What Is Employee Onboarding Software?

The COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis greatly changed the way businesses operate. Remote work has become more popular and employees have now started to look for better opportunities. All of this has resulted in many changes in the business world, leading to recruitment difficulties in several industries.

As a business owner or part of the HR recruitment team, you must have come across several perfect candidates. However, the real issue is how you can manage to incorporate candidates into your team.

The best way to ensure easy recruitment and ensure a smooth onboarding process is to make use of the best onboarding tools for new employees. These tools not only make recruitment easier, but they come with numerous benefits that give them leverage over generic recruitment procedures. We shall look at these benefits and other details of the software today.

What Is an Employee Onboarding Software Tool?

Employee onboarding software tools are digital dashboards that have proper functionality that allows managers, employers, and business owners to monitor the progress of a recruit. The dashboards display compliance tools, insights, employee benefits, payroll details, eligibility, and several other functions. Some advanced onboarding software also have training guides, tutorials, and videos for recruits that allow a new employee to easily blend in and understand job requirements.

Basic Features of Onboarding Software

1.   Welcome Portal for Employees

A welcome portal encourages new employees to interact and engage with your business, which ultimately reduces the risk of drop-offs. The welcome portal should offer all necessary details like job requirements, office location, primary contacts, job role, and other similar information. Videos and images should be used to make the onboarding process real, welcoming, and informative.

2.   Integration

Any Human Resource Information System (HRIS) can be seamlessly integrated with employee onboarding software to allow recruit data to encode easily. Information stored on one application becomes viewable across the onboarding software in real time.

3.   Task Management

Onboarding software makes task management easier by allowing easy tracking of all business departments. Task completion, details, and the employee the tasks have been assigned to can be quickly managed using a checklist. Managers can also arrange check-ins, meetings, and introductions directly from the app to increase employee familiarity.

Benefits of Using Employee Onboarding Software

Enables a Remote Working Environment

The pandemic disrupted numerous business operations, leading to a rise in the establishment of remote working environments where employees are spread across various time zones and locations.

All of this has made online employee onboarding tools quite essential. Employee onboarding software helps recruits connect easily with any business so they can work remotely with only an Internet connection and a computer. All recruitment and job procedures can be completed online directly by employees right from their homes.

HR managers and business owners can easily track employee progress and truly see if a recruit is the right fit. They can also ensure all tasks are completed on time and that the employee is not facing any hurdles in their new job.

Consistency and Accountability

The larger a business is, the harder the recruitment process will be. Even with a proper and thorough recruitment process, there is a high chance that various departments and teams will hire new employees in different ways resulting in different outcomes.

Working with a single onboarding software tool helps achieve consistency no matter how large a company is. There can be several different departments and locations, but all teams will be able to follow the same process and keep track of new employees in all offices.

  • A software tool prevents a new recruitment process from being overlooked as all teams are kept aware via the dashboard.
  • The tool ensures all emails, messages, and documents are sent to a candidate and that they have been acknowledged and understood by the recruit.
  • It becomes easy to track new employee progress and transfer accountability to the recruits as their activities and responses can be noted in real time.

Employee Information Access

An onboarding tool is a great software for employees and even employers. Both parties get to access information from all departments like office news, new rules, handbooks, and client contracts.

Another great feature is the streamlining of payroll processes so paperwork becomes easier. Payroll information can be entered whenever the HR team desires and the onboarding software can also be integrated with another payroll software a company uses.

This prevents errors and keeps payment processes smooth from both sides. In most cases, an office can go completely paperless as document verification, signings, and training booklets can be digitized.

Training days, scheduling meetings, and other related tasks become less time-consuming and straightforward. An easy recruitment and training procedure means the HR team and training staff can start focusing on other important tasks at hand.


An employee onboarding software is a great tool for all kinds of businesses, especially those that wish to recruit and work with remote employees. The tool aids both business managers and employees by offering the right resources and proper functionality to stay connected no matter where they are. This allows recruits to adapt and learn faster unlike ever before.

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