12 Best PlayStation Vue Alternatives In 2022

This post will explain playstation vue alternative. If you’re a seasoned gamer and haven’t participated in the seemingly endless console vs. PC discussion, Sony’s PlayStation console shouldn’t need an introduction. With a PlayStation console (at least a PS4 or PS5), you can do a lot of things besides play video games, like watch movies, listen to music, and even use streaming services.

Not too long ago, you could have used PlayStation Vue to view live television on your PlayStation system. If you weren’t utilising a method of hiding your online identity, such a VPN, you couldn’t use this service because it was only available in the US.

12 Best PlayStation Vue Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about playstation vue alternative here are the details below;

But as of January 30, 2020, PlayStation Vue was discontinued by Sony, and the company has no plans to go back on that decision any time soon. If you were a frequent user of Vue, things could feel difficult right now, but we can promise you that there are various services that can replace it and meet your needs better.

What is PlayStation Vue?

Sony owned PlayStation Vue, a US-based television streaming service. Since it was first introduced on March 18, 2015, it has been around for a while. Millions of users have used it before Sony decided to entirely shut it down at the end of October 2019 and eventually did so in January 2020.

The platform wasn’t your typical TV streaming service because it incorporated several features. In other words, PlayStation Vue allowed you to stream movies, TV shows, and even sporting events to any compatible device (Smart TVs, apps, digital media performers, and your PlayStation console) without a cable or satellite TV subscription. The service also included on-demand video and cloud-based DVR.

What can I Use instead of PlayStation Vue?

Since PlayStation Vue was discontinued, a number of its former users have been left wondering when it would reopen or what they can use in its place. We can reasonably conclude that PlayStation Vue won’t be making a comeback anytime soon based on Sony’s decision, but fortunately there are plenty of options that we can use in its place.

In place of PlayStation Vue, there are a number of TV streaming services you can use, but not all of them support PlayStation. Or, even better, the PlayStation system might not accept them, in which case you’d need to use a different gadget to stream their content to your TV. Nevertheless, some streaming services continue to offer apps for your PS4, PS5, and other consoles.

1. AT&T TV


As one of the most widely used TV streaming services available, AT&T TV is a fantastic substitute for PlayStation Vue. There are several subscription options available, starting at just $69.99 each month.

Unsurprisingly, the smallest, ordinary package is also the most affordable; it, too, is devoid of several sports networks. It does, however, give you some choices for sports news and events, such as Fox Sports 1 and ESPN.

The Choice, Ultimate, or Premier plans are better options if you’re a sports enthusiast and can’t bear to miss your team’s games. The Premier package is where you should look if you’re concerned that you’re losing out and want the entire package because it includes everything that each of the premium plans has to offer for a full year.

You should be able to simultaneously stream your preferred content on three devices after purchasing any AT&T TV membership plan. As a result, you may purchase it with confidence for a home that has, let’s say, two or three TVs in different rooms. You may enjoy your favourite shows, films, or anything else that AT&T TV has to offer by switching to a different stream-enabled device in the same home instead of arguing with your spouse or siblings over who gets to watch what.

Additionally, you’ll be happy to know that AT&T TV also offers you Cloud DVR services if you’re the kind that consistently arrives late and can never get home in time to oversee your team’s game, the news, or your favourite reality programme live. Although there is no free option for this service, you can buy unlimited cloud DVR for just $10 more per month, allowing you to record whatever you want. Well, almost anything, as there are some limitations and a 90-day expiration date on your recordings.

You may view AT&T TV via a wide range of devices, including your Android or iOS devices (phones, tablets), Amazon Fire TVs, Roku, and desktop or laptop computers using the web player, despite the fact that it is incompatible with your PlayStation console.

There isn’t a trial available, which makes it difficult for you to assess whether getting an AT&T TV bundle is a good decision. However, it’s essential to note that there is a lighter version of this service called WatchTV that just includes 35 channels if you don’t want to pay money before using the programme. If you desire to continue using WatchTV after the 7-day trial, you will be required to pay $15 a month.

Since AT&T TV is an online assistance, it should go without declaring that you’ll need a working Internet connection to use it. It is advised that you have a connection that can support at least 8 Mbps per stream, according to the official website. This is another playstation vue alternative. Also check  VPN Services

If you’re not from the US, you could find that AT&T TV isn’t available in your area. In this situation, we heartily advise incorporating a VPN and connecting to a US server.

2. Hulu


Although you usually just think of Hulu as a website where you can watch a variety of movies and TV series, you should be aware that it also offers a live TV option that enables you to stream live TV material directly from the website. This option is only accessible as a separate, albeit more expensive, purchase plan and is not included in any normal Hulu subscription.

Currently, Hulu offers three distinct plans (we won’t talk about bundles). They are Hulu, Hulu (No Ads), and Hulu + Live TV, respectively. The 30-day free trials for the first two plans allow you to evaluate the service before deciding whether or not to buy one, whereas the trial period for the third plan is only seven days. Given the disparities in their prices, it makes logical.

Although Hulu’s free alternative is more expensive than its ad-supported cousin, the latter doesn’t necessarily offer a worse collection. If you want to view complete seasons of a variety of TV shows, Hulu Originals, and even movies, you may purchase it. The majority of episodes of the TV shows in Hulu’s collection are accessible the day after they air with a normal Hulu plan.

Hulu is an excellent substitute for PlayStation Vue because it works on a wide variety of platforms, including your PC, TV, laptop, phone, or tablet. But wait, you can too use Hulu on your PS4 or PS5 console. Hulu allows users to establish up to 6 profiles on the same account, which is more than other providers, and allows you to watch on two meshes at once.

You’ll be happy to know that the ad-free version of Hulu offers everything that the less expensive, ad-supported version does, with the addition of a few extras: you won’t see any ads at all when using this program (obviously, that’s why they call it No Ads), and you can download some titles to your device so you can overlook them at a later time without an active Internet connection. There are, however, a few references to the No Ads plan.

Some Hulu library items might not be available for download if you prefer to download content and watch it later without an active Internet connection. More so, you won’t be able to watch some TV shows without commercial breaks because they aren’t included in the Hulu (No Ads) subscription. There will be brief ad breaks before and after each episode, but you can still watch them.

Last but not least, the most pricey option on the list is Hulu’s Live TV subscription. Everything from the ad-supported Hulu plan is included, plus three more additional features: no-cable live TV with more than 65 popular channels, a live TV guide for navigating the channels included in this plan, and a DVR storage option with 50 hours of live TV recording capacity.

In addition, there are a number of add-ons you may add to your current Hulu account, but only after you autograph up for one of the above-mentioned packages. HBO MAX, CINEMAX, STARZ, and SHOWTIME are just a few of the add-ons available, but you can also choose a Espanol add-on, an improved Cloud DVR, limitless screens, or an Entertainment add-on that adds a tonne of amazing channels to your package.

Hulu is only available to US citizens, therefore you might need to use a VPN to unblock it in another country so you can stream without limitations. Even though you already have an statement and a plan that you’re paying for, the same rules apply if you’re travelling outside of the US and want to watch Hulu from where you are right now.

3. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

The streaming service BBC iPlayer, which is based in the UK, would be a fantastic substitute for PlayStation Vue. However, you might want to keep looking for a better option if live TV is what you miss most about PlayStation Vue. Despite offering a live TV option, BBC iPlayer is relatively limited when compared to the other providers on our list.

This is another playstation vue alternative. However, if you live in the UK or have figured out how to get around BBC iPlayer’s location recognition mechanism and trick it into thinking you’re in the UK, you may watch live TV on any of the previous channels for free. Oh, I see, a VPN is an option.

If you’re interested in this service, you’ll be happy to understand that in spare to the free live TV, there is also a huge selection of on-demand programming, including Sherlock, Westworld, Doctor Who, Peaky Blinders, Line of Duty, Top Load, and even snooker, if you’re into that. As long as you have a BBC iPlayer account, you should be able to view everything we listed above and even more because the on-demand content is just as cost-free as the live TV. Also check  VPN Services

Establishing the software on your PlayStation system is one of the key features of BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer doesn’t yet have a PS5 app, but if you have a PS4 and reside in the UK, you can establish it and watch your favourite shows or live TV right from your Sony-branded entertainment centre (because let’s face it, consoles are capable of more than just playing fantastic games). You can utilize a VPN to get around geoblocking if you have a PS4 and don’t live in the UK by installing it on your console or the router to which your PS is connected.

Don’t worry if you don’t like utilising your PS as your primary streaming device. Additionally, a wide variety of machines, including but not limited to desktop computers, laptops, Android and iOS mobile devices, Smart TVs, Chromecasts, and Amazon Fire Sticks, support BBC iPlayer.

When compared to other PlayStation Vue options, the BBC iPlayer’s lack of a 4K streaming option is probably its most glaring drawback. The fact that this service is totally free, though, means that we can’t—or, better yet, shouldn’t—complain about it and should instead focus on enjoying what this streaming service has to offer.

4. YouTube TV

YouTube TV

YouTube is gradually evolving into a one-stop entertainment destination where you can search through and choose from a vast collection of multimedia content, including music and music videos, instructional videos, homemade movies, animations, and now live TV. Although it has been general for a while, YouTube TV isn’t often the first choice for people looking for PlayStation Vue alternatives.

Exclusively one package, presently priced at $64.99, is offered by YouTube TV, which is only available in the US. Since the service is accessible anywhere in the US, you shouldn’t have any trouble using or watching YouTube TV no matter where you are. If you’re not in the US but still want to watch YouTube TV, you can use a VPN (like NordVPN) to get around this unjust geo-restriction and use the streaming service in the same way as anybody else who is. This is another playstation vue alternative.

With 6 accounts per household and access to a cloud DVR with no storage restrictions, YouTube TV can already offer live TV from more than 85 networks. Most importantly, since YouTube TV is fully digital and you may access everything it has to offer by purchasing a package, you won’t need to establish a new cable or any other additional accessories.

For as long as the TV you’re watching on supports Google Chromecast, either built-in or connected in, you may use voice management to play, respite, or start a recording of your screen thanks to the built-in support for Google Nest Audio devices. Not to mention, if you already subscribe to YouTube Premium, you can view YouTube content on YouTube TV without being interrupted by advertising, including YouTube originals.

5. Crackle


Chicken Casserole for the Soul Entertainment is the owner of the online video streaming service Crackle. The platform was formerly known as Grouper, and it was this firm that launched the service. Sony bought it in 2006 and renamed it Crackle; a few (11) years later, it became Sony Crackle. Chicken Soup for the Soul promptly changed the platform’s name back to Crackle after purchasing the majority of the company. Later, Sony sold the remaining portion of their interest to the business that currently controls the service.

Currently accessible in 21 nations, Crackle is 100 percent free to use, and it has been for a very prolonged time. You might occasionally see an advertisement, but we think that’s entirely acceptable given the wealth of free content available to stream on your preferred multimedia device. Beginning in late 2016, Crackle was exclusively accessible in Latin America as a premium ad-free service for a brief period (of three years). This is another playstation vue alternative. Also check ce-38704-2

It’s important to note that using Crackle to watch live TV is not possible, so if you’re a fan of PlayStation Vue’s live TV services and seeking a substitute, simply keep exploring. On the other hand, Crackle offers a number of TV series and motion pictures that you may watch for free, including Zodiac, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, and The Ides of March.

You won’t be able to use or access Crackle if you’re not in the US or one of its regions. However, we discovered that utilising a reliable VPN works incredibly well and should allow you to access all of Crackle’s content. To access Crackle, just be sure to connect to a US server first. If that doesn’t work, try a additional server on the same network, or try again after clearing your browser’s cache and cookies.

6. Sling TV

Sling TV

When looking for a live TV streaming assistance, Sling TV is one of the more reasonable choices. You can choose the packages that best suit your needs by looking at the list of channels included in each one, which starts at $30 per month. For instance, the CNN, ESPN, AMC, TBS, and the Food Network are some of the most well-known channels in the Sling TV Orange package, whereas El Rey, Viceland, FX, and the USA are featured in Sling Blue.

There is a package that contains channels from both the Orange and Blue plans, which can help you save 50% on the cost of your second plan if you enjoy both Orange and Blue plan channels. This means that purchasing the Orange and Blue plans together will cost you $45 as opposed to paying $60 for each plan alone. It goes without saying that Sling TV includes live TV in comparison to some of the PlayStation Vue rivals we’ve listed in our comparison chart.

Unfortunately, neither the PS4 nor the PS5 have support for Sling TV, thus you won’t be able to install it on either device. Even so, you can still install it on a sizable number of gadgets and use it from there.

Depending on the bundle you choose, you can typically use Sling TV on multiple devices with a single account.

You may stream content on up to four devices simultaneously if you choose the Sling TV Orange + Blue subscription package, for example. This feature can help you save money if you decide to share the bill and service with someone else.

It’s important to note that Sling TV is only accessible in the United States, so if you live somewhere else in the world, you won’t be able to utilise the service or even visit the website. You won’t be competent to access Sling TV’s website from any non-US region, even if you are a US citizen travelling overseas. This is another playstation vue alternative.

However, by circumventing this restriction with a VPN, you can not only view the Sling TV website from anywhere in the earth, but also create an account and access the material this streaming service offers to you.

7. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

This is another playstation vue alternative. Without a doubt, Pluto TV is among the top PlayStation Vue alternatives, particularly if you enjoy free content and don’t feel like breaking the bank to replace your preferred VOD and live TV streaming service. It’s crucial to note upfront that Pluto TV is a US-based streaming service owned by Viacom.

We are aware that when a streaming service is situated in the US, access from countries that are not American territories is typically prohibited. The website and its fantastic collection are accessible from 24 different nations, with the UK, Germany, Austria, and even Latin America, thanks to Pluto TV’s outstanding exception.

Simply click the Show Guide button to step back and view all the categories you have to pick from. By accomplishing this, you should be able to see all of the categories you can access while also reducing the size of the video streaming component. These include Kids, Latino, Crime, Entertainment, Home + DIY, Sports, Gaming + Anime, Music, News + Opinion, Reality, Entertainment, Classic TV, and Local.

That’s not it, though. There is a VOD component in addition to the live TV component, which enables you to watch content from your favourite networks live on your device. Assuming that Pluto TV is a free service, the VOD component features an outstanding selection of content. Simply click the On Demand switch at the top of the screen to access Pluto TV’s On-Demand service. Also check error e-82000180

Top TV Series, Most Popular Flicks, Trending Now, Sitcoms, TV Dramas, Action, Black Cinema, LOL Network, and MLB are just a few of the categories you can explore through in the left-hand menu. You must choose a movie from the list and click the See Now button in order to watch it. You may learn a lot about a movie by merely choosing it, like when it was released and what the main narrative is.

Pluto TV will, as you might anticipate, show advertisements as you watch live TV or movies on it. The service doesn’t even require you to make an account, so it’s to be anticipated.

Pluto TV is accessible in 24 nations, however there is a good probability that your region is not one of them. To get around these unfair restrictions and access Pluto TV from anywhere in the world, you can use a VPN like NordVPN. Simply start the VPN and connect to a server in one of the supported locations. Following that, you ought to be able to access Pluto TV programming almost everywhere.

You’ll be happy to learn that Pluto TV is compatible with a wide spectrum of devices, from your PC or laptop via your web browser to Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Android phones and tablets, and iOS devices. If you’re wondering about device compatibility and how far it goes, you’ll be delighted to learn that. The finest one was reserved for last. Pluto TV is a fantastic substitute for PlayStation Vue because it is accessible on both PS4 and PS5 devices. This is another playstation vue alternative.

8. Philo


Philo offers you a choice of more than 60 channels for just $20 a month and is yet another video streaming service that is only accessible to those who are currently on US soil. Two Harvard juniors named Tuan Ho and Nicholas Krasney created this platform as a test when they used aluminium foil as a makeshift satellite word to “pick up TV signals and broadcast them wirelessly to their laptops via a jerry-rigged server.”

Even though the trial was just a workaround for Harvard not offering cable TV to its students, the service’s actual launch was a big success. So much so that in the first few weeks after the programme opened to the general public, half of the Harvard student body signed up for Philo.

When compared to other similar services that are currently available on the market, Philo’s affordable price is one of its best features. The low price can be somewhat justified by the lack of these channels, or better yet, the lack of choice when it reaches to sports networks, on the other hand, there isn’t much to pick from if you’re a sports enthusiast.

Nickelodeon, Food Network, VH1, HGTV, DIY Network, TLC, Paramount, Nick Jr., Nick Toons, BBC America, BBC World News, Animal Planet, Comedy Central, A&E, Discovery, Inc., AMC, Bloomberg Television, Crackle, and Revry are the most significant channels you can discover included in this service’s portfolio. Philo is a little more lenient than other services in that it lets you stream on up to three instruments at once, as opposed to other services only allowing you to stream on up to two devices concurrently.

Additionally, it enables you to establish up to 10 profiles per account, making it simple to share them with friends or family members, especially if you and they have different live television preferences. You can test out Philo for seven days without cost in order to resolve whether or not to purchase a membership plan. This is another playstation vue alternative.

The goodness we’ve already highlighted isn’t all Philo has in store for you; there are a few add-ons you can use to boost your $20 plan as well. You can add Epix, Epix Hits, and epix2 with the first add-on for just $6 extra a month, while Starz, Starz Encore, and Starz Kids & Family may be added with the second.

Additionally, Philo gives limitless DVR to its customers, however all of the content is lost after 30 days. Given that it is compatible with your web browser, iPhone, iPad, Android TV, Android phones and tablets, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV, Philo has a wide range of compatibility options. A mobile phone number or email address, a means of payment, a broadband Internet connection, and a supported device are all you need to get started. This is another playstation vue alternative.

As previously stated, Philo is only accessible within the United States. However, you might be able to get around this unfair restriction and access Philo at your leisure by using a VPN.

9. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

The fact that Tubi TV is free makes it feasible to use it for as long as you’d want without having to pull out your credit card from your wallet, which is possibly its most significant feature. However, and you may have already predicted this, it’s only accessible in the US. Despite the fact that it was made unavailable in Europe in 2018 as a result of the GDPR, we are still unable to access it without a VPN today.

There is still no indication of Tubi TV for UK users, despite the official website claiming an early 2020 UK debut. Due to GDPR regulations, Tubi TV became unavailable in Europe in 2018, even though the UK was still a member of the EU at the time. Despite the Brexit, Tubi TV hasn’t changed its mind about ceasing service in the UK. Currently, only the United States, Canada, and Australia provide Tubi TV.

It goes without saying that Tubi TV can be the perfect option for you if you’re looking for a suitable alternative for the discontinued PlayStation Vue and you don’t want to spend a fortune. Because there is no option to watch live TV on Tubi TV, it makes reasonable that it won’t be able to completely replace PlayStation Vue. Nearly every live TV service on our list is not just a premium service, but also extremely expensive.

This is another playstation vue alternative. Now for the less than ideal part: since Tubi TV is both free and legal, it must somehow make money, right? The catch is that it’s ad-supported, which means that you’ll occasionally see advertisements. This can be particularly bothersome if you’re deeply engrossed in the film or television programme you’re presently viewing. However, since the service is free, you can’t really gripe.

Furthermore, using Tubi TV won’t even require creating an account. You just visit the internet, peruse the service’s sizable bank of information, and take in your preferred motion pictures or television programmes. If you’re not from the US, you could require a VPN in this situation, but you should have anticipated that.

Tubi TV might be what you’re looking for if you’re devoted to having a PlayStation Vue alternative with everything that this includes, especially in light of the fact that you can download and install PS4 and PS5 apps on your PlayStation consoles. It’s necessary to keep in mind that the apps might not be accessible everywhere, so you might need to either set up a VPN on your PlayStation or make one available on the wifi your console is linked to. The fact that your entire network will benefit from installing a VPN on your router is a pretty crucial aspect.

However, in addition to PlayStation gaming consoles, you can also use other devices to watch Tubi TV, including your laptop or desktop computer’s web browser, Android and iOS mobile devices, Macs, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android and iOS mobile devices, Samsung and Sony smart TVs, and Amazon Fire TV.

10. USTVNow


USTVNow is a multi-media streaming service created especially for US citizens residing abroad, American service personnel serving overseas, and US military personnel. First things first, it’s important to note that USTVNow requires a fee if you intend to use it to stream live TV to your location.

Furthermore, since the service is used to watch live TV and we all understand that there is no such thing as commercial-free live television, there isn’t even a single choice that is completely devoid of advertisements. We should move on to other intriguing features of this service if you’re still interested. First off, there are stringent guidelines for utilising the programme, even though it is obviously intended for US citizens. This is another playstation vue alternative.

Similar to the earlier point, this kind of service is not only geographically constrained but also restricted in a number of other ways, so accessing and enjoying USTVNow won’t be possible just by using a VPN to get over geo-restrictions. If you reside beyond of the US and have a current passport, it is possible for you as an American citizen to access and enjoy USTVNow. Legal residents with green cards who can show proof of their papers’ existence are subject to the same rule.

There is a catch: you must use USTVNow in conjunction with a regular USTVNow partner cable subscription if you live in the United States and wish to access USTVNow. The service isn’t quite warranted given that USTVNow only offers a small number of channels (in comparison to a typical cable subscription), but hey, it’s your call.

Next, you’re once again out of luck if you want to install USTVNow on multiple devices. Through web browser playback, this service is primarily accessible on laptop/desktop PCs and mobile devices. You might be able to find a USTVNow app for your Android phone or tablet, but since it isn’t listed in the Google Play Store, you’ll require to search elsewhere for the APK file, copy it to your device, or download it there directly, then manually install it. If you do that, you should be cautious about where you download the app from because many websites sell imitation or malicious versions of well-known apps. This is another playstation vue alternative.

Considering that web browsers on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices are almost the only ways to access USTVNow, getting an app for your PS3, PS4, or PS5 is completely out of the question. Therefore, USTVNow wouldn’t make a great PlayStation Vue substitute from that perspective. Using the built-in browser on your PS4, you might be able to get USTVNow content to stream. It appears that it worked for some users at some point, so you might end up being lucky after all.

Customers of USTVNow have access to a variety of plans at various price points. The features that each plan includes and the kinds of content to which you have access determine the prices, as you might anticipate. You can utilise the free plan as well, but you can only stream old and foreign films. Most subscriptions also include access to the cloud DVR, and depending on the one you select, you may have either limited or unlimited access to this service.

You can unlock recording slots on plans with a restricted amount of cloud DVR by recommending family or friends. Per referral, a maximum of four recording slots may be unlocked, for a total of 20 slots. Additionally, restricted DVR subscriptions destroy your recordings after two weeks (14 days). You can save as many shows as you like if you choose a subscription with unlimited DVR storage. However, after four weeks, USTVNow will delete them. This is another playstation vue alternative.

11. TVPlayer


Unlike many of the providers included in this article, TVPlayer is a UK-based TV subscription service. The service is still geo-restricted, so if you’re located anywhere else except the UK, you won’t be able to access TVPlayer without the necessary tools that can circumvent geo-blocking (i.e. VPNs).

This is another playstation vue alternative. You may watch both free and premium TV streams with TVPlayer. You may stream a number of networks, including BBC One, BBC Two, Channel 4, and ITV, if you choose for the free version. However, we think that free TV streaming is just as good as any if you simply want something playing in the background.

This is another playstation vue alternative. Naturally, the paid edition of TVPlayer gives you access to more channels, including Fox HD, Lifetime, Comedy Central, Sky History, Species, Nat Geo WILD, Think Nature, The Big Issue, Unbeaten, and Crime+Investigation.

The TVPlayer monthly package, which costs 6.99 GBP, offers both free and premium channels. In addition, the premium, paid edition gives you access to more than two dozen live channels without advertisements, which is not true of the free version. If you choose the free version, there will be interruptions, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you given that practically all free content needs to make cash in some way, and that revenue is frequently dependent on commercials.

You’re in for a treat if you’re the kind of customer who likes to try out products or services before deciding whether or not to pay for them. You can use TVPlayer for a free month of premium service. You must still enter your credit card information, and if you’re not completely satisfied with the service, make sure to cancel your automatic membership.

Given that you may use TVPlayer on a variety of devices, it is a service that is fairly versatile in terms of compatibility. TVPlayer is accessible through web browser on any desktop or laptop (PC or Mac) in addition to Apple TVs, Amazon Fire TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Android phones and tablets, and iOS devices.

You can use reputable VPN services like NordVPN to conceal your physical location and make it appear as though you’re in a completely different area if you want to watch TVPlayer but aren’t currently in the UK. Simply install the VPN, run it, connect to a UK server, and then view TVPlayer as if you were physically in the UK. The same rules apply if you reside in the UK, are getting ready to travel overseas, and wish to take your TVPlayer viewing skills with you.

12. FuboTV


If you love sports, FuboTV is a fantastic live TV streaming service. FuboTV is mostly focused on sports networks and offers 4K streaming, so you can watch your favourite events in breathtaking detail, even though that isn’t the only kind of entertainment you can access through it. This is another playstation vue alternative.

FuboTV must be mentioned as being far from free, but it is understandable given that even the cheapest bundle offers 121 channels to browse and more than 130 events streaming in 4K resolution. Additionally, depending on the package you select, you can get access to up to 1000 hours of cloud DVR repository.

FuboTV now provides three primary plans and add-ons. For just $69.99 a month, you can subscribe to the Pro plan, which includes 121 channels, more than 130 events in 4K, 250 hours of cloud DVR repository, and the capability to simultaneously stream content to up to three screens.

The Elite plan includes 180 channels, allows you to stream live TV on up to 10 devices at once, gives 1000 hours of cloud DVR storage, and allows you to view more than 130 events in 4K. It also adds 45 more entertainment channels compared to the Starter plan. The cost of this plan is $79.99 per month.

The Latino Quarterly plan is the least expensive, but it also offers the fewest channels. This package gives you access to 32 channels, more than 100 sporting events, 250 hours of cloud DVR storage, and up to three simultaneous device streams. It should go without saying that it offers channels that are only offered in Spanish. Latino Quarterly, sadly, does not offer a 4K option.

If neither of the two plans quite meets your needs, FuboTV provides a number of add-ons and upgrades that can improve your live TV streaming experience. Some alternatives include extending your cloud DVR’s storage capacity, expanding the amount of streams you can have on your account, as well as premium add-ons and additional channel packs (fubo Extra, NFL RedZone, International Sports Plus, Adventure Plus, Latino Plus).

Each plan offers a free 7-day trial, so you may carefully evaluate the service before deciding whether to pay for a subscription. To avoid abuse, you must give FuboTV your name, address, email address, and a legitimate payment method in order to take advantage of the 7-day trial.

If you’re curious about FuboTV and want to give it a try, you should be aware that it’s accessible on a variety of gadgets. These include Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox, Android phones and tablets, iOS devices, Mac computers, Chromecast, and Apple TV. You obviously have a lot of area to manoeuvre in terms of device compatibility. The weakness is that you won’t be competent to install FuboTV on your PlayStation device, whether you’re using a PS3, PS4, or PS5.

Best PlayStation Vue alternatives – CONCLUSION

In light of this, if you’ve ever moaned in thought about how unjust it was that PlayStation Vue was seemingly abruptly discontinued, keep in mind that there are many alternatives you can easily substitute it with. Sure, your console might not support them, and you might need to install or use them on a different device, but PlayStation Vue also functioned on a number of other platforms.

You can find a good number of platforms where you can watch Video-On-Demand content, such as movies or TV shows, and some of them even offer free live TV streaming, provided that you live in a supported country. In our guide, we’ve included premium services that typically pack more channels, fewer ads, and more features.

You should keep in mind that if one of the aforementioned services seems to be unavailable in your country, it most likely isn’t. However, you might be able to get around all of these unfair geographic restrictions by downloading a VPN on your device and connecting to a server that is situated in one of the supported nations.

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