Windows Media Player Chromecast Complete Guide

Windows media player chromecast turns any kind of TELEVISION right into an internet-connected smart TV. And also with it, the TV can likewise talk to your COMPUTER. Some easy applications can cast films, songs, and also images from your hard disk to the TV, bypassing the net.

Keep in mind: The windows media player chromecast calls for an energetic net connection to run. While these programs use your regional Wi-Fi network, the Chromecast itself won’t function if you do not have a net.

Windows Media Player Chromecast Complete Guide

In this article, you can know about windows media player chromecast here are the details below;

What You Will Need

– Google Chromecast: The originals windows media player chromecast, Chromecast 2.0, as well as Chromecast Ultra with a typical configuration will certainly all deal with this overview.

– Windows computer: The overview collaborates with both desktop computers as well as laptop computers, and any other sort of Windows-running PC.

– Active Wi-Fi connection: See to it both the Chromecast and the PC are connected to the same residence network, and that neither is running a VPN.

– Google Chrome: While it is not needed for everything, get Google Chrome for Windows.

How to Stream Movies From Windows to Chromecast

A number of Windows programs declare to allow you cast flicks kept on your hard disk. Only these few do it well. And also, while you can stream videos from VLC to Chromecast, it’s not something I suggest yet.


windows media player chromecast

  • – Smoothest playback.
  • – Hardware-accelerated transcoding.
  • – Supports 4K video.
  • – Automatic subtitles from OpenSubtitles.
  • – 5.1 channel border sound.

The best windows media player chromecast software to cast video clips is, regrettably, a paid program. But Airflow deserves every penny. What makes it superior to the cost-free applications? Try the complimentary test, and also you’ll discover.

The performance is the major aspect, as Airflow supports hardware-accelerated transcoding. It also has 5.1 network audio support for surround audio. Airflow consists of complex control over captions and keeps in mind playlists and also last positions as well.

As well as it does not harm that Airflow is a gorgeous application. It’s the only one from the entire checklist that I would give the “it just functions” tag too.

If you have a Chromecast Ultra in 4K videos, you can see the performance distinction on in need of support native windows media player chromecast data layouts like MKV. In fact, on Intel Skylake or later CPUs, Airflow has faster hardware transcoding.

The free trial is a goods way to figure out that if you want to spend on this. With it, you can watch as much as 20 mins of video at a time. Once you’ve recognized this is the best, pay the $19 as well as use it.

Soda Player.

windows media player chromecast

  • – Hardware-accelerated transcoding.
  • – Sustains 4K video.
  • – Automatic subtitles from OpenSubtitles.
  • – 5.1 and 7.1 channel border audio.
  • – No playlists.
  • – No thumbnails while scrubbing.

If you do not want to pay for a program, get Soda Player. For any individual that wants to rapidly play any video on Chromecast, it works perfectly. Open up the data in Soda Player, click the Chromecast icon, and it begins.

Soda Player has several of the functions I such as concerning Airflow. This consists of hardware-accelerated transcoding for any kind of file style, automated captions, multiple soundtracks, and so on.

Yet, it does not have two major attributes.

– Scrubbing up has no thumbnail previews. So when you are fast forwarding or rewinding to a different factor, you have no idea where you’ll wind up!

– And Soda Player does not let you make playlists, somehow. Just how odd is that? So if you downloaded a wonderful TV collection, there is no binge-watching experience for you. You’ll have to open up a brand-new video clip every single time the previous one finishes. What is this, 2013?

Download And Install: Soda Player (Free).

VideoStream for Chromecast.

windows media player chromecast

  • – Free remote control application on Android and iOS.
  • – No playlists or “autoplay next video” in the complimentary version.

VideoStream has been the longest-running app to effectively as well as conveniently cast video clips. It’s still respectable, and also the just one with a free remote control for mobiles. The application can also sync with a folder of videos on your COMPUTER, managing every little thing from the phone. That claimed, Google Assistant functions as a remote already for basic playback: play/pause, rewind, as well as fast forward.

VideoStream began as a windows media player chromecast. However, Google is now eliminating those for Windows. So you’ll require to download and install the native program.

While it works as advertised, it is good for a solitary video clip you intend to watch. Numerous crucial attributes are in the paid variation, including playlists, extra subtitle settings, evening mode, and auto-playing the following video clip. Video Stream premium costs $1.49 a month, $14.99 a year, or $34.99 for a lifetime license.

Download And Install: VideoStream (Free, Premium optional).

Download And Install: VideoStream Remote for Android|iphone (Free).

Do Not Utilize VLC 3.0 Yet!

windows media player chromecast

  • – Best all-around media gamer for Windows.
  • – Just gamer to also support songs spreading.
  • – Edgy playback.
  • – Still has great deals of insects.
  • – Might lack video transcoding on-the-fly.

It has actually been a long time coming. However, the best video gamer on Windows finally has windows media player chromecast support. It’s not ideal, though. In fact, it’s far from it. I actually could not get VLC to play any video that isn’t in Chromecast’s indigenous assistance. Remember, even if the data layout is MP4, that doesn’t indicate the video clip codec is sustained. MKV videos had a similar issue.

Could it be an absence of transcoding support? As well as it’s not simply me; COMPUTER World had the very same problem. As for the video clips that did play, it was still an unpleasant experience. The playback was jittery typically, and it shed audio sync on an AVI data with 5-channel audio.

If the file style and also codecs are the best ones, then you can still utilize VLC. First, start your video in the program after that, click Food selection > Playback > Renderer, and also choose your Chromecast gadget. Hopefully, VLC solutions all these problems soon. But also, for now, ignore it.

Download And Install: VLC (Free).

How to Stream Music From the Windows to Chromecast.

While a Chromecast is finest for videos, you can likewise cast songs or podcasts to it. And after that, there’s the Chromecast sound for audio speakers as well. Regardless of which device you utilize, these are the programs you should utilize.

VLC 3.0.

  • – Supports all audio data layouts, including FLAC.
  • – Sound normalization.
  • – Restricted functions as a song gamer.

It could be riddled with issues for video clips, however VLC 3.0 functions flawlessly as an audio gamer for Chromecast. You’ll wish to download as well as establish the media library plugin. The program is suitable sufficient to make playlists as well. That’s about all you will certainly get to do with VLC. And also, if you have the ID3 tags for it, you obtain the cd art bopping around on the TV as well.

Aside from that, VLC has a couple of hidden tricks up its sleeve, consisting of scrobbling tracks to Last.FM. You’ll possibly wish to normalize the audio also. You’ve experienced the discomfort of changing a network to find to one that’s blaring away; why do that with changing songs tracks?

Download And Install: VLC (Free).

Chromecast Audio Stream.

VLC isn’t a great song player, despite the fact that it does the job. If you wish to make use of among the best music players for Windows, get the Chromecast Audio Stream. It sends the audio from the PC to the Chromecast. It resembles making use of Bluetooth speakers, however, over Wi-Fi rather.

Below’s what you need to do:

  1. Download And Install Chromecast Audio Stream.
  2. Essence the ZIP documents into a folder.

Double-click the audio-cast. Exe documents to run it.

  1. You will now see the Chromecast AudioStream symbol in the system tray.
  2. Click the symbol in the system tray, and also select the Chromecast.
  3. Currently, any kind of sound from your PC will be played with your TV’s speakers.

Caution: It replicates the audio, playing it on both the computer system as well as the Chromecast. In fact, the Chromecast has a small lag. For ideal outcomes, I advise muting the computer.

How to Stream Photos From windows media player chromecast.

Presently, no native program lets you display images from your hard drive on the TELEVISION with Chromecast. That’s ludicrous, isn’t it? In fact, it isn’t.

Chromecast downscales high-resolution pictures to 1280×720 pixels, so it’s not the very best medium for a slide show. However, if you still wish to do it, there’s one application.

PictaCast [No More Readily available]

  • – Automatic slideshow.
  • – Background music with MP3 documents from your hard drive.
  • – Control via mobile phone with Google Residence application.

Right now, PictaCast is the only software program to create a slide show to cast photos. It’s a Chrome application, so it could be removed sometime quickly. Keep an eye out on the main internet site above.

For now, here’s how to make it function:

  1. Download and install the Chrome application.
  2. Click Add Folder and navigate to your album of photos.
  3. (Optional) Click Include Songs and pick MP3 documents from your hard disk.
  4. Go to Chrome’s Food selection > Cast as well as select the ideal Chromecast.

Amongst the many choices, you can select fit-to-screen or full-screen mode, automated photo collections, shuffle, rate of slideshow, and also rotate pictures.

The totally free version of PictaCast limits customers to half an hour of use per day. You’ll require to pay $3 for PictaCast Costs for unrestricted usage.

Download: Pictacast (Free for 30 min/day, Costs).

Finest All-In-One Application: Plex.

  • – Supports all video clip styles.
  • – Sustains all audio styles.
  • – Free remote control applications for smart devices.
  • – Rich media library.

If you desire an all-in-one media gamer instead of various programs for video clip, sound, and also photo documents, after that, there’s one apparent alternative: Plex.

Download: Plex Media Web Server (Free).

The installation takes a while, yet it deserves it. Simply follow our guide to establishing a Plex media server. Then tap that windows media player chromecast icon whenever you want to stream anything.

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