Why Gold is Better Than Most Altcoins?

Gold has been a haven for investment in households for a long time, but Cryptocurrencies, especially Altcoins, are also growing to be a great source for investments. Most Cryptocurrencies that comprise Bitcoin and Altcoins can be traded on websites like Bitcoin Prime, and Gold can be bought practically everywhere. You should stick to your traditional investment, which is Gold over most Altcoins. Learn more below.

Gold as an Investment

Gold is an attractive investment to people because of many characteristics like an investment for an inflation hedge, its ability to help in making short-term cash loans, and its ability to be sold for cash. These characteristics of Gold are essentially why it is considered over any other form of investment, and another point is that you do not need to go to the banks or depend on them to buy this precious yellow metal.

Altcoins as an Investment

Altcoins, which are purely digital assets, have grown and surged as an alternate investment choice in recent years. Ethereum, the leading Altcoin, with the highest market cap after Bitcoin, also referred to as Gold 2.0, has grown with a strong force in the market. So, millions of people worldwide choose it and other Altcoins as an investment option. Even though many countries and their Government are considering regulatory approaches towards Cryptocurrencies, at the moment, investment in Altcoins is perfectly legal in most countries.

Why Gold is a Better Option?

Gold has been performing well during market inflations since it maintains its value. Gold prices hold somewhat steady during market corrections, and then they usually tend to rise when the investors shift to Gold if the recession is exceptionally threatening. Its reputation as an inflation hedge makes it an important investment that moves against market recessions.

An example of this is the Covid-19 recession, during which not all investors turned towards Cryptocurrency. Many decided to stick to their traditional methods and invested in Gold, due to which its prices skyrocketed. Even though its prices dropped after the market started recovering from the recession, it is still stuck to its features and averaged higher than its prices in the pre-pandemic recessions.

Gold has a system for tracking, trading, and weighing that has been followed for centuries. This makes it highly regulated and extremely hard to fake or steal. You can only purchase Gold from registered brokers and dealers, emphasizing its security. And even though Altcoins are well regulated, their anonymous nature makes it extremely difficult for any regulations to be set in place.

Historically Gold has been utilized in several applications like luxury items, currency, electronics, applications in dentistry, and much more, whereas the utility of Altcoins is limited. The cross-functional utilization of Gold gives it the ability to hold steady values even when other asset prices are falling.


To conclude, Gold is a better option than most Altcoins when it comes to investments because of several factors that range from Altcoin’s volatility, Gold’s liquidity, risk tolerance, and such.

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