Most common mistakes people make when buying mobile phones

When you are buying a mobile phone, you expect to make the right choice. However, as the market is flooded with mobile phones and all the phones seem similar, you might be making a few mistakes which could cost you in the long run. Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes people make in buying mobile phones besides giving a few tips about how to avoid them.

Not Researching Mobile Prices

Don’t buy the first mobile phone you see. Make sure to compare prices from multiple sources. You may want to look for coupons and discounts, for example, buy one get one half off. If you find a good deal at a store, check if they have a website that offers better deals online.

Check carrier websites to see if they offer any deals on the phone you want when bundled with a carrier contract or if you bring your own contract (BYOC). Sometimes going with a BYOC contract is cheaper than buying your phone from the carrier outright even without a discount from your carrier.

Don’t forget to check refurbished models of the mobile phone you want. These are typically used phones that have been restored to like new condition and sold at much lower prices than new models of the same phone.

And remember! Cell phones can be expensive since many people use them almost all day every day so take your time selecting the right device for you and make sure it meets all of your needs before making an impulse purchase.

Getting caught up in the ‘hype’ about a particular brand of phone.

  • Don’t get swept up in the latest hype.: Just because it’s the newest smartphone on the market doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Many people are sucked into buying a new phone every time a new version of their current phone is released.
  • Don’t be swayed by advertising: This is especially prevalent with younger buyers, but many adults can also be susceptible to this. There’s nothing wrong with wanting an aesthetically pleasing phone, or one that has good battery life, or an awesome camera—but don’t buy a phone just because of its advertised features or because you saw it in a TV ad featuring your favorite celebrity. Whatever you do, don’t buy an iPhone just because it’s Apple! (That is just plain bad logic.)
  • Don’t let other people influence your decision either: Your friend’s neighbor may swear she finally found her dream phone after switching from Android to iPhone—but her experiences may not apply to you at all! If you want something specific—like fast performance or excellent mobile gaming capabilities—you may need a certain type of processor and graphics card. This could mean that you need to go for Android instead of Apple if you want better specs for gaming, as most games are designed for Android first anyway.

Forgetting Water Resistant Phones

Be sure you’re clear on the difference between water-resistant and waterproof. Waterproof is usually more expensive, but if you’re a clumsy phone dropper and have a habit of getting splashed near the sink, it might be worth the peace of mind. But don’t assume any device that’s not listed as waterproof is going to fail without warning. The ratings go from “will survive when dropped in the toilet for two seconds” to “can go diving with you.”

Just because your phone can withstand a certain amount of water doesn’t mean it needs to. The phones themselves are generally resilient, but your warranty probably isn’t—and if you drop your phone into a pool or something, it could still get damaged from being under pressure or from other stuff floating in the water (see: fish poop).

Water resistance means that devices are built better than they were before, which is always good news for durability. You should keep looking for that feature whenever you replace your current device – even if there’s no risk of dropping it in a lake tomorrow.

Not understanding the importance of insurance

When you’re looking for a mobile phone that’s going to be a great investment, you should make sure you know what is covered by phone insurance and its significance. A phone that doesn’t have insurance might end up costing more in the long run than one with some sort of protection.

Insurance is important on any mobile phone as it can save you money in the long term when something does go wrong or if your handset breaks down. Mobile phones get dropped, water gets splashed on them and people throw them around, so there are plenty of reasons why they could break down at any time.

Not Reading User Reviews

User reviews are a great way to understand how a phone performs over time. It’s common for manufacturers to exaggerate the performance of their products when they first release them, but after users have had time to break them in and see what they can actually do, you’ll get a better sense of what to expect.

A good user review will let you know if a phone works well with accessories such as bluetooth headsets, cases, screen protectors and so on. You’ll also be able to find out if there are any issues with software updates or other things that can’t always be anticipated at the time of launch.

Choosing a Cheaper Charger

  • Don’t choose a cheaper charger and earphones because they’re included in the package. Instead, choose chargers that are MFI certified for your phone.
  • Choose a charger with a good warranty so that you can replace it if it’s faulty or breaks.
  • Check to make sure the voltage of the charger is correct for your phone so that you don’t damage your battery.
  • Also, check to make sure the amperage of the charger is correct for your phone so that you don’t risk damaging it when charging.

Buying Based on Looks

The most common mistake people make is focusing on the appearance of a mobile phone at the expense of functionality. The most important factors to consider are your requirements, as well as what you’re able to compromise on. Many people purchase a phone based on its style and look, rather than features that would actually benefit them. A stylish looking phone may not be the best option if it doesn’t have the features you need.

Focusing on too many features and ignoring the primary features

It’s very easy to get carried away with mobile phone features. You can find a lot of information on this topic in the internet. So, you need to prioritize features that are important to you and ignore the ones that are not. Let me give you an example: if you like gaming then your primary focus should be on the processor or RAM. If you love clicking pictures, then camera should be your primary concern. In simple words, how you will use the phone is what matters here when it comes to finalizing a model number.

In Conclusion

We live in a world where a mobile phone is not just a device to make calls and send messages, but a necessity for everyone. Mobiles are now our everyday assistants for everything from taking photos, keeping track of appointments, paying bills, booking cabs and even shopping. And with so much dependency, you can’t afford to make a low-effort decision with your phone—we hope this article sweeps that out of the window.

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