15 Mangadoom Alternatives To Read New Manga Online

Best Mangadoom Alternatives will be described in this article. Mangadoom is a famous website for manga readers. The site has a selection of manga comics that are available for free to read. Although it has a user-friendly and straightforward interface. The list of manga is present in large quantities. Many manga lovers comes to this place and read their favorite manga online. The site allows you to download the manga online and read it later offline. The new manga to hottest manga you will find here. On the homepage of the site, you will see the manga by genre. Each manga is listed on the site by chapters. No doubt working flawlessly but most of the people looking for similar sites like So here is the list of best Alternatives to read manga online. Interested Read: How To Read Manga

Top Best Mangadoom Alternatives To Read New Manga Online

Top Best Mangadoom Alternatives To Read New Manga Online are explained here.

1. Manga Rock

Manga Rock

This site provides free services with easy navigation and a large selection of manga available for you. Each manga is listed in the specific category so it’s easy for you to search the manga without any effort. All the content is available for reading as well as downloading. You can download the manga and watch it offline without an internet connection. The one downside is that you can read one chapter at a time. You can forward it to other series. It has some additional features such as you can change your preferences for reading like horizontal or vertical and adjusting the brightness. You can store your favorite collections on Manga Rock so that you’ll be notified whenever a new chapter is available. You will be up to date with your favorite collection. This is another mangadoom alternatives. Also check Manga Bird Alternatives

2. Mangaeden


Mangaeden is an interesting and simple website with a lot of manga comics available for free. You will get the most recent manga comics even though you can find the latest chapter on the homepage. You can read manga in English as well as Italian languages. There is an upload manga option so you can quickly add the manga to the site. This is another mangadoom alternatives.

3. MangaDoom


MangaDoom is yet another great website that list in this post also it can be the best alternative to It has a wide selection of manga comics that are available for free. You can choose your favorite manga from the list. It has a filter option based on the popular manga, recently updated, genres, and ratings. The different kinds of genres makes it easier to find your favorite manga instantly. There is chatbox feature that are available for the users so that users can connect to other manga fans. This manga reading website is widely popular over the world. If you’re a looking for a fresh manga then look MAngaDoom.


manga reader

MangaReader is another option for reading your favorite manga. It has an awesome collection of manga comics and every manga is updated on regular basis. The website allows you to read different types of manga series and shows. The site is very similar to But one thing is that if you are looking for a manga for your children then this site is not for children there is adult content. Apart from this, it has fewer popup ads that irratate you while accessing the website. This site is work on other platforms like smartphones, computers, tablets, and laptops. Also Read: Best MangaStream Alternatives. This is another mangadoom alternatives.

5. Mangago


Mangago is a free online manga website where you will get everything from old manga to new manga. It has a large library of mangas, you can explore the library and choose from it. This is a fantastic manga reading website that allows you to read manga from different categories or genres. Just you have to select the desired manga and read it in high quality. There is an option to set the page quality and the methods of browsing for mangas. This website is more convenient and comfortable for comics readers. It delivers the top and most popular manga comics for free. The easy-to-use interface and cool design structure of the site, offer a premium manga. Besides this, you can read manga in English and Japanese too.

6. Mangafreak


With hassle-free and lots of sorted options Mangafreak totally free-to-use the website. To read manga online you don’t need to register even though you can explore the whole library. This is the best place where you can browse from Naruto to dragonballZ and each manga series you can find here. This site is good for newbies manga readers it helps to find their manga series. The strong search engine algorithm of mangafreak catch the title very fast and gives a similar result for you. The one best features are that there is a download programme that allows you to download any manga you want and read it later offline. This is another mangadoom alternatives.



MangaDex offers a wide variety of manga you will get each version of manga with their latest episodes. The website supports more than 20 languages including Italian, Germany, and others. All the manga you will get is High quality with full length. There is an open community, you are free to talk about anything about mangas and are allowed to start or join any groups for a specific type of manga. Also check MangaOwl Alternatives

8. MangaFox


One of the top substitutes is MangaFox. You’ll be able to meet your craving for manga comics. MangaFox has become so well-known and popular with its audience, that there are a number of fake MangaFox websites out there. The design of Manga Fox is an Orange, black, and white color palette. A user-friendly website and offers a great reading experience. You can download the official app from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

9. TenManga


The simple interface and cool layout of the site TenManga make it easier for all manga readers. The manga is present on site for reading as well as downloading. You can discover the manga from the thousands of options. To find a manga on this site it’s very easy without any registration you can access the whole website. The extensive database of comics is listed in different genres. If you’re not infallible what you want to read then there is a unique feature called “surprise”. Moreover, the site has no ads and popups interrupt you while reading manga so this is the nicest part of the website. It’s a totally worthy website for manga readers. This is another mangadoom alternatives.

10. Mangakakalot


Want to read Fresh manga? This site offers new manga and the latest updated comics for you. It gives you a large collection of manga comics. The decent part is that you can easily search manga without any hassle. The user-friendly interface of the website attracts children. It’s easy to navigate, and smoothly loads all the manga just you need to good internet connection. You can read the manga in high definition with excellent picture quality. The pictures also loaded within seconds. So if you’re looking for something new then MangaKakalot is one of those places where you will get everything.

11. Comixology


Comixology is a cloud based digital allocation platform for comics that is owned by Amazon. It offers a large selection of  100,000 comic books and graphic novels. You can access the website from your Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, and Windows 10. It was founded in July 2007. ComiXology has an amazing technology that allows readers to read through comics on full screen or from panel to panel. You can find the different comics on the web that includes the manga from the USA, China, Japan, and so on. This is another mangadoom alternatives.

12. Manga Effects

Manga Effects

Another great source of the manga industry is Manga Effects where you can read all kind of manga, and comics of high quality. The wide selection of the latest and new releases manga you can find here. The Easy UI interface that makes it easy to find the manga books on this site very convenient. The manga is frequently updated by the owner also there is a list of the comics with their titles and description. The genres help you to find your favorite manga easily on this site. Once manga is updated the site notifies the users. Manga Effects is a cool site to search your manga.

13. Mangainn


This is another mangadoom alternatives. Mangainn is yet another best manga-reading website where you can read hundreds of free hot manga online such as Naruto manga, Bleach manga, One Piece manga, Fairy Tail Manga, Kingdom Manga, and many more. You can read the latest and hottest chapter on You will get hundreds of daily updated chapters, in high quality and completely free of cost. The quality of manga is excellent so you will enjoy the best experience here.

14. Mangapark


MangaPark has a sorting of manga comics including the most popular manga as well as recent manga. The website is well known and categories with various genres such as action, drama, horror, romance, horror and so others. Moreover, the fantastic feature of the site makes it easy for users to access the library without any confusion. The search function helps to find your favorite anime series. With the easy interface and dark themes, there is an option to turn off adult content even though you can bookmark your favorite manga. This is another mangadoom alternatives.

15. Honto


Honto comes with superb and amazing features that you can say are the best alternatives. If you’re looking for a trendy manga then this place gives you the all sorting options. The site has a wide collection of different popular manga and series. With the easy-to-use interface, and design of the website you get your favorite manga comic.  The manga titles are available in a number of varieties. Also check MANGA Plus Alternatives

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