How To Get More Views On Instagram Stories

This post will explain More Views On Instagram Stories. Have you recently observed a decline in Instagram Stories views? Want to increase the number of views on your Instagram Stories so that more people can see them?

Keep your audience engaged because more than 70% of US businesses use Instagram. Brands are always vying for consumers’ attention. The best strategy to increase the number of people who see your content is through Instagram Stories.

How To Get More Views On Instagram Stories

But how do you ensure that people see your material given that Stories already receive fewer views than feed posts?

How do you persuade your audience to stay until the conclusion of each story?

Learn why brands need Instagram Stories in this post, see three instances of nearly-perfect Instagram Stories from brands, and learn 10 techniques to increase the number of views on your Instagram Stories.

Let’s start now.

What are Instagram stories?

With a 24-hour lifespan, Instagram Stories are content pieces that vanish. Include them in your profile’s “Highlights” if you want a Story to last longer than 24 hours. Up to a total of 100 images and videos per day, you can share several images and films.

Instagram Stories, which were based on Snapchat and quickly became a necessary component of Instagram. According to reports, 500 million people daily using Instagram Stories as of January 2019:

daily users of Instagram Stories

Additionally, 58% of respondents to a survey commissioned by Facebook claimed that stories increased their interest in a brand.

Why are instagram stories important?

Because so many people use Stories every day, your company needs to incorporate Instagram Stories into its social media plan. In actuality, businesses are the source of one-third of the most popular Instagram Stories.

Consequently, Stories are still important for your brand even when feed posts have a better reach rate. For example, they assist you in:

1. Keep your audience engaged

Asking your audience directly is the only effective technique to learn their feelings. Additionally, stories directly connect you with your audience. You can buy Instagram story views to connect audiences in no time.

By using engagement tools like polls, questionnaires, and quizzes, you can make sure you are always mindful of the opinions of your audience.

2. Get instant feedback

You don’t have to remain until the liftoff to seek feedback from your audience if you have an idea for a new series, a product, or anything else that would call for their input.

You can share a clip on Instagram Stories and receive immediate response to confirm your idea and make clear your future steps.

3. Become more reachable and transparent

Accessing their audience is a challenge for many brands. However, as a result of frequent contact, individuals are more inclined to contact you rather than a rival when they have a question.

Your brand becomes more human the more interactive you are.

You can involve your audience in your creative process by using stories. To promote brand transparency and foster trust, give customers sneak peaks or take them behind the scenes.

4. Increase overall engagement

Due to the fact that Instagram users’ feeds are extremely tailored, they each see their “favorite” creators first. Instagram has included the “most shown in feed” metric, which supports these conjectures.

Interactions between users are seen as “signals.” And Instagram assigns a ranking to content based on these “signals.”

Your articles and videos will likely reach a wider audience if you have an engaged audience. More content posted results in a higher median reach and impressions, according to study.

Examples of brands using instagram stories

Many businesses have discovered how to use stories to keep their customers interested. These three are provided:

1. Glossier

A social media-born makeup and skincare company, Glossier boasts 2.7 million active and engaged Instagram followers. Peer-to-peer recommendations account for 70% of their online purchases and traffic, according to creator Emily Weiss, demonstrating the strong community they’ve built.

They have mastered Instagram Stories in order to maintain such a sizable and active community. They ensure that they are at the top of their clients’ minds with imaginative and engaging posts. They use their Stories to link to their website, where they publish more in-depth content, by employing stickers and sharing playlists.

2. The New York Times

The New York Times demonstrates how businesses in any industry can benefit from Instagram. The adage “go where your customer is” is effectively applied by them.

They link to their well-liked articles on Stories, weaving together creatives around a common idea. To compel their audience to read all the way through, they also employ stickers and compelling hooks.

3. Starbucks

The third example won’t surprise anyone because Starbucks has been using Instagram successfully for a very long time. They must maintain the interest of a sizable audience with over 17 million followers.

They utilize Instagram Stories to promote new items, bring attention to a certain issue, or just repost user-generated content that has been submitted by their consumers. Every Story has a well-organized storyline, and they employ slider stickers and quizzes to ask simple questions such, “How important is coffee to you?”

They ensure a high engagement rate by focusing on and inquiring about their customers.

10 strategies to increase Instagram Stories views

You may raise the number of Story views using a variety of strategies. The use of bots, apps, engagement pods, or groups, for example, are “popular but dubious” strategies that you must sabotage at all costs.

So, how can you broaden your audience naturally?

Ten suggestions are provided below to help you grow your Story views:

1. Tell a story

An organized story is very appealing to people. Try to make your Instagram Stories in a style that conveys a story, much like any other great book or movie. It ought to have a:

Beginning Middle End Structured Stories will hold the attention of your audience and reduce the early exit rate (the percentage of people that leave your Story before the end).

Instagram encourages you to create your Stories using as many tools as you can. So, to get a decent balance of content, employ every format that is available, including images, movies, boomerangs, text, and GIFs.

Using a storyboard is a quick and easy approach to create structured tales. It enables you to map out your story frame-by-frame. Consider it a basic outline of the individual Stories you will upload.

Your stories should be theoretically and aesthetically cohesive. Make sure the graphics in your Stories align with the page’s overall theme and brand aesthetic.

You may choose the ideal alternative for each theme, font, and color by using a storyboard, which will ensure that no Story frame looks out of place. To speed up and simplify the process, you can use apps like Visme. You can get ideas and create using the static and animated Instagram Stories templates available on Visme. This is another way to get More Views On Instagram Stories.

2. Caption your Stories

Make sure to include captions in all face-to-camera videos you produce.

Many users scroll through Stories while their phone is silent or without any sound. You’re losing out on this audience group if you don’t have subtitles. Additionally, stories with subtitles make sure that more people can see your content.

You may expand your reach on Instagram by adding a “Captions” sticker, which makes it simple to add captions.

You can add a summary of your Stories at the conclusion if you don’t want to caption every single word. Giving context to the audience will help you reach them with your message even if they aren’t actively listening.

3. Use hashtags

Hashtags can expand the audience and exposure of Stories in the same way that they do for feed posts. Stories are limited to ten hashtags each frame, whereas feed items are allowed up to 30.

But how do you locate the appropriate hashtags?

The idea behind grid posts is still the same. While looking up trending hashtags, consider your target demographic. After that, select a combination of hashtags that includes both well-known and obscure ones. Remember to use your unique brand hashtag, such as Nike’s #JustDoIt. This is another way to get More Views On Instagram Stories.

Reminder: Consider hiding hashtags with stickers if you fear you’ll be flooding your audience with them. Simply add your hashtags, reduce their size, and cover them with a sticker.

4. Keep your audience engaged

You could be tempted to submit anything since Stories can be posted while you’re on the road. But keep in mind to regularly post information that is pertinent to your audience. They won’t return if they have trouble connecting with the material.

Use Instagram stickers to keep the conversation going and strengthen the relationship.

There are several stickers from which to choose. Use them only when necessary, though:

  1. a) An exam sticker

For your audience to select from a variety of possibilities, including a quiz sticker. Let’s use Amazon Prime Video as an illustration:

When utilizing a quiz sticker, there are a maximum of four choices you can make:

Nike quiz sticker b) Sticker with a question:

Add a question sticker to your message to them. For instance, Starbucks developed videos of their staff members signing menu items in American Sign Language and utilized a question sticker to ask their audience what they’d like to learn. This is another way to get More Views On Instagram Stories.

Question sticker from Starbucks c) a ballot sticker

Add a poll sticker or play a game with them to find out what they think. Netflix, for instance, makes use of the sticker to interact with their audience through games like “Never Have I Ever:”

Netflix sticker poll d) The emoji slider

Emoji slider stickers can be added to ask people to rate something. Let’s examine some of the companies using this sticker, like Netflix, Starbucks, and ASOS:

Countdown sticker: Emoji sticker e

For a forthcoming sale or event, include a countdown sticker.

  1. f) Hashtag decal

For more assurance that the content you submit is pertinent to your audience, add a hashtag sticker for your company or one for a trending subject. By using brand hashtags, you can inspire your followers to do the same when posting about you:

Brands of hashtag stickers

Keep these two things in mind while using stickers to increase engagement:

Identify your audience by asking questions. Ask them about their day or their monthly goals instead of bombarding them with “Rate our Stories” or “What do you think about our posts” messages.

Pose inquiries in which everyone can participate. You want to engage as many people as you can. So, make straightforward inquiries. This is another way to get More Views On Instagram Stories.

Instagram learns that your Stories are interesting when numerous users interact with the stickers. It consequently spreads your material to a wider audience.

And as was already mentioned, Instagram appreciates when you use all of its capabilities.

5. Reply to messages

You must make sure to reply to any feedback regarding your Story that you get. To interact and form connections is, after all, the whole point of being on Stories. Additionally, it will motivate your viewers to leave more comments, increasing interaction.

6. Give shoutouts

Reshare your customers’ material on your Story if they frequently mention your brand in posts or share it themselves. You can also distribute other people’s material.

Such shoutouts encourage people to share your Story. Even though it might not improve the number of views for every Story, it will expose you to new viewers. Additionally, if you consistently do this, you’ll reach a larger audience and grow your fan base. This is another way to get More Views On Instagram Stories.

By doing this, you’ll persuade your audience to write about you online and increase your credibility.

7. Begin with a strong “hook”

Make your story’s opening slide interesting. The majority of users are idly scrolling around Instagram, which indicates that they aren’t paying much attention to the posts.

  • Grab readers’ attention from the get-go if you want them to pay attention to your stories. You might:
  • Pose a query
  • Add a contentious statement
  • Use a dynamic sticker
  • You can use these strategies to win over people’s support right away. They’ll also be more inclined to stay.

8. Use location tags

Similar to hashtags, location tags help you reach new audiences that will be interested in your content. If your business depends on a certain place, a location tag might also be a terrific method to get people’s attention. This is another way to get More Views On Instagram Stories.

There is a good probability that whenever someone looks for a geotag, they will see your Story in the Stories section of that particular area.

9. Be consistent

Rarely is it possible to increase interaction on Stories with sporadic Story posts. The fact that Stories are only accessible for 24 hours makes consistency with them even more crucial.

Whether it’s one Story each day or one Story every three hours, you can choose your own level of consistency. Sticking to it is the key.

To prevent inconsistencies, it is important to schedule Stories in advance. Additionally, it will assist you in developing a consistent storyboard with a distinct call to action.

The problem, though, is how to schedule Stories.

You might need to utilize a scheduling service like Iconosquare as Instagram currently doesn’t let you schedule Stories directly:

10. Use Instagram analytics

You’ll need to maintain checking Instagram statistics to obtain greater depth of understanding once you start employing the proper strategies to increase Instagram Story views. This is another way to get More Views On Instagram Stories.

You may use the crucial data provided by Facebook Business Suite and Instagram Insights to enhance your content and build on the things that your audience already enjoys. You learn things like, for instance:

  • Number of views a story has received
  • Shares outstanding
  • Clicking a newly posted link
  • Received responses
  • Number of exits (those who bailed and moved on to the next story)
  • How many taps forward are there? (next Story slide)
  • Count of backward taps (those who returned to the previous Story)
  • You may fix the specific issue by identifying when your audience is losing interest with the use of these Instagram insights.

The new analytics tool called Facebook Business Suite allows you to manage all of your linked business accounts on Facebook and Instagram from a single location. In the mobile app, Instagram Insights is accessible, but only if you have a business account. You may change your Instagram account to a business account by following this simple guide.

Boost your views on Instagram stories

Instagram Stories make it possible for your business to maintain contact with customers. Through increased visibility and immediate client feedback, they raise your overall Instagram engagement.

Avoid employing dubious strategies like bots or engagement pods because they increase your chance of receiving an Instagram shadowban. Instead, cultivate your community by writing Stories correctly and posting them.

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