Work From Home Gifts: Practical Gift Ideas That Make Life Easier

Choosing gifts can be challenging, not only during the holiday season when everyone is bustling and trying to grab the last discounted items. Choosing a truly useful gift that you don’t want to throw in the attic can be a daunting task at any time of the year. Unfortunately, we cannot solve this problem completely, but we can share some ideas.

After the coronavirus epidemic, many of us felt what it was like to work from home, and many chose the remote work format even after the end of the covid-19 epidemic. And the choice of gifts for a remote worker will be greatly facilitated by our advice.

However, it is worth warning that in our selection, there will be no trifling knick-knacks. Slimes for cleaning the keyboard can be chosen without advice. So get your wallets ready, or get a $600 loan. This way, you can buy a gift today and pay off the loan from your next paycheck. Ideal for those who forget about the holidays and do not save money for gifts. We promise to fit into $600 with our work-from-home gift ideas for her and for him!

Essential Home Office Gifts

Remote workers need a great workspace more than anyone else. Despite the fact that working from home seems to allow working from a bed or sofa, in fact, this is not as convenient as it might seem at first glance. And if your gift recipient has not yet managed to organize a quality workplace, then the following ideas are perfect for you.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Most often, people underestimate the importance of a comfortable and ergonomic chair for work. Many of us use chairs from the living room or kitchen for this, but the problem is that they are not very comfortable to sit on all day long. So an office chair can be a really good gift and one of the home office must-haves. Their prices range from $200 to several thousand, so you can choose the option that suits you best. However, you should not save too much; otherwise, your gift may turn into an instrument of torture. In addition, try to take into account the design of the room in which it will stand and choose a chair so that it harmonizes, at least in color.

Reliable Internet Connection

Of course, today, there is an Internet connection in almost every home. But when it comes to work, you need a fast and high-quality connection, especially for video calls and access to cloud storage. You can give a reliable Internet service, a quality Wi-Fi router, or a subscription to a faster plan. Thus, you will significantly improve the comfort of work for the recipient of the gift.


It often happens that our current gadgets, which were previously used to watch TV shows and check mail, significantly slow down our work. And in the event that your recipient has not yet managed to acquire a newer model, you can help with this. If you know what system requirements are suitable for a person and your budget can cover these desires, feel free to buy a new laptop. Difficulties can arise with highly specialized specialties that require high performance from the gadget. For example, a laptop that is suitable for working with spreadsheets and documents will not suit a graphic designer.

Gadgets and Accessories for Productivity

If all the basic requirements for the workplace of the recipient are closed, you can move on to tools that will make his work more comfortable, more convenient, and easier. Here are a few ideas that would make a perfect gift. work from home gifts

Standing Desk Converter

This is a handy tool for those who have to sit at the table for a long time. Even a very comfortable chair can get tired, and the converter will help you transform a regular table and switch to a standing position. Thus, the recipient will be able to reduce the negative consequences of long sitting. In addition, it is an adjustable accessory. So it can be placed on top of an existing desk for flexibility and ergonomics. By the way, you can also buy an anti-fatigue mat for it. It’s an indispensable thing for standing desk workers.

Dual Monitor Setup

This gift is perfect not only for designers or programmers but also for all working remotely people who live in multitasking mode. Two monitors will greatly facilitate the work of almost any office employee. So you can buy another monitor or dual monitor stand to expand a person’s workspace. So the recipient will be able to open several windows or applications. This makes it very easy to access documents, compare data, or work on different tasks at the same time.

Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Even if the recipient already has a mouse and keyboard, look for ergonomic models. They provide comfort and significantly reduce the burden of hours of typing and navigation, which can improve life for those who spend a lot of time at the computer. In addition, the absence of wires when connecting devices wirelessly makes life much easier and improves the appearance of the workplace.

Wellness and Comfort Gifts

So, if the workplace is equipped with the necessary devices, your gifted person does not work at the kitchen table and has a smart mug and a mouse pad, and you can take care of the atmosphere. After all, it is just as important for productive work from home as a high-performance computer. With the following gifts, you can simplify the routine of your loved one and create a good mood for long hours at work.

Espresso Machine

This is a great gift for people who cannot imagine their early morning routine without a cup of coffee. Owning an espresso machine can save you not only time but also money because a quality espresso machine allows you to enjoy barista-quality coffee without leaving your home office. You can prepare various drinks for yourself, try different types of coffee, and all this in your kitchen.

Noise-Masking Device

Noise suppression devices will be great gifts for people who prefer to work in silence and not be distracted by extraneous sounds. These devices have different types. For example, you can choose a white noise generator or a device that plays the sounds of nature. Thus, the recipient will be easier to concentrate on work tasks and feel more comfortable.

Ergonomic Accessories

Ergonomic accessories take care of the health and comfort of the remote worker. You can choose one or buy several different types. For example, wrist rests, leg rests, or lumbar support pillows with memory foam will greatly increase the comfort level of any person who is forced to sit in one place for hours.

Personalized and Unique Gifts

For a gift to be special, it needs to be personalized. Of course, it is much easier to do this if you congratulate a loved one, friend, or family member and know their tastes and needs. You can also add uniqueness to the recipient’s workplace.

Customized Desk Organizer

If your friend’s desk has sticky notes mixed with pens and the phone holder doubles as a pencil holder, consider organizers. But ordinary ones look rather boring, but an individual organizer would be a much more valuable gift. Today you can engrave a motivational or simply funny quote, the name or position of your giftee, thus making the organizer absolutely unique.

Subscription Services

Of course, you can pay for an annual subscription to Netflix as a gift. This is always a good option. But you can still take care of your loved one. Now there are subscriptions for the delivery of tea or coffee, which would set you in a positive mood in the morning. You can sign up for the delivery of snacks or personal care products. It all depends on what the recipient likes best.

Personalized Stationery

This is a great gift for people who don’t need the more practical things we talked about above. Personalized stationery is, first of all, image and elegance. You can custom-make notebooks, embossed notepads, or engraved pens. As an embossment, you can choose a first name, last name, or something that will make the recipient remember you with a smile but will not embarrass him in front of others.

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