Why is Matching Master an Addictive Online Game?

If you are a fan of online Match 3 games wherein the basic premise is to match three (or more elements), you will find Matching Master very engaging. It follows the same concept more or less, akin to a Candy Crush Saga, but also has additional fun elements that make it stand out from the rest.

As a puzzle game, Matching Master requires players to match three or more candies to score points. When a match happens, a chain reaction causes the matched tiles to vanish altogether from the board. There are two game modes available to play: 1-versus-1 mode and 1-versus-N mode. The game matches players randomly to play against each other turn by turn on the same board for 100 seconds straight. Once the timer ends, or each player has exhausted their eight moves, the game declares the winner with the higher score.

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It’s a relatively simple concept that’s been followed by game developers right from the days of Tetris and its infinite variants. There are various reasons why a game like Matching Master can prove to be insanely addictive. We’ll list out a few:

1 The original concept is the easiest to understand

Matching Master is a game that would not require you to sit through multiple tutorials or walkthrough videos. As mentioned above, the concept has been in existence for a long time. Pretty much everyone would have at least played a game that borrows from the Matching Master concept at some point in their lives. All it takes is a mind that’s ready to strategize and match tiles to make them disappear.

2 The splash of colors on the board

Who doesn’t enjoy a game that’s easy on the eye? The game board that you see comprises different varieties of tiles with colored candies that you can shift around, rotate, or move to make them match into groups or lines. The graphics and animations are pretty impressive, and the overall reddish background is a nice touch, especially if you enjoy the color. The sound effects also add zing to the gaming experience.

3 The games are time-bound and fast

Every game on Matching Master comes with a timer of 100 seconds. So, you don’t have to keep playing endlessly to win. In the 100 seconds allotted to you and your opponent, you have to form candy combinations to add points. A basic combination of three gets you an equal number of points. There is plenty of fun to be had in a short amount of time with Matching Master. You also get the opportunity to win lots of cash prizes in the process with racy, fast-paced battles. There’s zero wait time when it comes to launching the game or withdrawing your winnings.

4 Compelling scoring system

The scoring system in Matching Master is anyone’s guess. Apart from the basic combo score of three points, matching four or more candies invites unique boosters and powers that reward you with additional points. While three initiates the matching process, the key is to always aim for a more extensive combination so that you can gain a substantial advantage over your opponent’s score.

5 Fun power-ups and boosters

What is a Matching Master game without an array of wacky power-ups and boosters? This one features plenty of them. A firecracker activates if you match six similar-colored candies, popping five more candies in the shape of a (+). A bow and arrow booster can destroy the entire bottom row of the board. A rocket can pop a whole row or column into a single colored candy. A bomb, which you receive by matching five candies, can eliminate nine candies in a square. The game even has combinations of bombs and rockets which make for an absorbing session.

6 Makes you “think” more often than not

Matching Master is not just a fun puzzle game – it is also a thinking person’s game. Landing combinations of candies is not a matter of luck but intelligently assembling them to score as many points as possible. Keep in mind that your opponent is equally skilled as you and could have a trick or two up their sleeves as well. Never underestimate their thought process; however, focus on your own game and keep your head steady.

7 Win real money rewards – no kidding!

A real money reward is probably the biggest reason to play Matching Master. Not only are the games secure, legal, and evenly matched, you get the opportunity to play and win big. Also, you can immediately withdraw your winnings to your bank account. The platform also offers exciting bonuses and offers for players who spend more time and effort playing Matching Master. Expect the best-in-the-industry levels of gaming experience.

8 Free practice games to get better results

Before participating in real money games with medium to high stakes, you can always play as many practice games as you want for free. The practice games help improve your chances by becoming familiar with the overall concept, the scoring system, the timer, the boosters, and every other significant detail. Think of it as prepping before going to battle with the best players out there.


Do you need any further reasons to check out Matching Master? Download and play this fun-filled game immediately.

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