Top 15 Virtual Assistant Websites to Hire a Virtual Assistant

This post will explain virtual assistant. You might be considering the advantages of having a virtual assistant before employing one. The primary assistant of having a virtual assistant is that it can help you save time. Additionally, you can hire a lot of virtual assistants to help you expand your company. You can engage a virtual assistant for a variety of tasks, including social media management, email marketing, content creation, office work, customer support, and research.

Numerous websites that offer virtual assistant services are available. This post examined the best 15 websites for hiring highly qualified virtual assistants for your company.

Top 15 Virtual Assistant Websites to Hire a Virtual Assistant

In this article, you can know about virtual assistant here are the details below;

1. Fancyhands


This is another virtual assistant services website. A virtual assistant business in the US is called Fancy Hands. A virtual assistant can take all of your routine or irregular chores. They provide services to individuals who speak English everywhere. Also check Hamachi Alternatives For Virtual Gaming

How does it function?

Prior to assigning the duties to a virtual assistant, you must first join up. They provide a smartphone app. Sign up and download the Fancy Hands app. If you have the Fancy Hands app, you can submit tasks.


It offers Small, Medium, Large, and XL as its four price tiers.

  • Minimal – $17.99 per month for three service inquiries
  • Moderate – $29.99 per month for five service requests
  • Large — $74.91 per month for fifteen service requests
  • XL: $149.99 for 30 service requests per month


An American virtual assistant business is called Zirtual. They only hire American-born virtual assistants with college degrees. For busy business owners like you, they offer devoted virtual assistants. You can employ a virtual assistant to help you on a regular basis or with specific tasks. Zirtual’s virtual assistant can assist you with office work as well as other activities including research, content marketing, event planning, travel arrangements, website upkeep, and more. This is another virtual assistant services website.

How does it function?

You must first select a plan before signing up to hire a virtual assistant. A dedicated virtual assistant will be assigned to you after you join up to complete your responsibilities. Your subscription may be withdrawn at any time. You can upgrade your plan or buy more hours if you need more time to complete your job.


  • Entrepreneur Plan: $499 per month for a 12-hour job
  • Startup Plan: $749 per month for a 24-hour job
  • Small Business Plan: Monthly cost of $1099 for a 36-hour work
  • Team Plan: $1499 per month for a 50-hour project

3. Belay


Although Belay’s headquarters are in Atlanta, their crew is dispersed over 48 different US states. They’re ready to assist you in achieving your objectives. They offer virtual assistant, virtual bookkeeper, social media strategist, and website professional services, among others. For your business, you can hire a well-experienced VA.

How does it function?

You must first apply to work with Belay before beginning. They’ll then get in touch with you.


  • To learn more about their price structure, get in touch with them.

4. Time Inc.

Time Inc

This is another virtual assistant services website. An American startup called Time Etc offers virtual assistant services to business owners. General chores, research, social media marketing, content marketing, sales administration, marketing administration, and more can all be outsourced to VAs.

How does it Function?

You can first test out a virtual assistant for nothing. No credit card is necessary, and they are willing to complete your first work for free. If you enjoyed their work after finishing the first task, you can employ a dedicated VA for your work.


Ten hours at $290 per month

  • Twenty Hours pays $560 each month.
  • $40 per hour / $1080 per month
  • 60 hours = $1560 per month

5. Magic



This is another virtual assistant services website. From Magic, you can engage a private virtual assistant. They are prepared to assist you and complete your chores, including scheduling appointments, marketing, providing customer service, and administrative duties. Your preferred method of communication with your VA, such as WhatsApp, Slack, Your VA will speak with you there over the phone.

How does it function?

You must register and specify your needs. In order to assist you and your team, VAs are prepared. Your hired VA will offer you help around-the-clock. Employing a virtual assistant does not require a long-term commitment.


  • Devoted – $10 (Best for individuals and businesses)
  • Hourly Consumer: $35 ( Best for personal use)
  • Monthly Business – $2000 ( Best for growing business)

6. VA Staffer

VA Employee

In the Philippines, a virtual assistant company assists business owners with all they require to expand their operations, including accounting, website development, lead generation, email marketing, social media management, graphic design, and more. They have a broad team to work with you because each member has a special set of skills. Also check virtual office advantages

How does it Function?

Following your sign-up, they will contact you to begin the process of hiring a virtual assistant. A seasoned project manager will collaborate with you and assign a VA to carry out your job.


There are three different price points available.

Hours are calculated using the hourly rate.

  • Dedicated Virtual Assistant – Monthly Rates Begin at $800
  • Hourly Plans: Monthly rates begin at $298.

7. 24/7 virtual assistant

24/7 virtual assistant

USA-based 24/7 virtual assistant firm. Their American customers make up 90% of their clientele. It offers a variety of services to help your business expand, including email marketing, office support, bookkeeping, data mining, inbound sales, live support, and site development. This is another virtual assistant services website.

How does it function?

You can choose a membership plan first, then register. You’ll receive the customer account. Following that, you must choose the kind of service you need, and they will pair you with the right VA for the job. They are available for free consultation before you hire a virtual assistant.


  • Entrepreneurs can join for $299 per month and receive 30 hours of assistance.

Professionals can join for $499 per month (60 hours of assistance).

  • Office: $699 for a membership that includes 90 hours of assistance per month.
  • Executive: $899 for a membership that includes 120 hours of assistance each month.
  • VIP: $1099 per month for membership (160 hours of assistance monthly)
  • $15/hour for By the Hour

8. Outsourcing Angel

Outsourcing Angel

Outsourcing Angel is an offshore recruitment firm with offices in Australia that works with clients all over the world to find highly skilled virtual assistants in the Philippines. They provide business owners with executive and specialty VAs skilled in a variety of areas, including marketing, social media, graphic design, content writing, website development, and more. This is another virtual assistant services website.

How does it Function?

To discuss all of your company’s needs, you may schedule a free discovery call with their outsourcing specialist. They will compile a list of the best VAs for you to choose from based on your needs. Following the selection of a VA, Outsourcing Angel will guide you through the on-boarding procedure and handle all of your HR concerns.


  • Freedom Package: 20 hours weekly
  • Paradise Package: 40 hours weekly
  • The amount paid depends on the quantity and type of labour.

9. Hello Rache!

Hello Rache!

Medical practitioners can use the virtual assistant services offered by Hello Rache. Their virtual assistants for healthcare are carefully screened, skilled, and seasoned to complete your jobs. Services including virtual scribe, virtual receptionist, and virtual administrative assistant are available.

How does it Function?

You need to keep a lot of appointments as a medical professional each day. But it’s very difficult to follow a schedule effectively. To make your daily work faultless and easy, you can hire a VA. You must inform Hello Rache of your requirement for medical staffing prior to employing a virtual assistant from them, and they will make recommendations for excellent personnel to complete your responsibilities.


  • They have a straightforward price structure that offers flat-rate hourly pricing of $9 without commitments or additional costs.

10. VaVa Virtual

VaVa Virtual

This is another virtual assistant services website. In 2021, VA VA Virtual was founded. By completing their tasks, they are assisting business owners in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Executive assistant, marketing, creative support, web design, and graphic design are among the specialties of Va Va Virtual’s VAs.

How does it Function?

You can get a free consultation before hiring a VA. There are no long-term commitments or payroll taxes.


  • To get a price quote, submit an application.

11. WoodBows


One of the well-known virtual assistant firms in the USA is WoodBows. Additionally, they operate offices in the Philippines and India. They offer services like graphics and web design, digital marketing, customer assistance, content writing, data entry, and app development in addition to virtual assistant services for real estate. Because of their excellent service, they have 98.9% of their original customers.

How does it Function?

After you sign up, they will choose the most appropriate virtual assistant for you depending on your needs. Your virtual assistant will be available during your office hours and according to your time zone. No commitment is required, and you have the right to revoke your subscriptions whenever you choose. A free appointment can be scheduled to learn more about their services.


They provide a flexible price structure. A virtual aide can be hired on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

  • $49.00 per week for 4 hours
  • $10 per hour, per week

Full Time: $359,92 per week

20 hours per week at $189 per week

12. Elite Virtual Assistant

Elite Virtual Assistant

This is another virtual assistant services website. In Cleveland, Ohio, EVA is the biggest virtual assistant company. They offer social media management, virtual legal assistant, and digital marketing assistant services. They offer top-notch virtual assistant services to firms of law in Cleveland and around the US.

How does it Function?

To find out more about their benefits and to discuss what you require for your company, you can begin a free discovery call. You may employ a virtual assistant from EVA if you felt they were the right fit for your company. Also check Benefits of Virtual Machines

Although the contract must be signed, it is not binding and you have the right to withdraw at any moment.


  • Initial Plan: $420 per month for ten hours
  • Basic Plan: $800 for 20 hours per month
  • Small Business Plan: $1520 for 40 hours per month
  • Pro Plan: $2880 for 80 hours per month

13. My VA360

My VA360

This is another virtual assistant services website. My VA360 offers trusted virtual assistants with US-based experience. You only need to pay for the hours you use. Graphic design, social media management, sales, administrative, executive, and general activities are among the specialties of virtual assistants (VAs). Executives, entrepreneurs, small businesses, real estate, Amazon sellers, non-profit organisations, IT firms, and coaches are among the clients they serve.

How does it function?

They will match you with a competent VA after learning more about you, your business, and the type of support you require. You can get in contact with your VA right away to receive support by phone, email, or your chosen messaging app. You won’t be charged more if you require additional assistance or a virtual assistant to complete your chores. You and My VA360 will both sign an NDA to preserve privacy.


They provide straightforward, cost-effective plans. Which are:

  • Savvy Officer – Hourly Pay of $360
  • Life in Harmony: $690 for 30 hours each month
  • Pro Masters: $1140 for 60 hours per month
  • Virtual Jedi: $1440 for 90 hours per month

14. Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee

A virtual assistant business founded in India is called Virtual Employee. It’s preferable to get an Indian virtual assistant if you’re planning to hire one. They provide VA services in a variety of fields, including finance and accounting, content writing, graphic and web design, programming, IT outsourcing, and more. This is another virtual assistant services website.

How does it function?

You must submit us your requirements page in order to send us the necessary information. They will get in touch with you after looking over your specifications, and you can select your team members through the interview process.


  • You can pay them for your services by the hour. The hourly rate is $4.5 to start.

15. People Per Hour

People Per Hour

One of the most famous websites for independent contractors and virtual assistants is PeoplePerHour. Through PeoplePerHour, over 1 million clients and independent contractors are linked. For design, marketing, social media management, translation, web development, and writing, you can employ highly qualified experts. This is another virtual assistant services website.

How does it function?

You may access international talent at PeoplePerHour as an employer. In order to engage a virtual assistant, you must first post the project with complete details. The best candidates for your project will get in touch with you with their proposal based on the specifics of the project. Next, you can choose a knowledgeable virtual assistant.


  • There are no costs associated with posting a job offer. After receiving payment from the client, a virtual assistant or freelancer will pay a little fee to the website.

Use Apploye to Keep an Eye on and Monitor Your VAs.

If, for example, you hired a virtual assistant from the Philippines or another country while working remotely and away from your place of employment, the virtual assistant’s performance can come across as a little hazy and nebulous. You can track down each and every one of their activities using time tracking software like Apploye with hardly any manual labour. Holding your virtual assistant accountable for their work is now a simple task for you thanks to Apploye’s 100+ features. The following are some advantages of utilising Apploye to keep an eye on your virtual assistants.

  1. Monitor Your Workers’ Performance

With Apploye’s online timesheet tool, you can keep track of employee activity time based on five distinct bases.

You should be able to see how your employees are working each day thanks to a timesheet. Views on performance in a certain week or two are intended to be expressed on a weekly and biweekly basis.

The monthly basis shows the number of hours your VAs worked over the course of the month. The custom functionality, however, takes into account how much time an employee worked during a given time in the past.

While doing so, you can choose any project, any worker, and any task. On the basis of any individual requirements in a given situation, addition and deletion are even feasible.

  1. Exercise complete control while observing

The ability to track remote workers across the board with Apploye gives business owners like you complete command over virtual assistants.

It provides screenshots, which record screenshots of the VAs’ gadgets in a haphazard timeframe.

Its app usage feature tracks each employee’s app usage, and Apploye can even monitor the websites your employees are accessing at work.

  1. There is no need to pay for wasted time.

In the Apploye app, an idle time tracker is configured to alert you when the timer continues to run after a period of inactivity.

You wouldn’t have to worry about how much time your VAs have spent doing nothing because a clear timesheet would be available.

You can avoid getting charged by virtual assistants for those downtime hours in this way.

  1. Take Advantage of a Simple Payment

The Apploye payroll tool considerably lessens the inconvenience of paying out the employees. Based on your VAs’ hourly rates, you can create payroll.

We have the option of paying the virtual assistants on an hourly basis or at a predetermined rate. It’s quite simple to check the payment history, and you can pay them according to the projects they are working on, or project wise payment.

You can pay the VAs in the currency of their choice because they may be based in several regions.


Are you having trouble finding a virtual assistant for your company? You understand, employing a virtual assistant is not particularly difficult. These live the top 15 websites where you may hire a highly qualified virtual assistant. You can research a virtual assistant on Fiverr in addition to these virtual assistant websites. Popular freelance marketplace Fiverr attracts both clients and virtual assistants.

Hopefully, the websites we have mentioned below will help you discover a skilled VA. You can read our in-depth article on the finest software for a virtual assistant if, after employing a VA, you’re seeking for tools to oversee or manage your VA’s work.

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