Tips to make a professionally overwhelming video

Are you wondering what it takes to furnish a professional-quality video? Fancy tools and lavish equipment are not the answer! Advanced tools may simplify your job, but the real deal is your video editing technique.

Skill and creativity lie over and above the use of expensive gadgets. You can create a top-notch video with whatever you have at hand. Your phone camera itself can shoot professionally sound video content with ease. Read further to acquaint yourself with some handy tips and techniques to up your video creating and editing game.

Let There Be Light!

Proper lights should be your top priority when filming a video. Opt for soft lighting conditions that will flatter your subject. Hard lights can lead to harsh shadows that are a big ‘no’ in shooting videos. While the sun does wonders for your video shoots, artificial lights when put to proper use can help you achieve a professional look effortlessly.

However, if you want to go for natural lighting, make sure to film in the morning or evening when the light is comparatively softer and complimentary.

Do Not Undermine Your Background

The backdrop you choose for your subject while filming a video affects your video standard profoundly. It is advisable to go for a solid-colored background like a bedsheet, a wall, or a large sheet of background paper. Stay away from a messy background as it will distract your viewer and render an unpleasant viewing experience.

A clever idea would be to film in your actual workplace. Your home office or your workstation makes a smart choice. Another tip to be cognizant of is to avoid a light source behind your subject. It could make your subject look dark and shadowy. You must steer clear of reflective surfaces in the backdrop.

Select Your Video Editing Software Wisely

Your choice of tools and accessories is pivotal in making a high-end video. Sought-after editing software like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, is a must-have to produce a quality result. While choosing a suitable program, here are a few key points to consider: Your editing software must have the ability to cut and crop videos: add texts and media; include transitions, filters, and overlays; have aspect-ratio settings; possess a rich library of music tracks.

Simplicity Is Key

The use of fewer transitions separates a professional editor from a novice. One may get too carried away when editing videos concerning effects and transitions. Transitions add depth to your video but avoid going overboard. Most professional videos keep things simple.

Make It Simple

An indispensable part of a commercially successful video is crisp, clear audio. Your visuals will fall flat on its face if your audio is disturbed and noisy. Make use of noise-canceling settings on an online video editor free of cost and invest in a good microphone to keep needless distractions at bay. You don’t want your viewer to close your video within a few seconds owing to indistinct sound.

Ready, Steady, Shoot!

Shaky footage will chase your viewers away. Holding a camera steady is a tricky job, so we suggest you use a tripod stand or a stationary surface to place your camera. Avoid unnecessary camera movement. Cut to separate angles if you have to, and use video stabilizers while you edit to remove any unstable parts of your final video. Most video editing software have built-in stabilizers to eliminate any uncalled-for trembling shots.

Rule Of Thirds = Rule Of Thumb

The rule of thirds is an efficient way to master the art of video production. Imagine a 3-by-3 grid on your video frame and instead of placing your subject right in the middle, opt to place it at the points where the grid lines intersect- these are the points of primary focus. As a beginner adhering to the rule of thirds will help you achieve a professional video without hassle.

Optimally Utilize Your Handset

A professional camera is not a prerequisite to film a polished video. Your phone camera is enough for most purposes. However, a few tips can assist you while using a phone. Choose the back camera to film your videos. Make sure you film your video horizontally and use grid lines to avoid tilted shots.

Put Your Best Foot Forward On Camera

The way you carry yourself in your video has a great impact on the professionalism of your video. Being nervous on camera can hamper your content. Smile while you talk, get a prop to keep your hands occupied, and speak out loud and clear. Above all, keep practicing till you are satisfied with the result.

Experiment With Different Angles

Shots from different camera angles can help the aesthetics of your video and add visual interest on screen. A single static frame may bore your viewer. A cut to a different angle in a professional video helps you keep your viewer engaged. Go for B-roll footage while you shoot and use them later while editing. Remember to make a perspective shift of at least 45-degrees to get the intended result.

Devise A Sound Plan Of Action

Proper planning is half the battle won! Create a plan and revise it to perfection. With a detailed plan ahead of you, not only do you save time but also have a clear-cut picture of your final result. A definite plan of action enables you to deliver your story with clarity. In the absence of a plan, your video may not have the desired impact, despite its quality.

Promote! Promote! Promote!

Getting your video to your target audience is a task that requires due attention. You can make sure that people watch your videos by making them suitable for all media platforms. If you cannot bring traffic to your video, take your video to the traffic. Have your video published on platforms that your target audience uses. Learn about the basics of video SEO. Don’t forget to interact with your audience and answer their questions. Most importantly, keep creating fresh content regularly.

Conclusion- To Sum Up

A masterfully seasoned video takes nothing more than a mindful application of tips and tricks that elevate the quality of your video in an instant. You don’t need years of practice, but dedication will take you places.

Your brand image will be positively affected by professional-quality video content. This helps in proper content marketing. Bearing in mind these tips will allow you to achieve cutting-edge output that is sure to garner the attention of your viewers. Put these tips to practice and watch yourself transform into a pro video content creator.

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