Top 7 Highest Paid eSports Players in the World

eSports players may not necessarily have big muscles, athletic bodies, or an inclination towards demanding physical exercises. But they do have their own set of skills like insane hand-eye coordination, superhuman clicks per second, and creative problem-solving abilities to take on their opponents.

So, the massive paychecks and tournament winnings are justified. In this blog, you can check out some of the highest-earning eSports players in the world. After reading this article, you may want to invest in a fast internet plan like Spectrum One and a gaming PC to get you started. If you want to pursue eSports, a quick tip for you is to get started with Dota2 because of its high winnings.


Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, is one of the biggest names in eSports. He is so popular that he has become a gaming icon. He is majorly known for streaming games on Twitch and YouTube. Tyler has had multiple brand collaborations that have amassed him massive paychecks.

Other than streaming and brand collaborations, Ninja has competed at multiple competitions. He has been a part of major teams like Evil Geniuses, Cloud9, and Renegades. Like professional athletes, eSports players also receive salaries. So, working with such teams is sure to have added loads of cash to Tyler’s bank. Ninja has played many games like PUBG and Halo, but he is more popular for playing Fortnite.


Next to Ninja, Shroud is the most recognized gamer currently active. His real name is Michael Grzeseik. This Canadian eSports celebrity is also a popular Twitch streamer and a YouTuber. Shroud has been a part of Slow Motion, Exertus eSports, Manajuma, and Cloud9. Shroud was on a break from playing tournaments since 2017. But in 2022, he made a return with Sentinels to play in the Valorant tournament.

Shroud also had multiple brand collaborations. He plays PUBG, Valorant, Apex Legends, CS: GO, and sometimes Fortnite. The earnings from all these activities make him the second richest eSports celebrity.


BigDaddy aka n0tail is the best Dota2 player to play the game. BigDaddy, aka, Johan has won 4 Dota Majors and 2 Internationals. Dota2 has one of the biggest prize pools. So, it’s no surprise that winning these tournaments made him the third-highest-earning eSports athlete.

Johan has played Dota2 for the most time. He has been a part of Fnatic, Cloud9, and OG. OG, the team he founded himself, is the team where he has had the most success. That’s where he found most of his winnings. Now that BigDaddy has retired from tournaments, still manages team OG.


JerAx is another Dota2 player. He holds the rank of second best after his former team-mate BigDaddy. JerAx’s real name is Jesse Vainnika. He’s a Finnish player who won The Internationals alongside BigDaddy. Most of his net worth is from his run at OG.

Besides OG, JerAx has also played with Evil Geniuses. Now that he is retired, he is coaching Team Liquid, another decorated Dota2 team.


Ana is another former member of team OG. He’s been on the same back-to-back Dota2 international winning team. Also, he happens to be number 3 on the overall rankings on Dota2. Currently, Ana, Anathan Pham, is not competing because of burnout. But since he is only 22 years old, the possibility of coming out of retirement cannot be written off.

But in this brief career at a young age, Anathan Pham has amassed a solid net worth making him one of the richest eSports personalities.


If you were guessing it, you are right Ceb is also a Dota2 player and has had the privilege to win tournaments besides BigDaddy and JerAx. His real name is Sebastien Debs and he’s a Lebanese French player. He has formerly retired from competing but he’s returning. Besides OG, he has represented Lebanon’s national team too.

Other than competing, you can find Ceb hosting OG’s Monkey Business podcast. He is one of the richest eSports personalities. Now, he often switches roles from playing Dota2 to being a coach.


Topson or Topias is another Finnish Dota2 player like jerAx. Alongside his countryman, he has won two tournaments with team OG stacking up a lot of net worth to his name. Unlike most players from the original team, Topson has not yet retired. Though he has been inactive, he is not retired.

He has been a part of major teams like Alliance, Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and OG.

So, these are the 7 richest eSports celebrities. For new eSports aspirants, becoming a consistent streamer or downloading Dota2 and competing on the highest level is the secret to such wealth. With increasing prize pools of other games, you can find similar success in other places too.

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