Difference Between NASDAQ vs Dow Jones In 2024

This post will expalin nasdaq vs dow. Frequently, people utilize words such as ‘the Dow’ and ‘NASDAQ’ in a similar connotation failing to understand that both are different. Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) describes a stock exchange index, whereas NASDAQ is an electronic exchange system that means the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotients Exchange. NASDAQ also describes an index. Thus it is utilized in 2 various methods, i.e. an exchange and also an index that presents a particular portion of the marketplace. Here we talk about the NASDAQ vs Dow Jones.

Difference Between NASDAQ vs Dow Jones In 2024

In this article, you can know about nasdaq vs dow here are the details below;


NASDAQ is the biggest electronic stock market worldwide by Market capitalization after the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in the USA. NASDAQ was established in 1971 as a follower to Over the counter (OTC) trading. It has the highest trading quantity as compared to any additional exchange on the planet. Because of this greatest trading volume, it struggles with volatility as compared to other exchanges. Also check sx pro.

NASDAQ Inc. is the proprietor of an exchange policies. It likewise owns and runs some stock market in the European markets. NASDAQ Inc. was recognized as a stock market by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2006.

 Dow Jones

Dow Jones is a monetary and service news company. Although the Dow Jones Industrial Average pursues the publicly listed corporations Dow Jones itself is not an openly traded business. It was established in 1896 by Charles Dow, Edward T. Jones, & Charles Berkstresser. The DJIA is the stock table that tracks 30 large publicly owned business in the USA traded on NYSE & NASDAQ.

nasdaq vs dow

The preceding screenshot presents the list of 30 business on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

 NASDAQ to Dow Jones Ratio

The ratio in between NASDAQ vs Dow Jones provides us an interactive chart. A high degree is an symbol of the truth that the marketplace has gone frenzy and a high bullish belief is prevalent. It is likewise an indication of the reality that the economy is prospering. Below is the table from 1977 till the already providing the ratio of both the indices.

These methods of trading on NASDAQ vs Dow Jones are by means of ETFs and Index Funds. Index Funds are constructed to track a specific index for example NASDAQ 100 etc. Financing in an index fund is a passive form of investing the returns are made the most of by reducing the buying and selling of stocks regularly. It is an effective approach to minimize business expenses. Considering that the fund reproduces an index hence the need for research analysts and other associated expenses is gotten rid of. Even Warren Buffett recommends investing through Index funds & classifies these funds as a safe haven for retirement. He also states that the performance of a typical index fund will prosper as compared to the performance of the most active managers. Also check nook vs kindle.

Head to Head Comparison in between NASDAQ vs Dow Jones( Infographics).

 Below is the top 4 distinction between NASDAQ vs Dow Jones:.

 Secret Differences in between NASDAQ vs Dow Jones.

nasdaq vs dow

Let us go over a few of the significant differences in between NASDAQ vs Dow Jones:.

– NASDAQ is a stock index including more than 3000 business whereas DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) includes just 30 major business traded on the NYSE and NASDAQ.

– NASDAQ primarily makes up companies in the technology sector or the business in the development phases while Dow Jones is more about the stock cost and is thus based on the incomes. If the stock rate drops, less weight will be provided, and the stock might no longer belong of the index.

– Volatility in the case of Dow Jones is low due to the fact that it includes the leading 30 business by sector and hence these blue-chip business contribute low volatility whereas, for instance, NASDAQ 100 is more unpredictable as compared to Dow Jones because of the high danger and growth-oriented companies (the tech giants).

– The performance of NASDAQ mainly depends upon how the innovation stocks are faring. Still, when it comes to Dow Jones, it has to do with the 30 companies together and not any business separately.

– The 2 indices differ in the way they are determined. Dow Jones is a price weighted index showing that the business with higher stock prices being provided greater weight. The impact of mergers and a stock split is taken into consideration by addition and subtraction to the table. In the state of NASDAQ, it is based upon the average of Market capitalization (Price * Outstanding shares) of the companies on the index.

 – NASDAQ consists of three market tiers, specifically:.

  1. Global Select Market– The NASDAQ Global Select Market has the greatest initial listing requirements of any exchange in the world.
  2. Global Market– The NASDAQ Global Market notes companies with general international leadership and worldwide reach with their product or services.
  3. Capital Market– NASDAQ Capital Markets are focused on its core function for those companies listed, i.e. capital raising. Also check plex vs. kodi.

 – DJIA is accessible through:.

  1. ETFs (Exchange-traded funds).
  2. Futures.
  3. Options.

NASDAQ vs Dow Jones Comparison Table

Let’s look at the topmost 4 Comparisons between NASDAQ vs Dow Jones.

Basis of Comparison  NASDAQ Dow Jones
What is it? It is an exchange that allows investors and traders to buy and sell securities online without the hassle of physical floor trading. It is an index that gives traders and investors an idea about how the market is faring.
What does it comprise of? It is both an exchange and an index that tracks more than 3500 stocks traded on NASDAQ. It is only an index consisting of the top 30 major companies.
Abbreviation meaning National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotients exchange Dow Jones Industrial Average
Can these indexes be traded? No, but can be replicated in the form of index funds that follow such indices. No, but can be replicated in the form of index funds that follow such indices.


NASDAQ vs Dow Jones refers to market criteria, nevertheless it ought to be kept in mind that an investor can just buy and sell stocks on NASDAQ considering that it is an exchange likewise where the stocks can be bought and sold electronically. Additionally, these indices can not be traded as they just represent a specific set of stocks based on particular requirements as we looked at in this article (price-weighted & Market capitalization based). The customs of trading are through Exchange traded funds and index funds.

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