Top 10 Best Sales Intelligence Tools For Businesses In 2023

Best Sales Intelligence Tools For Businesses will be discussed in this article. In the fast-paced battlefield of B2B sales, every blow counts. This is where sales intelligence tools swoop in, like an elite squadron of stealth fighters. Picture this: arming your sales team with cutting-edge tools that can help unearth untapped potential, unlock actionable insights, and propel your revenue skyward. Now, that’s a winning strategy!

Top 10 Best Sales Intelligence Tools For Businesses In 2023

In this article, you can know about Sales Intelligence Tools here are the details below;

In this article, we dive headfirst into the world of sales intelligence software — the game-changers that can elevate your sales pitch to a whole new level. We will uncover the secrets of what sales intelligence is all about, how it fuels success, and why businesses of all shapes and sizes should harness its power.

Get ready to dominate the sales landscape and arm yourself with the best sales intelligence tools, hand-picked just for you. Let’s conquer the world of B2B sales together!

What is Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence revolves around the use of cutting-edge technologies, methodologies, and data to drive B2B sales with greater efficiency. It is all about the use of sales intelligence to collate both internal and external data, enabling businesses to boost their sales. This helps in optimizing tools businesses might already be using, including sales engagement platforms.

These tools have the ability to analyze countless data points, constantly monitoring for key sales triggers like new funding rounds or mergers and acquisitions. By staying ahead of the game with sales intelligence, companies can unlock new opportunities and achieve remarkable sales success.

Benefits of Sales Intelligence Tools

Let us take a closer look at why embracing sales intelligence software is the secret weapon that separates the winners from the rest. In the dynamic world of B2B sales, relying solely on gut instincts and wishful thinking is a fast track to mediocrity. That is why you need to harness the power of sales intelligence tools to propel your sales success to new heights.

1. Laser-like precision in targeting

Sales intelligence tools enable you to identify and pursue the right prospects by analyzing demographics, firmographics, and online behavior like buyer intent. This precision targeting helps uncover hidden opportunities and high-value prospects that were previously hidden, maximizing sales efficiency.

2. Intelligent insights for informed decision-making

Sales intelligence tools equip you with real-time data and actionable insights. From tracking key performance indicators to understanding market trends, these tools provide insights to finetune your sales approach.

For instance, with the advent of online sales, more and more companies are using tools like social media scrapers so that they are more aware of what their target customer base wants. Sales intelligence tools are like having a crystal ball guiding your every move, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

3. Automation of time-consuming tasks

Sales intelligence software automates tasks such as lead scoring, contact enrichment, and data entry, freeing up valuable time for the sales team. With more time at their disposal, the team can focus more on engaging with prospects toward closing deals. Enriched customer profiles and real-time customer data help deliver personalized, impactful pitches, leaving your competitors trailing.

How to Choose the Best Sales Intelligence Software

Choosing the right sales intelligence software is key to improving upon the competitive edge brought about by your sales team. The right set of tools can help increase sales, provide real-time insights, enhance customer experience, and boost revenue. Follow these steps to complete an informed decision that aligns with your business goals.

  1. Evaluate Your Needs: Understand the sales processes within the organization and identify areas where sales intelligence can have the most impact. Assess the key data points you need to keep track of for informed decision-making.

Basically, you need to have your business plan ready where you define the desired outcomes and goals the software should help you achieve. Consider your budget to find a solution that fits your financial resources.

  1. Research Your Options: Read reviews and check sector-specific reviews for unbiased recommendations and in-depth analysis. Compare pricing and features to find the best fit for your requirements. Evaluate customer support options for reliable assistance.
  2. Consider Integrations: Make sure the software integrates well with your existing technology stack. Check compatibility options to help tailor the software to your specific needs.
  3. Check for Scalability: Evaluate how the software can scale with your business moving forward.
  4. Evaluate Reporting Capabilities: Determine your reporting needs based on strategic planning and goals. Evaluate the software’s reporting options, including pre-built reports and customization capabilities.

1. Apollo


Apollo is touted as the ultimate sales intelligence tool that boasts one of the largest prospect databases to revolutionize your prospecting challenge. It gives you the power to hone in on that perfect customer fit for your business.

Key features:

  • Provides one of the largest prospect databases, giving users access to a vast pool of potential customers for their business.
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot and productivity tools like Zapier and Salesloft.
  • Apollo Chrome Extension allows you to prospect customers directly from LinkedIn or major brand websites.
  • Apollo Sequences lets your team follow dedicated outreach plans, complete with customizable touchpoints and automatic or manual task scheduling.
  • Apollo Enrichment tools allow you to extract valuable information from the Apollo database to CSVs, your CRM, or other tools using the Apollo API.

With over 60 filters at your disposal, you can quickly sift through the noise and target the right people and companies in record time. And here’s the kicker – Apollo doesn’t just stop at finding prospects; it equips you with the tricks and tools to take immediate action to engage with the customers right from the app!

2. Clearbit


Clearbit, a data company at its core, has been shaking things up in the B2B world since its inception in 2015. They had one mission: to create the most kickass B2B datasets known to mankind, covering everything from companies and contacts to buying intent signals.

But here’s the thing – they didn’t just join the game; they disrupted it. They barged into a category ruled by traditional incumbents with their real-time data lookups, flexible APIs, and seamless integrations. And guess what? The innovators of the business world fell head over heels for Clearbit. Big names like Segment, Stripe, Zendesk, Asana, HubSpot, and over a thousand others have relied on Clearbit to fuel their explosive growth.

Key Features:

  • It has extremely precise and dependable data enrichment capabilities. As a result, marketing and sales activities can be targeted effectively. It provides insightful information about the prospects and customers, such as job titles, business sizes, and technology employed.
  • Connects with a variety of platforms, including HubSpot, and Salesforce, making it simple to add data and insights to your current processes.
  • Customer service is rated top-notch at Clearbit, with friendly and experienced personnel to don the assistance hat helping customers with any problems or queries.
  • Data inputs aid in the creation of customized messages and content for niche audiences personalizing the marketing initiatives. Increased engagement and conversions as a result of this personalization boost sales revenue.

With all this, Clearbit provides quite a comprehensive package geared towards making the best of sales.

3. Demandbase

Demandbase, known as the Smarter GTM™ company in the B2B arena, offers a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by both sales & marketing teams. With a focus on eliminating data and technology fragmentation, Demandbase empowers businesses to gain valuable insights by avoiding ineffective spamming of prospects.


Key features:

  • With the revolutionary Demandbase One™ platform, combine your data with their robust B2B data and experience the true potential with cutting-edge AI. for a smarter GTM™ solution fueled by leading industry insights.
  • Taps into an astounding 1 trillion account identification signals on a monthly basis across extensive Demand-Side Platform (DSP), client networks, and partner ecosystems. Powered by super-smart AI, signals are analyzed for volume patterns, proprietary IP, and cookie data.
  • Harnesses data from over 40,000 trusted sources, including renowned vendors like S&P Global Market Intelligence and Equifax; multi-source triangulation is employed to achieve precision at scale. Users are also given the option to flag inaccuracies. The editorial team swiftly verifies and updates the records within 48 hours or less, ensuring the utmost data integrity.
  • Demandbase’s team of experts continuously monitors data quality, meticulously benchmarking accuracy and refining machine learning models. Users are provided with a simple “wrong info” flag, allowing them to contribute and share their individual expertise. The input is then validated against multiple sources and published if it meets the stringent standards.

By infusing Account Intelligence at every touchpoint of the buyer journey, Demandbase ensures that interactions with customers are optimized. Their holistic approach helps orchestrate seamless actions across systems and channels that encapsulate advertising, account-based experience, and sales motions. The ultimate result? Businesses can identify opportunities earlier, engage with prospects more intelligently, and accelerate deal closures.

If you’re examining to enhance your marketing & sales efforts with a streamlined approach that drives better results, Demandbase offers a compelling solution!

4. Cognism

Cognism is a B2B sales tool that takes your prospecting game to a whole new level.


Key features:

  • Cognism’s exclusive mobile dataset ensures a seven-fold increase in dial-to-connect rate as they have all been manually verified through its signature Diamond Data®.
  • Helps the sales team prospect by listing business emails and data cleaning against relevant do-not-call lists, ensuring compliance across regions.
  • Cognism follows a pricing model based on individual sales team needs.
  • Has extensive coverage in the EMEA region and the best mobile phone number coverage in the US; Cognism supports a slew of international businesses.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing sales solutions, allowing users to access the necessary data within their preferred tech stack, including CRM and sales engagement tools.

Cognism’s got buyer intent signals that give you the inside scoop before your competitors even have a chance. Cognism delivers fresh, accurate, and compliant people and account intelligence, so your database is always up to date and ready to implode with sales revenue. Also check Market Research Tools

5. SalesIntel

SalesIntel, one of the pioneers in B2B sales intelligence, helps you in locating your ideal account targets, maintain strong relationships with prospects, and have a blast at your revenue goals.


Key features:

  • RevDriver, the Chrome extension tool of SalesIntel, is a powerful prospecting intelligence tool with streamlined prospect outreach capabilities that can provide 95% accurate, human-verified data from social media channels like LinkedIn, Navigator, Recruiter, and corporate websites. Users can easily retrieve contact information, such as direct dial numbers & email addresses, all within the convenience of their browser tab.
  • Powerful Intent Data Integration: SalesIntel seamlessly integrates Bombora’s Intent Data and hyper-detailed search filters with its Company Surge® feature. Using this, users can monitor companies based on specific interests, evaluate their activity levels, and assign a threshold Company Surge® Intent Score.
  • Provides users with ethically-sourced, first-party B2B data access to 17 million human-verified contacts at 22 million companies across the United States. , Notably, SalesIntel boasts the industry’s largest collection of human-verified direct dials and mobile numbers, ensuring a remarkable 95% accuracy rate. These contact details are reverified every 90 days, guaranteeing up-to-date and reliable information.
  • Its technographic and firmographics features give you pinpoint accuracy on your prospects’ technology stacks.

Furthermore, SalesIntel’s firmographics data empowers you to focus on your ideal target audience by leveraging critical company data like SIC, NAIC, company size, revenue, and more, making it a tool worth reckoning with.

6. Gong


Gong, the powerhouse in sales intelligence, is preferred by thousands of big and small companies, swearing by its capabilities. What sets Gong apart is that it has mastered the art of analyzing every interaction between sales reps and prospects/customers, covering calls, emails, and web conferencing using Gong AI.

With Gong’s sales intelligence software, you get insights than just plain data using AI technology. Gong AI digs deep, understanding conversations and unearthing mind-blowing insights that give you a rock-solid view of your deals, pipeline, and forecasting.

Key features:

  • Provides insights into how initiatives are perceived by the prospect and then captures these data in real-time to help make informed decisions on how to realign your strategy.
  • By seamlessly integrating into your tech stack, it streamlines sales workflows and automates manual tasks for enhanced team productivity.
  • With AI-driven deal closing, AI technology is leveraged to provide clear and real-time visibility into your open pipeline. AI-backed insights excel in identifying pipeline risks, uncovering winning behaviors, and ensuring the success of your initiatives in the market.

Gong seamlessly integrates with CRMs like Salesforce, automatically tying all that valuable data to your client and contact records.

7. UserGems

The B2B sales tool, UserGems, offers seamless integration with your CRM, existing tools, routing logic, and workflows to the team, making it a breeze to get started and train your team.

UserGems combine top-tier data from LinkedIn and publicly available sources, ensuring accuracy, relevance, and an outstanding bounce rate of less than 5%. This means you’ll always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.


Key features:

  • Pipeline generation: UserGems helps generate a qualified pipeline that converts at a three times higher rate.
  • Churn prevention and account expansion: UserGems allows you to proactively prevent churn risks by notifying you about key job changes within your accounts. This insight enables you to take necessary actions and identify other stakeholders to drive account expansion.
  • Accurate CRM: UserGems ensures the accuracy of your CRM data by flagging outdated contacts and adding missing contacts to accounts.

UserGems transform tedious manual processes into automated magic, saving you at least 30 minutes of precious time each day. UserGems also boasts top-notch customer support and seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows.

8. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the secret weapon you need to tap into the power of LinkedIn’s massive network of over 800 million members, with a whopping 190 million in the Asia-Pacific region alone. This game-changing tool is all about modern selling, helping you find and cultivate relationships with prospects and customers alike.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables virtual selling and helps sales professionals manage relationships with their buyers on a large scale. It acts as a central hub for modern B2B sales teams, seamlessly integrating with CRMs to provide a reliable and real-time foundation of trusted data.

Key features:

  • Access to the LinkedIn network through Sales Navigator, which offers unlimited access and search features to LinkedIn’s extensive global network of professionals.
  • Prioritization of prospects/leads to help you identify high-priority opportunities through Sales Spotlights that draw attention to professionals who have made job changes or have posted new content.
  • Outreach and messaging through additional features like the use of LinkedIn’s native messaging tool, InMail, to initiate personalized conversations to drive engagement.
  • Users can receive real-time updates and alerts, track key activities, and collaborate with team members using Sales Navigator custom lists and shared notes.

By leveraging LinkedIn’s expansive data, insights, and relationship-building capabilities, Sales Navigator equips sales professionals with the necessary tools to excel in their roles and achieve their sales objectives.

9. 6sense


In the world of B2B intent data providers, 6sense has emerged as a leader, earning recognition from Forrester in its esteemed Forrester Wave™ report. According to the report, 6sense stands out with its exceptional capabilities in deep analytics, strong integrations, and impressive geographic coverage that spans over 40 languages.

Key features:

  • Revenue AI™, a key component of 6sense’s sales platform, uncovers anonymous buyers keeping their search intent hidden, understands their behavior, and guides sales professionals to engage with the prospects most likely to make a purchase. Revenue AI™ seamlessly integrates with other 6sense features such as Account Intelligence, Company & People Search, Buyer Intent Data, Predictive Analytics, Prioritization Dashboards, and Prospecting.
  • Account intelligence: Helps gain clarity into accounts and contacts to aid in proactive prospecting and personalized outreach.
  • Company and people search: Engage with ideal customers quickly using an intuitive B2B account and contact search engine fueled by the most accurate and relevant data, including verified emails and phone numbers.
  • Buyer intent data: Identify anonymous buyers actively researching solutions like yours but keeps their search intent hidden.
  • Prioritization dashboards: Provide focused lists of accounts and contacts based on buyer behavior and 6sense predictions.

Apart from this 6sense also provides a Chrome extension! This allows users access to in-depth 6sense insights when browsing company websites using the 6sense Chrome extension.

10. Meltwater


The Meltwater Suite can supercharge your understanding, accelerate your pace, and deliver real impact that moves the sales needle. To start off with the power of data – a staggering 1.3 billion fresh documents are added to the platform with over 6 billion engagement activities being processed; Meltwater gives you access to the most comprehensive dataset out there. Also check reddit instagram likes

Key features:

  • Media Intelligence tool to gain valuable insights to track brand equity, manage SEO and monitor competition.
  • Media relations to build and strengthen relationships with journalists.
  • Social listening and analytics to capture real-time brand mentions across social media.
  • Consumer intelligence to conduct market research using modern analytics.
  • Sales intelligence to maximize sales outreach with competitive intelligence, real-time alerts, and contact data.
  • Meltwater API and data integration for centralized insight aimed at trend monitoring and reporting.

The Meltwater Suite is a powerhouse of products that harness the power of robust data across eight key areas, including media, social, influencer, sales, and consumer intelligence.

Time to Achieve that Sales Pinnacle

And there you have it! In the lightning-fast battleground of B2B sales, embracing the power of sales intelligence software is no longer a mere option — it’s a vital necessity. These meticulously hand-picked tools represent the crème de la crème🍦, providing you with the knowledge to conquer the sales landscape and aiding your revenue to skyrocket.

While each tool comes with its own set of features and is a jewel on its own, you need to keep your business requirements as the final yardstick, as each business’ needs are different. Also, you can leverage the power of AI through the additional use of AI sales tools too.

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