The Psychology of Stacked Monitors: How Multiple Screens Impact Focus and Attention

As people continue to improve the home office and look for ways to boost productivity, multiple screens and various setups are being used. Stacked monitors are one of those setups, and it’s a setup that offers several benefits for users of all kinds. In addition to being compact and easy to fit anywhere because of their vertically stacked design, they make work easier and more focused.

Typical monitor setups often have a lot of cables and space requirements that aren’t found in all offices. Especially as more people work from home, the smaller home office space might not be conducive to a wall of two or three massive widescreen monitors. This is where monitor stacking can offer the perfect alternative.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of using multiple screens in a stacked fashion. And if you’re looking for a ready-to-go setup, check out the Geminos stacked monitors.

Use Your Natural Field of Vision

Traditional monitor setups often cause eye strain and distraction because they require your eyes to move around a lot to see everything. With stacked monitors, you can keep everything in your natural field of vision. That means less looking around, which leads to fewer distractions and increased productivity. As an added benefit, it also reduces the physical strain on your eyes.

How many times do you find your eyes wandering during the day? You’re scanning back and forth between screens, or getting off track because you have to switch windows all the time. Stacked monitors solve these obstacles and more.

Flexibility for Different Personalities

Not all people get focused the same way. Everyone works differently, to a certain degree. Stacked monitors allow for flexibility that can address those needs. Workers can choose how to stack their screens and set up their monitors in the most efficient way for their specific needs.

Today, workers demand more efficient, customized workstations. They want to enjoy the creature comforts of home at work, and it’s right of them to expect their companies to invest in the technology for them. If you’re shopping for a solution to boost your team’s performance and productivity, stacked monitors are a great starting point.

Less Back-and-Forth

When you have stacked screens, you’re also spending less time navigating back and forth between apps and windows. This can interrupt thought processes and reduce productivity in several ways. Stacked monitors keep everything at hand so you can work like a well-oiled machine and make sure things get done.

Increased Confidence

When you start to see an increase in productivity because you’ve improved the way you work, you’ll also feel a boost of confidence. This can lead to better performance overall, increased job satisfaction, and other benefits. If you’re an employer considering stacked monitors for your team, this is a great way to help your people work in a way that works for them. They’ll thank you for it in several ways.

There Are Physical Benefits, Too

In addition to all the psychological improvements and increased focus that you can find when you introduce stacked monitors, there are physical benefits to be had, as well. Namely, stacking monitors allows you to create a more ergonomic workspace. This reduces strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. As mentioned, it also reduces eye strain and tiredness.

Stacking monitors provides a more natural way to look at screens, which helps the body maintain proper posture. This can reduce workplace injuries and repetitive motion issues, keep workers alert and focused, and stop all the head and neck movement that most monitor setups require.

Buy Ready-Made Stacked Monitors

If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of figuring out your own stacking setup, you can choose to purchase a stacked desktop, or stacked monitor setup that is available in several customization options. You can choose screen resolution, color preferences, and panel types, allowing you to put these monitors to work in several applications.

When you choose the Geminos stacked monitors from Mobile Pixels, you’ll see that there’s a whole new way to work. Whether it’s for your own use or to outfit the office, you’ll find the benefits above are just the start. Get moving on a more flexible, customized workspace for improved mental focus and more.

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