Best 5 QuickBooks Inventory Management Software

Best QuickBooks Inventory Management Software will be described in this article. A man using a laptop while seated in a warehouse crammed with cardboard boxes. It can be difficult to navigate the world of inventory management, particularly as your company expands. Although QuickBooks has improved its basic inventory management functionality, there are situations when you still need more. Software integrations can help with that.

Best 5 QuickBooks Inventory Management Software

In this article, you can know about QuickBooks Inventory Management Software here are the details below;

The top five QuickBooks inventory control software integrations are listed in this blog and include:

  • Provide you greater command over your stock.
  • Keep you more arranged.
  • Increase output and efficiency.

Now let’s get started!

What’s the difference between inventory management and supply chain management?

Although they have different purposes, supply chain management and inventory management are both essential components of a profitable company.

The primary goal of products management is to monitor and manage the things that your business sells. Supply chain management, on the other hand, covers a product’s whole journey, from raw materials to the point of ultimate delivery to your client.

When inventory management becomes complex

Your inventory management system will become more complex as your firm expands. It becomes very impossible to manage several goods, suppliers, and warehouses by yourself.

Your company is more vulnerable to the following the more intricately you manage your inventory:

  • Human error.
  • Process inefficiencies.
  • Lost chances to make sales.

But, you may maintain control and easily get over those growth pains if you use the appropriate tactics and QuickBooks inventory management software add-ons.

Does QuickBooks have inventory management?

Does QuickBooks have inventory management

It’s true that QuickBooks has tools for inventory management, but it’s not a separate program. When you use QuickBooks to manage your inventory, it records your:

  • Stock levels.
  • Orders and sales.

Having said that, the extent of functionality varies according on the version of QuickBooks you’re using, but ultimately, its main objective is your accounting.

The “Products & Services” tab in the “Sales” section is where you may manage inventories if you utilize QuickBooks Online or the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

But adding each item by hand is necessary, time-consuming, and particularly challenging if your company deals with a large number of products. Furthermore, QuickBooks’ inventory reporting features are somewhat constrained, offering a very small selection of templates.

Therefore, in order to streamline and shorten the time it takes for you to complete tasks, you should also use third-party QuickBooks inventory management software if you wish to use QuickBooks for inventory management.

How to choose the best inventory software integration

When you discover the ideal QuickBooks inventory management software, you’ll see how much you’ve been lacking. However, how do you compare one system to another?

Think about the following when selecting the QuickBooks inventory management software integrations:

  • Simplicity of use.
  • Tracking and updates in real time.
  • Aspects of automation.
  • Compatibility with the systems you already have.

Additionally, search for software with favorable evaluations from other members of your field and strong customer support.

What are the benefits of integrating inventory software with QuickBooks?

The following are the main advantages of incorporating QuickBooks inventory management software:

  • Acquire more sophisticated features for inventory control.
  • Automate tasks that take a long time.
  • Produce thorough and precise financial reports.
  • Cut down on the likelihood of mistakes.

In the end, putting QuickBooks inventory integrations into practice improves decision-making and operational effectiveness.

Top 5 QuickBooks connectors for inventory management

1. SOS Inventory

SOS Inventory

The first is SOS Inventory, a feature-rich inventory management program made to work in unison with QuickBooks Online. Small to medium-sized enterprises seeking sophisticated inventory control and order management would find it very useful.

Key features

  • Tracking inventory in real time.
  • Serialized and multi-location inventory.
  • Order processing and delivery.


  • Steep learning curve for those who are not tech-savvy.
  • Restricted possibilities for modification.
  • Doesn’t work with QuickBooks desktop versions.


  • These are the three price tiers that SOS Inventory provides:
  • Companion: $59.95/month for up to two users.
  • Plus: $119.95 a month for three users.
  • Pro: $169.95 a month for up to five users.

You can purchase more users for $20 apiece for all programs. A 14-day free trial and a yearly discount are also included with every package.

2. Cin7


The second option is Cin7, a feature-rich inventory management software with a reputation for offering a lot of capabilities like warehouse management, POS, and a B2B portal. It is intended to keep accurate inventory records and streamline processes.

Key features

  • Inventory control.
  • B2B online stores.
  • Order processing and delivery.
  • POS system integration.
  • Sophisticated forecasting and reporting.


  • May be too much for tiny companies to handle.
  • It is said that customer service can be slow at times.
  • Sometimes there are problems synchronizing data and sales margin calculations go wrong with QuickBooks connectivity.


Cin7 provides four price tiers:

  • Standard: $325 a month for up to five users.
  • Retailing: $550 a month for a total of 8 users.
  • Manufacturing: $650 a month for eight users.
  • Omni: Request a quote from Cin7. There is no user cap on this plan.

For new customers, Cin7 provides a 14-day free trial.

3. Acctivate


Next on our list is Acctivate. It’s an effective inventory management solution that works nicely with QuickBooks to increase productivity and organization.

Key features

  • Barcoding and batch processing.
  • CRM and customer management.
  • Order fulfillment via multiple channels.


  • It could appear that the UI is out of date.
  • The initial setup brings a lot of time.
  • Costly for smaller companies with limited resources.


Three one-time fee-based pricing schemes are available from Acctivate:

  • Starter: $7,496 for a single user.
  • Professional: $13,496 when five users are factored in.
  • Enterprise: $21,746 with 15 users.

For an extra $750 apiece, more users can be added to any plan. Additionally, “Baker’s Dozen” financing is available from Acctivate, with monthly installments. Moreover, a 14-day free trial is available.

4. Inflow


The second best inventory management software for QuickBooks is called inFlow; it is a flexible inventory solution suitable for all kinds of organizations. Its many capabilities, which include inventory management and reporting in addition to tracking sales and purchase orders, make it popular.

Key features

  • Thorough tracking and management of inventories.
  • Invoices and sales.
  • Barcode producing machine.
  • B2B online marketplace.
  • Analytics and reporting.


  • There isn’t much in-depth report customization, according to user complaints.
  • Few integrations with external parties.
  • Either on desktop or mobile, the UI is not particularly user-friendly.


Four price tiers are available from inFlow:

  • Entrepreneur: with two users, $110 a month.
  • Small Business: $279 a month for five employees.
  • Mid-Size: $549 with ten users a month.
  • Business: $1,319 a month for 25 users.

InFlow provides a 14-day free trial along with an annual subscription discount of 20%. On request, custom plans can also be provided.

5. Vend


Vend is the last QuickBooks inventory management software link you should be aware of. It’s a cloud-based technology made to make retail business management easier.

Key features

  • POS system integration.
  • Inventory control in real time.
  • Client loyalty scheme.


  • Restricted features for complex inventory requirements.
  • Periodically, some users complain about system slowdowns.


Vend provides four price tiers:

  • Slim: $89 a month.
  • Monthly standard: $149.
  • Amount advanced: $269 monthly.
  • Enterprise: Request a quote from Vend.

Vend provides a 14-day free trial together with a substantial discount on yearly subscriptions. For an additional $59 apiece, you can add more users to any of the aforementioned plans.

QuickBooks inventory gets you started, method helps you grow

For QuickBooks users, Method is the best process automation tool available. It handles the tasks you are capable of performing but choose not to by automating crucial operations like:

  • Estimates and billing.
  • Receiving payments.
  • Client assistance.
  • Emails with follow-ups and reminders.

With real-time QuickBooks integration, Method streamlines your quote to cash cycle by automating tasks like contact management, estimate approvals, and payment collection while enhancing internal operations and client experience.

Key takeaways

As your company expands, inventory management becomes more complicated. It’s critical to recognize these issues and how QuickBooks connectors can help you overcome them.

Business success depends on efficient inventory management, and using the correct tools will offer you an advantage over rivals. The powerful inventory management system you can create with integrations is far more powerful than using QuickBooks for inventory management alone.

With this checklist of the top five QuickBooks inventory management software connectors at your disposal, you can start streamlining your inventory procedures immediately and improving everyone’s quality of life.

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