ProWritingAid Review Write and Revise Flawlessly

This post will explain ProWritingAid Review How does one become a great writer? A distinctive writing style, perfect grammar, and a dedication to producing high-quality content are just a few of the qualities that set a professional writer apart from a hobbyist. However, not all authors can afford an editor, and even professionals need proofreading for their work.

ProWritingAid and other virtual writing aides can be useful in this situation.

ProWritingAid Review Write and Revise Flawlessly

In this article, you can know about ProWritingAid Review Write and Revise Flawlessly here are the details below;

What exactly is this tool, and is it pricey? This review will go through all of its features, both free and premium, as well as its cost, allowing you to determine if you want to use it.

What Is ProWritingAid?

An online service called ProWritingAid employs artificial intelligence (AI) to edit your writing. It functions as both a grammar checker and a style editor, much like online tools like Grammarly.

Additionally, it has connections that enable you to add MS Word or browser extensions so you may update your work in real time. Also check Tools to improve ebook writing skills 

The tool offers recommendations that might enhance the clarity of your sentences and the general calibre of your material. A plagiarism checker is included as an extra function.

Although it is free to use, the premium version has much more to offer. But what makes ProWritingAid different from the other virtual writing aides available? One is its extraordinarily polished user interface.

If you’ve used different grammar checkers in the past, you might have noticed that many of them appear to be pretty simple. A window where you may input or paste your text, a few tools on the top and side menus, and live red marks that show your mistakes as you write are all visible.

Even if this software offers the same features, you will notice the difference the moment you use it for the first time. You can easily locate the icons for the various tools, and you can view your progress towards your objectives in real time. See our detailed analysis of its features below.

ProWritingAid Free Features

You must register for an account and log in in order to access the app’s free features. You can do this to store your work on the cloud and access your reports whenever you need them.

Visit the official ProWritingAid website, click the yellow signup icon in the top right corner, and then enter your email address & a password to register. You must decide whether you will use the tool primarily for creating fiction, nonfiction, business writing, etc. All of the free features are accessible once your email has been verified.

Web Editor

Your work can be copied and pasted or typed directly in the web editor.

It highlights certain areas of the document in various colours, as you can see from the example in the photo above.

The yellow underline or highlight in this instance denotes a stylistic suggestion.

The advice is to “try using a stronger adjective,” which is a feature you infrequently find in free applications.

It’s important to note that the example line is from a comedy written by Douglas Adam, so keep in mind that not all advice will work for your particular piece of writing.

Nevertheless, we picked this instance to show how proficient ProWritingAid is at adjustments and suggestions.

On the other hand, the purple highlight denotes a recommendation to convert from passive to active voice.

Most free grammar and style checkers just show red underlines, so you have to click on them to find out where part of the document they are trying to improve.

You may see the explanation and the recommendations right away here.

Writing Goals

You can choose the type of document you are editing from the top-most area of the left window. You can specify if it’s a research paper, a fantasy or science fiction book, a play, a script, or just a piece of basic web text. You should write with this in mind so that the app can make more accurate suggestions for your work.

Every objective offers many stylistic recommendations. For instance, the app will recommend business-appropriate language if you choose General Business Email.

Regarding Sales Email, it will offer recommendations that are more appropriate for your call-to-action (CTA). When compared to other free grammar checkers, ProWritingAid is quite kind to offer such a wide range of writing objectives for free. Most of the time, you can only select between creative writing and conventional SEO writing.

Grammar and Style

  • On the lower left hand flank of the screen, there is a box for grammar and style.
  • You’ll be able to see your grade, which reflects how well you used grammar.
  • The word “anything” (two words, separated) is highlighted in the example on the above photo, and the suggestion pane advises using that word in its place.
  • It also explains the justification.
  • It is a “potential muddled term” in this instance.


  • The programme also offers tips on how to make your writing easier to read.
  • The proposed replacements are located under the Grammar and Style box and are marked in yellow.
  • The reading rating is also provided, and in this case, it is 10—a extremely low number.
  • The recommendation is to shorten sentences on average.

The aforementioned illustration is from a historical fiction book by Umberto Eco, and most works in this genre frequently use exaggeratedly long phrases.

Because the author is notorious for using lengthy sentences, which have an impact on your reading score, we selected to utilise this sample.


No longer do you need to leave the website to hunt up synonyms.

A built-in thesaurus in ProWritingAid will help you develop your writing style.

Click on the book icon that says “Thesaurus” to access this feature.

Any word that is highlighted can be clicked on to instantly see its synonyms.

The majority of free grammar checkers do not offer this capability.

Overused Words

It pretty much goes without saying.

If you use too many words, which is never a good picture if you want to become a great writer, the app will let you know.

Click on the Overused icon next to Thesaurus to launch the checker and view all of your overused words.

You will be informed specifically how frequently you have uttered certain words.

There will be advice like “Consider deleting around 1 occurrence from 3,” for example.

Cliché Checker

You’ve heard it before: stay away from clichés at all costs!

It’s okay to utilise them occasionally, but overusing them could alienate your audience.

The cliche checker provides you with a summary on redundancy in your text in addition to letting you know whether you have used too many cliches.

On the leading right of the screen, there is a stereotypical checker icon.


In this sense, consistency includes your spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, and more in addition to the consistency of your sentences. Also check essay writing service

If you use US or UK English spelling, the app will let you know.

One word may have been spelled in the US manner at one point and then in the UK style at another.

Consistencies like this might lead to reader confusion, so it’s wise to look for them before publishing.

On the top menu’s right side is where you’ll find the consistency symbol.

ProwritingAid Premium Features

Three different premium subscription plans are available on ProWritingAid: monthly, annual, and lifetime access.

  • All the additional premium features are listed here.
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee is also provided in the event that you are dissatisfied with the service.
  • Every month – $20
  • Annually – $79
  • Lifetime – one-time payment of $399

No Word count Limits

You can utilise all of the aforementioned free services when you sign up for ProWritingAid, but only up to 500 words every report. This cap is lifted by the premium subscription.

Browser and MS Word Integrations

The software has many connectors, including those with Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Its browser extension is also available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge. Both Mac and PC platforms can use the plug-ins.

Once the browser extension is installed, any website you visit that has a text field will receive repairs and recommendations from the app. The ProWritingAid plug-in, for instance, will automatically check your grammar and style whenever you write a Facebook post.

You may avoid a lot of shame by doing this! The same is true for blogging platforms like WordPress and others.

Desktop Version

On your MacBook or Windows PC, you can also use a desktop programme. Whether you are operating Rich Text Format, Open Office, or even Markdown, it enables you to modify documents.

Unlimited Syncing

The extension is consistent with mobile browsers and word processing apps even though it doesn’t have a mobile app.

This implies that you can use the virtual writing helper to write and edit from any location while utilising a mobile device, and your work will sync with your PC.

Writers Resource Library

Additionally, the website provides resources for members. The Writers Resource Library, where you may get free e-books, is part of this.

Free webinars are available where you may learn how to write clearly and how to write better business documents. There are also webinars available for creatives on subjects including developing drama and tension in your story, creating subplots, and publishing fan fiction. You can also go to the Grammar Guide, which includes sections on spelling, adverbs, and punctuation.

Add-On Feature: Plagiarism Checker

How does ProWritingAid work as a plagiarism detector?

  • Despite not being a part of the premium services, you may still get plagiarism check credits at a reasonable cost.
  • You do not pay per word, in contrast to other online plagiarism checkers.
  • Instead, you are charged for every document you examine.
  • This function is crucial because plagiarism is a serious offence for writers who work professionally.
  • The costs for plagiarism checks are listed below.
  • 10 checks equal $10, 100 checks equal $40, 500 checks equal $120, and 1,000 checks equal $200.

Can Your Uploaded Work Get Plagiarized?

How can you be certain that the document you supplied for inspection does not include any plagiarism, speaking of which? Given that the tool is primarily online, you might be unsure if this is a concern.

The good news is that ProWritingAid adheres to rigorous privacy guidelines and will never sell your writing to anyone. Your documents do not legally belong to the corporation. Your written work belongs to you, as mentioned on their website.

Who Needs a Virtual Writing Assistant?

You could be considering if you actually need to employ a virtual writing helper now that you are aware of the app’s functions. It’s a fact that even the most widely read authors have their writing altered.

They first edit their own work before having a professional editor review it; in certain situations, there are three to four revisions.

Every writer requires an editor. If you can, that’s terrific, but if not, grammar checkers like ProWritingAid can be a huge help. See how this programme can be useful to various types of writers below.

Fiction Writers

Keep in mind that you can create writing goals in the features mentioned above. Fiction writers have a variety of genres to choose from, including young adult, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and children’s literature (YA).

This will assist in maintaining a consistent style throughout. The app, for instance, can assist you in coming up with words that are more appropriate for children if you’re writing a children’s book.

It will recommend more descriptive words if you’re creating a horror novel to elicit the feelings you want your readers to feel.

Technical Writers

A virtual writing aid like ProWritingAid will also be helpful to independent technical writers and web content creators. It will make it more comfortable for you to assess whether the words, sentences, or phrases you use are appropriate for your blog post or topic.

Writing blogs for a specific website will help you establish that site’s authority and gain the audience’s confidence. More importantly, by avoiding humiliating grammar mistakes, you will win your clients’ trust.

Academic Writers

This tool will be very helpful for academic professionals and students alike. The Chicago Writing Style, the American Psychological Association (APA) Class, & the Modern Language Association (MLA) Style are examples of formats that are used for academic writings.

These are just a few of the several writing styles that are employed in academic writing. The programme will assist you in following the citation rules specific to each writing style or format.

If you are writing an academic essay, an abstract, or a book review, among other types of papers, you can also tailor your purpose to fit the sort of paper you are writing.

Business Writers

One of the most difficult duties in the corporate world is writing business paperwork. How can you avoid seeming extremely formal while yet being professional? ProWritingAid offers guidance and timely recommendations on how to enhance your business documents. Business email, sales email, marketing text, business report, and job description are a few of the objectives you might select from the business category.  To increase your chances of being hired while applying for a job, you can even set your aim to a “cover letter.”

Final Word ProWritingAid is a truly excellent tool that will improve your writing skills and help you think more critically. Reach your writing objectives by producing consistently flawless grammar! However, you are not required to immediately sign up for the premium subscription. See if it works for you by giving it a free try!

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