Why Conduct Webinars: How to Increase Employee Engagement

Nowadays, “marketing and sales” no longer work according to the old rules. There are more and more points of contact with customers, as well as types of content. The business should not just sell but convey its value to potential buyers.

Webinars are one of the tools that work effectively. The webinars demonstrated another feature of the pandemic era. The company can communicate with consumers, partners, and employees in real-time without geographical restrictions. At the same time, take care of everyone’s health. This helped businesses not to stop and not to plunge into crisis.

In this article, you will find out what a webinar is and why webinars are suitable for your business as well.

Webinars build authority

If you have something to share with your customers, then the webinar will be perfect for your business. The company’s reputation and influence on the market are built gradually. A webinar is a powerful tool for this purpose. Start doing webinars and see for yourself.

Webinars increase your potential customer base

Expanding the customer base is a difficult task. Especially for highly competitive business niches. But most often, the reason is the geographical limitation. Through the Zoom webinar, you can attract customers from all over the world. And not only customers but employees as well. The faster your business uses this opportunity, the more chances to stand out from the competition.

Webinars talk about your product and services

The webinar allows you to tell your products or services to a wide audience. Describe the benefits in detail, explain the internal processes, introduce potential buyers to your team. Uncover the strengths of the product and attract the attention of buyers.

Webinars Demonstrate Your Competence

Even a free webinar requires a certain amount of money from your audience. First, it is the cost of such a valuable resource today as time is.

If the client is willing to devote 2-3 hours of free time to your webinar, there can be only one reason. This person considers you competent in a certain field. Take advantage of a great opportunity to demonstrate your competence with effective webinar content.

Webinars Sell

Webinars are among the highest converting forms of marketing. The ideal webinar contains three components that are important for sales:

  • demonstrates the problem (client’s pain);
  • removes objections before purchase;
  • adds value to the product.

This is what is called easy sales. Another plus is that webinars are an inexpensive way to sell effectively. Take this opportunity for your business.

Brand promotion through webinars

A brand is created to attract an audience. Marketing tools work on brand awareness. And because of the recognizability come easy sales.

If you are constantly conducting webinars of interest to your target audience, you will be noticed. People get used to seeing your brand. What could be better for promoting a brand on social media? Discover the global company culture with webinars.

Get to know your audience better

People buy out of habit. There are so many options to choose from in our lives that it is very tiring for the buyer. Therefore, it is easier for the consumer to buy those goods and services that he knows well. The webinar helps you get to know your target audience better and become familiar with prospective buyers.

And at the webinar, you have a great opportunity to communicate and get feedback. Are you preparing a new product? Find out what your customers expect and offer exactly what they need. The conversational engagement will help you get to know your audience better.

Webinars teach

Nowadays, learning new skills is becoming increasingly valuable. Choose the best webinar platform and share your knowledge with the audience. Believe us, you will find supporters in whatever field you are an expert in. Webinars have become an effective learning tool. Learn or teach with the Screencast-O-Matic.

You learn to speak in public

Sooner or later, in business development, as well as in career development, we need to speak to the public. It is important to be able to do this. After all, a skilled speaker attracts the attention of the audience and conveys the necessary message.

It’s time to learn to speak in public. Do it with your webinars. And with practice, the skill of public speaking will come to you. This is an easy way to attract a potential employer or customer.

Types of webinars

  • Promotional webinar. This is a short webinar aimed at promoting a future event or product to be sold. A typical example of a promo webinar is answering questions for the audience with the aim of promoting their own product or service (of course, available via the link to the video).
  • Commercial webinar. Unlike a promotion webinar, all content of a commercial webinar is not available if you have not paid for the “entry”. As a rule, the presenter on a paid webinar discloses a specific narrow topic from A to Z. Typically, such webinars are divided into several days and are held with scheduled breaks.
  • Presentation webinars. Such webinars are used exclusively for image and brand promotion. Most often, during the webinar, a presentation of innovations and functions is held, as well as answers to questions are collected and answers are posted online. They are conducted both in the format of live communication and the screencast is recorded with the help of a free screen recorder with no watermark.
  • Corporate webinar. A corporate webinar is a regular conference within the same company. These are often closed webinars, where only employees and special invited guests have access. It is a webinar that is an easy way to convey information to a large mass of employees and immediately collect questions online from them.
  • Combined webinars. It is clear that sometimes a pure webinar format is difficult to do. Therefore, companies carry out mixed webinars, combining lecture and dialogue, practice, and answers to questions.

Webinars are easier than you think

If you still find it difficult to create and conduct webinars, then we have good news for you. Webinars are easier than you think.

Here is a list of what you need:

  • stable Internet connection;
  • work computer with a camera;
  • quality content;
  • webinar software.

Feel free to start work wherever you are now: in the office, in your apartment, in a hotel room, or in a cozy café. And even on the beach!

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to record a webinar. Ready-made step-by-step instructions are already waiting for you on the Internet.

There are still many reasons to hold a webinar. There is no reason to abandon such an effective tool at all.

It’s time to conduct your own webinar!

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