11 Best Sites Like Craigslist For Buying and Selling In 2023

The Top 11 Craigslist Alternatives For Buying and Selling in 2023. I’m going to highlight the best Craigslist marketplace alternatives in this post. For years, it was the top website for classified ads, but these days, there are better options with wider audience reach. Therefore, even if you continue to use Craigslist, it is always preferable to have more options when buying or selling.

As you can see, Craigslist has a lot of competition from other buying and selling websites.

11 Best Sites Like Craigslist For Buying and Selling In 2023

In this article, you can know about  11 Best Sites Like Craigslist For Buying and Selling In 2023 here are the details below;

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is typically used to post and share status updates with friends or to view trending images and videos. But you might not be aware that Facebook is a website similar to Craigslist where you can buy or sell locally for free.

You can find a ton of local selling groups on Facebook by just typing the name of your city into the search field for an online classified yard sale or by clicking the Marketplace option in the sidebar on the left of the Facebook page.

Which is better, Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace?

You can list your stuff on Facebook similarly to Craigslist. It is one of the classified advertisements websites like Craigslist for Cars, Furniture, etc. and is great for local classifieds. Over 800 million individuals utilize the Facebook marketplace, according to big commerce.

Similar to the standard Facebook news feed, where the contents are shown in the order in which they were posted. You can conduct a keyword hunt in the pertinent Buy and Sell group if you’re looking for a product to purchase. Similar to Craigslist, you cannot sell firearms here. Also check backpage alternatives

2. eBay Classifieds

This is among the most well-known and reliable selling platforms similar to Craigslist personal advertising I’ve ever utilized. There are numerous alternatives on eBay, and there are millions of users worldwide. eBay has a top-notch customer support team that is always ready to assist you. I’ve used eBay to buy and sell hundreds of products, and we’ve never run into any problems. It features apps for iOS and Android.

3. Letgo – Is LetGo Better Than Craigslist?

This is another well-known substitute for Craigslist’s classified ads that, in terms of grouping goods listings, outperforms Facebook. You can search using specific keywords or broad categories (like clothing and accessories). This is a simple way to find things.

Furthermore, it offers a user-friendly interface that encourages sellers to provide more specifics, while Craigslist Sales is a straightforward and uncluttered platform. Sites like Letgo are safer than Craigslist since you must to prove your Google or Facebook account before creating a profile.

4. Mercari

One of the better websites that resemble Craigslist is Mercari. It is a trustworthy and trustworthy Craigslist substitute with useful features. Recently, they implemented a fast payment option, and it works perfectly for me. The low ratings should be due to several concerns regarding rip-offs and high delivery expenses.

The Mercari app was introduced in 2013. It incorporates social media, enabling you to run advertisements on Facebook and regional print media. For access to some premium features, you must spend money.

5. OfferUp

Compared to Craigslist websites, OfferUp is much smaller, but it offers a lot of product listings and is currently rather popular. This is a well-known Craigslist substitute for electronic devices that provides a market for the purchase and sale of a variety of gadgets, including cameras, cell phones, tablets, video games, watches, etc.

It has more than 23 million downloads overall and was named GeekWire’s App of the Year. A vast variety of smart home accessories are also available, including voice assistants, thermostats, and streaming devices.

Although the buyer must pay a small fee, there is no charge for the seller because OfferUp helps with the transactions and sees to it that everything goes properly. Both the vendor and the buyer can receive ratings on websites like Offerup, making transactions more secure and dependable.

Additionally, it will lessen the amount of con artists. The vendor can use this capability to post his listing on Facebook. Buyers can then choose to accept the price that the seller has listed or submit their own offer. Get the app, then start shopping!

6. Sellcell

The top gadget trade site in the USA is Sellcell, which is also a well-liked Craigslist substitute for personal ads for mobile phones. This website excels at comparing customers against anyone else. They also provide buyers and clients with a best price guarantee.

When you shop about and find a better deal, they guarantee to repay you twice the difference. Practically speaking, they don’t purchase their own cell phones. However, they may also assist you in comparing prices and locating the greatest offers for used and reconditioned equipment.

From the seller’s perspective, after choosing the offer, you only need to follow the instructions for shipping the gadget to the business. They also offer a rapid valuation service if you need to sell your house urgently. The seller will receive payment in cash or gift cards after the corporation runs devices through its system.

Do you want to receive the highest bid for your used or refurbished device?

Practically telling, there is a significant difference between the highest and lowest prices paid for an item. Therefore, if you’re seeking for the finest offer, get in touch with them or stop by; they’ll find the cheapest price with a guarantee for you. Following these easy guidelines will allow you to exchange or sell phones or tablets.

  • Compare Prices (SellCell’s distinguishing feature above other buy-and-sell websites like Craigslist)

To find the smartphone or tablet you wish to sell, use the search bar at the top of the page.

Choose the best deal

To get you the greatest price for the phone or tablet you wish to sell, they approximate prices from ALL the top cell phone buyers. You must decide which business you wish to buy your device from.

  • Post your device

Simply follow the instructions to post your device to the buyer you’ve chosen.

·      Get paid!

There will be no waiting around once the buyer has received and inspected your item; you will receive your money immediately.

7. Gumtree

Another one of my favorite Craigslist-like classified websites that has apps for both iOS and Android is Gumtree. It has millions of users and is incredibly simple to use. It does support specific nations, which is an additional crucial point.

The mobile app makes it very simple to get in touch with the services you need. Gumtree operates as a classified ad service on its own, but it also collaborates with rival websites like to enhance and broaden users’ searches.

In order to increase their listings, Gumtree uses a combination of various Craigslist personals alternatives in addition to certain listings that are uploaded directly on the site. Gumtree offers a wide range of goods and services, including personals and pets, and enables sellers to promote their ads via Facebook as well.

8. 5Miles

One of the less cluttered Craigslist substitutes out there is 5miles. With one notable exception, most websites are quite similar to one another. You must first decide what you are looking for before you can peak or search for it. For people wishing to buy or sell electronics, this is advised.

It includes pricing ranges similar to others, but you can sort different orders and choose from a wide variety of categories. With the help of this one app, you may message the buyer or seller and ask for further information.

The majority of transactions on Craigslist Personals, which uses 5miles for personal classified advertisements, can be avoided by using this excellent substitute. It supplies a wide range of opportunities, such as access to local services or housing. As a result, this is one of the best Craigslist-like classified websites for that. You only need to browse the website to see how simple it is to use.

9. Poshmark

Another well-liked website for online classified ads is Poshmark. It gained popularity as a result of some well-liked qualities. There are some problems with this site, according to several customer reports. Another well-liked classifieds website, this one with useful features. In the United States and some European nations, it is extremely well-liked. However, I read other reviews that said consumers were dissatisfied with the customer service and that some items were missing.

10. VarageSale

You can enter your zip code into Varagesale to search your community or area. It has a regional platform that enables users to purchase goods at a discount. Simply establish contact with locals. It expedites space while using the conventional ground sale. The ideal location, then, to get fantastic deals and make some extra money through other apps.

This website is a great alternative to Craigslist, which is more well-known for its classified ads relating to sales, for jobs. But it also provides additional services. This website has been utilized by me a few times and has generally been helpful. It is a quick, reliable website with simple navigation options. I also enjoy that you may see advertisements on this website without registering.

11. Locanto

One of the most well-known Craigslist alternatives is this one. It functions admirably and is simple to use and put ads on. Some still find it to be quite helpful. It has several cool features that I appreciate. It filters quickly, is simple to use, and is updated frequently.

This website has a lot of expired advertisements, thus it would be amazing if they could figure out a way to get rid of them. Available in many nations is locanto. The majority of users are dissatisfied with this site, according to the most current reviews, which you can find here. There have been several concerns concerning con artists, and I believe that is the main cause.

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Why Do You Need These Top Craigslist Alternatives?

There are numerous possible causes for ceasing to use Craigslist. I think their website is out of date and has few options. I discovered that some people claim they don’t like it because of low-balls when I read through various forums.

We might state that selling big, expensive products is one of this site’s strong points. In many markets, there are no listing or closing costs. Other benefits of this site are quick responses and simplicity in listing. Importantly, it offers posting privacy and identity security.

However, there are some disadvantages. It has fewer professional buyers and less safety. Additionally, there is no pressure on customers to make a purchase. If you utilize a lot of listings, your account may be suspended. Other drawbacks of this software include a lack of ad and listing editing and a weaker buyer base.

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Which app is best for selling furniture?

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What Online Classified Ads Websites Are Most Popular?

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I hope you enjoy this list of the top craigslist alternatives. The list has been ordered in accordance with popularity and ratings. Always keep in mind to examine the reviews and comments of specific merchants when using these websites. Please feel free to remark on the additional selling and buying websites that are similar to Craigslist.

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