Top 5 Reasons To Obtain Certbolt Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Right Away

As you know, Cloud technology is the fastest growing domain in the IT field and is predicted to grow exponentially in the next few years. What’s more, according to Gartner, Amazon is the largest cloud service provider in the digital world. Thereby, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a foundational certification offered by Amazon Web Services also known as AWS. This is because this designation confirms an individual’s overall understanding of the AWS cloud.

Moreover, this article gives the top 5 reasons to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Thus, if you have been pondering whether to become AWS qualified, this information will give you the much-needed push and help needed to make the right decision. Also check amazon digital services.

Reason 1: Helps get one foot in the promising career future

This certification of entry-level acts as a gateway to a lucrative career related to AWS cloud technologies. So, for example, this could be the first step to positions such as Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Developer, Amazon AWS Certification Exam , Cloud Solutions Manager, and many more. In other words, this certificate will establish you as a motivated and progressive specialist who is willing to work on your skills and reach professional heights.

Reason 2: Serves as a great addition to your CV

As already mentioned, AWS has an impressive reputation in the IT industry. Therefore, this certification from the globally-known vendor is guaranteed to get the attention of employers and recruiters, as it is an indication of an individual’s passion and willingness to work hard. So, the probability of a certified professional getting a job is much higher than for an uncertified professional.

Reason 3: Equips with the relevant technical knowledge and skills

Preparation for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner accreditation lays a sound foundation of the AWS Cloud and the global infrastructure, the AWS platform and core features, as well as AWS cloud-related economics, security, and compliance. In other words, this certification track equips candidates with the technical expertise required to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Also check Useful things to ask Alexa.

Reason 4: Provides an opportunity for growth

It’s important to note that this certificate is the only foundational designation offered by AWS. On that basis, this certification paves the way to other advanced certification pathways of professional and specialty level Amazon AWS Certification , such as Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, Advanced Networking, Database, and Security. Thus, there are many growth opportunities and methods individuals can take depending on their interests and professional aspirations.

Reason 5: Helps you earn more

Studies suggest that certified specialists earn much higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts. So, the possibility of qualifying for a salary raise or promotion is also drastically increased with an official certification. And, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate is ideal for determined individuals looking to earn big bucks. Moreover, according to ZipRecruiter, the annual average salary of this qualification’s owner is 89,643 USD. However, actual figures may vary depending on the region employed and on the individual’s talent.


As a result, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification has several key benefits as outlined in this article. Therefore, this qualification track will be a great starting point for anyone aspiring to climb the career ladder and be a part of a global network of cloud professionals.

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