Best 16 Sites Like Beatport In 2023

16 Sites Like Beatport. A global hub of electronic music for DJs, producers, and fans, Beatport was founded in 2004 and offers consumers a vast selection of curated digital music as well as specialized music discovery tools. This site offers its users access to more than tens of millions of songs in a variety of genres and a weekly updated collection of exclusive music.

Customers may even be able to access services through physical locations like Berlin, Los Angeles, and Denver, which promotes DJ culture and provides access to a vibrant electronic music ecosystem. Beatport allows users to create playlists and provides premium streaming services, but it does not support direct music purchases through its mobile app. Even new debt-free services are accessible, and LiveStyle’s online music store continues to run financially despite being owned by third parties.


  • Offers possibilities for music discovery and DJ tools
  • Provides music tracks for purchase and download
  • Focus on catering to DJs and fans of electronic music
  • Recognized for its vast collection of electronic music
  • Electronic music and culture-focused online music retailer


  • Supplied DJ equipment
  • Large music library promotes musical exploration
  • Superior audio streaming
  • Focuses on electronic music


  • Downloads must be purchased
  • A few non-electronic songs
  • Internet connection necessary

Best 16 Sites Like Beatport In 2023

In this article, you can know about Sites Like Beatport here are the details below;

1. JioSaaavn

An Indian digital music service called JioSaavn is revolutionizing how people access and enjoy internet music all around the world. It has an unusual mix of Internet radio and on-demand music features. Other services that this platform might provide include chat, sharing, and music tagging. Currently, JioSaavn has millions of active users and is available in thousands of nations. Additionally, it offers tens of thousands of songs in languages including Hindi, Telugu, English, Marathi, Tamil, Punjabi.

2. Bandcamp

Bandcamp was established in 2007 to serve as a platform for artists to set up online shops to sell and promote their music. The artists can use this platform to sell physical products like vinyl records and cassette tapes as well as digital downloads. The business is developing cutting-edge services to help fans obtain and enjoy music as well as labels and artists share and profit from it. Millions of artists, fans, and labels worldwide use Bandcamp. This is another Sites Like Beatport.

3. Amazon Prime Music

An online music service provider with a variety of advantages is Amazon Music Prime. There is no need to subscribe to additional services because the platform can provide millions of tracks from Amazon’s whole music library. Podcasts and audio streaming are available through Amazon audio Prime. The listener may also be given access to the premium service, which offers a library that almost entirely consists of more than 60 million songs. A list of streaming services can be seen in its home section. This is another Sites Like Beatport.

4. Tidal

Online music service Tidal features high-quality audio, music videos, and editorial content chosen by musicians, music journalists, and industry professionals. With its auditory experience, the listener has limitless access to millions of music tracks and can enjoy his music as intended by the musicians. The user can also view high-definition music videos that are free of advertising and blurry pictures. With the use of playlists, album presentations, and expert recommendations, Tidal can help users find their favorite material. This is another Sites Like Beatport. Also check Apps like Vinkle 

5. Pandora Radio

A free but ad-supported internet radio service, Pandora Radio was established in 2000. Over 400 song properties are controlled with the aid of the Music Genome Project in order to customize radio stations from a diversity of music. With advanced features like High-Quality Streaming, Pandora One Desktop and No Ads, Personalized Look, Mini Player, Extended Interaction Timeout, and many more, the listener can upgrade to Pandora One and get the most out of his experience.

6. Deezer

Deezer is an online music streaming service featuring millions of tracks that have been granted a license. It enables users to stream or download any type of music from renowned record labels. Tens of thousands of radio channels with personalized suggestions are also accessible through this platform. The Deezer website and app are both available for free, or users can pay to subscription. Its app is easily accessible on Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, Web, OS X, Kindle Fire HDX, iOS, and BlackBerry. This is another Sites Like Beatport.

7. YouTube Music

With the help of YouTube songs, a user can quickly find what he’s seeking for and completely discover new songs. The listener can receive playlists and recommendations based on his preferences, the situation, and what’s popular around. A redesigned service, YouTube Music offers access to official releases from your top artists. Finding singles, albums, covers, live performances, remixes, etc. is simple for the user. You can use it to search for the song as well.

8. Pocket Casts

A tool called Pocket Casts allows music listeners to keep up with all the newest podcasts. The user can stream or download the multiple recent episodes of their favorite podcasts by adding them. Without a subscription, this application can offer to play the content. This platform can assist the user in finding his favorite guest on one of the fantastic episodes.

9. Nuclear

A music program called Nuclear makes advantage of free materials from all around the Internet. According to the platform’s creator, this software can be compared to a larger, free version of Spotify with a wider selection of music. This player provides a clear and user-friendly interface to his customers. The user of Nuclear may also be able to save music by adding them to a personal playlist. Additionally, it provides direct rip and download of MP3 files. This is another Sites Like Beatport.

10. SoundCloud

In 2007, the Stockholm, Sweden-based company SoundCloud launched a platform for online music distribution and audio streaming. Through a range of sharing methods, its interactive character can enable creators like musicians and podcasters to establish direct contact with viewers and listeners. On SoundCloud, the user can express his opinions in any audio stream, and other listeners can hear them. Its free edition allows users to submit audio files that are almost three hours long and see statistics like the number. Also check Mp3boo Alternatives

11. Ampache

Ampache is a music streaming server that, thanks to its open-sourced license, enables the user to host and control his digital music library on his server. Any computer, tablet, smartphone, or smart TV can stream music from it. The user no longer needs to save several copies of his music on the device he wishes to use for listening, as a result. Ampache’s online interface and listening to music are all that is necessary for the listener to manage his collection on the server. This is another Sites Like Beatport.

12. Audius

Audius is a decentralized music streaming service that incorporates social media and the Blockchain. The site is owned and operated by a group of fans, creators, and developers. It also features a cryptocurrency token called AUDIO. Politicians and musicians alike assert that performers are suffering as a result of the industry’s critics’ claims that individual artists are not being paid fairly for their labor, and Audius is the answer to their complaints.

13. LiveXLive (Slacker)

Slacker’s LiveXLive service can stream music with a varied emphasis. It mostly focuses on live music performances and related events. Basic content is also available on this platform, including playlists, curated stations, offline support, on-demand music, and similar materials. Fans of live music have a variety of possibilities that are fairly interesting. LiveXLive provides free services to users, including a premium version trial and a premium version with a different fee.

14. Apple Music

Listeners who are intensely passionate about music can find relief on Apple Music. The platform is working to improve it since it acts as a force that motivates and inspires the listener. Due to the network’s availability of millions of songs, listeners may access more music. Additionally, Apple Music offers the user customized suggestions from other users who are knowledgeable about music. It functions as a glue that strengthens the relationship between supporters. This is another Sites Like Beatport.

15. Spotify

Spotify is a service that streams music and holds digital rights for restricted management content from record companies like EMI, Sony, Warner Music Group, Universal, and others. Along with performing direct searches, the user can browse the piece by album, artist, playlist, genre, or record label. Links are readily available through computers, enabling users to buy particular content through vendor partners. Spotify offers a music library that is accessible on mobile devices as well.

16. Jango

A cutting-edge music streaming service called Jango enables users to develop & share a variety of personalized radio stations. The site will play music from other artists who are similar to the one the user has selected to stream. Additionally, it allows the user to continuously alter his radio stations by rating each song so that he can play it more or less frequently. One of the first platforms to establish an integration of social networking with online radio is Jango.

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