The Rise Of TikTok Entrepreneurs: How Useful Is Their Business Advice?

TikTok’s unprecedented growth can’t be ignored. There’s little question that the current viral rise in popularity is due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. When individuals were focused just on their families, the platform gave them an opportunity to express themselves, to escape, and to connect when they needed it.

The growth of TikTok has made it a unique online community where the culture changes rapidly. It is not unusual for individuals to become “viral” overnight as a result of this platform’s excellent reputation.

However, these challenges no longer are only for adolescents who participate in dancing and lip-syncing. Since the app has grown with its community, and the increasing options for small companies are now difficult to ignore, the app has evolved.

Teachers, small business owners, counselors, advocates, you name it — the platform offers an enormous variety of educators, company owners, coaches, activists, and so on. So here are some trailblazing TikTok stars who have built sprawling enterprises to assist the general populace about entrepreneurship.

Popular TikTok Entrepreneurs and their Recommendations

 1. Evan Van Auken @vanader

He effortlessly and effectively switched to business via his TikTok videos. His writing touches on many subjects like company development, investment, and personal improvement.

Anyone seeking to find an entrance into the corporate sector or for financial literacy or agency should find something in his content portfolio. Evan advises that “If you can provide any kind of value, go on TikTok.”

His first concern is about creating valuable content for his viewers, which is why he wants them to walk away from his videos knowing difficult topics and feeling empowered. To make things easy for viewers, he arranges movies such that he asks a question, answers it, then explains it.

2. Sierra Nicole @sierranicoleofficial

When she is singing and dancing to a song, Sierra delivers important information in the form of subtitles. Sierra’s TikTok has a specific format that sets it apart from the other TikToks on the platform.

Her advice is particularly useful for new entrepreneurs just starting out, as she explains the nature of the delicate beginning phase of your company, what to anticipate, and how to safeguard your interests.

The primary effect of watching her is to shift your attention away from topics like personal finance and corporate law, and then she teaches you something new about something you may have avoided because you had assumed it was too difficult to comprehend.

3. Jen Ruiz @jenonajetplane

According to Jen, TikTok’s algorithm has enabled small and large companies alike to reach millions of prospective consumers by gauging the quality of the material in each video, not the number of subscribers each company has.

If you are new to TikTok and wondering where to start, Jen advises choosing a subject that your followers are interested in and then uploading regularly (5-7 times a week). According to the latest report, even the best-performing brands on TikTok post around 3.52 times every week on average. Listen to the latest popular music and use hashtags to increase your exposure. If you see a growing trend, think about how you can make it more targeted to your niche in order to generate more traffic.

4. Sandy Lin @smallbusinesstips_

At the age of 19, Sandy Lin established her own company. She hopes to educate young people about the importance of seizing control over their own destinies and becoming self-employed.

Her TikTok content is focused on financial independence for young business owners, while also supplying these individuals with assets that she herself found useful when she started out on her own entrepreneurial journey.

The videos of Sandy are fun. She dresses up in various costumes and clothes and performs different dance routines and game shows where she impersonates different personalities.

There are many things to take away from her videos. One of them is how candid she is about her experience during the early stages of establishing her company when she had to contend with many obstacles.

5. Taylor Price @pricelesstay

Taylor Price’s aim is to promote financial well-being for the next generation. She is using the platform to draw attention to the gender gap in financial literacy and the persistently sexist financial environment.

Taylor is proud of being a Gen Z and using the platform to help close the gap between the number of financially literate young people and the general population.

She never strays from her genuine self-expression while on TikTok. When it comes to trying to get views, she never feels as if she has to pretend to be someone and prefers not wearing makeup in her videos.

6. Terrance McMahon @terrancemcmahon

McMahon’s videos have been seen over 1 million times on TikTok, and he has garnered over 200,000 followers on the app. Entrepreneurs, usually under 35, find a mentor in Terrance, who has been a managing partner and CEO for many years.

What advice does entrepreneur Terrance provide to TikTok users who want to become business owners? She states to focus on one of your favorite ideas, and assist a small group of people to address a common issue.

This provides the opportunity to build your credibility and establish a trusting environment. Once it is proven, you may take your ideas to the next level.


TikTok is still an untested space for many and for them, stepping into the unknown is naturally stressful. If you want to learn about TikTok and all the ways your small company may profit from it, some of the platform’s top entrepreneurs and brand builders have put together a list of good recommendations for you.

TikTok gives artists a way to connect with a broad global audience and have fun as they promote their brand by expressing themselves in their own genuine voice. Are you curious about TikTok? Finding your specialty and discovering your position in the TikTok community is a wonderful time to start now.


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