21 Official OLWeb TV Alternatives In 2023

Best And Official OLWeb TV Alternatives will be described in this article. You’ll lose access to your preferred entertainment options if you don’t currently have cable TV or if you don’t want one. Fortunately, you may easily watch them via free live TV streaming services, however some of them might be geo-blocked in your area., a VPN can help you simply get over a geo-block. The websites featured in this post might be geoblocked in your region for some of them. Using a VPN to virtually change your location and gain access to any content is the simplest approach to get around a geo-block. It’s also vital to keep in mind that the majority of free streaming websites may include unlawful content.

Depending on your local laws and regulations, hosting content without the author’s consent is against the law, and both the website and its users (you) may face legal repercussions.. If you’re unhappy with the services, you may easily request a refund within the first 30 days of purchase. Additionally, live chat assistance is available around-the-clock to assist you with any problems.

Streaming services for live TV Here are the best live TV streaming websites that will function in 2022. If they are geo-blocked in your area, you may easily access them with a VPN. Another reason to use a VPN to be anonymous and secure is that the majority of free streaming websites may include illegal content.

Top 21 Best And Official OLWeb TV Alternatives In 2023

Top 21 Best And Official OLWeb TV Alternatives are explained here.



With more than 90 free channels, it’s perhaps one of the best and most well-known free live TV streaming websites. Its lovely user interface, which has a channel selection and many other features, is more appealing to the user’s eyes. While it is apparent that there won’t be any adverts offering you one-click material, this website has a lot going for it.

Without any hassles, you can watch all the channels for free. The most crucial factor is that you can set a two-day period to make the most of it. All you have to do to access this website for dependable streaming and to access the geo-blocked content offered on USTVGO is to utilise a VPN.

Pros Cons

  • Without a VPN, live TV streaming is not functional.
  • Pleasant user interface
  • More than 90 channels that are free
  • Suitable Schedule

2. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is gaining popularity, attracting millions of visitors each month. For its users, this free live TV streaming service provides thousands of on-demand TV shows, movies, and other content over hundreds of live channels.

You can acquire high-quality library content for free if you set aside the bothersome advertising that frequently show on these websites. Pluto TV offers an app in addition to its website, expanding its network. Use a better VPN to access this site anonymously, avoid detection, and access any geo-restricted material.

Pros Cons

  • Live TV Streaming TV channels in truncated form
  • Pleasant user interface
  • Experience similar to cable

3. 123TV


Because of the channels and content that 123TV delivers, this free live TV streaming website will rank in the top 10. Everything is organised here, including news, sports, movies, kid’s entertainment, top streaming, and much more, even though the majority of the channels are from the US and UK. Ads are how 123TV makes the majority of its revenue, so be mindful of them. Although 123TV was observed to have more than 2 lakh users in a single month, using a VPN to view the accessible geo-restricted content is perfectly acceptable. This post will explain OLWeb TV alternatives. Also check  FreeInterTV Alternatives

Pros Cons

  • Ads may be seen during live TV streaming.
  • An intuitive UI might not be secure
  • Streaming of more sports, news, and entertainment is permitted Unsecure online connection

4. Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch is a well-known free live TV streaming website with a focus on sports. This can be referred to as a dedicated sports channel with a large range of sports genres, including boxing, hockey, basketball, football, soccer, and many others.

If you are unsure of what to watch on this site, check their sports schedules to see your alternatives. You can usually find everything there. If you are using a VPN, the content quality of Stream2Watch gives you the impression that you are utilising a premium service with stable streaming. Amazing search functionality is available to quickly find the material you will adore.

Pros Cons

  • Only live streaming of tv is offered.
  • Too many advertisements and more than 350 stations for unlimited streaming
  • Several video qualities, including 1080p, HD, and Full HD.

5. Airy TV

Another top free live TV streaming website that should be mentioned has a good number of channels and a broad selection of categories. Additionally, you may use their app to enjoy your preferred programmes while on the move.

Let me demonstrate some of the genres that Airy TV offers, such TV Shows, Reality, Comedy, Documentaries, Sports, Thrillers, and more, to help you become comfortable with this. Whereas the reputation of their app rivals that of Google Play and Amazon. There are advertisements everywhere to generate cash for the site’s more than 3 Lakh monthly users. Therefore, if your favourite content is geo-restricted, it is advised to use a VPN to prevent all of these advertising and access it.

Pros Cons

  • Live TV Streaming Geo-restrictions may apply to some programming.
  • Many different types of content Too many adverts



Look at XUMO if you’re seeking for an all-encompassing media platform. Additionally, it is accessible as an app and a website. On this website, hundreds of live TV stations are accessible.

Their revenue comes from advertisements, which you may see. To access thousands of free content on the site, including documentaries, movies, TV shows, and more, this website enables flawless playback with only one click. To view geo-restricted content and to ensure your safety, use a VPN before visiting this site. Since this website receives more than 7 lakh visitors per month. This post will explain OLWeb TV alternatives.

Pros Cons

  • On-demand and live TV streaming services could both contain geo-restricted material.
  • 100+ TV stations available for limitless streaming
  • Outstanding user experience

7. UStream


Another well-known free live TV streaming website, this one offers more than 200 channels in a variety of categories, including news, entertainment, sports, and more, with high-quality programming and a facility to choose the video quality.

I occasionally see obnoxious pop-up advertising and pop-unders when I visit this website. Therefore, in order to prevent all of these, it is preferable to use a VPN. Up to 2 lakh people visit this website each month.

Pros Cons

  • Too many pop-up advertisements on live TV
  • 200+ channels available for limitless streaming
  • Excellent content

8. Squid TV

Squid TV

One of the greatest free live TV streaming websites is Squid TV, which also functions as a content aggregator to find many free TV channels as well as some premium channels for free. It has a huge directory of TV channels from all over the world. This website offers more than a thousand channels in a variety of categories, including science, music, and ethnic. The dual-language capability of this website is its most intriguing feature. Additionally, there is categorisation based on location.

There are many advertisements on the screen because everything is free. Squid TV has a decent video quality and a built-in electronic programme guide that distinguishes it from other websites. Use a VPN to easily access geo-restricted content if you want to browse this site safely. This post will explain OLWeb TV alternatives.

Pros Cons

  • Some content in the EPG may have geographic restrictions.
  • Over a thousand channels for limitless streaming
  • Dual-language capability

9. YuppTV


YuppTV is an OTT service platform that was created in the US and is accessible in many nations. They recognised this as their selling point and eventually succeeded in providing Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and many other language contents to the rest of the globe. Indian channels are not available to the rest of the world. Numerous free live TV channels are available on YuppTV’s free edition, and they also offer reasonably priced premium plans. There are a tonne of advertisements on the site’s free edition, which is seeing more than 2 lakh visitors each month. Also check Football365 Alternatives

They make sure the content is of good quality and quantity. Like other premium OTTs, YuppTV features seamless device compatibility. Use a VPN to browse this site and unblock all the geo-restricted content while keeping your privacy in mind. Learn some regional languages and have fun.

Pros Cons

  • Geo-blocked content on more than 100 free live TV channels
  • OTT service
  • A good video’s quality

10. SportsSurge


Another live streaming website without sports that offers tens of thousands of channels. This post will explain OLWeb TV alternatives. Because there are sections on this site for sports like hockey, motor sports, MMA, boxing, football, basketball, and others, it receives a lot of traffic from sports fans. You will undoubtedly see advertisements when watching your favourite material, but the best part is that they won’t appear when you return to the home screen.

Every month, 0.5M people visit this website. This type of website will likely be used by hackers, therefore use a VPN to protect yourself and conceal your IP and personal information. You’ll also need a VPN to view the geo-restricted content.

Pros Cons

  • Live TV streaming is currently unavailable.
  • Allows streaming of all sports, however it can be risky
  • Simple to use user interface

11. Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Unfortunately, this site is only accessible in the United States, so you will need VPN assistance to access it and unblock geo-restricted content. It is one of the best free live streaming sites online. When NBC signed up for this online video streaming service in 2020, Peacock TV was born. This Peacock TV is well known for its collection of films and TV shows in addition to the availability of hundreds of live TV stations in many languages.

You will have to put up with their free service’s advertisements; they have 0.7M visits each month. The most intriguing development is that Peacock TV has been introduced to WWE Network in order to attract more viewers. You may download this on your Android phone or tablet or on your Amazon FireTV stick.

Pros Cons

  • Numerous live TV networks are currently unavailable.
  • Excellent selection of TV shows and films Only accessible in the US

12. LiveNewsMag


LiveNewMag, which offers the best new channels from the US, UK, and Europe, is the site for you if you’re seeking for a free news live tv streaming service. You can use this free live TV news as a substitute for CNN and the BBC. This post will explain OLWeb TV alternatives.

The primary focus of LiveNewsMag, which has more than 50 new streaming channels for its customers worldwide, is news content, and it receives more than 1 million visitors each month. The nicest aspect is that this site didn’t have any adverts when I visited it. LiveNewsMag provides top-notch Livestream in addition to local news. To access this site, unblock geo-restricted content, and stay safe, you must use a VPN.

Pros Cons

  • Free live streaming of geo-restricted news
  • 50+ streaming news channels could be dangerous
  • Excellent streaming

13. wwiTV


A lot of third-party websites that host the material are included on wwiTV, a free live TV streaming service. This website primarily focuses on news and entertainment from more than 200 international channels. Along with local news, you will also receive high-quality news & Live stream. On the homepage, there are advertising.

Visit this site even though it is not mobile-friendly. There are 25K users each month. This will be a fantastic substitute for the majority of the sites. The scant substance is enjoyable. Before utilising a VPN to access this website for security purposes to block advertisements and access geo-restricted material, be sure to do so.

Pros Cons

  • News and entertainment-focused but not mobile-friendly
  • Too many advertising on 200+ channels

14. TVPlayer


Using TVPlayer, you can access free live TV streaming channels on all of your gadgets, including your tablet, PC, and smartphone. They also provide reasonable monthly membership plans with excellent streaming quality. The fact that you can even record live TV is the coolest part of this.

Although there are more than 80 free channels available, including 30 premium stations. When I discuss the drawbacks, I mention that you can only stream through one device. If you want to watch free-to-air networks, I’d suggest this TVPlayer. Before beginning your streaming, confirm that you are utilising a VPN for a dependable connection and streaming.

Pros Cons

  • Enables live TV recording enables streaming on a single device only
  • 30 premium channels and more than 80 free channels

15. OKLiveTV


One of the top free live TV streaming websites, it has a tonne of stuff. Most of the international TV stations are hosted on this website for free, along with news. Additionally, it provides free access to top live TV channels so that you may take in the material. Although there aren’t many adverts on this site. This post will explain OLWeb TV alternatives.

The user experience when searching for the channel or material they need on a website is excellent. Additionally, you will receive localised content. Although you may schedule what to watch next, there isn’t a dedicated area for explicit stuff. Before browsing this site, make sure you are using a VPN to protect your privacy.

Pros Cons

  • Live Boxing Streaming is currently unavailable.
  • Allows for streaming of other sports but may be dangerous
  • User interface that is simple to use Only accessible in the US

16. SlingTV


Another elite streaming service that succeeds across the board is SlingTV. You get access to several channels and it includes all audience categories. Channels like A&E, AMC, AXS TV, BBC, FOX, ESPN, Food Network, Fox News, History Channel, Disney, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, etc. are all readily accessible. Additionally, Sling TV offers a 50-hour free live stream and a fairly flexible plan; it functions almost like a freemium subscription. But it’s only available in the US. You might need to use a VPN and choose a US server in order to access it so you can take advantage of the experience. Also check

Pros Cons

  • 50-hour free live feed is available; only available in the US
  • A huge selection of channels

17. StreamLive


The benefit of visiting the free live TV streaming website StreamLive is its vast amount of material. Personally, I don’t experience any compatibility problems with this site, however I do with several other sites. I enjoy how the channel-specific information and available shows are displayed in-depth in the menu. This post will explain OLWeb TV alternatives.

Even though some commercials will occasionally appear while you’re streaming, you must subscribe to their service to get rid of them. It is advised to utilise a VPN in order to view video from this website because it only functions in specific locations, including India.

Pros Cons

  • Geo-restricted Live TV Streaming
  • There is no incompatibility


TVOPEDIA This free live TV streaming website has a lot to discuss, starting with the vast amount of content it provides (TVOPEDIA). With some respectable video quality, this website functions pretty well. If any new channels are added, there is a community ready to offer suggestions.

Although they are simple to search, everything is easy to search. The advertisements and website layout will cause you a little amount of frustration. To protect yourself from advertisements, gain access to geo-restricted content, and stay secure when streaming, it is always preferable to utilise a VPN.

Pros Cons

  • Ads on live TV are too much
  • Safe but decent video quality

19. Time 4 TV

Time 4 TV

Along with free live TV new channels with respectable quality content, primarily from the US and UK, Time 4 TV is one of the most well-known sports websites and provides comprehensive sports coverage. Additionally, there are channels here for information and enjoyment. With a nice website design, Time 4 TV offers costly content.

However, I occasionally see dangerous redirections through advertisements, thus it is best to utilise a VPN. When using NordVPN to access this website. Additionally, you can organise everything out according to what you want to watch afterwards, which is what I appreciate the best. The majority of external websites that offer extensive content are collected under this.

Pros Cons

  • Massive sports coverage shady detours
  • Decent website style Possibly risky
  • Content that is properly arranged and has a schedule that works only in the US

20. OLWeb TV


With a minimal commercial interface, OLWeb TV provides some of the best exclusive programming without charge. It’s nice to have access to free live TV streaming channels and radio podcasts. This website has excellent design. Every channel has a description as well. However, except from a few obtrusive advertising here and there, everything is fine. Before starting to stream from this site, I advise utilising a VPN. As they expand and improve their services, OLWeb TV will eventually reach 3 Lakh monthly consumers. This post will explain OLWeb TV alternatives.

Pros Cons

  • Ads on live TV are too much
  • Good web design
  • Channel descriptions for each

21. FreeTV


One of the free live TV streaming websites is called FreeTV, and it has a few notable features. One is the ability of the search box to filter away the majority of the stuff that a user may need.

FreeTV, which provides more than 1000+ channels for free, offers a live clock and statistics that show how much time you spend on the website. The website’s design is subpar, and there are intrusive advertisements everywhere. It’s best to utilize a VPN before streaming on this site; I personally used NordVPN and had no problems with redirects or advertising. This post will explain OLWeb TV alternatives.

Pros Cons

  • Ads may be seen during live TV streaming.
  • Has a search feature but can be risky
  • 10,000+ free channels


The greatest free live TV streaming websites are those I’ve listed above. There are websites specifically for sports, movies, and other genres. qThe decision of which to stream is always yours. All of these streaming services are free. Prior to visiting these websites, use a VPN to protect your data from being intercepted by the websites’ advertisements or other techniques.

Similar FAQs

Are websites offering free live TV safe to use?

It is never safe to use a VPN to access streaming websites. As such websites may contain spyware or advertisements that track your data. I use NordVPN when streaming if you’re looking for the finest VPN.

Are websites that stream free live TV legal?

It depends on who owns the content and if the websites are legally entitled to distribute it. To safeguard your identity while visiting such dubious websites, a VPN is a better idea.

Can I be caught using free live streaming websites for TV?

You can since the websites may occasionally host content that is illegally obtained or protected by copyright. Nobody will be accountable for it, so use a VPN, most likely NordVPN, to protect yourself and keep yourself safe.

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