented your team is, there is a real chance that you’ll find yourself in a situation where something needs to be adjusted. And if you do, you’ll be thankful that you’ve used React Native app development services. 

#4 Get a native app look 

Many cross-platform frameworks fail to create a native look, making the client feel like they are using a web version rather than a mobile app specifically designed for their device. 

React Native has access to native API, it takes JavaScript and combines it with the native elements of mobile design for that native-like mobile app look.  

Tip: In addition to the native look, React Native also gives developers an opportunity to personalise the user experience for each individual client or specific user groups. Given how tough the competition is and how used to personalised experiences the clients have become, using the technology that supports advanced customisation is a powerful competitive advantage. 

#5 Credibility  

React Native was created by Facebook, and it is largely promoted by the tech giant to this day. The framework is relatively young but it already holds an impressive portfolio of use cases with large enterprises and mid-sized businesses. Many reputable companies have built their mobile apps using React Native, including Bloomberg and Tesla. The community around the platform is also vast and grows day by day. 

If you are building a mobile application as a part of your long-term growth strategy, then all these factors have to be taken into consideration. One cannot simply go for the newest and trendiest cross-platform development framework because its future is unclear. With React Native, however, this would not be a problem. 

Final thoughts on React Native for mobile apps 

If you are at the crossroads and not sure what framework to use for your future mobile application, React Native is undoubtedly a good choice. 

Apps built with React Native are fast, indistinguishable from native apps, easy to develop and maintain, and budget-friendly. Like any other technology, React Native has its cons, such as large app sizes and slow launch which can, however, be mitigated with a bit of extra thought and work. 

Lastly, if you ever need Reach Native app development services, you’ll have no issue finding talented individuals and entire teams who are proficient with the platform and would be able to bring your vision to life.

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