What is the Best E-Signature Software?

An electronic signature software helps those who require to sign documents fast without downloading them. Much better is when it helps those collaborating in signing a document faster. So, it’s easier to bring people together apart from the quick addition of a digital signature.

When looking at the best e-signature software in the current generation, you need a solution that offers the above or better. That is why software is evolving to even involve the internet in simplifying matters.

We have one of the solutions here that enables you to sign, share and edit a file. What’s this that has gone too far already? Keep reading to see what has contributed to changing how we sign files these days.

CocoSign – Effortlessly E-Sign Documents Online 

You don’t need to download anything in the current age since we have the internet, cloud storage, and web-based platforms to help integrate everything. CocoSign is one of the solutions that have come through in a big way, as we will see.

It starts by being web-based which gives you the freedom to use it via any internet-enabled device. You only need to have an account to get everything done. Things get much better when you join the platform.

It has the best and easiest ways to sign documents and store them. You can always use what is at your disposal to get the signature done and keep it securely for easy retrieval later. You can also get various letter templates online for free.

It’s also compliant with the current regulations that ensure your digital signatures are legally binding. That’s essential when a dispute arises, and it involves something you signed earlier. To have a look at what you can do with CocoSign, let’s see the underlying specifications.

CocoSign E-Signature Features 

Here is what makes CocoSign a revolutionary web-based software for your e-signing needs.

Easily Accessible 

It’s a web-based platform that requires two fundamental requirements achieved. They include a strong internet connection and an updated browser. You can therefore use it on any device as long as it qualifies to have the above.

Comfortable Ways to Create a Signature 

With CocoSign, you can draw, write or upload a photo of your signature. For the latter option, both JPG and PNG formats are acceptable. So, e-sign creation is possible whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Secure Cloud Storage 

You have a signature and documents that are important to you stored in CocoSign’s cloud. That implies the best security measures to ensure that you are the only one who can access your credentials. It’s compliant with GDPR and 21 CFR Part II rules, among other regulating agencies.

If someone doesn’t have a password, they cannot access the account. CocoSign also deletes the files stored in the cloud after the expiry date is due. At such a point, you have a choice to transfer the files to another secure location.

Multiple Signing Enabled 

Do you require more than one signature? It’s possible to use CocoSign for collaboration. All you need is to sign your part and then add the emails of those who need to receive the document. You can also select the order in which to collect the signatures.

That means everyone can sign simultaneously, or have an order to collect the signatures.

Editing Features 

You may want to correct some parts of the document before the actual signing. CocoSign will help in adding texts, fillable fields, and other things that matter. So, don’t just sign the soft because it’s sent that way.

Real-time Notifications and Audit Trails 

You don’t need to check if the document is signed once in a while. CocoSign has a dashboard that collects all the information about what is happening. You can see who viewed and who has signed. After the document has been attended to, you will get an alert for the same.

More to information collection involves the audit trails. This is where you get an account of all the activities. The IP addresses, emails, and names will be on the list and the tampered documents.

How to Use CocoSign 

Are you already connected to the internet and have a properly working browser? Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the CocoSign website and access your account. Create one if you don’t have and then proceed to make a signature.

Step 2: Use the ‘Create Signature’ button to proceed with the making of the signature. Draw, write or upload as per your wishes. Click on Save once you have finished up.

Step 3: Proceed to use the signature on the document you need to sign. Upload the document via the various methods provided and go ahead to insert the signature on the required position.

Step 4: If multiple signatures are needed, include the emails of those concerned for them to be notified. After the signing, you can save the document or download and print it if required as paper.


Is CocoSign better than downloading an app?

Yes, it’s much better since it will be dependent on your browser. You only need an internet connection to access it and not download an app version of it. That also means it can work across devices which is an added advantage in these cloud-use days.

What do I need to use CocoSign?

  • Your device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop)
  • Internet connection
  • A working browser

Will my signature be secure?

Yes, it will. It’s encrypted and stored safely in the clouds. The servers’ security involves various layers of protection, and the platform is compliant with the HIPAA and GDPR. The only way for someone to hack your signature is if they have your login credentials.

What should I consider when choosing an e-signature software?

  • The cost involved and saved
  • How easy it is to use it
  • The features included
  • Overall security status
  • Customer support


Getting the right software to apply signatures on documents is a crucial topic. Things are migrating online, but we cannot neglect the uncertainty that involves long-term use and security.

That is why we are recommending to you a worldwide solution that is already tried and tested. CocoSign will get your document regardless of the format and help you embed a signature that passes the law regulations as it eases the process.

That allows you to stay worry-free as you get things done in minutes.

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