EIG Web Hosting Brands And The Best Alternatives In 2023

Web Hosting alternatives will be discussed in this article. When it comes to web hosting, one corporation has accumulated a significant amount of power. The Endurance International Group is the name of that organization. Of course, we had to offer it a shot. To increase its customer base, this company has bought over 80 web hosting businesses, including some of the greatest brands in the enterprise, such as BlueHost and HostGator.

In this article, we’ll investigate the company’s history, look at why it bought web hosting businesses, and assess the worth of EIG-owned hosting companies. For individuals looking for choices beyond the EIG umbrella, we will also investigate alternative hosting providers as well-versed experts in the sector. Join us as we dissect the inner workings of this powerful web hosting titan and provide you with information about your hosting options.

EIG Web Hosting Brands And The Best Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about EIG Web Hosting Brands And The Best Alternatives In 2023 here are the details below;

Over 80 businesses have been added to the EIG family of hosting businesses and brands over the years. We’ll talk about EIG’s three most illustrious hosting businesses.

1. Bluehost


Bluehost is one of the more well-known web hosting companies that the EIG has acquired. About being an EIG company, Bluehost is quite open. The History Page of their business noted that EIG had acquired them in November 2010. One of the EIG hosting sites, Bluehost is proud to power over 2 million websites.

Features offered:

Each hosting environment offers scalable, tier-based options that expand with your website or company. They provide dedicated, VPS, managed WordPress, and e-Commerce hosting. Every shared or WordPress plan comes with a free name for a year, an SSL certificate valid just for the first year, a free CDN, and web builder features. Bluehost also registers domain names. The fact that Bluehost does not provide an uptime guarantee is a serious drawback. We are aware that uptime is crucial for SEO as well as creating a sense of community among site visitors. Don’t forget about 2013’s significant server outage and downtime.

2. HostGator


The EIG also bought another well-known host. In the case of HostGator, they are less open about being an EIG company. More than 2.5 million websites are powered by Hostgator, making it even more well-known than Bluehost. In 2012, the EIG machine purchased HostGator.

Features offered:

They provide a variety of services and, on the surface, appear to be a powerful organization in the web hosting sector. They provide domain management services, including transfers and registration. They offer shared, cloud, managed WordPress, reseller, VPS, dedicated, and Windows hosting environments. Only if you join up for at least a year do they provide you a free domain with plans. SSL certificates, backups, and unmetered bandwidth are further included add-ons.

3. HostMonster


It’s challenging to navigate HostMonster’s website while looking at the available plans. On their About Page, they are not upfront about being an EIG hosting provider. They were purchased by EIG in 2010 as a Bluehost subsidiary.

Features offered:

  • In addition to providing basic web hosting services, HostMonster also offers a pro edition with additional capabilities. Additionally, they offered dedicated and VPS hosting.
  • Unlimited hard drive space, unrestricted domain hosting, and three distinct webmail options are some benefits.
  • Web hosting Bluehost and HostGator stand out and can be argued to be the more well-known of the three EIG examples.
  • However, despite their fantastic characteristics, we are aware that they do not guarantee high hosting performance.
  • Once more, these businesses ought to be avoided, especially if better alternatives exist outside of EIG. Let’s talk near a few of the top EIG-free alternatives to hosting companies.

1. SiteGround


SiteGround, a non-EIG hosting option, markets itself as a provider of high-quality, reliable hosting solutions and the best performance. It boasts extra features geared for developers. For instance, the “GoGeek” plan provides free staging and Git areas as well as PCI compliance. SiteGround, perhaps one of the most well-liked web providers in the WordPress space, handles more than 2.8 million domains across a number of hosting packages.

Siteground has 3,000 ratings on Trustpilot, 94% of which are outstanding, giving it a TrustScore of 4.8/5 overall. The exceptional, round-the-clock technical assistance offered by SiteGround via chat, ticket, or phone is also highly recognized. They have a reputation for being highly effective at resolving hosting-related issues for clients.

Features of SiteGround:

Managed WordPress hosting, entry-level scalable web hosting plans, Woo-commerce hosting, cloud hosting, and reseller hosting are all offered by SiteGround. A free domain, an SSL certificate, a free CDN, unlimited bandwidth, improved security, and more are all included in their hosting packages.

2. DreamHost


The oldest hosting company, which through time has developed into a leader in the field. DreamHost has made the most of its time by perfecting the art of offering top-notch hosting services with a variety of features, benefits, and scalable hosting plans.

Features of DreamHost:

  • The promise of a constant 100% uptime is one of DreamHost’s major claims to fame.
  • For everything you require to launch your website, turn to DreamHost.
  • They span a wide range of scalable and cost-effective hosting environments.
  • These consist of managed WordPress hosting, shared, VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting options.
  • They provide expert services including website maintenance and web design and are also an email host and a domain registrar.

3. Hostinger


A new but potent web hosting platform developed its own hPanel to take the role of cPanel for controlling your hosting and website. They are one of the web hosting businesses with the fastest growth, with a customer base of over a million. Web speed, seamless administration tools, and devoted technical support are all included.

Features of Hostinger:

Hostinger provides a variety of hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS, managed WordPress, cloud hosting, CMS hosting, email hosting, eCommerce hosting, and more.

Moreover, they provide a free hosting transfer. At Hostinger, you can also transfer and register domains. They have affordable rates and lots of benefits.

  • Register With Hostinger
  • Endurance International Group (EIG) History
  • International Endurance Group
  • EIG was founded in 1997 in Burlington, Massachusetts, in the United States.
  • By purchasing lesser web hosts, it expanded into a hosting behemoth.
  • A $3 billion all-cash merger between EIG and Clearlake Capital Group was officially announced in November 2020.

While maintaining the original brand identities of its businesses, it transferred its complete IT infrastructure to India in 2022. For $9.6 million in cash, EIG purchased Ecomdash in October 2019, adding it to the Constant Contact portfolio. EIG got the Asia Pacific Expansion Partner of the Year Award from Google Cloud in April 2020. The Endurance Web Presence division, which includes its subsidiaries Bluehost, HostGator, and, was rejected by Clearlake Capital in February 2021.

EIG buys new companies using its free cash flow and access to the capital markets. The business has purchased both domestic and foreign hosting businesses. In contrast to other large hosting companies like GoDaddy, I & 1, Ionos, or Rackspace, Newfold Digital, originally EIG, was structured differently as it developed into one of the most significant Web hosting businesses on the Internet. Through numerous acquisitions, the corporation has expanded its hosting brand and adjacent industries.

Why Should I care about EIG Web Hosting?

Because Endurance International Group (EIG) hosting includes more than 80 hosting firms, including some of the biggest names in hosting like Bluehost, you should be concerned about it. Over 2 million websites are reportedly powered by Bluehost worldwide. One of the key hosting providers included in the EIG is Bluehost.

The need for web hosting services is greater than ever with so many websites going live every day. A company like EIG has consolidated the market and made it extremely competitive for businesses outside of its host of companies by controlling over 80 companies in the web hosting industry. EIG has more than 80 businesses in the web hosting industry. It’s essential to study this post in its entirety before signing up with one of EIG web hosting’s providers if you’re looking to launch any website and have heard of them.

Why should you be concerned with EIG hosting firms?

Because there are so multiple web hosting companies available, picking one can be challenging and shouldn’t be done hastily.

1. Free Publicity Through Affiliate Programs

Bluehost is frequently promoted on well-known websites that offer advise on how to create a website and web hosting because of their affiliate program. EIG’s well-known main hosting firms are noted for their subpar technical assistance and limited functionality. In 2013, one of its data centers was hacked, affecting many of their brands, including Bluehost and HostGator. In response to this attack, millions of websites went offline. Additionally, we are aware that a website’s outage can hurt its SEO. Despite the fact that these firms’ plans can be affordable, you often get what you pay for. But once more, why should you bother?

2. Shared infrastructure

The main factor is that EIG’s hosting brands all share the same hosting infrastructure. And they’ve seen a number of significant outages throughout the years, including the significant one in 2013. As we previously stated, millions of websites—including those hosted by well-known providers like HostMonster, HostGator, and Bluehost—are impacted. Several smaller outages have also occurred. The disruptions were so extensive that they disrupted phone lines, servers, and nearly every hosting company under EIG.

3. Shotty Internet Security & other issues

EIG’s hosting providers lack robust security measures and are therefore vulnerable to assaults. This security issue arises as a result of the web host’s vulnerability when they entirely alter and include the technical support and internet infrastructure of a new hosting brand into their current infrastructure. Second, EIG-owned hosting companies are notorious for having technical problems including limiting bandwidth and connections. Subscribers who use customer support deal with lengthy wait times and delays in getting the assistance they need.

4. Price-Fixing

Last but not least, the process of monopolistic price fixing initially appears unrelated when one corporation owns several businesses. However, price-fixing is used in the pricing of hosting solutions across a wide range of hosting providers under EIG. When it comes to the EIG umbrella, price-fixing refers to an anti-competitive agreement between the businesses to preserve cost-based market conditions or provide hosting services at a set price in order to regulate supply and demand.

With this much power, EIG hosting firms can charge whatever they want without giving you an option. It is challenging to switch hosts because you are already a subscriber to their hosting and outside the EIG group of firms. Transferring hosting to another business is extremely expensive with many EIG firms. Furthermore, it could be challenging to leave if you manage to relocate to a different host and wind up at another EIG organization.

What Happens to a Hosting Acquired by EIG?

A web host that EIG purchases may undergo substantial modifications that are not for the benefit of the particular hosting company. The past suggests that EIG will continue to buy web hosting companies. But what occurs to a brand owned by EIG? When EIG buys a web host, it frequently affects the business significantly.

EIG: Changes to new hosting purchases

Technical adjustments such as switching the hosting control panel or interface, equipment, data center locations, adjustments to the operational staff, and client relocation to their network are among these.

Customers have also expressed dissatisfaction over a decline in technical and customer service levels following EIG’s acquisition of a hosting provider. HostGator’s acquisition by EIG is another excellent illustration. After the takeover, some consumers have expressed discontent with the poor service. Customers have noticed that there is a delay in responses once tickets are submitted. Additionally, when accounts were moved from SoftLayer’s (data/computing center) to the EIG data center in Provo, UT, customer complaints escalated. However, HostGator continues to be among EIG’s greatest purchases, and while administrative and technical aspects have changed, most features have remained the same.

It might be claimed that HostGator no longer reflects the dependable, performance-focused business it previously was. The best recommendation is, in fact, to sign up with a web host that is not a member of the EIG group of firms. It is an evident fact that EIG is the owner of a large digit of prestigious web servers. Even if you choose to switch to a different web host because you are unhappy with the current one. You might acquire a different EIG-owned business. It is therefore necessary to accomplish due diligence and investigate the ownership of the hosts before registering them for web hosting. You’ll find some top-notch hosts outside of the EIG web in this guide.

EIG Cycle of Acquisition

It is essential to talk about the EIG acquisition cycle. The only objective of EIG’s business strategy is to acquire as many web hosting companies as possible and ingest their clientele. They want to maintain the existence of their brands, thus occasionally the fact that they have joined EIG is not disclosed. EIG doesn’t seem to be concerned about service quality or offering powerful hosting features. Support, marketing, technology, and internet infrastructure departments are all combined within the business.

Your quality service from before EIG intervened is being delivered by fewer employees. The service you formerly received has already degraded in quality. As previously indicated, when a client is not pleased with one EIG host. He will continue to be an EIG customer even if he does A and switches to EIG hosting service B! Repeat the cycle one more. Once more, you need to be sure that the hosting company you want to register with is not an EIG hosting company. Demand for web hosting services is a great non-EIG host that is very secure and has a wide range of hosting service options.

Is EIG’s Hosting Brand Any Good?

Although we had addressed this query, we still wish to emphasize this aspect. No is the simplest response to this query. The hosting reputation of EIG is poor. Why? Because they are not devoted to providing superior performance-based hosting to their clients. Their business strategy is to take over as many hosting providers as they can, absorb their customers, and increase revenue.

They diminish the internet infrastructure required to run a hosting firm that is unrivaled, reduce the effectiveness of technical and customer assistance, and slash costs in the sake of profits. In conclusion, you should avoid using any hosting provider owned by EIG. Since EIG controls the market for web hosting, finding a host other than them is difficult. Even yet, there are several businesses outside of EIG that provide top-notch hosting services, first-rate technical assistance, and a selection of hosting environments.

Are EIG Web Hosts Any Good?

There are both good and awful EIG web hosting. After being acquired by EIG, some hosts have suffered a drop in quality, while others have been able to maintain their prior standards. Some even get compliments.

Are EIG Hosts affordable?

EIG hosts are not the most affordable. It’s crucial to compare prices between hosts because some are more affordable than others. Again, if you require dependable service at a reasonable price, I’d like to recommend Hostinger, a non-EIG service provider.

Questions and Answers

EIG owns Godaddy, right?

No, GoDaddy is not an EIG hosting provider; rather, it is a domain registrar and hosting provider. 84 million domains have been registered and GoDaddy has a customer base of over 21 million, among other statistics. They have 9,000 workers on staff.

Is SiteGround a member of the EIG?

A collection of businesses with legal status in the USA, UK, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Spain, SiteGround runs three offices and provides top-notch hosting services from several data center places around the world. No, the Endurance International Group of companies does not own or run SiteGround as a hosting provider. It still counts as a non-EIG host. More than 500 staff members have been hired by SiteGround over the past ten years to provide its customers with top-notch and cutting-edge hosting services.

Does EIG own A2 Hosting?

No, A2 Hosting is not a member of the EIG group of web hosting providers. Despite being small, this corporation is extremely powerful & has data centers all over the world. They employ more than 200 people, serve more than 110k clients, and expand annually. Customers can be found in 223 different nations.

Owners of HostGator

The EIG group of web hosting firms includes HostGator, one of the better ones. They continue to provide excellent service and innovate their operations. Since 2002, they have worked in the hosting market. They have been providing web hosting for twenty years and power over 2.5 million websites.

Since June 2012, Endurance International Group has owned HostGator. One of the more well-known EIG hosting brands is this one. Avoid EIG and look for reliable substitutes. The multiple important lesson we can impart to you is to stay away from EIG web hosting services. If they put a strong emphasis on quality across the board, having a monopoly in the hosting industry wouldn’t be a problem. Out of the 80 companies, they have two that are merely passable but are well-known.

These businesses lack security and give little consideration to the quality and integrity of their offerings. Choose a host outside of EIG Endurance International Group if you want a top-notch hosting company that is concerned with providing quality service and the highest levels of internet security, performance, and uptime guarantees with lots of benefits.

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