How to Get Real Instagram Followers with Facebook Ads

This post will explain Real Instagram Followers with Facebook Ads. If you ever questioned how to gain or purchase real Instagram followers or why you’re not getting followers with existing Facebook Advertising campaigns, you’ve come to the perfect place. The proper campaign parameters and sufficient data are required if you want to increase your Instagram following through ads.

How to Get Real Instagram Followers with Facebook Ads

In this article, you can know about How to Get Real Instagram Followers with Facebook Ads here are the details below;

Without the appropriate settings, and you want to attract more followers, you may end up paying a relative fortune with gaining only a few lucky followers. Only those aiming to increase their Instagram follower count should use the Facebook Advertising optimization for followers technique.

And we’ll examine this phenomenon in greater detail in this essay. Please keep in mind that although while this guide is specifically about using Facebook Advertising to obtain real Instagram followers, it might not be the best course of action for you. Although having more Facebook page and Instagram followers has numerous advantages, this isn’t the technique you should use if your objectives are different.

Using these alternatives in this guidance for your Facebook Advertising campaign will divert you from your real objectives if you desire clicks, sales, or other custom conversions.

  • With the help of our Facebook Advertising advice, you can increase your sales.
  • This approach is a stand-alone plan rather than a supplement to your current initiatives.
  • So if you want to gain real followers on Instagram, this Facebook Advertising method is for you.
  • Let’s first examine the advantages of adding real Instagram followers to your social media marketing plan.
  • Real Instagram Followers Have 10 Advantages

Why Real Instagram Followers Matter

There are various ways to increase your perceived impact on Instagram, but doing so will only harm your brand and business in the long run. Using the strategy described in this article may be slow and expensive, but the rewards are worthwhile. For instance, if you’re creating a brand with phoney followers, you’ll only diminish its worth and potential in the future.

Since you inflated audience data with phoney followers, it will be difficult to identify your devoted audience and what they genuinely appreciate. Particularly harmful are false followers who interact with content. For instance, you purchase a package of 1,000 false followers that engage with your content over the next months. All real follower engagement data obtained during such campaigns will be lost.

Additionally, fraudulent followers frequently exhibit predictable behavioural patterns (even when they are real people), which the Instagram algorithms are certain to detect. Your engagement rates would decline and you would have less chance of getting real Instagram followers in the future if you had fake followers.

  • Constantly work to grow a real and active Instagram following.
  • If not, you’re creating a profile that has nothing to provide or offer.
  • An audience of 100 is preferable to a phoney crowd of 100,000.
  • If your audience is phoney or not, your future and real potential followers will always be aware of it to some extent.
  • A phoney following now may hinder your future ability to forge meaningful connections with other people if you’re establishing a long-term company.
  • With that out of the way, let’s look at how to use Facebook ads to gain real followers.

How To get Real Instagram followers with Facebook ads

First, let’s get the prerequisites for the approach out of the way:

Possess an active Facebook Ads account, a Business Manager Account on Instagram, and a Facebook Page Pixel installed (learn more here) Already have a sizable Instagram following (the more, the better) We will explore an option as well if you’re starting with growing Instagram followers or just inquisitive.

There is currently no campaign setting that would enable Facebook Advertising to acquire real Instagram followers in an effective manner (like tracking conversions and optimising for a converting audience or a Facebook page like campaign).

This article will be updated in the event that we become certain that this will change in the future.

The technique calls for a per-campaign or per-ad analysis of your following data.

What we’re trying to imply is that you can’t automate the process as much as a conventional conversion-based campaign.

These are the steps to getting real Instagram followers using Facebook ads:

  • Build a Tailored Audience for Your Instagram Page
  • The development of Instagram lookalike audiences
  • establishment of a Facebook Advertising campaign
  • Changing Ad set parameters
  • Making advertisements for Instagram
  • Monitoring performance Better outcomes with A/B tests

Create Instagram page custom Audience

Start by heading to your ad account’s Audiences tab, which is located under the business tools.

Choose “Instagram business profile” under “Create Audience” and “Custom Audience.”

There are four alternatives available to you from here:

  • Everybody who looked at your company profile
  • Individuals who interacted with any post or advertisement People who sent a message to your company profile
  • Individuals who have saved any post or advertisement
  • Instagram Company Page
  • Audience Specific
  • Later on, you can conduct A/B testing with various alternatives for various audiences.
  • But, if you don’t have enough Instagram followers, you should choose the option that says “Everyone who visited your business profile.”
  • There will be more options for optimization the more information you get through advertising for your Instagram business page.
  • Something to consider as you scale.
  • Once selected, be careful to use the 365 days – choices to gather as much information as possible from the visitors.
  • Likewise, when you dive deeper into optimization, you can fiddle with day-option.
  • Give your audience a memorable name, then click “Create Audience.”
  • Making a Business Profile on Instagram
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Choose “Lookalike Audience” from the “Create Audience” menu once more.
  • Instagram Business Profile Lookalike Audience
  • In the first field, choose the previously created Instagram business custom audience under Other sources.
  • After this, you will need to select the audience location.
  • Depending on your ad aims, the audience location is the area where you want to target your advertising. Here are a few items to keep in mind:
  • Choose the regions from where you want your Instagram followers to originate.

Creation of Instagram Business Profile Lookalike audiences

Choose nations with generally lower ad rates if you want to increase followers for the least amount of money spent on advertisements. Start with a 1% lookalike if the population of your target nation is large. Yet, a higher percentage of lookalikes can be more appropriate if your target country has a small population.

You don’t want to start with a narrow audience, as it might impact your overall performance. You can experiment with various sizes of lookalike audiences when testing and optimising.

You merely need to establish a new lookalike audience with a new percentage of the population. Also keep in mind that you may need to build additional Instagram business profile custom audiences as new data becomes available in order to create new lookalikes.

For instance, you could want to reduce the amount of days the custom audiences use after you begin to gather a lot of followers (like changing it to 30-days).

But What If I’m starting From Scratch and Have Zero Followers?

While the approach highly suggests having Instagram data to start with, you can use the remainder of the stages to start gaining traffic to your Instagram profile and convert the traffic into followers.

However, you should target people based on their interests and demographics rather than using custom audiences. Alternatively, you can use pixel-based data to create custom audiences from the users of your website.

The difference for the method only comes down to the targeting, and once you have collected enough data, develop the Instagram-based custom audiences for the next round of ads.

Alternatively, you can try to gain followers naturally by converting website visitors into Instagram followers or by using other natural Instagram methods to gain your initial rounds of followers.

Facebook Ads Campaign creation

Choose “Traffic” as your campaign objective. Create an ad set from the same menu as your campaign name. Make sure Campaign Budget Optimization (or Advantage Campaign Budget) is enabled on the next screen, and that your campaign budget is set to the daily amount you intend to spend on ads.

Facebook Advertising Campaign With Real Instagram Followers

Let’s then examine the required Ad Set parameters.

Modifying ad Set Settings

  • If you haven’t already, give it a name.
  • Ensure that the “website” option is chosen in the Traffic-section.
  • Change the beginning and ending dates as necessary.
  • One piece of advice for A/B testing the campaign results is to make many ad sets with various start and finish dates so you can compare the results without forgetting to end campaigns.
  • The most crucial step is choosing the audience that resembles the one we previously created.
  • In the “Custom Audiences” column, select the lookalike audience.
  • Change the location in the “audience” column.
  • Decide where you want the advertisements to appear.
  • Select the same option as you did for the similar audience.
  • There is no need to change demographic targeting variables like age, gender, or interests.
  • The lookalike audience and the Facebook algorithm will do its best to connect with those most likely to click on the ad’s link.
  • Further limiting the audience could have a negative effect on the effectiveness of your advertising.

If you just offer one language for the advertising and content on your Instagram page, you can change the languages to increase interaction.

Ad Set Placement

Make sure you just selected Instagram placement in the placements and that “manual placements” are enabled. We’ll simply utilise the Instagram Stories location in this example, but you can use any of the other Instagram places if you choose.

It’s best to test one placement at a time to find which one works best in your circumstance.

  • For all the Instagram placements, for instance, you might make ad sets.
  • Choose “Link Clicks” in place of the other choices to optimise delivery.
  • Now it’s time to design intriguing commercials themselves!
  • Click your ad set in the ad manager, then click Create and give your ad a name.
  • Make sure the appropriate Facebook page and Instagram account are selected in the “Identify” section.
  • Facebook Advertising for Instagram Stories: Increasing Followers
  • The URL of your Instagram profile should then be entered in the “Website URL” column.

Creation of Instagram-based ads

The likelihood of consumers following your profile will undoubtedly increase with a little Instagram Stories video. Unless you have a specific link you’re promoting in the bio part of your Instagram profile, you can leave the call to action as “Learn More.” For instance, you might want to employ a call to action to represent the fact that you’re selling an info product or using other lead magnets.

In the video ad, be swift, precise, and on-the-point. Explain to the audience the value and advantages of following you on Instagram.

For instance, if you had the info product linked in your bio, you might pique viewers’ interest in purchasing it and provide them another reason to follow you, such as information on future items. You have 15 seconds to persuade a person to follow you if you utilise Instagram Stories as placement. If you employ image adverts, the image and the main text must match.

You won’t need to include any main text if you choose a brief and focused video for Instagram Stories because the video will speak for itself. Nonetheless, if you employ image advertising, you should produce a short primary text that conveys your message and the call to action to follow. While the goal of this campaign is to gain followers, you should use the space for the Instagram profile link to promote your website and make sure the pixel is installed.

  • After that, you may start publishing your advertisement and beginning performance optimization.
  • Real-Time Instagram Follower Performance Monitoring
  • Let’s start with the metrics you should always be aware of.

From your ad manager, always check how many clicks you’re getting and their related cost (CPC) to estimate the expense of advertising. We must utilise Instagram Insights or Facebook Insights to determine the entire reach and impressions of our advertising efforts because we are unable to track the campaign’s genuine conversion, the rise in followers.

Then maintain tabs on the overall number of followers you had before the campaign and compare it to the followers’ final count. To determine the metrics for cost per follower, divide the cost of advertising by the number of new followers (CPF).

The performance of subsequent ad tests will be evaluated against the CPF from the initial campaign as a standard. Keep note of how many clicks it took to attract one follower as well.

Again, since we are unable to monitor followers as conversions, you must always be aware of these metrics. Otherwise, you risk losing focus and beginning to optimise your advertising for the most clicks, which is the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

To simplify things for yourself and avoid getting lost in the data from the individual ads, use fresh ads and fresh ad sets when testing.

Tracking Performance of Real Instagram Followers

Let’s now examine how you might enhance the outcomes and add more real Instagram followers using the technique.

Remember to monitor your Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics to determine whether the Instagram Advertising are driving visits to your website if it has a link in the bio part.

As we previously discussed, the lookalike audiences will be more accurate as you gather more information from the users of your Instagram profile to increase traffic to the profile.

And you already know how to monitor the changes in follower counts that we employ to enhance outcomes.

As we can’t exactly track the follower count with many live advertisements, you must run one ad at a time in order to effectively A/B test your ads.

For instance, it would be hard to determine which of three advertising produced the most followers, if any follows were produced at all.

And be aware that throughout your advertising efforts, you might get organic Instagram followers, which could slightly bias your data.

Improving Results & A/B tests

  • Run a single advertisement for five days
  • Turn it off
  • Make a fresh test ad.
  • Continue the test for an additional five days.

Analyze both of their performances to determine which one performed better and attracted more followers. You can do ad tests inside the same ad set, but if you’re comparing different placements (like Instagram Stories versus Instagram Feed), you’ll need a separate ad set with the appropriate location. But the same advice still holds true.

A lower CPC doesn’t always translate into a reduced cost per follower, so keep that in mind when experimenting. Before allocating more money to the best advertising, run at least three tests.

Finding the cost of followers that you are content spending is the objective. Depending on your scale and budget, you might receive a large amount of data quickly. If your follower count significantly increases as a result of your campaigns, you may wish to adjust your custom audiences and lookalikes accordingly.

To determine whether the new audience actually outperforms the older ones, employ the A/B test strategy when using new lookalikes.


As the technique is a workaround for obtaining real Instagram followers, keep in mind to regularly check for new upgrades for Facebook Advertising.

This is how you would go about doing it for the time being. Maybe in the future, we will have a campaign setting that allows us to directly advertise to obtain Instagram followers, track those conversions, and even merge the pixel code with it.

Although numerous firms sell some real Instagram followers, you can never be sure whether they are real or not. A real Instagram follower is not simply another person; they are someone who is interested in your profile and what it has to offer.

And as of right now, the only legal way to acquire Instagram followers is through Facebook Advertising, which you now know how to accomplish.

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