Time Tracking Tools 4 Reasons Why Method Needs To Be Your #1 Choice

Method Is best Among other Time Tracking Tools will be described in this article.  Every minute of every working day, your firm is either producing money or losing it when you are in charge of it. You may gain the important insights you need to put your company on the right side of the equation by using a time monitoring application.

Time Tracking Tools 4 Reasons Why Method Needs To Be Your #1 Choice

In this article, you can know about Time Tracking Tools here are the details below;

How do they accomplish this? In summary, a time tracker gives you a clear view of how much time employees spend on each specific task. This enables you to identify inefficiencies in your present workflows and measure their effectiveness.

Additionally, employee time tracking software has useful capabilities that are not available with paper timesheets, Excel, swipe cards, punch clocks, or other methods. These unique capabilities enable you to:

  • Put data entering in an automated manner.
  • Calculate the productivity of your staff.
  • Provide clients with accurate, thorough quotes and invoices.
  • Cut down on payroll errors.
  • Improve the way you handle project expenses.
  • Make future plans with more precise data.
  • Get updates from the job location in real time.

And that’s only the very beginning. To put it simply, the best time tracking apps provide you with the resources you need to increase your productivity and profitability.

Questions to ask when choosing a time tracking tool

How do you choose the finest employee time tracking tool for your company now that you are aware of its advantages?

There are hundreds of options available, each with a different set of features. No two businesses are exactly the same, which adds to the complexity. To get the most out of its time tracking tool, any business must have certain functionality, though.

Having said that, you must consider these factors before selecting the ideal time tracking solution for your company.

Does it have a mobile app?

For service companies that have field-based teams, this is a deal breaker. You need to know the precise number of actual working hours for each block of time in order to obtain the most accurate data. The only real way for your field team to accurately log time is to use a time tracking tool that integrates with a mobile app.  Additionally, it’s the most effective method for them to verify their purpose.

When your team arrives at the job site, they can open the work order using a mobile app. Additionally, it provides them with an easy way to set and stop the timer on their mobile devices in response to the start and finish of tasks.

Having your staff manually complete time logs increases the possibility of error because, at most, they would be entering their time in the truck. Additionally, there’s a chance that they won’t complete timesheets until the end of the day or week, which would provide you with even less trustworthy information. The ability of a mobile app to track attendance and function as a portable employee time clock is another crucial feature. Your field teams don’t need to come to the office only to clock in and out or to hand in timesheets.

Is it cloud-based?

To get the most out of your time tracking application, it must to be cloud-based. This is especially true for a mobile time search app. Cloud services allow for adjustments made in the app to be sent in real time between your office and field teams. This way you can obtain immediate updates of your work crew’s progress on each assignment and solve any delays or issues.

Another key reason going cloud-based is important? A cloud-based time tracking application also enables you to assess staff availability and deliver last-minute work orders to your teams in the field.

Does it address the challenges your business faces?

Measuring the blocks of time needed to accomplish each job is a basic element of an employee time tracking tool. But for your firm to succeed, you need more than just a simple time record.

The appropriate automatic time tracking tool will offer reporting features that provide you the insights you need to:

  • Improve your teams’ time management skills.
  • Help you with proper budget forecasting.
  • Reduce project costs.
  • Make your operations more efficient.

Can it integrate with the tools you already use?

The capacity of time tracking software to automate workflows and lessen the need for repetitive data entry across multiple programmes is one of its main advantages.

Put differently, your time tracker should allow for straightforward programme connection. This allows you to import and export data between your time tracking software, email, scheduler, contact list, accounting and invoicing systems, and more.  Software integration also lessens the possibility that a data input error will make you appear unprofessional to customers, in addition to making your life easier and saving you valuable time.

Does it have a free trial?

The ability to sample software solutions before you buy is one of their many wonderful features these days.

A typical free trial should last long enough to allow for:

  • Become accustomed to the user interface.
  • Play around and experiment until you get the hang of using it.
  • Begin to enjoy the advantages of using a time monitoring application.

Now that you are aware of the elements that are essential to your company, let’s examine Method’s time tracking offering.

The software from Method ticks every box and then some. Discover the top 4 reasons our well-liked time monitoring programme ought to be your first choice by continuing to read.

Why Method should be your time tracking tool of choice

We are the leading QuickBooks CRM, with a strong focus on workflow automation. We developed time tracking capabilities based on feedback from our field service customers, who were primarily using our CRM and FSM systems.

What was the outcome? A time-tracking device ideal for service companies with field-based work crews. Your office and field staff’ workflows are made simpler with our time tracking system. These characteristics are what enable it to occur.

1. Simple payroll automation with two-way QuickBooks sync

Data entry is one of those jobs that, particularly when it comes from several sources,

  • requires a lot of work.
  • can result in expensive errors.
  • is not a wise use of the resources you have.

We developed a time tracking app that addresses all of these problems and more based on input from our users.

Method’s Time Tracking software synchronises with QuickBooks desktop and web versions to do this.

The time tracker logs billable hours, which are then imported into QuickBooks and authorised, delivered to your payroll, and invoiced with just a few clicks. This reduces the effort of your office personnel and avoids duplicate data entry.

The following benefits come with Method’s robust two-way time tracking sync with QuickBooks:

  • Payroll and invoice processing made simpler, quicker, and more accurate.
  • a complete picture of each client and work, from the establishment of the estimate to its completion and billing.
  • Easy approvals: For greatest effectiveness, entries can be authorised in bulk.

2. Replace manual employee timesheets with a user-friendly mobile app

When you use our mobile app for time tracking, you won’t have to worry about persistently following up with your team to get them to complete accurate timesheets. Your field personnel may easily record time entries using our user-friendly mobile time tracker. To start and stop the timer, your team just takes out their phones before and after a task. And that’s it! Bid farewell to clipboards, paper piles, and fumbling for a pen.

What’s the best thing, then? Because there is no lag time between when your staff logs their hours and when they finish the work, you receive more precise statistics. No more rounding up or down or attempting to recall how much time was spent on a task.

Accurate and simpler client billing is another benefit of automated time monitoring. With just a few clicks, approved time logs may be attached to bills.

You may now rest comfortable knowing that your clients are only being billed for the real time that they are billed for. Even better, Method enables you to design personalised QuickBooks invoices, allowing you to add as much information as necessary—something your clients will undoubtedly value.

3. Get real-time reports from the field with our cloud time tracking tool

You can get real-time reports on work progress, employee hours, and site conditions with our online time tracker.

Our app lets you to stay in touch with your team on the pitch, which allows you to:

  • As issues arise on the job site, solve them.
  • See the remarks that your work crews have made in real-time within their time tracking records. When needed, this data can be organised by client, job, or employee, making it simple to locate.
  • Earn money from urgent and last-minute work requests.

Furthermore, real-time information gives you a data-driven perspective on team performance as well as individual employee performance.

Possessing this information puts you in a position to:

  • Determine operational bottlenecks with accuracy.
  • Streamline your scheduling to cut expenses.
  • Make estimations that are more accurate.

4. Connect the tools you love

You have so far learnt how simple it is to integrate our time tracking application with QuickBooks for billing and payroll procedures.

In order to facilitate the automation of even more of your workflows, the Time Tracker app boasts native connectors with the applications you use on a daily basis. Below, we’ve featured two of the most well-liked integrations.

Google Calendar

This app is on every device, including the phones of your staff. Tasks, jobs, and reminders can be scheduled using data that is automatically imported from our time monitoring tool.


Your time tracking tool may be integrated with hundreds of apps thanks to our Zapier connector.

You can contact customers directly from the app, issue invoices automatically, input time entries for reporting, and much more based on the workflows you define.

Recap: Why Method is the top time tracker for teams on QuickBooks

In conclusion, managers and business owners can gain deeper insights into how time is spent on various tasks and projects by utilising a time tracking application.

By implementing this for your company, you obtain the knowledge required to optimise processes, save project expenses, and maintain client satisfaction through more accurate quotes and billing.

The time tracking solution from Method was created with service companies in mind. Our Application for Time Monitoring:

  • uses our QuickBooks sync to automate your payroll process and eliminate double data entry.
  • Makes it easier for your staff to enter precise time entries on the mobile app.
  • Keeps you continually connected to your field teams and guarantees that everyone’s up-to-date and on the same page with a cloud-based service.
  • uses native software connectors to elevate workflow automation to new levels.

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