Top 5 Sauce Labs Alternatives & Competitors In 2023

Best Sauce Labs Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Sauce Labs is an application that allows you to test your mobile applications and website across numerous browsers, physical devices, and OS. It enables you to easily perform continuous, live, and automated testing. However, this app has some limitations, like operation timeout issues when performing tests. Moreover, many times it can block your automation. Here is a curated inventory of Top applications that are capable of replacing Sauce Labs. The list contains both open source(free) and commercial(paid) software.

Top 5 Sauce Labs Alternatives & Competitors In 2023

In this article, you can know about Sauce Labs Alternatives here are the details below;

1. LambdaTest


LambdaTest is the top competitor of saucelabs. With LambdaTest users can perform Live and Automation testing on 2000+ browsers & OS. They offer amazing 24×7 technical support to help you get started and resolve your queries.


  • Drastically reduce your build times by performing tests in parallel thereby speeding up your goto market launch.
  • Perform testing on the go at LambdaTest cloud environment, no need to set up a huge testing infrastructure.
  • Perform testing even of your locally hosted web apps.
  • Performs quick responsive and manual testing.

2. Kobiton


A longtime competitor of Sauce Labs, Kobiton offers a strong advantage in its mobile testing offering. Kobiton’s platform offers customizable device lab management, real devices on cloud or on-premise, streamlined manual testing, and scriptless test automation capabilities.


  • Automatically create Appium test scripts by converting manual test sessions into scripts that can be executed on any device
  • Kobiton’s device lab management will let you connect with devices in the cloud and your local on-premises devices
  • Manage all your iOS and Android devices from a single administration console, with full support for natural gestures, GPS, and Network
  • Quickly find functional crashes, visual discrepancies, and other performance issues with

3. is the best Saucelabs alternative out there. stands out for its comprehensive testing solutions, flexible pricing, and detailed reporting capabilities.

Features: offers functional testing, performance testing, and security testing, offers a more while Sauce Labs focuses more on functional testing and has limited support for other types of testing. Uses codeless testing and the use of AI to further streamline the testing process.

With’s codeless testing capabilities, users can create & execute difficulty cases without writing a single line of code. This feature is particularly useful for non-technical team members or those who are not acquainted with coding.

4. AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm is a strong competitor of Sauce Labs that lets you improve mobile and web app quality by testing on the browser and real devices. This tool enables you to speed up the execution of your test suite and generates logs and videos to find issues with your app.


  • Allows you to perform app testing with a massive collection of physical devices available in the cloud.
  • You can customize your test.
  • It offers a built-in framework to check your application.
  • You can test concurrently on more than one browser instance.
  • It enables you to interact with any devices from your web browser.
  • Provides plugins and API to initiate tests and get a result from IDEs like Jenkins and Android Studio.
  • You can set your private device lab for testing in the cloud.

5. BrowserStack


BrowserStack is a sauce labs alternative application that allow you to test apps and browsers with ease. It provides you a seamless experience by testing more than 2000 real browsers and devices.


  • This sauce labs alternative tool can be used without installing any software.
  • Allows integration with Cypress, Jenkins, and Selenium.
  • You can set up a comprehensive testing environment with support for proxies, firewalls, and Active Directory.
  • Enables you to test your pages remotely.
  • You can test on real Android and iOS devices.

6. Selenium

Selenium is a free automated testing framework employed to validate web applications across various browsers & platforms. It is one of the best Sauce Labs alternatives that enables you to use multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Python, etc. to create test scripts.


  • Enables simultaneous running of tests in multiple browsers and environments.
  • This sauce labs alternative tool creates customized test results.
  • Utilizes the hub-and-nodes concept.
  • Allows you to test applications that are rich in AJAX-based functionalities.
  • You can execute tests on the HtmlUnit browser.

Deploy your tests across multiple environments. If you’re considering other testing frameworks, explore these Selenium alternatives to find the right fit for your needs.

What is Sauce Labs?

Sauce Labs is an application that allows you to test your mobile applications and website across numerous browsers, physical devices, and OS. This tool enables you to speed up the execution of your test suite and generates logs and videos to find issues with your app.

What are the Top Sauce Labs Competitors?

Following are some of the greatest competitors of Sauce Labs:

  • LambdaTest
  • Kobiton
  • AWS Device Farm
  • Selenium

What are the Major Drawbacks of Sauce Labs?

Here are the major drawbacks of Sauce Labs:

  • It has operation timeout issues when performing tests.
  • Many times, it can block your automation.
  • 503 errors occur frequently.
  • Sauce labs take time to update the latest Appium server.

How to select the Best Alternatives to Sauce Labs?

Consider the following factors before selecting the multiple suitable Sauce Labs alternative:

  • Easy to setup and use
  • License Cost if appropriate
  • Quality of Customer support
  • The expense involved in training employees on the tool
  • Hardware/Software requirements of the testing tool
  • Reviews of the company
  • Support and Update policy of the tool vendor
  • Support for multiple platforms and OS
  • Plugins and API support

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