Best Sound Equalizer for Windows 10 to Improve Audio

This post will explain windows 10 equalizer. Equalizers are programs that serve the primary purpose of raising or lowering the volume (Decibel worth) of particular frequencies of the audio output to your speakers, earphones, or headphones. If you are a music fan and an audiophile, it is difficult that you have actually disregarded the equalizer settings for your audio output equipment.

Worry not as I am hereabouts with 15 finest equalizer tools for your Windows 10 computer. Equalizers are the only item that I have seen that has the most impact on the sound output quality & it is manageable yet offers a severe amount of versatility when it pertains to audio change.

Best Sound Equalizer for Windows 10 to Improve Audio

In this article, you can know about windows 10 equalizer here are the details below;

Although most of the PCs nowadays feature an equalizer tool pre-installed by the audio chip manufacturer, numerous audio lovers like you set out to discover something more advanced to take your music, movies, and gaming experience to the next level.

 12 Best Equalizers for Windows 10

 Equalizer APO (Free).

Equalizer APO is clearly leagues beyond the other schedules available which’s why it should have the very first reference in this list. Having utilized it personally for a long time, I guarantee you that once you patiently established and configure this tool, it works like charm with no missteps or any bug problems.


– Versatile graphic equalizer with 15-band, 31-band, and variable modes.

– Analysis panel gives you insight on CPU usage, latency, peak gain, and much more.

– Effortlessly conserve the setup and also modify it in a text file.

– One-click reset button in case you want to begin the change from scratch.


– Might be a bit difficult to use for complete newbies.

– Not much audio modification in extra to the equalizer.

– Only readily available in English and Deutsch.

 Viper4Windows (Free).

I think Viper4Windows (V4W) is the only complimentary audio enhancement software that can go neckline to neck with the Equalizer APO. One person Viper4Windows dominates all other tools in this list is the number of functions V4W offers and how efficient they are. Also check mobaxterm alternative.


– Can raise the volume above max while offering exceptional output from speakers, earphones, headphones, HiFi System.

– Haas effect provides differential noise along with VHS+ for surround impact.

– Viper Clarity and XHiFi provide treble quality that is above expectations.

– Other features like Ozone+, reverberation, playbackAGC, Cure-tech+, eXtra-Loud, Pure-Bass+.


– Sometimes require a patch to work on Windows 10 depending on the variation you download.

– Difficult/Impossible to find the main site so you need to depend on third-party pages.

 FxSound Enhancer (Paid).

The FxSound Enhancer is a business tool however you can try it totally free to see what its value yourself. From what we become seen, FxSound Enhancer is a well designed app with a tidy and easy to use interface. The mix of simplistic UI yet loads of features makes it a software application suggested by many.


– Clean and gorgeous graphical user interface.

– Optimizes the sound quality for your hardware.

– Increase the volume from its highest limit while keeping any imbalance or distortion at the bay.

– A practical function referred to as ‘FxSound Spectrum’ for visualization of what you are listening to.


– After purchasing the item, significant updates may not be consisted of with the purchase.

– The official site is not secure (as of today) and hence raises security issues over online payments.

 Boom3D (Paid).

Boom3D is a popular volume booster & equalizer software. This software application is likewise available for iPhones and Macs, is a preferred app amongst music fans. The user complete satisfaction provided by Boom3D is among the few bottom lines to observe here, this software has actually been deemed as really effective in providing substantially much better audio quality by the ratings and reviews.


– Boom3D captures even the minute information of the audio and offers you top quality experience with no pricey hardware.

– Immersive video gaming experience with surround sound.

– Free subscription to 20k+ radio stations throughout 120 countries.

– Don’t keep back with the 31-band equalizer and unlock the full capacity of your audio device.


– Only 30-day trial period.

– Might be resource-heavy when compared to some other programs discussed in this list.

 NCH DeskFX Audio Enhancer (Free).

Modification or apply a brand-new audio result concurrently with the music with DeskFX Audio Enhancer. This program gives the users lots of functions that matter the most. Likewise, there are some distinct features in this software that are hard to discover somewhere else.


– Virtually unrestricted number of sound effects.

– More than 30 presets.

– Professional looking yet easy to use software.

– Suppress noise with multiple filters.


– Only for non-commercial usage (i.e, at your house).

– No 31-band equalizer.

 Breakaway Audio Enhancer (Paid).

If you need consistent and optimal efficiency from your audio gadgets, you may like to check out Breakaway Audio Enhancer. This program is established by Claesson Edwards Audio, the very same company that is behind BreakawayOne, an award-winning software application developed for specialists and developers. Also check gpu mining.


– Expect studio-quality audio enhancement with Breakaway Audio Enhancer.

– Robust audio setup– Same as utilized by DJs and radio-stations.

– Well believed graphical user interface with a visualizer.

– Floating Window and tray icon.

– Professional equalizer.


– The software might feel outdated to some.

– Costly software application with couple of days of trial.

 EqualizerPro (Paid).

If you just desire a trustworthy and simple Equalizer software, EqualizerPro is for you. EqualizerPro is light on your CPU & memory and offers truly robust equalizing of the audio on any Windows system despite the specifications. This app appears like the just right amount of whatever an equalizer enthusiast desires.


– Easy to use 10 band equalizer.

– Enhance the bass quality using bass boost.

– Extremely handy toggle button.


– Doesn’t use other functionality except for equalizer.

– Only a 7-day free trial duration.

– More expensive compared to Boom3D (As of the date this post is published).

 Realtek Audio Console (Free).

There’s a high opportunity that the PC you are using has a built-in Realtek audio chipset because it is among the most popular audio chipsets for Windows. Fortunately is that Realtek also provides a truly effective software application referred to as Realtek Audio Console (or Realtek Audio Manager, previously).


– Comes pre-installed in a lot of PCs.

– Works really quick and is responsive.

– Totally safe motorist files as the files are part of Windows system.

– No adware, no trialware, with a complete set of beneficial functions.


– Doesn’t have as numerous functions as compared to other software in this list.

– Can not be installed on PCs containing different audio chip (like Conexant).

You can download the software application from the maker website depending upon your motherboard or laptop (for instance, to download Realtek Audio Console for Dell laptops/desktops, go to the main Dell site).

 Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio! (Free).

If you are somebody who takes in most of the audio content on web platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Soundcloud or something like that which runs in the browser, you might wish to take a look at ‘Ears’, a chrome extension that provides robust sound adjustment in real-time right in your web browser. This application is completely different from others in the list as you do not actually install this in your system, rather you install it in the Chrome/Edge (New one) web browser.


– Works faster and is incredibly versatile.

– Just size of around 200 KB.

– Non-intrusive.


– Can not be used for desktop apps.

– Is just offered for Chrome and Edge browser.

 Bongiovi DPS (Paid).

Enjoy the music on your PC come to life with Bongiovi DPS. Yes, we likewise concur that the name is a bit weird considering its an audio enhancement/equalizer software application, however we also question that you will find anymore premium experience than what Bongiovi DPS provides. Also check api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll.


– Not just music, video games, and motion pictures, you also get rapid quality improvement in voice and video calls.

– You do not need to do much, the app automatically applies the very best settings.

– You do not have to pay a life time worth of the price, as Bongiovi DPS is subscription-based.


– You get a trial period of just a month.

– Subscription service has also a negative thing that you will have to renew it on a monthly basis.

 TDR Nova (Free).

TDR Nova is the most utmost premium looking loose software in my viewpoint. The application doesn’t look too fancy, has a drifting window, and is truly easy to get comfy with. TDR means Tokyo Dawn Records which is a well-known software application business for premium audio plugins.


– The software has no limitations of functions being a free program.

– Is offered on a vast array of Windows OS.

– Has an amazing visual UI.

– Multiple kinds of equalization and compression features.


– You may lose out on some features from more feature-rich software like Viper4Windows.

 Graphic Equalizer Studio Free.

The graphic equalizer studio totally free is developed by PAS (Programmable Analysis Software). Compared to the paid variation, the free version has limited functionality but it has an indefinite usage period. This software doesn’t hesitate at supplying an extensive set of functions.


– Detailed graphic and visuals for simple adjusting.

– Change the overall tone quality using the Q-factor function.

– Octave selector can instantly determine the band frequencies.


– Some users may find the UI confusing and old.

– Limited performance than the shareware version.


Honestly speaking, all of the tools discussed above are capable in their own methods, so we leave it approximately you to decide which one’s best for you. Constantly download software application from reputable websites. Leave your tips and queries in the comments listed below or call us.

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